Vlad Putin shed a few tears after winning his unprecendented third term as president of Russia.

Russians fear Putin will be in office longer than communist mass-murderer Joseph Stalin.
Sky News reported:

Mr Putin has remained Russia’s dominant leader and its most popular politician since stepping aside in 2008 to make way for his ally, Dmitry Medvedev, because he was barred from a third straight term by the constitution.

But some voters are tired of his macho antics – such as horse riding bare-chested – and a system that concentrates power in his hands.

They fear he could win another term in six years and rule until 2024 – almost as long as Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.

There were reports of widespread voting violations during the election, including allegations people were being bussed around to cast their ballots several times.

The claims of so-called “carousel voting” were being received by independent monitoring group Golos, according to spokeswoman Lilia Shibanova.




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  1. Donh said: “More Proof that speaker Boehner is a communist taking his orders from Russian agents.”

    Um… Don… huh?

  2. #7 March 5, 2012 at 10:41 am
    Joanne commented:

    Was there ever any question as to whether Putin would become President once again of Russia?

    Average Russians are protesting the corruption. Things are heating up courtesy of the outright election fraud.

    And yet more Americans are giving up as Progressives increasingly and proudly steal elections here.

  3. Scary times ahead for Russia…and the world.

  4. i see they have acorn in russia too.

  5. UH O

  6. Putin is a worthy foe.

    I cannot say what the future will be but here is the past.

    In 200 Putin turned around a bankrupt state which owed 470 billion & paid it off plus building 2 funds worth 570 billion to as insurance . He stated never would Russia be a victim of the IMF again .
    Russia survived the GFC & are not indebted.

    Ok they may not be rich -these numbers are billions . USA in public debt for Trillions.

  7. Also -can you possibly imagine the natural resources that are yet to be developed in that huge land?

    Whilst they can defend their land they are a viable entity.

    Further the USSR peacefully devolved. Are you so sure the USA will allow states to be independent?

  8. Say what you want, but that man loves his country.

  9. Becoming a dictator is very touching, I’d cry, too. I know if I were to meet Mr. Putin, I could look into his teary eyes and look into his soul, and just know that Putin is a good man who will only kill people off who have it coming to them or are a threat to his legitimate power. Or something like that.

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