Protesters threw firebombs and rocks at security forces.

Barack Obama’s former pastor Jeremiah Wright is one of the leaders today in the “Global March on Jerusalem.”
Protesters from 80 countries are taking part in the rally to show solidarity for the Palestinians.
One News Now reported, via Free Republic:

A worldwide pro-Israel Christian ministry is concerned about today’s “Global March to Jerusalem.”

The Times of Israel reports that Arab and international protestors from 80 countries are taking part in today’s Global March to Jerusalem to show their solidary for the Palestinian cause. According to Bill Sutter, executive director of The Friends of Israel (FOI), some bad actors are involved.

“There are some horrible connections with Hamas, with Hezbollah [and] with Iran,” he lists.

Bill Sutter (FOI)And one of the leaders in the march is none other than President Barack Obama’s former pastor, Jeremiah Wright.

“He is a member of the central committee of the Global March to Jerusalem,”
Sutter details. “And so we have participants across a huge and radical stripe of terrorist groups and apologists for Islam, even to the point of here in the United States.”

The ‘protesters’ threw firebombs and rocks at security forces.
The Jerusalem Post reported:

The IDF and Israel Police went on high alert Friday, imposing a full closure on the West Bank, limiting access to the Temple Mount and setting up checkpoints on roads near the Lebanese border ahead of expected protests marking Land Day and the Global March to Jerusalem.

Palestinian protesters were clashing with Israeli forces at the Kalandiya checkpoint, throwing rocks, firebombs and burning tires. Security forces were using large amounts of tear gas, stun grenades, sound weapons and foul-smelling water to disperse the protesters.




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  1. G_d please smite the enemies of Israel, particularly the one claiming to be your servant.

  2. Hmmm. Obama’s spiritual leader of 20 years is spewing hate on Israel, and marching in solidarity with terrorists and clients of tyrants. What a surprise.

  3. in rummaging the net back in 2005 i found this. interesting also that one of islam’s most holy cities medina in fact was a jewish settlement before the hoardes that is islam remove them and their history.

  4. Can we dig up some of the old troll postings here from the left that condemn Gateway commentary for lacking a christian heart and making them feel ashamed as Christians ?

    This is genuine evil. The President of the United State community organizing a neo nazi mob to invade the Holy Land and raise Hell.

  5. Protect your borders at all costs!

  6. BO’s chickens are coming home to roost.

  7. This’ll get lots of coverage on the news networks tonite!

  8. He is really showing WHO he really is..the CHRISTIAN (?) democrats must be so proud.

  9. 0bama couldn’t attend because he had to worship Allah in the secret basement area
    beneath the whitehouse and figure out with his communist buddies how to spread the left’s beloved communism further in the USA.

  10. sound weapons and foul-smelling water to disperse the protesters.

    That won’t work as the protesters are noisy and foul-smelling themselves.

  11. Evil is as Evil does!

    Hope the Jewish DemocRATs that voted for Obama and his fellow radicals like what they see. . .

    Besides selling out Israel, he is cutting a deal with Iran. . .why????

    Obama is probably promising Iran (and Russia) to help push gas prices higher. . because once Tehran has the bomb the geopolitical power in the middle east oil producing nations will forever shift and who benefits most from high prices for gas. . .Russia. . . you know Obama’s KGB pal Putin. .please tell him to wait!

  12. Obama’s backstabbing dagger started as a nail file in Wright’s church.

  13. Obama could not participate until after next election when he will get some more flexibility.

  14. Rev Wright hates him some honkeys and kikes. Hates them damn good, too.

  15. And another link of Obama’s evil game. . .

    November 2012 can’t come soon enough!!!

    Obama is THE WORST President ever!!! but worse are the secret groups behind him funding and fueling his political moves!!!

  16. Wow, Obama just can’t win for losing, can he? Loving it. As they say, what comes around…goes around. It’s about time that karma slapped him in the forehead. lol You just can’t make this stuff up, they deny, deny, deny and then go out and do stuff like this to prove you right.

  17. God Bless the Sovereign Nation of Israel

  18. mooshell couldn’t make it as she is spending taxpayers money on yet another vacation to Vegas…and hussein couldn’t make it as the greatest sound to his big ears is the call to mecca so he is having a foot bath and praying to the fake allah

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