#Occupy Women of the 99% Make Illegal Robocalls Attacking Rush Limbaugh (Audio) …Update: Robocalls Target DCCC “Red to Blue” Districts… Coincidence?

#Occupy women of the 99% are making illegal robocalls in Illinois attacking Rush Limbaugh on his comments against 30 year-old women’s rights activist Sandra Fluke who wants taxpayers to foot the bill for her contraceptives. Of course, these same women #occupiers could care less about the vile comments against Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann or a number of conservative women.

The organization is not a registered PAC or lobbying group.

Here’s one of the group’s illegal calls.

Do these people follow any laws?

Illinois Review reported:

Illegal robocalls have been hitting voters’ phones in Rep. Judy Biggert’s 13th CD, Rep. Tim Johnson’s 15th CD and Rep. Bobby Schilling’s 17th CD this week, UK’s Daily Mail reports. The robocalls tell callers to contact the U.S. Reps’ offices and ask them to stand against radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh’s controversial comments last week about contraceptives activist Sandra Fluke.

…The call is illegal because the responsible group identified on the calls as “Women of the 99%” is not a registered PAC or lobbying group, and no return call phone number is given.

There’s more here.

UPDATE: What a coincidence? The robocalls are only going to Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee targeted districts.

From the Daily Mail article we find that the calls are going out to Rep.Jim Renacci’s district. There were similar calls made in Rep Roscoe Bartlett‘s Maryland-6, Rep Dan Benishek‘s Michigan-1, Rep Judy Biggert‘s Illinois-13, Rep Tim Johnson‘s Illinois-15, Rep Bobby Schilling‘s Illinois-17 and Rep Scott Rigell’s Virginia-2. And from the comments below, Rep. Dold’s Illinois 10’s district… All of these representatives, with the exception of Rep. Rigell, just happen to be on the Democrat’s Red-to Blue list on the DCCC website.

It would be interesting to find out if any of these other districts were getting these calls.

UPDATE: I just got word that Rep. Walsh’s District also received the calls this week.

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  • Pink

    The Left is willing to lie and break laws just to try and spin political ground . There is no low point to them .

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  • wanumba

    Criminal activity against Rush.

    Sandra Fluke’s at least three YEAR campaign undone by ONE four letter word.


  • coolidgerules

    Do these people follow any laws?-asks Jim

    Why start now? Nobody is going to do anything about it, so why should they? King Putt’s campaign to break this country is going full steam ahead

  • http://www.gorightface.blogspot.com Kip Allen

    Is any legal action planned against these people?


    “The Folks” over at http://www.BirtherReport.com are mocking Bill O’Reilly and rightfully so. I mean for him to say that Sheriff Joe Arpaio has not presented any hard evidence of a Forgery, is just plain STUPID!

  • http://musing-minds.com kimsch

    I received one of these calls yesterday. I live in the current 8th District but will be in 10th come January. I was told by these “women of the 99%” to call Rep. Bob Dold of the 10th and tell him off for not condemning Rush Limbaugh. I called the Washington office of Rep. Dold and told them about the call I had just received. I told them that I wasn’t currently in Rep. Dold’s district but would be soon. I also told them that I wanted them to have a positive call regarding this. She said the phones were lighting up at the time.

    I said I didn’t agree with these “99%” and that Rep Dold didn’t need to say anything at all about Rush Limbaugh.

  • vityas

    Laws are for schmucks and proles.

  • stconservative

    What is truly shameful is the tactics that the left are using. This isn’t really about women’s rights. It is about trying to hamstring the effective vocal members of the conservative community. It always is.

    Leftists believe in freedom, but only for their *own beliefs*, and only on their *own terms*. Many people have had the sense to not jump on board this time around thankfully!

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Why would anyone listen to sluts who covered up the rape of other women in occupy camps?

  • John

    Hey ALERT – I live in VaBch, VA and recieved a call from the same group Friday night. I did nt listen. I laughed in hung up next time I will listen.

  • mark

    The conservative Republicans need to find out who is behind this and do a full court press in the MSM. Then maybe more people will open their eyes to how wacked out libs are. But knowing the Repubs track record they’ll probably let this die.

  • greenfairie

    Rush calling somebody a slut = bad.

    Creeps raping, molesting, beating, and harassing women at or near Occupy camps = no comment.

    Radicals always treat women like crap.

  • Militant Conservative

    Can’t Understand Normal Thinking.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    They use emotions, we think and use logic.

    Mutually exclusive. Thus liberals are psychotic.

  • Sasja

    This is typical of the left.

    And while our attention to important matters at hand is being diverted, this regime keeps ignoring its limits under our Constitution. One little-noticed, at least I didn’t see much of it covered, is Leon Panetta’s and Joint Chiefs Chairman, Gen Dempsey’s testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee. Both men stated that this regime has no responsibility to even consult with Congress in matters of waging war.
    Dempsey asserted that his authority for this determination was to “look towards an international legal basis.”

    It seems we have in both Houses of Congress, the Pentagon, and the WH, no one willing to fulfill their oath of office to Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States.


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  • Zubi

    The politicians targeted by these illegal calls need to go to the well of the House or the Senat, write op-ed pieces and hold pressers to demand the Attorney General look into this One can not sit idly by while these radicals ignore our laws spreading lies to forward their agendas.

  • Pink

    All called are the main D Trip C targeted races in 2012

    Ironic DCCC list — illegal robo calls by 99%

  • FurryGuy

    Progressives have never worried about the legality of their actions. After all Wilson jailed people who disagreed with his administration, FDR used the IRS (then known as the Bureau of Internal Revenue) to harass people who disagreed with his administration.

    Revolution is never law-abiding since it seeks to over-throw the existing system.

  • donh

    Robo call from the Fluck Cult preaching the good news message from the Whore of whores…>> http://youtu.be/kfwnZtfcwWQ