#Occupy the Midwest Opens in St. Louis With Police Beatings, Pepper Spray, Mass Arrests & Baton Facials (Video)

Gee, who could have seen this coming?
#Occupy the Midwest opened yesterday in St. Louis with a good old-fashioned police beating and mass arrests.

One poor leftist criminal experienced his first SLPD baton facial beating.

Occupy Wisconsin reported on the opening mayhem:

This weekend, Occupy Wisconsin is covering The Occupy The Midwest Regional Conference, which started sadly tonight with St. Louis Police beating peaceful protesters with batons and arresting several at an encampment for Conference participants. Arrests of Occupiers from Occupy Oklahoma and St. Louis have been confirmed. Police refused to give protesters badge numbers and were indiscriminately arresting and beating protesters who were simply exercising their First Amendment Rights! They we’re arrested for disturbing the peace and some for resisting arrests and jay walking. All they we;Occupy St. Louis has no bail fund so please help out if you can.

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  • valerie

    “…which started sadly tonight with St. Louis Police beating peaceful …”

    Isn’t that supposed to be “LARGELY peaceful”?

  • HarryO

    Now were talking…I love the sight of bloodied scumbags early in the morning!

    Hat’s off to St. Louis’ finest!!

  • coolidgerules

    The weather is turning so here it comes. King Putt is going to unleash his rabble. All the sh*t is coming directly from the White House- he is going to be going for it in the next few months. His numbers are shrinking and people are questioning him unlike anything he has ever experienced. The true narcissist is going to be showing his true colors very soon. He OWNS everything that is going to be happening to the great country of ours

  • srdem65

    They carry signs reading “f**k the police”, poop on a police car, assult police officers and now they’re outraged that the police aren’t nice to them. Gee, golly, how could that happen.

  • Sasja

    Good. Tried to find some sympathy for these numbskulls, but just isn’t there. I hope one of the fools getting a thrashing was the so-called “leader” of Occupy OKC. Heard him on a local radio program last week. To be polite, I was not impressed.

  • Joe College

    If the November election is even close and Obama is on the short end these people will rise up in great violence to pressure for an Obama win.

    I think that is what this whole movement is pointing to, and what it is for.

  • plainslow

    Maybe this will start another round of exodus from cities to samll towns and suburbs, making our houses here in the fly over country more valuable. We had a few here when this all started. Haven’t seen any in the past few months. I’m sure it was lonely for them here.

  • 1RedBeard

    Yeah, the cops just beat the snot out of peaceful protesters, for no reason at all. Good grief. Do the “Occupy” fools think we’re all as stupid as they are?

  • Westie

    Just more State sanctioned Kabuki Theatre to allow the Left to expand its power. The Police brutality me-me will be an excuse to clamp down on all anti-Left demonstrations just like ‘terrorism’ > ‘homeland security’ > TSA molestation.

  • forest

    Looks like they refused to leave a park at the dusk closing time and smashed the windshield out of a cop car. Apparently they didn’t rape anyone – yet.

  • Pink

    Rule is simple , NEVER mess with STL PD

  • jainphx

    Typical of the mindset of this rabble ” I want badges, I want badge numbers” It’s always I, I, I followed by some sort of demand. Better you get a baton, might do you some good.

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    to all the police officers out there, these are the people your union leaders are in solidarity with. don’t forget to wear your solidarity shirts and buttons while they curse you and spit on you and attack you.

  • Mannie

    That’s a good start. Now we need to hang some of them from lampposts.

  • d.k.

    Oh my, I don’t know if I can help out that much… I need to go get a baton, I guess, and maybe a taser. Can you OWSers hang on until I get there?

  • Militant Conservative

    Escalation of force is well defined for the cops.

    The Harry ape assaulted or attempted to assault

    an officer. Hickory shampoo. Crack!!

    Powder is dry.

  • Hank

    Don’t you just love the smell of urine on public property in the morning?

    Apparently the STL PD does not.

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  • democraps suck

    keep crackin skulls until the lozers want to join our society as human beings…if they continue to defy LAWS….ship them to the middle east and see how they like that…holder and odumb$hits people hard at work

  • Downer

    Some Occupy-type leader recently talked of getting more violent in the spring. Thier plan is coming to fruition – expect more of it. Lines are being drawn. More baton facials are needed for these punks.