#Occupy the Midwest Opens in St. Louis With Police Beatings, Pepper Spray, Mass Arrests & Baton Facials (Video)

Gee, who could have seen this coming?
#Occupy the Midwest opened yesterday in St. Louis with a good old-fashioned police beating and mass arrests.

One poor leftist criminal experienced his first SLPD baton facial beating.

Occupy Wisconsin reported on the opening mayhem:

This weekend, Occupy Wisconsin is covering The Occupy The Midwest Regional Conference, which started sadly tonight with St. Louis Police beating peaceful protesters with batons and arresting several at an encampment for Conference participants. Arrests of Occupiers from Occupy Oklahoma and St. Louis have been confirmed. Police refused to give protesters badge numbers and were indiscriminately arresting and beating protesters who were simply exercising their First Amendment Rights! They we’re arrested for disturbing the peace and some for resisting arrests and jay walking. All they we;Occupy St. Louis has no bail fund so please help out if you can.

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  • valerie

    “…which started sadly tonight with St. Louis Police beating peaceful …”

    Isn’t that supposed to be “LARGELY peaceful”?

  • HarryO

    Now were talking…I love the sight of bloodied scumbags early in the morning!

    Hat’s off to St. Louis’ finest!!

  • coolidgerules

    The weather is turning so here it comes. King Putt is going to unleash his rabble. All the sh*t is coming directly from the White House- he is going to be going for it in the next few months. His numbers are shrinking and people are questioning him unlike anything he has ever experienced. The true narcissist is going to be showing his true colors very soon. He OWNS everything that is going to be happening to the great country of ours

  • srdem65

    They carry signs reading “f**k the police”, poop on a police car, assult police officers and now they’re outraged that the police aren’t nice to them. Gee, golly, how could that happen.

  • Sasja

    Good. Tried to find some sympathy for these numbskulls, but just isn’t there. I hope one of the fools getting a thrashing was the so-called “leader” of Occupy OKC. Heard him on a local radio program last week. To be polite, I was not impressed.

  • Joe College

    If the November election is even close and Obama is on the short end these people will rise up in great violence to pressure for an Obama win.

    I think that is what this whole movement is pointing to, and what it is for.

  • plainslow

    Maybe this will start another round of exodus from cities to samll towns and suburbs, making our houses here in the fly over country more valuable. We had a few here when this all started. Haven’t seen any in the past few months. I’m sure it was lonely for them here.

  • 1RedBeard

    Yeah, the cops just beat the snot out of peaceful protesters, for no reason at all. Good grief. Do the “Occupy” fools think we’re all as stupid as they are?

  • Westie

    Just more State sanctioned Kabuki Theatre to allow the Left to expand its power. The Police brutality me-me will be an excuse to clamp down on all anti-Left demonstrations just like ‘terrorism’ > ‘homeland security’ > TSA molestation.

  • forest

    Looks like they refused to leave a park at the dusk closing time and smashed the windshield out of a cop car. Apparently they didn’t rape anyone – yet.

  • Pink

    Rule is simple , NEVER mess with STL PD

  • jainphx

    Typical of the mindset of this rabble ” I want badges, I want badge numbers” It’s always I, I, I followed by some sort of demand. Better you get a baton, might do you some good.

  • to all the police officers out there, these are the people your union leaders are in solidarity with. don’t forget to wear your solidarity shirts and buttons while they curse you and spit on you and attack you.

  • Mannie

    That’s a good start. Now we need to hang some of them from lampposts.

  • d.k.

    Oh my, I don’t know if I can help out that much… I need to go get a baton, I guess, and maybe a taser. Can you OWSers hang on until I get there?

  • Militant Conservative

    Escalation of force is well defined for the cops.

    The Harry ape assaulted or attempted to assault

    an officer. Hickory shampoo. Crack!!

    Powder is dry.

  • Hank

    Don’t you just love the smell of urine on public property in the morning?

    Apparently the STL PD does not.

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  • democraps suck

    keep crackin skulls until the lozers want to join our society as human beings…if they continue to defy LAWS….ship them to the middle east and see how they like that…holder and odumb$hits people hard at work

  • Downer

    Some Occupy-type leader recently talked of getting more violent in the spring. Thier plan is coming to fruition – expect more of it. Lines are being drawn. More baton facials are needed for these punks.

  • Pink

    Dirty Hippies deserved it .

    *shame *shame CRACK *drop

  • bobdog

    Somebody ought to teach these folks proper writing skills. Not once did they mention “fascist pigs”, “running dog imperialist masters”, “Republican swine”, “bourgeois”, or “the heroic proletariat” or let alone mention racism, evangelicals, Sarah Palin, Dick Cheney, Booosh, Waterboarding, or Haliburton.

    Who edits this crap? They’re really getting sloppy.

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  • waicool

    The white zone is for loading and unloading only.

  • Jim

    Way to go StLPD!!! Keep up the good work!

  • noway

    that nitwit in the wh will find his little intimidation plan will blow up in his face like all his other “great” ideas. you can’t get leadership from a fool with a gang of thugs in tow.

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  • Neal5x5

    Has anyone developed a video game for Cops vs. Occupoopers? That would be one I’d play.

  • Major Kong

    Has Obama castigated the St Louis police department yet, asserting how it acted stupidly? Well, it’s not yet 1:00 in DC, so he still has time to criticize the police.

  • Skandia Recluse

    “Catch and release” professional protesting sports marathon; protesters vs randomly selected patrol officers, round one.

    These professional protesters, defended by professional protest lawyers, will be released back into the wild within hours thus giving another batch of randomly selected patrol officers a chance to practice their skill set.

    Everyone wins. Itsa jobs program, Obama style, funded entirely by taxpayers, for your enjoyment.

  • Buffalobob

    “Occupy St. Louis has no bail fund so please help out if you can”. Well hell yes I will. Where should I send my large amounts of cash? P.O. Box Kiss my a$$$$$

  • Nanna

    #32 Buffalobob

    Very well said!!

  • Melissa USA

    #6 Joe College

    No matter what the outcome of the election is the radical left WILL riot, destroy, crap and murder, this IS their game plan.

    They will riot either way for two reasons; a sense of enabling or a sense of entitlement.

    If President Downgrade “wins” they will feel enabled and entitled by a perverse sense of “right” to do so and it will be open season on conservatives.

    If President Downgrade LOSES they will feel enabled and entitled by a perverse sense of “right” to do so and it will be open season on conservatives.

    Either way, the left is planning on violence, it’ll be like when the Lakers or Bulls win or lose a championship, only this time it’ll be on a national scale.

    The stupefied leftist children of America have been desensitized to violence and trained for forty years to disrespect life, liberty and property.

    November 2012 in America is going to be a whole helluva lot worse than October 1917 in Russia.

    Like the Islamofascists the insane left worships death more greatly than they revere or value life.


  • tocoloro

    Ilegals, homosexuals, blacks, muslims, communists, socialists, idiots, traitors are all for Obama. Why is that?

  • The ultimate way to rub these scumbags face in it would be to make them pay for the pepper spray used on them and to clean their blood off of the batons…

  • Patty

    Black Panthers get a pass from Holder, ID’s for voter are denied by Holder.

    We have seen that the cities time and tax payer money is going down the tubes on the Chaos that was started by friends and radicals of Obama.

    This must be fun for Holder and Obama to watch.

    Voter Fraud means nothing to the left or Obama’s administration. They have a great interest as this will mean more votes for the Radical.

  • Patty

    This sort of disturbance of the peace must stop here and now. It is suggested that those who are sick of it call the mayor of that city then call the governor of that state then call or email someone in Washington. Your congressman or congresswoman.

    Start fight back.

  • arnonerik

    I just would like to see equal justice for all. The same rules that cities require for the Tea Party should be enforced for the occupy-terrorists.
    Permits required for all street demonstrations, no park or street sleep-overs with tents, demonstrators renting and providing their own port-a -potties, supporting organizations (unions or community organizers] billed for clean up expenses if demonstrators leave trash or garbage behind and strict and rapid law enforcement in the event of rioting, looting, arson, or violence.
    Every citizen needs to demand this from their local authorities. We also need ballot box retribution for politicians who won’t enforce these laws or state that they support these unlawful activities. We can make it happen, folks.

  • Patty


    Public Record Search Uncovers this Totally Authentic Document


  • Patty
  • Patty
  • Dick Nixon

    Shame they didn’t put the police dogs on these “people”.

    That would have been funny.

  • Blackbird

    There is no need to book them, I say just drive them to North St Louis and let them go. On the way out shout “Free i-Phones” and burn rubber. Let them try to #Occupy the 21st Ward at about 2 AM. 🙂 By the way Occupiers, don’t screw with the St Louis City Police, they are NOT an enlightened police department, they are corrupt and violent and as you found out they will smash your head in as soon as look at you. You are not in Oakland here, the police are almost as dangerous and corrupt as the criminals. Go play in a safer city is my advice.

  • KornKing

    Could someone tell me why these people would need help? I thought they had all the answers.

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  • Atlanta Media Guy

    So these Occupy idiots think they can turn the election Obama’s way? ha ha ha ha ha It’s going to be just the opposite. When independents see the damage occupy whatever is doing there is no way the independents will go O’s way.

    Rapes, disease, no money, breaking the laws, not paying for permits to use public property and now they are screaming they are being discriminated against? Come on idiots you really think you stirring the pot with violence is going to bring people your way?

  • Peckerwood

    Occupy my nightstick, hippie poser.

  • Servo1969

    Dear occupy persons.
    I don’t know what kind *****ty ***ed police you’re used to but we don’t have them in this part of the country. You see, out here we don’t put up this kind of bull****. This time you got a friendly warning. Next time someone might get hurt.

  • Zim

    Put the police badge number on the end of their night sticks

  • jainphx

    Can chrystallnacht be far away. The brown shirts are already in the streets. It seems history is repeating itself before our very eyes.

  • valerie

    So, how many of the people who were arrested on the prearranged arrest list, and did the police miss any of them?

  • #3,

    That’s right, it’s becoming Spring and here come the bugs out of the woodwork. A couple of months ago the leader of the Occupy criminal bowel movement said that when the weather of Winter got warmer and was going into Spring they were going to make a new serge into these cities with a renewed vigor.

    Okay, we see them coming out, and I suppose with what vigor you can expect from a bunch of Veggins, and what do you know, the cops were training all Winter for just this kind of situation and that is to crash right into the head of the bunch of protesters with a “renewed vigor” of their own!

  • chiapet

    They were arrested for resisting arrest. Does MC Escher write this stuff?

  • Mad Hatter

    After the stunts these dirty Marxists pulled last year, that the Mayors are not going to tolerate these second class citizens.

    The Mayors are sending a message, and that message is, you’re not coming here to spread your lice, fleas, scabies, and drugs. You’re not coming here to murder, rape, harass local businesses, and defecate and urinate in our streets, sidewalks and parks. You’re not coming here to be an eye sore to our city.

    Hence, why Obama pulled the G8 Summit out of Chicago since he knows what these people stand for, and he didn’t want it to fly back in his face in his home town.

  • bg
  • Mannie

    Zerobama’s Sturmtruppen.

    The Barack Obama Lied (Die Fahne hoch)

    Flag high! Ranks closed tight!
    The #Occupy Troopers march with bold, firm step.
    Union enforcement battalions
    March together within our ranks.

    Clear the streets for the #Occupy battalions!
    Clear the streets for the Union men!
    Millions already look hopefully up to the Messiah.
    The day is breaking for hope and change!

    For the last time now the call is sounded!
    Already we stand all ready to fight!
    Soon the Obama banners will flutter over the streets.
    The one percent is on the ropes!

    Flag high! Ranks closed tight!
    The #Occupy Troopers march with bold, firm step.
    Union enforcement battalions
    March together within our ranks.

  • YourMaster

    OWS isn’t affecting any social change in our system much to the dismay of Democrats and liberals. ….the democrats are extremely depressed by OWS now…
    it just isn’t working to do or change anything.

    ….they can’t tax the rich or wealthy, or even the mega corportions… or bring in socialism or marxism like the want cuz the majority is against it.

    ….so what is there purpose? More than likely just to violently riot after 2012
    when 0bama loses the election

    I wonder if 0bama will lose it mentally and just go off on voters and others around him after 2012, drop his presidential facade by throwing a temper tantrum should he find out he isn’t the winner. *l* the left would be shamed so badly.



  • lefty891

    I agree with Anon. This article, and most of the comments about it, make y’all look like the “Jugend”. Of course, you won’t know what that means, so… look it up.

  • chiapet


  • Whats sad is the police will not know what hit them when their pensions suddenly disappear! Police on the wrong side of history again. Just like during the Civil Rights movement!

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  • hutch1200

    “Rachael Perrotta, a member of Occupy Chicago who is in St. Louis for the conference, said protesters were leaving the park as the officers arrived to enforce the curfew when she saw six officers tackle one of them. She didn’t know why….”
    She didn’t know why..’cuz the park closes @ 10 pm, and they were asked to leave @ 10pm. By 10:30 they had made it known that they would NOT leave. They guessed wrong, and the cops came in heavy.
    “Which is the way he wants it, well he gets it, upside the head” (Cool Hand Luke Reference there)

  • Benton Park Avenger

    Its amazing still that these guys get so much attention despite their small numbers and radical tactics. Saw a spokesperson for occupy on Fox 2 in the morning in studio! I tire of the sympathetic portrayal of these stalinist goons in all levels of the media. With no credible evidence the Tea Party is smeared as racist, homophobic and now sexist. Occupiers have openly talked of violent revolution and their pitiful confab here is treated like its a VFW convention by the toolish meida.

  • D-Squared

    After watching the news report, I have a question for the OWS “spokesman”. How did the windshield on the police car get broken? Peaceful slogans shattered the conservative glass or something? The reporter did a good job there, let the viewers know what was really going on in the night.

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  • fluffypup

    Hey Anon..we consider ourselves properly chastised. Now get your socialist/anarchist self down there and get your free hickory scalp massage. I hope none of your head lice are harmed, wouldn’t want PETA coming around.

  • Joe

    Who pays for these commie freaks to come out?

    Too bad the economy is so bad or these poor scum might be trying to occupy a job, if they hadn’t been so indoctrinated with anti-Americanism and mediocrity in the public schools to keep a job anyway.

  • Joe

    No doubt the MSM has been instructed to cover the OWS preferentially and in depth.

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  • Princess DeTonty

    Oh, people. This is so sad. ‘St. Louis Activist’…what an oxyMoron. I was born here. I lived the 60’s here. I know this place. Nothing significant has happened in St. Louis since the last wagon train passed through on the way to Malibu. Chill out folks, have a brat and a bucket of brew and enjoy your life in the mediocre-city. Better yet, get off our ass and volunteer to help the truly needy (Foster kids, elderly, disabled, etc.) or go help clean up our creeks and rivers.

    As Mr. Clemens said: Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.

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