Barack Obama explained his secret plans to sell out America and her allies that were caught during an open mic discussion with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.
Obama told Medvedev to wait until after his reelection to sell out American security.

Politico reported, via Lucianne:

President Barack Obama offered an extended explanation here Tuesday of the hot mic moment that caught him asking Russia’s president for some “space” and “flexibility” until after November’s election.

“The only way I get this stuff done is If I’m consulting with the Pentagon, with Congress, if I’ve got bipartisan support and frankly, the current environment is not conducive to those kinds of thoughtful consultations,” Obama told reporters following a meeting with the presidents of Russia and Kazakhstan. “I think the stories you guys have been writing over the last 24 hours is pretty good evidence of that.”

After meeting with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Monday, Obama was caught asking the departing Russian leader to convey a message to incoming Russian President Vladimir Putin: “On all these issues, particularly on missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space,” he said.

On Tuesday, Obama said his comments, though not intended for public consumption, were “not a matter of hiding the ball — I’m on record” about wanting to reduce nuclear weapons stockpiles. Though he spoke bluntly to Medvedev, Obama insisted that the thrust of his remarks was in line with what he said in his Monday speech at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and in other public statements.

Obama’s remarks — in response to a reporter’s question — came after a string of Republicans attacked him on Monday.

American ally Poland fears Obama is going to sell them out to Russia over missile defense.




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  1. If Obama actually shares our missile deference technology with the Russians he is putting more than his own country at risk, but our allies as well.

    Much of the ‘foreign aid’ we ‘give’ to Israel goes into joint military development projects such as those to improve missile defense technology. This is an area in which the Israeli’s currently are world leaders. Their Iron Dome anti-missile system is the only technology that can shoot down an incoming small rocket, or even a mortar shell, with another small rocket. We can do this too because we participate in the development.

    If Obama betrays this technology to the Russians, the Russians will equip their Mideast partners with countermeasures which will leave Israel vulnerable.

    I can only hope Obama is scamming the Russians and that this is some elaborate hoax to mislead them with outdated or blind-alley technology that will set their scientists back. God knows he has the cred to pull that off.

  2. Lying traitor. He has stiff-armed the Congress in every major foreign affairs issue.

    Did he report to Congress to tell them about military action in Libya? Uganda?

    Did he report to Congress about his secret talks with the Taliban?

    Did he involve Congress in his decision to scrap President Bush’s missile defense plan for Poland and Czechoslovakia in 2009? No. He did it without their input.

    He is a liar and a traitor.

  3. Let’s reemphasize Jim Hoft’s posting from Sunday, March 25, 2012: That’s Weird?… Forbes ‘Manchurian Candidate’ Article on Obama Disappears Down the Memory Hole

    Yes indeed, what do we know about this clown? Is Obama beholden to something or someone else other than his oath of office?

  4. Barry’s role model appears to be Mr. Quisling.

  5. I hope we are ready for real change…otherwise Poland should be worried.

  6. Me thinks Poland has already been sold out.

  7. Article to read…”Obama’s missile secrets betrayal”
    “The article uses the word betrayal; referring to Obama betraying the United States of America.”

  8. I’m sure things would be different if the Poles would only look like they could be Obama’s son.

  9. If this blog entry were a bomb, as the grasping, reaching right-wing intend, it would be heard going “tick, tick, tick, whifffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff” Sorry, it’s a dud. Try again, mates. Everyone knows second-term presidents are less hamstrung than when in their first, but to impute worst-case scenarios to this most tepid of people is laughable. Btw, like Clinton before him, he would still frustrate liberals with his moderate stances in a second term

  10. Maybe this will wake up more people to see his real agenda. The truth is out there now.

    Pity. Forget his birth certificate, now we know that Obama for sure, never had an “American Heart” – Jon David

    :-) I do!! God bless America!! Long Live The Republic!! :-)

  11. Polish President and military and banking leaders conveniently die in a plane crash caused by “pilot error”, the day after the announcement of the plan to further keep Polish currency independent from EU. Gaddafi after decades of being a dictator “suddenly” deemed a threat and killed with US help, just as he announced his intentions to eliminate the petrodollar for the gold dinar. Internet story by Tom Fife in 2008 stating he discussed with a Russian couple the prediction of Barack Obama, groomed by Soviets to be POTUS in 1992. So many dots– so many connections.

  12. Everybody on here knows we have a treasonist for a president.

  13. Typical Obama. Blame the reporters for reporting his words, then offer a dismissive non-explanation of those words.

    When do we get to have a president who behaves like one? November, I hope. Well, next January 20th, to be precise, before we are rid of the current stench.

    Pink Tie, I’ve been saying the same thing for a while now. This guy is absolutely no better than Vidkun Quisling, as he obviously owes his allegiance to something other than his own country.

  14. Treason!!

  15. The mask slipped a little more revealing exactly who we have in the WH. President Per Se is taking us back to the dark ages as far as energy goes and he is taking Eastern Europe back under the domination of the Russians. It was a good run while it lasted, Poland.

  16. As has been said many, many times before to Obozo: “You lie!”

  17. If the Republicans had any balls Obama would be tried and convicted for Treason.

  18. Does anyone remember that Obama has already turned NASA into an “outreach” program for the Muslim world?

  19. I wish Obama all the flexibility he can muster … in prison.

    And you just don’t get it, Romney, do you: Obama is NOT pulling his punches with the American People; Obama is punching us to a pulp!

  20. Lying Traitor.

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