Hours after attending a rally for peace and justice, 24-year-old Millersville student Akeem Johnson beat his ex-girlfriend in the face and dragged her screaming to his home.

WHPTV reported, via The Right Scoop:

A Millersville University student is charged with kidnapping and assaulting his ex-girlfriend only hours after he allegedly stood up against violence at an on-campus rally held in honor of Florida teen Trayvon Martin.

Police tell us the victim was punched several times in the face and head, she was then kidnapped and dragged to her ex-boyfriend’s home. Fortunately her loud screams alerted neighbors who called for help.

Hours after sources say 24-year-old Millersville student Akeem Johnson stood up against violence and rallied in support of slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin, he found himself handcuffed and charged with kidnapping and brutally assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

According to court papers, after the rally, Johnson went to the victim’s dormitory, Burrowes Hall. He waited for her until she walked in early Saturday morning.

Allegedly angry that his ex stayed out all night, he then followed the young woman onto the elevator and repeatedly punched her in the face and head. Police say Johnson roughly pushed and pulled the girl out of the building and forced her to get into his car.




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  1. lol, looks like the dude who modeled the Trayvon t shirt.

  2. Ah yes, Akeem, suitably named, I suppose, out of respect for that religion of peace.

    No mention of race of victim.

    I wonder which politician she could have been the daughter of?

  3. If BHO’s son would have a twin brother, then his brother will look just like Akeem.

  4. Jay Carney, spokesman for the Obama White House, will release this statement at 4:00 on Friday afternoon:

    I’m certain the disagreement ensued from a property rights dispute between the stalwart young gentleman and his bitch, who merely needed to be put back in her place and instructed on the proper way to nurture a loving relationship. Who among us can condemn such a common human drama?

    With all the untoward outrage caused by the Trayvon Martin ™ murder, surely we must hold our conclusions in abeyance until the investigation concludes and the young man is exonerated from all of these irresponsible accusations. It is probable that once all the facts are released, this dispute will merely be between a young man and his bitch. It is important that we not rush into judgment and stay focused on the Trayvon Martin ™ martyrdom story.

  5. Wait, now, let’s not judge this thug too harshly. After all, isn’t everyone a little tense after peacefully communing with other thugs, and in need of a little late-night “recreation?”

    I clearly remember the last peace rally I attended. Afterward, that 7-11 cash register was SO inviting!

    How the libs cope with their twisted world view is beyond me……oh wait, they don’t cope, they just keep twisting.

  6. Seems like OWS material.

  7. Pass the popcorn.

  8. he looks like he could be husseins son too…

  9. From the article, sounds like the boyfriend was doing the ” politically correct thing” in rallying for Trayvon….while he was away, the girlfriend took the opportunity to be with someone else maybe doing the “he/she ‘hide the salami’ thing”….

    ….that would ‘p-off’ most normal guys..even if they had “stood up against violence”….

  10. Hours after sources say 24-year-old Millersville student Akeem Johnson stood up against violence and rallied in support of slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin

    No, he did not stand up against violence. He was just playing the race card (just like POTUS).

  11. and this surprises anyone?!? All they know is violence.

  12. bobdog

    F’n LOL!

    Folks — to make the Trademark symbol:

    Hold down ALT — and hit 0 1 5 3 on your numpad — and let go of ALT.

    Treyvon Martin™ has to be spelled that way.

    Trayvon’s mom wears her war wound like a crown…
    She calls her child Jesus…

    `Cause she likes the name
    And she sends him to the finest school in town

    Treyvon, Treyvon’s mom likes her money
    She makes a lot they say
    Spends her days counting
    In a garage by the motorway

    He was born a pauper to a pawn on a Christmas day
    When the New York Times said God is dead
    And the war’s begun
    Barack Obama has a son today….”

    And he shall be Treyvon…

    Remember: ALT+0153 = ™

    It’s a Trey’dmark.

  13. Moral OF The Story (in above comment):

    Don’t buy into “media hype”, stay at home and take care of your own business !!

  14. And you know?

    Skittles™ will be selling like hotcakes in the thug-hood.

    And will be the most-stolen item in suburban 7-11s, Walgreens, and gas stations by groups of 40 thug-life subscribers.

    M&M Mars should capitalize on this and come out with some Treyvon Martin™ branded Skittles™.

    The stores would have to keep them locked up — you know, like record stores (remember those) in the malls had to keep the Rap Albums under lock and key in the 1980’s.

    Funny. The Country albums weren’t in a locked glass case. Wonder why? Same with Jazz. And Blues. They were all out there in the main store area. Yet the Rap albums were locked up. Could it possibly be that these albums were stolen with much greater statistical frequency than any other genre?

  15. Google skittles.

    LOL. What a country.

  16. I used to like Skittles™ (thanks Taqiy) but now I’m over them.

    I never did like Iced Tea though, even when Arizona™ started selling it. I guess it’s a southern thing.

    “Act like a thug, die like one.”

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