Mark Levin: Former Palin Staffers Nicole Wallace & Steve Schmidt Are Evil Two-Faced Cowards (Video)

Conservative radio host Mark Levin weighed in on “Game Change” the far left HBO hit piece on Sarah Palin. Levin described former staffers Nicolle Wallace and Steve Schmidt as evil two-faced cowards.

“There is nothing worse than having a couple of two-faced cowards working for you… No sense of duty, no sense of loyalty, no sense at all… They’re a-holes.  Make sure you tell your children you don’t ever want to grow up like these two.”


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  • mg4us

    “There is nothing worst than having a couple of two-faced cowards working for you… No sense of duty, no sense of loyalty, no sense at all.”


    No Sense or Nonsense . . . the left will stop at nothing to denigrate those with traditional and Constitutional Values. . . While paying homage to false gods like Obama and Hollywood celebs!

    Time to restore our GREAT country. . . boycott Hollywood movies for the rest of the year. . .

  • Militant Conservative

    Yup, no honor among thieves.

    Kinda explains the whole Obama regime.

    Evil has nothing but disgust for values.

    Powder is dry

  • 1RedBeard

    Yet another reason why I am a practicing conservative, and not a card-carrying Republican. As long as scum like these two remain in the R party structure, there is no way I can be a part of it.

    It’s horrible that we have enemies of America running the Dem party, but to have Republican Party operatives actively undermining our efforts against the Dems is beyond outrageous.

  • Atlanta Media Guy

    This is exactly what I told the RNC today when they called for another $500. I told them it’s time the party cleans our house of the RINOS. I told them Schmidt and Nicole should never be welcome to a party event again. They also better not be in Tampa. If they give these traitors credentials the RNC will lose this donor forever. Right now, my money is going towards local candidates. Our RNC has become feckless and they don’t know what’s happening. Can anyone name the RNC chairman? I didn’t know until I asked the caller.

  • 1RedBeard

    Yep, I got yet another call from the NRSC a few days ago, begging for money, and I gave the poor woman a very hard time. I had to remind her in detail how the NRSC undermined our efforts to elect a decent senator, as they stupidly supported turncoat liberal Orange Charlie Crist, and failed utterly to support Marco Rubio.

    Thankfully, the voters were smarter than the NRSC.

    Not one thin dime to the NRSC, the RNC, or any other national Republican organization, not until the offices are fumigated and the rotting RINO corpses removed.

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  • anti-bho

    “Are You Ready For Some Football”!!
    Interesting account of an “incident” immediately following WWII.

    The Battle of Athens Tennessee 1946 – YouTube

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  • David Kramer

    Hmmm, my take on them besides them being two faced weasels is that they had to have someone to blame for their incompetence. So they went with the attack on Sarah Palin to obfuscate their complete idiotic campaign.

    They seem to think that everyone is as dumb as they are. It was not Sarah Palin’s campaign, it was McCain’s and McCain’s campaign manager. Who was that again?

    Here is a prediction, these fools will never be seen on a campaign ever again and no one after this year will give them a job or position in politics again. Who would trust them? They will just be trotted out like good little Benedict Arnolds like turncoat, weaselly, lying traitors that they are.

  • regularguy

    I LOVE Mark Levin’s blunt capability of telling it like it is. One of the very best political commentators and always entertaining.

  • Old One

    #4 & 5

    You were far more polite than I when the RNC, NRCC, & NRSC called this 5th generation republican voter. I loudly & bluntly told all three of them they would NEVER ever see another penny from me nor get one second of my time. I impolitely suggested that they call Dede Scozzafava, Crist, & Goober Graham for money since neither my wife, son, nor any family members (all former repub donors) would give them a cent.

  • Joe College

    It is starting to look like the Obama administration is going to keep Jon Corzine out of the headlines during an election season.

    Even the New York Times is noticing…

    “It’s sure starting to look as if Jon Corzine is going to get away with it.”

    Of course, it takes the NY Times guy 9 paragraphs in a 10 paragraph story to makes the following statement…

    “..I’ve heard it suggested, for instance, that the Justice Department won’t prosecute Corzine because it would hurt President Obama. (Corzine, the former governor of New Jersey, had been a big fund-raiser for the president.) I don’t happen to subscribe to that theory, but I certainly understand why others might.”

    Obama is all over the story’s comments section. It’s good that the Times has covered this, and it is good that its readership gets more practice at reading between the lines.

    And, no, the word ‘Democrat’ is not used in the story anywhere. Nor are the words Eric Holder.

  • Judyann J

    Atlanta Media Guy, you got it right.I left RNC 12 yrs ago before RINO term coined, but same reason.When I saw Repubs abandon their conservative core principles, all tripping over each other, who is going to be most “moderate.” When they call, oh and they call, I tell them NO,when they rid themselves of RINO scum, they’ll get my $$ again. Until then, I donate directly to candidates deserving of it,regardless of where in the country they may be.
    As for Sarah Palin, watch “Undefeated” … you will come away with a sense of pride in this woman who has more b@lls than most of the men in Washington. And a sense of sadness, that anybody with a true patriotic heart could be so excoriated by both sides of the aisle. That McCain himself did nothing to stop the Good Ole Boys network from throwing her under the bus is sinful…show what he’s really made of.
    Pls, watch this show on Reelz channel (look it up on Internet to get yr local channel #), it should be seen by every American. There is not another politician in today’s arena with the dedication and honesty of this woman. They all hate her because she is the “real deal” and they are all a bunch of self absorbed opportunists.

  • donh

    They epitomize the Romney Republican Rino….Our party machine of elected officials and consultants is infested with Sanda Fluck types who join for the sole purpose of twisting policies over to the left way of thinking….and you have Catholics who involve themselves in the Church not for any faith in God …but simply to agitate for Gay rights and spit on doctrines they don’t like. These are the people driven by “social issues” …the people who want to lower traditional moral standards. Obama can be spending this country into bankruptcy, and the RINOS will vote for him over a Palin, Santorum, O’Donnell republican simply because of their personal bigotry for gay advocacy. It comes down to people like Carl Rove and his twisted personal life involving his gay step father …..thus the divisions between Rinos and moral Christians.

  • nofreelunch

    It’s great to see so many commenters recognize that the Republican Party is part of the problem.
    The Republican Party and the Democrat Party have the same goals. The elites of each party wish only to maintain their own personal POWER. They will betray their friends and their country in order to keep POWER. They ALL have one thing in common. They are ALL liars, and cannot be trusted.

  • 1RedBeard

    I’ll bet there are a few ethical non-liars in the R camp. The problem is finding them. Where’s Waldo?

  • oldguy

    I think what the elites of both parties sensed was the groundswell of support for just her. They fear an uprising the same as the “loyalists” after the Revolutionary war, leave the country or die.

  • jonnot

    One reason I rarely watch Hannity anymore…he constantly has nicole wallace as a guest, ALWAYS pushes her book–even though it’s nearly a year old–and fawns all over her. She brings no knowledge nor expertise to any conversation–she might as well be bob beckel or the huge-shoulder-pad-wearing juan williams.

  • sarah2012

    According to Sarah, it was this campaign manager Schmidt who shackeled her & McCain from attacking Obama & mentioning his radical associations during the campaign. Wallace admits she voted for Obama while working for McCain. It’s like they all wanted to lose…the RINO establishment is no better than the Dems. Palin is not the type of leader who can be second on the ticket.