You knew this was coming…
The liberal media is doing backflips trying to tie the Trayvon Martin shooting to Rush Limbaugh and Republican presidential candidates.
Newsbusters reported:

MSNBC analyst and Democratic strategist Karen Finney disgustingly smeared Rush Limbaugh and several Republican presidential candidates on Thursday, charging that the racist hate of these conservatives had “lethal consequences” in the case of Trayvon Martin, an African American teen shot in Florida.

After decrying “bigotry and stereotypes tak[ing] over our better judgment,” Finney sneeringly insisted that when “Rush Limbaugh calls a presidential candidate, Senator Barack Obama, a magic negro…In the case of Trayvon, those festering stereotypes had lethal consequences.”

Here’s the video:




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  1. Check out the little angels Facebook page! Make sure you look at his photos and his friends to get the full picture of him!

  2. This woman hates white people.

  3. These people need some serious mental help.
    I don’t know how many times Rush has to let people know he was quoting Al sharpton on Obama being a “Magic Negro”. It was written up in the Los Angeles Times. They know no shame at all. they twist everything to fit their own ends.
    I used to think they were misinformed, I have discovered they are just malicious, cruel, and evil!!!
    Truth never crossed their mind, much less passes their lips.

  4. If I understand correctly, the person shot shot this kid was of Latino descent.

    Latinos don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh.

    Latinos aren’t traditionally Republican.

    They’re democrats.

    And many do not self identify as “white.”

    So blaming this on “white, conservative America” is pretty far from the truth.

    But then again, when did the truth interfere with a good story to the MSM?

  5. What the heck??? That’s it…these people are certifiably insane. I can’t believe this is my country. I don’t recognize it anymore. Rush and conservatives are to blame for this?! Yeah, that’s it…there was no problem with racism or anything like that till conservatives and talk radio came along. Yeah, it was all good and Rush and conservatives made it continue and fester. Al Shrapton and Jesse Jackson et al are angels. They wouldn’t dare incite racial violence (Tawna Brawley) or anything like that. Nah.. that priest Father Phflager and Farrahkan are just angelic beings sent here to heal us all. My gosh…liberalism is a mental disease and it’s an epidemic! God help us all.

  6. @ #4…Bingo, you got it!

  7. No one who is not retarded would fall for this tired garbage. The libs are truly, truly desperate.

  8. This is what the left learns from our Blamer in Chief! They’ll probably start dragging the “Palin is respeonsible for Gifford’s shooting” story back out again. Blame, blame, blame.

  9. Whether they believe it for real or not, they’re just happy to be able to connect Rush and conservatives to anything. Doesn’t matter if the facts don’t support it. They’ll write their own facts and push it down everyone’s throats. Any opportunity to do this to conservatives. Liberalism is a mental disease!

  10. The term was first used in reference to obama by the lib LA times. March 19, 2007 L.A.-based DAVID EHRENSTEIN writes about Hollywood and politics. “But it’s clear that Obama also is running for an equally important unelected office, in the province of the popular imagination” — the “Magic Negro.”

  11. What a nasty piece of work.

  12. That Mika..whatever her name is… on MSNBC also alluded to that same thing about Rush and conservative talk radio. So that’s 2 nitwits that got the blame game going.

  13. Barack the Magic Negro as heard on Rush’s show was making fun of people who originally used the phrase. Rush was NOT promoting it.,0,3391015.story

  14. So, the hard Left Los Angeles Times has no desire to correct the record that THEY published MAGIC NEGRO? LA TIMES KNOWS Rush is innocent of this smear. Will they uphold the credibility of journalism and issue a statement or hide under rock like the racist, sniveling cowards they are?

    Meanwhile, emphasis on ‘mean’ are the DEMOCRAT Hutus are sharpening the machetes because they sure are using the mass media to spread their toxic hatred to encourage hatred and violence against the Conservative Tutsi?

    THis chick is white, she’s lying about whites of not her political culture, so it’s ethnic cleansing type hatred.

  15. If Sandra Fluke has grounds for a lawsuit,I would think Rush has grounds for a defamation lawsuit agains tthis “newscaster”.

  16. Let the Palinizing of Rush begin. I want to hear what our side will say? More crickets like the last time????

  17. “Barack Obama the Magic Negro” was the product of David Ehrenstein, a far-left Hollywood Jew.

    So what now, Media Matters progressives? Ban Hollywood? Send the Jews off in railcars like other progressives have done? You had to have known this would boomerang back to be an attack on Hollywood Jews.

    Just what is it with Obama, Progressives and their Jew Hatred?

  18. Rush is WRONG…..there is nothing magical about that guy.

  19. Why not barrage the reporter’s e-mail with letters and references? That’s the only way to get the message across and then target the advertisers, like Media Matters did in the case of Rush and the whole Fluke boondoggle. Breitbart them!!!

  20. The left is scared to death of Their inside polling

    Numbers. Sooo let’s gin up some old fashioned

    Race baiting. It gets the weak minded out in droves.

    See, look at the lemmings.

    Obama is hurting folks and running scared.

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