Global Islamists Plan March 30 Rally to Liberate Jerusalem from Jewish Control

Global Islamists and terror sympathizers are planning a mass protest in Jerusalem on March 30. The radicals hope their efforts on ‘Palestinian Land Day’ will liberate Jerusalem from Jewish control.

On March 30th as international caravans and delegations march toward the closest point to Jerusalem, other free people of world will gather in front of Zionistic embassies or gather in the main squares of cities, to show their solidarity with the global march to Jerusalem.

The Jewish Press reported:

The Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) on March 30 (a date which commemorates what’s known as Palestinian Land Day), is a high-profile provocation involving groups of international “activists” who intend to set out from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt and converge upon Israel’s borders demanding the “right” to reach Jerusalem.

Concurrently, they also plan to “besiege Israeli embassies over the world”

The broader aims of GMJ, according to the project’s official website, are as follows:

 “[To] end the Apartheid, ethnic cleansing and [racist]…Judaisation policies affecting the people, land and sanctity of Jerusalem… [which] is a crime not only against Palestinians but against all humanity”

The site further claims that their efforts “will ward off Israel’s threat to world peace through the ‘Judaization’ of the holy City”.

The organizers are a conglomerate of individuals and groups representing the ‘red-green alliance.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, the government of IranHezbollah, Islamic JihadWestern Islamists, the extreme left, and radical NGOs have united with the aim of engineering a PR disaster for Israel and advancing their long-term assault on the legitimacy of the Jewish state.

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  • paul52

    Article refers to “Israel’s threat to world peace”. Israel does not start wars, their raghead neighbors do. I’m sure al-Bama will stand firm with Netanyahu. Right!

  • wtd

    No doubt, Obama will be standing right behind this movement, ready to continue betraying Israel as documented thus far in this 30 minute film:

    Daylight: The Story of Obama and Israel

  • paul52

    BTW, the Jews have been in Jerusalem since the reign of King David, centuries before the (false) Prophet crawled out from under his rock.

  • squeaky

    duel marchs – one to free jerusalem from the jews and another to free medina from the islamists.

  • truth teller

    No doubt, the liberals in this country will support this…yet Jews will continue to support liberal politicians and agendas.


  • young truth teller


  • aeroguy48

    WTF?? is happening on FOX right now obama set to adress the AIPAC (jewish)conference, the lights are dim and blue, I cant stand the fact I know ,what will happen next obama will appear under the half circle all litup like hes the mesiah. Sheese

  • Ella

    I’m not surprised. I know how all this is going to end, as do many of my fellow Christians.

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  • young truth teller

    you know that guy that died. well the libs probaly poisened him when he was going to release it. now thre going to release it so thats good. libs + obama=dumb

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  • aeroguy48

    Yep just as I suspected all lit up for obama first thing he says is he will be the next president.

  • young truth teller

    truth teller is my dad

  • Danimal

    Israel should make a statement that anyone who makes it Jerusalem with the intent purpose of doing her or her people harm will never venture outside Israels borders again unless it is in a body bag.

  • Johnny “Stanford” Davis

    “Liberate Jerusalem?” Jerusalem isn’t occupied by any oppressors. Mr. Hoft’s headline is misleading and false. Probably their real goal is to enslave Jerusalem.

  • jainphx

    The times they is a changing, but be of good cheer, we win in the end.

  • dnb

    Christians pray for Jerusalem, pray long and hard. Send letters to your represesentatives. If Jerusalem falls to the Muslims, Islamists will destroy all relics of past religions and cultures, like the two enormous Buddha statues blown up in Bamiyan and the entire collection of 12th Century Buddhist relics in the Madvies’ National Museum. To walk the Way of the Cross as Christ walked it will no longer be tolerated. Wake up. Onward Christian Soldiers.

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  • susanm


  • wanumba

    “The God of heaven will give us success …but as for you, you have no share in Jerusalem or any claim or historical right to it.”

    Nehemiah 2:20

    date: 460 B.C. or 2,460 years ago.
    David conquers Jerusalem as “City of David” 3,000 years ago, 600 years before Nehemiah returned to repair the walls.

    There are few cities in the entire world that have as long a continuous inhabitation.
    The Arabs have no historical right to it. None.