Georgia Businessman Ticketed and Threatened With Jail Time For Flying US Flag

Now they’re after the flag.
A Georgia businessman was ticketed and threatened with jail time for flying a flag outside his business.

12Tom Gieryic flies his American flag in the city right-of-way on Dawson road, for which a code enforcement officer cited him. (Ashley Knight)

FOX Nation reported:

A Georgia man was slapped with a ticket and threatened with jail time after he refused to remove an American flag that’s been flying outside his business for more than thirty years.

An Albany code enforcement officer alleged that Tom Gieryic’s flag was in violation of the city’s sign ordinance. The standard size American flag was posted on a pole outside Gieryic’s automotive repair shop.

“It’s been there for 30 years,” Gieryic told Fox News. “She told me my flag was in the city’s right of way.”

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  • dfbaskwill

    The Missouri Mom from the last post should be allowed to use this guy’s flagpole to beat the heroin dealer, while the cop is forced to hold the flag off the ground.

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  • Peckerwood

    But the city will let people burn flags, no problem.

    What is happening to our country? Hijacked by idiots and America-hating liberals…

  • Rhymes With Right

    The obvious question is whether or not it is in the city right of way and whether or not it is therefore out of compliance with the ordinance. The mere fact that it is a flag does not necessarily exempt it from an otherwise valid ordinance.

  • Atlanta Media Guy

    I bet this officer voted for Obama too. You know Albany is not far from Plains, GA home of the second worst President of all time. So this guy flies the flag for 30 years and just now he gets a ticket and threatened with arrest? Who is the mayor of Albany? Why is this happening? Why do Americans hate America so much? Why does Obama feel like apologizing for US? Why is the sky blue? The last question was just asked by my 4 year old.

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  • bg



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    Muslim journalist defends surveillance by NYPD,
    says some Muslims ‘use religion as cover’

    [Nomani showed Fox News a Koran from a mosque in West Virginia. She says the Koran’s Saudi publisher added negative language about Jews and Christians. This interpretation of Islam, Nomani says, is part of a larger problem.

    “I think that there is a movement in America right now to claim this concept of Islamophobia, to say that people are hating on Islam,” she said. “Let’s be honest, there are people that do hate on Islam. But I think that (Police Commissioner) Ray Kelly and the New York Police Department have been targeted in this larger campaign to try to show that people are picking on Muslims.”

    The New York Police Department’s controversial surveillance program involved efforts to infiltrate mosques and Muslim communities on college campuses to gather intelligence on potential threat. News of the secret program has sparked strong reactions, both negative and positive.

    Nomani said the Muslim community should take charge: “I think we would be better served by being more proactive rather than defensive.”

    Nomani worked with Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, who was kidnapped and his throat slit by Islamic radicals in Pakistan in February 2002. Pearl’s death was a personal turning point for Nomani in her thinking on religion.]


  • Atlanta Media Guy

    Maybe they need to rewrite the ordinance and include the word flags.

  • Atlanta Media Guy

    I also wonder if these sign ordinances include political signs?

  • Texas_Treeroach

    If the flag has “been there for 30 years,” and the officer told him the flag was “in the city’s right of way”, where has she had her head for all of her adult life? Where has the rest of Albany had it’s head?

    Albany’s Democratic Mayor Dorothy Hubbard might provide the answer.
    There’s always a reason for everything:

    The winning Mayoral slogan: We can win in Georgia!

  • Nancy

    Yes, In Penna. you must have a political sign on your own property, not the right of way. I have fought for this but cheating candidates ( one of the first from my party) are now violating it and nobody is now enforcing it. Also must have permission to place one on any private or business property.

  • Neo

    Most “right of ways” are revoked if they haven’t been used for 10 years (at least where I live), so if this flag has been there for 30 years, I doubt the city has a “right of way” any more.

  • Practical Jane

    Disgraceful and disgusting. Take out the trash from the top down.
    Vote ABO.

  • owl

    Good for Tom Gieryic and his flag. Patriotic for 30 years.

  • bg
  • Mike in VA

    the same city right of way that real-estate-for-sale and campaign signs are placed.

  • tj

    I wish him luck. Its always tough fighting the government, even if you’re right.

    That being said.. I know nothing of the ordinance cited. The flag may have been there for 30 years.. but the ordinance only 2 weeks..(?)

    Seems like a flag is not a sign… I would guess the original bill was to prevent advertizing on right of way areas..

    I’d also be curious if the law is being enforced selectively… do others have signs in the right of way and are not being cited?

    Seems like a little more info could help understand what’s really going on there..

    Again.. good luck Tom!

  • Bill Mitchell

    Heads up!

    Huge swing for Romney on Intrade in Alabama and Mississippi. They have him winning both now. If he wins these its over (thank God).

  • Bill Mitchell

    Lol, now Gingrich way ahead in Alabama again. Intrade is nuts.

  • valerie

    I would think that after 30 years of open and adverse possession, he would at minimum be able to establish an easement.