Disgusting… Libs Hurl Hate at Dick Cheney After Heart Transplant

By: Andrea Ryan

They’re so predictable.  And consistent.  The Leftist haters are doing what they do best…spreading more hate.  This time it’s because Dick Cheney has the nerve to continue existing.  The Right Scoop has a sampling of the Left spewing their typical fury and vitriol, which is just common place, anymore.

Warning: vile language.

Via The Right Scoop,

Spewing hatred is all the Liberals have, because reason doesn’t work for them.

Hat tip: Rachel

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  • Spartan

    Thank God we don’t have Obamacare in place, yet. Donald Berwick claimed this was the model to follow??


  • Freedomplow

    Just wait until they are in charge of your healthcare.

  • Sally

    Good God.

    Can they stoop any lower?

    If Mr. Cheney had received a heart many years ago they would have b-tched that he got preferential treatment.

    Those who criticize ought to be grateful they haven’t suffered from heart failure.

  • http://www.cardinalcity.blogspot.com MikeSopes

    I find it interesting that they automatically assume that Cheney is a “homophobe” (“hope his new heart is gay”), even though his daughter is a lesbian and he seems okay with it.

  • bg


    aah, such diversity, and uh, heartfelt compassion,
    and i know Obama is, but Hitler would be proud..


  • Toddski

    Communists are classless animals, and they should be exterminated off the planet !

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Obama’s death panel?

  • regularguy

    I keep waiting for the newly-founded National Institute for Civil Discourse, formed at the University of Arizona after Gabby Giffords was shot, to come to the rescue. Somehow, it’s silent when it comes to vitriol and venom coming from the left.

  • Blanche

    These people are the spawn of Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Che, Satan, etc.

  • Sandy

    What a bunch of classless fools these libs are. Well should any of them need a heart transplant in the future they can forget it — their generous leader will ration their healthcare. Screw em!!!

  • http://beatbarack.blogspot.com/ Ryan

    What happened to all those calls from the left about a new era of civility?

    #6 Toddski, That would make us no better than them.

  • mackykam

    Just think: All those lib aneurysms waiting to explode means more hearts for good conservative republicans!

  • Larkin

    Cheney would have been a damn good president.

  • Redlite

    May God bless Dicks recovery. He is one of the finest public servants of his generation and we could use more men like him in service to the country.

    The vitriol and pure hate displayed by the left is absolutly digusting!

    The really scary thing about these people, is that they vote!

  • YourMaster

    I told you this would happen. *lmao* so predictable! hahahaha…
    ….you know who they are REALLY going to being spewing immense hate at in about 5-10 yrs
    when they go to the doctor (under 0bamacare) and require a heart transplant…
    and the doctor says well I can’t authorize that because your either too old and considered worthless… or the bureacrats told him… that there are more important people that need heart transplants and you’ll have to wait 60 yrs or so for yours.

    ….then they will come back to the reasons why healthcare is so f*cked up and remember 0bamacare was passed by democrats/0bama …who they will hate for the rest of his existence. (especially if they ever hear about him getting instant treatments/heart transplants/etc.)

    dems should seriously repel 0bamacare before it goes into effect and can’t be undone.
    I would think they’d be a little more worried about it than Republicans…. but they seem oblivious like drones.

    still this is too funny… it was the left who were talking about civility… *ROTFLMAO* and this is how they act.

  • NorthernX

    You can always count on these dinks for over the top, irrational carpet-gnawing hatred.
    It’s pretty comical when you think about it, and semi-retarded when you consider that their opinion stems directly from biased media rather than any kind of personal ethics or morals.
    Useful idiots one and all…

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Let’s see, all those Twitter screen names aren’t exactly their real names, are they?

  • Rev. Wright ain’t right upstairs

    President Cheney…..watch the Libtards heads explode

    Breitbart is here

  • jorgen

    Being hated by the garbage of society to such an extent confirms that he is a very good man!

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