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Representative Jeff Duncan (R-SC) called out the Obama Administration’s energy policies and explained how they are effecting the price of oil during a recent speech to the House.

In other related news, Obama demonstrated the great skill of flip flopping by claiming he now wants lower gas prices because it hurts families even though he has said in the past that he supports high gas prices. (Videos Below)

Obama Rebukes Ed Henry’s Comments And Questions




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  1. Flip Flopper? More like Liar…

  2. I got gas two days ago. It cost me 4.359 per gallon of regular.

    The marxist needs to go!!

  3. Wasn’t Obama supposed to fill up gas in our cars with his stash of Obama money , after paying our mortgages ?
    Who cares about gas prices :P

  4. In theory, crude is exactly where Barry wants us to be…probably too low in his mind. The problem is it hit too early and may hurt his rre-election…

  5. Damn, this really is all Republicans have to go on? Gas prices and domestic drilling/Keystone pipeline? LOL.

  6. So there you have it. the explanation was there all along. We haven’t adapted quickly enough to the pain at the pump. Just as soon as we get used to be screwed everything will be alright.

  7. You take everything Obama says he wants, is going to do for us, or that something that is to come from his adminstration, and reverse it, and that is what he is going to actually do. He says he wants lower gas prices because of the affect on families?, then take that, reverse it, and that is what he is going to do about high gas prices……..nothing! He doesn’t have to do anything because it’s been because it’s been because of his destructive economic policies that have been part of the reason for high gas prices. He gives a billion dollars(is that right, oh well no matter) to Brazil to help offset their cost for exploration and drilling for oil off their coast, instead of helping our own oil companies for the same expence. He says, “We are going to be your best customers.” at the ceremony for this money he was giving them.

    Obama says that he is going to help out families by helping them out with the cost of living and cancels the ‘Cost Of Living’ increase in Social Security checks for over two years. Thanks, you bastard. Then he says all this stuff about he is going to help the economy take off because it’s in such bad shape, which was due to his doing nothing when the Democrats “October Surprise” they unleashed on the American economy and our society in October of 2008. His idea of helping out the economy was to wipe out half of the holdings and savings American’s had in the Stock Market. Half of the value of the entire market was wiped out in a matter of days because he didn’t do what he should have done right after he took office in Jan. 2009? So what does he really do? He borrows a trillion dollars from China to “help control the downward spiral” the economy was on. It did nothing but put another trillion dollars onto our debt, and put another trillion dollars of debt our grandchildren have on their shoulders. Actually the money went to the unions, states that voted Democrat, districts and cities that voted Democrat in order that any costs to union pensions would be fully funded with that money for teachers, and other union workers. But mostly did nothing but help out Democrats, and their states they represent.

    But Obama has an agenda. And that agenda is based on Saul Alinsky Rules For Radicals, the Communist Manefesto, and Cloward-Piven economy destruction from overload of payments from to many benefit programs that cost the taxpayers trillions and trillions of dollars in new program costs, and payments to people who won’t work, are Mexican illegal aliens, and unions, cities, and states who Obama believes will vote for him again to keep him in office.

    Obama says he has gotten 60% of what he wanted to do. He said he wants the next term to finsh the job. What job? Wiping out America as a viable country that is in control of anything that is left of what it used to control.

    Obama is not going to stop the price of gas from going up. This is because he will not allow any conservative bills to be passed through the Senate because he will use one of the other, either the Republican’s won’t allow his economic policies to go through, and will not make Reid pass any drilling bill that would help this country deal with high gas prices because he just let’s Reid do what Reid will do. Obama acts like there is nothing he can do about it. See, Obama always stays above the fray, he keeps his hands clean, he dosen’t have any blood on his hands from all the families he has allowed to loose their jobs from his destructive economic policies, or the financial death that can be worse than physical death because you have to deal with watching your kids starve to death while you live in your car because Obama didn’t try to allow the economy build small businesses because Obama won’t fix the banking laws that would allow people to refinance their homes, etc., etc., etc..

    So, now, what was he promising? Don’t vote for this man. He is a Marxist, Alinskyite, and has instituted the Communist Manefesto since he’s been in office. What are you going to do about it?

  8. Whatever he says or wants is pretty much irrelevant, what his policies are that promote the speculation are very relevant. His weak foreign policy results in instability and that causes the speculation. His domestic policy of hostility to pipelines, exploration and refining are all designed to promote, via crony capitalism, “green” technologies that fail miserably. We can blame civic-lazy voters for putting this corrupt fool in office and taxing us with high energy prices.

  9. Will, if you got a penny per letter, you could have retired by now.

    I usually agree with them all but damn, dude — get you some succint!

  10. Succinct, that is.

  11. Uber-rich and government officials doesn’t care how high the gas is. Because uber-rich can serve kobe beef for their pet tiger why worry for a 10 dollar gas and government officials can stick the bill to the taxpayers.

  12. Fact Check! Fact Check!

  13. How does our food get to the market? Why yes your right, by truck. you think the higher prices in fuel has anything to do with food prices? Nah what a silly thought, no those truck companies and independent truckers are going to eat the increases. Yeah right.

  14. the myth can reverse field better than barry sanders. too bad he doesn’t mean what he just said about gas prices. when he said under my plan energy prices will necessarily have to rise was when he told the truth. anything that hurts the american people that what the myth wants.

  15. @Bizman: If that *was* all we had to go on it would still be all we would need. There are a dozen things Jugears could do right now, tonight, to start gas prices on the way down but he will do nary a one of them.


    Because he has lost almost all of his support base already and he is trying to at least hold on to the enviro-wackos. What he is too stupid to understand is that the small, radical base he is pandering to is not nearly enough for him to be re-elected.

  16. Doublespeak. What a Dbag.

  17. #17 handrestamerica

    What are the dozen ways the President can start the fall in gas prices?

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