On FOX News Sunday today the All Star Panel discussed the Obama propaganda flick that was recently released. FOX News analyst Brit Hume had this to say about narrator Tom Hanks, “He said he did not dwell on blame. I’m surprised he could get that line out without coughing.”



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  1. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am constantly amazed that the biggest things this moron pushes or takes credit for is the very things that are going to get him booted from office in 2012.

    1. Obamacare: Illegally bribed congress critters to vote for an unpopular bill and lied about the cost that is now said to be double( and thats most likely off too) Its unconstitutional as well. Hows your insurance rates dropping people ?

    2. Gulf oil spill: Screwed up the response to it big time. Then shut down drilling so that hundreds of thousands lost jobs and revenue to states and individuals.

    3. Green energy scandals /boondoggles: Name a green energy company that didnt get millions or hundreds of billions who were not cronies of Obamathief…that is not now bankrupt…. I dont see Obama bailing out the green energy industry and saving it….welll he bailed them out to start up to begin with.

    4. Gas/ Oil prices….Moron keeps shutting down access to it everywhere while private sector increases its play in many states and people see its huge impact. Nat Gas prices drop as oil prices skyrocket. Obama wanted it and told you so. Along with coal plants shutting down and electric rates skyrocketing.

    5. Ethanol: Cash for clunkers, insulation, appliances and who knows what else just puish the cost of fuel, food, used cars and energy higher and higher… That $30/ week his tax scams are nothing compared to what we loses weekely becuase of this turd. He stole GM and Chrysler and illegally broke bankruptcy laws and gave the companies to his union goons….using our money. This clown should be in jail.

    6. Military actions: He is cluelesss and has a moron by his side in Joe Biden and the ever uglier Billary Clinton making a joke of foreign policy…or should we say… bend over and ask for more policy.

    7. Taxes: Demonize the rich, hardworking and successful and give free stufff to the poor and lazy. Thats a recipe for success !!!!

    8. Force churches to pay for abortions, rubbers, birth control pillls etc. Noithing like pissing off another big group of people who vote.

    9. Party Party party….He has more concerts, dinner dates, golf outings 2 plane vacations and slimey hollywood visitors and rich people at the whitehouse than P Diddy. All while telling you and I to be responsible and cut back and be wise.

    10. Moochelle the mooch and queen of telling you what to do , how to do it,

  3. Americans have a spirit and sense of civic duty which was implanted in us from the beginning of this republic. It was this sense that Tocqueville most noticed. He called it the great republican virtue of America – ordinary citizens willing to do the hard work of citizenship, helping their neighbors, sacrificing for the common good, and building a better future for our kids. That’s been the hallmark of America.

    Have we lost this? I don’t think so. We may be tempted to veer off course at times, but America is the same nation filled with the same dedicated, patriotic, God-loving, God-fearing people who carved this nation out a wilderness, and have made it an extraordinary beacon of hope and light in the world like none before it.

    The problem in the country is not with the people. The problem in the country is Washington. The system is broken because we have fallen prey to ideologues that have put us in a straight jacket and threaten our futures. I believe we can and will break free because the seriousness of the times demands it.

    I am one who believes America’s greatest days are still ahead. All we have to do is recover that sense of virtue and duty, and be bold and brave enough to stand up and speak the truth and be true to our conscience.


    Obama is a failure. He has done nothing for this nation. Debt, Healthcare, contraceptives, deceit and lies. His divisive policies speak for themselves. His inexperience Ideology and Radicalism has made this nation less productive. He is having a tough time getting those voters in 2008 fired up, like last elections. So, what does his campaign do, pull out the big guns, “Hank”? don’t make me laugh. This is Propaganda and once again Obama’s failures won’t be mentioned and this is the way the game is played. Brainwash and Blame a constant in this Administration. The honorable thing to do would have been the above mention piece from the site I posted.

    Admit mistakes and don’t take us for granted. But that won’t happen, Obama’s ego is too big.

  4. Since we have heard the speeches and those on the left swoon over Obama for over 3 years now, what has happen really? What has been accomplished by Obama that we can get behind? Can anyone name something that HE has done amazing and that will truly renew and build our economy and give us the power to create and thrive?

    Anything? Holder is putting his foot on Borders, Voting, Gun Controls and Cops.

    Obama has his go to guy.

    Can you say Obama is Honorable, doesn’t that give you acid reflux to say that? It does me and they have the audacity to make this film? for lack of a better word, grossly hypocritical. The gall is spewing throughout.

  5. When the Republican nominee is chosen there neeeds to be a Super Pac that will use the Tom Hanks quote: “He said he did not dwell on blame” and run clips of Obama (with dates) blaming the Republicans over and over and over and over again.

  6. I really believe that Hanks should have been choking on that whole narrative not coughing. But then liberals can tell some real big whoppers without batting an eye. For those that believe that propaganda piece, it’s time to line up they are heating up the ovens.

  7. Well seeing how we’re no longer traveling down Stuart Chase’s road and we’ve reached the end I hope Tom Hank’s kids fall out of favor with the “one party” and face what the majority of Americans have to face.

  8. “Winners take responsibility.
    Losers blame others.”


  9. Of course tom hanks didnt cough, he has learned to swallow and smile.

  10. Hanks like Axelrod are swallowing their words hard. They have too, before they give themselves acid reflux.

    The hypocrisy and radical vision of these two obstructionists of freedom is appalling.

  11. If this is the lies and their attempt to persuade America then there is no problem defeating Obama. The act of promoting another 4 more years of radical and divisive polices could only be for those who are in a deep love affair with a hip hop president.

    The singer and the performer, who else would the guy who thinks he is a Rock star have narrate a movie but one of the biggest radical liberals of all, Hanky Pank.

  12. #10 aeroguy
    And then there is the other possibility, that Hanks actually believes that BS. he’s selling.
    It appears that Alice might not be the only person who could believe three impossible things before breakfast.

  13. Hanks and Obama are firmly in the world of the super elite. Just plain folks who don’t live liek the rest of us.


  14. Bush is in office, Hollywierd makes a movie about assassinating the President. Bambi’s in office, they put lipstick on a pig. Now that pig is laying the groundwork to declare “Marshall Law” just before the election as occupy does as instructed and ramps up the violence. Can’t get these communist out of there fast enough for me.

  15. #17 March 18, 2012 at 1:52 pm
    JimmyT commented:

    Bush is in office, Hollywierd makes a movie about assassinating the President. Bambi’s in office, they put lipstick on a pig. Now that pig is laying the groundwork to declare “Marshall Law”

    Um. That’s “martial law.”

    But on the bright side, you made me laugh instead of all riled up and pissed, which is probably a good thing.

  16. OT


    BLACK “CLOWN SHOW” Revisited as an American Tradegy

    In 1961 a play titled “The Blacks : A Clown Show” by the French petty criminal and homosexual prostitute Jean Genet, was the avant garde sensation of New York. At the St. Marks Playhouse it starred a cast of Black actors, then young but now well-known to us all — people like James Earl Jones, Louis Gossett, Cecily Tyson, Godfrey Cambridge, Maya Angelou, and Roscoe Lee Brown. As I recall –though the cast most certainly changed over time — it remained one of the longest running off-Broadway plays of that decade. In its review of the play, the NYT’s Taubman put his own spin on Genet’s meaning and concluded with no evidence at all:

    “‘Whatever is gentle and kind and good and tender will be black.’ So M. Genet

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/03/the_blacks_a_clown_show_revisited_as_an_american_tragedy.html#ixzz1pUxfgWMr

    In the course of the play the actors reenact the proclaimed murder of a (dare I say it, “typical “) white woman by having a black man dressed up as her, humiliated and then murdered himself along with the white masked actors. As her humiliation begins, the actors seek out a white man in the audience and ask him to hold her knitting “for a moment” after which he is asked to and does return it, thereby tacitly participating in and sharing the responsibility for what ensues .

    When I saw the play I was outraged at making the audience member complicit in this. At an after-play dinner with one of the actors I told him I had wanted to keep the man in the audience from playing the goat in all this, embarrassing him out of playing his designated part. I asked what the actors would have done had I acted on my impulse. He said that they had often wondered if and when that happened what they would do, and he wished I had done that.

    I’m not sitting in my seat at St, Marks Playhouse now, and I am telling you, stop playing along and start fighting back. Begin by acknowledging how much this pernicious race doctrine, CRT, has influenced the President and his administration and do everything you can to deny him a second term and challenge in your communities and courtrooms every vestige of this pernicious doctrine.

    A. Reviewing Critical Race Theory:

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/03/the_blacks_a_clown_show_revisited_as_an_american_tragedy.html#ixzz1pUx4hu00

  17. “the President and his administration and do everything you can to deny him a second term and challenge in your communities and courtrooms every vestige of this pernicious doctrine.”

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