Conservative Group Releases New Ad: Obama Throws Granny Off the Cliff (Video)

American Doctors for Truth released a new Obamacare ad this week.
In the ad President Barack Obama throws Granny off the cliff rather than give her the health care she needs – just like Obamacare!

You can donate to this conservative group and help get the truth out about Obamacare here.

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  • forest

    Is that Tim Thomas catching the old lady?

  • KOW

    Too bad there will be no teachers in the American Public School System will ask their students to watch the video and do a paper on it for extra credit. And while they are at it, talk about how they are exempt from Obamacare.

  • http://. WillofLa

    This issue is of significant importance to me because I am a disabled person. If ObamaCare does become more of a reality than it already is becoming, I will be impacted directly as far as what medical care I can or cannot receive from my private doctors, not government doctors.

    I had a tooth removed today. My wifes insurance she has through her employer is going to take care of it. I still had to make a co-pay on both the exam and the tooth extraction. I didn’t know I was going to have to make 2 co-pays. When my old dentist, who is from the old school and does it all, retired I found out to my shock that NO dentist does it all anymore. They have specialized in every different thing now. I had to go to a dog gone Maxillary Surgeon, which I’m sure is going to be very expensive for my insurance to have to pay, as compared to paying a ordinary dentist who would be pulling the tooth. If I needed jaw replacement or had some serious injury I would be looking at going to one of these specialist, but for pulling one tooth??

    I’ve got a pain care management specialist who I see every month due to getting narcotics for my pain I’m in all the time, is paid by my wifes insurance. I make my co-pay and that’s it. But under ObamaCare I wouldn’t be getting any of that. Did you know the cut off age is 65??

    Yes, 65 years old, the retirement age will be when they start flushing you out of the system because they probably figure that once you get to that age you aren’t working anymore like you were before, and not putting money into the system like you were. Now, once you get to 65 that means you will probably start TAKING from the system and not contributing to it. I asked my pain care doctor about what he plans on doing if ObamaCare does become a reality, and he said he plans on quitting being a doctor. My doctor I saw today for my tooth was listening to me talk about ObamaCare and I told him all these specialists these days who don’t pull teeth anymore may have to start doing it all just to stay in business. I told him that the government, well Obama, don’t like specialists because they believe it’s a waste of money for a person to have to go to all these doctors to ge done what one doctor used to do. I said they all are going to have to start doing it all if ObamaCare kicks in they aren’t going to pay for all these separate costs.

    His responce was, “Well, I guess you are right.”. This doctor is a very good surgeon who has many years of experience. I’m sure he makes a good income, but under ObamaCare the “Doctor Fix” has taken care of that. I’m not sure what impact ObamaCare will have on Dentists, but if it’s anything like General Practioner’s, they’ll get $21.00 a patient. My co-pay for the tooth extraction was $41.00, but they did a deal for me by moving some numbers around. That won’t be possible under ObamaCare. Whatever I’m supposed to pay into the Medicare plan which I hear will be $2500.00 a year, I won’t be able to pay that, or anything else for that matter if my wife drops her insurance when she retires, which won’t be for sometime yet, but she just had a birthday which puts her one year closer to that cut off age of 65!

    We’re all screwed if ObamaCare becomes America’s medical plan covering everyone, for everything! This man needs to be removed from office and if we don’t take the Senate, somebody needs to take Harry Reid out back and give him the beating he needs very badly.

  • shibumi

    Yet, when I talk to seniors who are Democrats about this, they are in complete denial and say it’s simply not true. Like talking to a freaking wall.

  • democraps suck

    Too bad nobody gives a $hit about the commercial…the losers just want free free free….gimme gimme gimme…lib-turds and young punks suck

  • mackykam

    Obama’s critical race theory under the guise of healthcare:

    the faster whites are thrown off the cliff, under the bus, on to moving traffic or into gas chambers, the better life in America will be for blacks and latinos. First to go will be white republicans, then white independents and lastly white democrats.

    Question: who the hell will then be paying for their wonderful lives on welfare and foodstamps?

    Answer: bring in more blacks from the Carribean islands. They are happy to work and prosper. Then take their earnings and give it to long suffering american black welfare queens.

    And when every black and latino is equally poor what a great place America will be.

  • Liz

    Impeach this godless maniac! I have a grandma! I will be a grandma! Very effective ad, I might say.

  • Joanne

    All communist countries have socialized health care when a communist/socialist/marixist is at their helm.

    If you are old, disabled, or mentally ill, you are screwed – you’ve outlived your usefulness. If people thought their insurance providers were heartless, you haven’t seen anything yet.

  • Dave-O

    These are ALL very brave doctors. I tip my hat to them for having the cajones to tell the truth.

  • Marcos

    Heh, “Death Panels.”

  • Stella

    It is beyond me why and how normal rational people can believe the lies they are feed. Anyone with a 1/2 brain knows GOVERNMENT does near nothing right. They lied about every cost, they lied about keeping your plans and doctors and they lied about death panels. Please…we must stand together and fight this until it is repealed. Be vocal and spread the word. Write every Rep. flood e-mails. Demonstrate…make a sign…join a group that is speaking out.. keep writing on every site that has opinions and if you can afford a contribution do so. Our country and way of life is under assault….most important REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER !!!!!

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  • MN Jim

    Everything Sarah Palin said was true.
    Everything obama said was a lie.

  • bg


    “choice” will soon be an obsolete word, well,
    on “we the people’s” end of the spectrum at
    any rate.. :-(


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  • Marsh626

    The Obama audio clip was a nice touch.

    Flameproof suits on everyone as we endure the legions of leftist idiots who don’t know, or who pretend not to know, that this is a parody of an infamous Democrat ad.

  • donh

    Excellant commercial. A leading proof Republicans are co conspirators with the Democrats is how they never run tough emotional ads like this. Democrats get to run all the kill granny ads no matter the lies. When the Democrats really do kill grannies by instituting death panels, Republicans fail to speak out the truth and only aim the beat down on conservites like Sarah Palin who take the issue of life seriously.

  • JB Blackburn

    It’s about time the doctors spoke up. We need all the help we can get. I called my insurance 2 yrs ago to ask them why they didn’t speak out about Obamacare, only to be told that the Health and Human Services had put a “gag order” on them. Corporations need to speak up also about the mess Obama has made of American businesses. We need to let Obama hear from us in Nov. but I think we need to keep a low profile so he doesn’t see us coming or he and George Soros will shut us down!

  • owl

    Well it is about damn time.


    It took a very brave group of doctors to shove granny and show what is the truth.

    Why did I not have ELECTED officials with these people’s guts? Why did the GOP let the DEMS run good ole Andy and Ryan pushing granny and not push Obama?

    Somebody in the GOP has the money to do something. Do it, darn you. Open your mouths. SHOUT it. Say they are LYING. See how simple it was for these doctors to say it? If they push granny off, YOU show Obama pushing her off. Breitbart. Fight, you weasels.

    This is a group running an ad worth support.

  • Vincent Louis Marino

    OMG – All that the ‘affordable care act’ does is allow you to buy health care where you’d be barred because of a preexisting condition. It’s already a law. What is wrong with all of you? You have no idea what you are complaining about. No one’s quitting being a Dr. No one is being kicked off of pain medication. You are all from the Santorum School of reality. When facts don’t fit your feelings make up your own set. Like all the lies he told about the Netherlands euthanizing their elderly to such a point that they either don’t go to the hospital or they wear bracelets that say “don’t euthanize me” ALL LIES. Look up “The affordable health care act” and read people, for GOD’s SAKE, READ!!