A New Low For Hollywood Scum… Hanoi Jane to Play Nancy Reagan in Film

They do this to mock you. They do this to taunt you.
Unrepentant communist Hanoi Jane Fonda will play Nancy Reagan in an upcoming film.

In 1972 “Hanoi” Jane Fonda applauded an NVA anti-aircraft gun crew during her trip to North Vietnam. These guns were used to shoot down American planes and contributed to the deaths of American Airmen.

Variety reported:

In the midst of recruiting an all-star ensemble for his long-gestating passion project “The Butler,” director Lee Daniels has tapped Jane Fonda to play Nancy Reagan.

Based on a Washington Post report by Wil Haygood, pic follows Eugene Allen, the White House butler whose career started with Harry Truman in 1952 and ended in 1986 with Ronald Reagan.

Forest Whitaker is closing a deal to play Allen, while Oprah Winfrey remains in talks to play his wife. David Oyelowo is in negotiations to play Allen’s son, while Liam Neeson and John Cusack are circling presidential supporting roles as Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard Nixon, respectively. Fonda will appear in a handful of scenes as the first lady of the United States.

Daniels, who is directing from a script he co-wrote with Danny Strong, is in the process of finalizing financing for the pic, which has no distributor onboard yet. Pamela Williams will produce through Laura Ziskin Prods. along with Hilary Shor.

Though no cast deals are in place yet, producers are eyeing a summer start date.

Recently, Hanoi Jane admitted, “My deepest regret is that I never got to f*ck Che Guevara.”

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  • southernsue

    disgusting woman.

    disgusting president.

    disgusting liberals.

    disgusting democrats.

    all traitors to the USA!

  • Joe Blow

    Just another way to stop funding the Hollywood left. Don’t give them any of you hard earned money as it is only used against you. Stop viewing their films.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    Who cares? It’s a movie, she’s an actress and if the Reagan family doesn’t object, why even give it any notice?

  • anti-bho

    That Vietnamese guy standing behind “Hanoi Jane” looks just like Trayvon Martin.

  • lyle

    Co-writer Danny Strong is the piece of garbage who wrote the slander Game Change.

  • 1RedBeard

    True beauty comes from the soul, making Fonda one of the ugliest women on the planet.

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  • Beto Ochoa

    They were going to do a movie about Gandhi but Hitler wasn’t available to play the role

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  • Granny

    Well, that is one movie I won’t see.

  • John

    I suggest we not attend and let them go broke.

    Convince them that there is a price (their walets) to pay for insulting us. They have put out propaganda movie events that have lost big bucks before but, lets make this one a serious hole in their bank accounts, maybe they will get the message.

    I know they are liberal and will not understand what it means but they do love their money.

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  • jorgen

    Yet another movie to ignore.

  • http://GatewayPundit Cutlers Bad Thumb

    I’m going to do a movie About Obama and Seabisquit……Starring Erkel and Rosie O’ Donut…

  • democraps suck

    just a liberal commie beeotch

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    the hateful, spiteful leftist mind. the mind that murdered 100 million of the own citizens in peace time lady greenworld.

  • Sasja

    She may not have had a go with Guevera but I bet she made up for it with those goons in the pic, among others.

  • BurmaShave

    Revising #10 Granny’s comment:

    Well, that is another movie I won’t see.

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  • Burkee

    As a former Navy light attack aviator in the 70s, I will never forgive this American traitor bitch.