7 California Youths Arrested for Racial Attack on Innocent Teen

Seven black youths were arrested for a brutal attack on a 15 year-old Hispanic boy in California while he was walking home from school.
The Bellingham Herald reported:

Seven black teens have been arrested on suspicion that they committed a hate crime when they attacked a 15-year-old Hispanic boy while he was walking home from school in Southern California, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

The March 14 beating in Palmdale was captured on video and posted on YouTube, but has since been removed from the site. The seven boys, ages 13 to 16, were arrested Wednesday for investigation of assault and committing a hate crime, Lt. Don Ford said.

The attack happened near Cactus Middle School, but Ford didn’t know if any of the teens involved were students there.

The video shows as many as 10 boys surrounding the victim and challenging him to a fight. The suspects then began hitting the teen while others watched.

During the beating, the teens made racially derogatory statements that were captured on the video, Ford said.

After the victim fell to the ground, the assailants kicked him multiple times in the head, knocked out several teeth and left shoe impressions on his skin, Ford said.

The victim was able to get to his feet and escape the onslaught, and will need to undergo dental surgery.

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  • JenBee

    It’s not just a black-white race war anymore… now we’ve got a black-hispanic race war on as well. Good job fanning the flames of racial tension across the board, Mr President.

  • Peckerwood

    Was the boy White/Hispanic?

  • anonymous

    Waiting for Jesse and Al to come to this young man’s struggle against institutional racism.

    …and waiting…..and waiting……..

  • listingstarboard

    And yet “Latino” activists groups were very vocal in condemning Zimmerman and disavowing his Hispan-icity. Has anyone saved the clip before it was scrubbed?

  • American Patriot

    It’s Obama’s world….

  • 1RedBeard

    Thank you, Barack. Thank you, Al, Jesse, Bobby, and all other fat-mouthed irresponsible cretins who have demagogued this issue. You all should hang your heads in shame, but you can’t, because to feel ashamed you would first need a modicum of personal integrity.

    Post-racial president? Pull the other leg; it’s got bells on it.

  • mcc

    Looks like it’s becoming sport…from Atlanta:

    So why feature the video? We were stunned to see the number of people who stood by and did nothing, many of them taking video and even getting within inches of the fight in order to take better pictures. And that’s after the woman in the yellow shorts threatens to kill the other woman several times.


  • Joseph


    Dont hold your breath

  • Lady in Grey

    To Barack Obama, POTUS: Are you going to speak out against this horrific crime? Are you going to direct AG Holder to investigate and charge the seven Black teens with Federal hate crimes?

    Are you proud of the racial divisions and hate-mongering you and your good friends Sharpton, Jackson and Farrakhan are perpetuating across this country?

    We will remember in November.

  • http://astuteblogger.blogspot.com/ reliapundit
  • squeaky

    “And yet “Latino” activists groups were very vocal in condemning Zimmerman…” not really paying a whole lot of attention to geraldo rivera….does he not promote the hispanic side of who he is?.
    [“The Latino community joins the African-American community and other communities in condemning George Zimmerman as what he is – a murderer and a racist,” Roberto Lovato, co-founder of the online Latino advocacy organization Presente.org, told The Daily Caller.]

  • squeaky

    the legacy media is helping obama by keeping the fires lit while obama can maintain an air of plausible denialbility. meanwhile he’s pointing at the gop and charging them with using the event for political gain [while he does what he accuses others of doing but with surrogates].

  • ilikai

    Hate crime? I thought when blacks were the aggressors that it wasn’t a hate crime, it was allowed due to their years of disrespect and suppression…..

  • GeekyGrandma

    They’ll change their minds quick now that a full Hispanic is the victim!

  • tcircle

    “Roberto Lovato, co-founder of the online Latino advocacy organization Presente.org, told The Daily Caller.”

    Will Bobby the Bigot develop some intesticle fortitude and speak out on this incident?

  • kato

    Fact: Blacks are real low on the totem pole when it comes to educational attainment, but they punch way above their demographic weight when it comes to criminality.

    And one can check every federal study going back to the 1960s and read the numbers.

    Let’s finally have that honest discussion about race. After lavishing hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars and manufacturing a thousand and one excuses, we owe it to ourselves.

  • squeaky

    a south korean immigrant shot and killed by hoodies. no word yet whether or not the youths wearing them will be charged.

  • donh

    Yes #1…We need to move beyond saying Obama is trying to start a race riot…HE HAS triggered a racial hate crime wave. Blood has been drawn as a direct result of Obama and his fascist media matters storm troopers hyping this Trayvon case 24/7 in the media. This is what all you guilt trip liberal whites have given us for making black self esteem butt kissing the nation’s highest priority.

  • Tim in Cali

    Breaking News:Dwayne Wade’s nephew was 1of 6 people shot in Chicago thur. night…the shooters,wereing hoodies..(USA Today)

  • john b

    You see! That was Zimmernman’s mistake and where he was wrong: Trayvon — he be alone that night, so he no beat up people or rob somebody…..
    because he did NOT have a posse, a quorum.

    If he be having a posse, then No_LIMIT_ would have been on the prowl.
    But since No_LIMIT_ be alone, he was on down time. This is a nuanced argument but one that BE very important for understandin folk in the community.