Thanks Barack… Top Taliban Leader: “US-Taliban Talks Reveal America’s Failure in Afghanistan”

Tehrik-i-Taliban’s leader Waliur-Rehman Mehsud (Press TV)

Top Taliban leader Waliur-Rehman Mehsud told reporters this week that the US talks with the Taliban represent America’s failure in Afghanistan.
Iranian Press TV reported:

A top Pakistani leader of the Taliban says the United States seeks to engage in talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan as its mission in the war-battered country has failed, Press TV reports.

Pakistan’s Tehrik-i-Taliban’s leader Waliur-Rehman Mehsud told Press TV that Washington has sought to launch peace talks with the Afghan Taliban over the US failure in Afghanistan.

Mehsud added that the US-led invasion of Afghanistan was initially aimed at eliminating the Taliban militants or making them surrender.

However, he said, the foreign forces’ failure to do so has forced Washington into a negotiating position.

Mehsud added that the US and its allies are trying to hide their defeat in Afghanistan under the guise of advocating dialogue.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, Afghan President Hamed Karzai admitted that the peace talks had taken place among the United States, the Afghan government, and Taliban over the past month.

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  • More Liberty

    What’s there really to talk about with the Taliban? We should never have went into Afghanistan with the intent of creating a democracy or nation building. This is just another blunder brought to us via neocons and statist liberals. We should have went in, killed those that assisted and facilitated with the 9/11 attacks and left.\

    These people live in the 8th century.

  • bear

    This is precisely what you get when kow-towing to murderous pukes. Way to go, obamster, you completely hopeless moron.

  • regularguy

    I’ve got to reluctantly agree, More Liberty, but we also decided to lose for sure in November 2008 with Obama’s election. We should have flattened the country and gotten out after capturing some of Al Queda (which led to Bin Laden’s death). So sad we’ll have lost so many of our best for the chance to re-learn the lessons of Viet Nam–that tribal or hamlet cultures don’t give a damn about development on our time or dime.

  • Obama must have studied at the Jimmy Carter school of foreign policy.

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  • democraps suck

    you can’t fight a war with 1 hand tied behind your back and ozero can’t have his brothers killed….

  • More Liberty

    Kill the bad guys that hurt Americans and go home. Don’t build schools, don’t hand out candy, don’t teach them how to read – get in, smash some anti-liberty skulls and leave with our money and as many troops as possible.

  • Patty

    Human Events’ Jason Mattera interviews former Ambassador to the UN John Bolton. Asked about our success in Afghanistan if President Obama insists on pulling troops out on his predetermined timeline he answers: ‘We will fail in Afghanistan’.

    A group of conservative Republicans and presidential hopefuls met this weekend in northern Iowa. Former UN Ambassador John Bolton told the audience at the conference that Barack Obama is not qualified to lead. Bolton has been an outspoken critic of the administration’s dangerous foreign policy since the president took office.

    The AP reported:

    Bolton told the crowd that Obama doesn’t care enough about national security issues and doesn’t view the world as a threatening place. Bolton also says the U.S. could have made a big difference in Libya, but Obama couldn’t make up his mind on which steps to take.

    Several potential GOP presidential candidates also spoke during the event in Des Moines. Iowa Congressman Steve King says he organized the event to allow conservatives to shape the debate as Republicans begin seeking an opponent for Obama.

    This weekend Obama told the American people in his Weekly Address that we are succeeding in Libya. Unfortunately, Al-Qaeda believes they are succeeding too.

    This is an older article but it did predict that Afghan war could be lost. Why does Obama insist in a time of war to reduce our military service. And does this place our troops in Harms Way. Of course, it does and will continue too. Does Obama have any shame?

  • ….there are just some things you should never do.
    1) Urinate in public
    2) Try to pet a wild animal
    3) Spit in the wind
    4) Negotiate peace terms with terrorists

  • Patty

    When nations show us respect then we can help them. But under the Obama administration that will never happen.

    Obama likes this, more money to spend on Green Energy failures that we all are continuing to pay for.

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  • Patty, why would Mr. Obama be ashamed? He is a globalist, communist enemy of the United States, joined at the hip with radical Is|amists. His undeclared wars upon Arab states have removed the strong men and cleared the ranks of leadership on behalf of whatever power group is firstest with the mostest – which usually means the Mus|im Brotherhood.

    He is very proud of what he has done. But his loyalties are not your loyalties; his sympathies reside with globalists, communists, radical Is|amists, and his own self-interests – and explicitly against the United States, the U.S. Constitution, and the U.S. citizenry.

    He is not stumbling in the dark, making diplomatic blunders and countless mistakes. What we see as blunders are his very intentional acts of disestablishing and dismantling the United States and throwing open the gates of America to her enemies.

  • WillofLa

    See, we tried to tell you liberals, and those who are followers of Ron Paul, that you cannot be nice to Muslims and they will be nice to you in return. What Islam says is, if you try to be nice to them they see that as a sign of weakness, and it’s a sign that it is time for them to attack you.

    Obama over a year ago said that he believed that the Taliban was more of political group, and not our enemy that we should be shooting at. So, apparently it was more than just him saying that. It apparently was what he really believed. Of course I know he is a closet Muslim, or at least he believes that Islam is better for America and the world in general than something else. So, no wonder Obama wants to talk to the Taliban. And do you know what? WE WERE RIGHT!! IF YOU TRY TO APPEASE A MUSLIM THEY WILL TAKE THAT AS A SIGN OF WEAKNESS AND PLAN YOUR DESTRUCTION!!

  • WillofLa

    Another fat terrorist. Boy, it sure doesn’t look like they’re missing any meals, does it?

  • More Liberty

    @ #13 WilloFLa

    I’m a constitutional conservative and supporter of individual liberty so by nature I agree with Ron Paul on many things. But you are spouting inaccurate information.

    In 1981 when Israel bombed the Iraqi Nuclear facility the Reagan admin., as well as UN, denounced the attack – Ron Paul supported it. Also, Ron Paul voted in favor of the use of force against Al Qaeda and the Taliban on September 14, 2001. He voted against the use of force for the invasion, and ultimate occupation/nation building, of Iraq which as we all know had no WMDs.

    What he doesn’t support is nation building, or military actions that are not authorized or none of our business. I can tell you first hand, nation building – like what we did under Clinton, Bush and Obama – doesn’t work and wastes taxpayer dollars.

  • mike191

    “Smart Power”and “moderate taliban..” are on full display here.Perhaps, President44and Hillary should have paid attention to : “”..a strong horse vs. a weak horse…as a more useful adage ,when dealing with the Taliban.

    What a clusterfu..k this President is and will continue to be.

  • WillofLa

    #`12 Minuteman CDC,

    Yes, and in addition to that by reducing the numbers of troops we can call up we are weakened if in case we were to have a terrorist attack inside this country, which will come very soon. Does anyone think that the huge Hammas base camps in Mexico near our border are there for their health? Just look at Muslims methods and tactics in Israel, and other countries. Why don’t we have these combat troops with all their combat experience on the border in case these guys on the other side decide to attack. Once Hammas gets ready just think how many cities they could wipe out before we could raise one regiment of soldier’s to go there. It would be to little, to late and thousands of American’s will die because Democrats believe sending the military to the border would be over reacting to a situation that doesn’t require such a show of force. Really??

    Also to, by using Cloward-Piven methods to the American economy we won’t have the money to cover all the destruction that could take place in case there is a disasterous attack by Muslim terrorists who may use small nuclear devices to attack large targets like big dams, or electric power plants that they ARE going to knock out all at one time when they start moving in this country.

    No, troops to protect us, and have enough to spread them all over the country, no time to prepare, and no money to pay for damage even by tornado’s or hurricane’s if they turn out to be bad and particularly bad in one part of the nation. Obama is purposely keeping us from helping ourselves, and don’t even think about our power resources we could access which could help in recovering from the lack of funding we don’t have right now to pay for anything, let alone a Muslim terrorist attack!

  • More Liberty

    WillofLa commented:
    “Yes, and in addition to that by reducing the numbers of troops we can call up we are weakened if in case we were to have a terrorist attack inside this country, which will come very soon.”

    This is precisely why we shouldn’t be guarding the north/south Korean border, trying to force a country of inbred 8th century farmers to be western, or still maintaining huge bases in Europe. While liberals and neocons ignore our own border, they are frothy at the mouth over guarding other countries borders with taxpayer dollars.

  • EdUk8shund

    Islam is NOT a religion! Mohammed is NOT a prophet (okay,a false prophet)! The Qùran LIES. Taliban are uneduc8ed, lying basTURD sons, of their THEIF father, mohammed & deserve death! Ask yourselves…can any sentient being, smarter than a stinkbug, choose a 7th century POLITICAL ideology over Freedom?! One for sure…Barry Soetoro. He IS their brother and PROUD to lie to each & every1 of (U.S.)! Prove me wrong. I dare you! Prove 1(one, uno, ein,etc…) instance of Islamic charity. (Hint) You should begin your search @ “oxyMORON”…emphasis mine! Yeah, I am fed up & nause8ed by my Government’s limp-wristed, impotent, COWARDICE! Especially BHO (I will never speak or write his forked-tongued name, ANYWHERE…EVER!). America has been lied to. Our heritage DEMANDS truth…@ the very least…or death to those who would STEAL it from us! Enuf said…I need a smudge & a long sweat!

  • bobdog

    WAIT a second! We WON in Afghanistan!

    Didn’t we?

  • Ripped

    See what 0bama gets for following the failed Bush foreign policy. Also the same failed foreign policy the US has been following for the last 40 years.

    No need to blame Barack Jimmy boy, he’s just doing what he is told, just like Bush did when he was the puppet.

  • snyderart

    Hopefully you used today to reflect on how the right president can lead us back to our founding fathers’ vision for this great nation. Happy Presidents Day!

  • salvage

    Ha! Ha! Yes! It was Obama who lost it, it was won right up until the second he became President then he ordered the soldiers to loose cuz he HATES America!

    You are very smart.

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