Thanks Barack… Afghan Soldiers Already Selling Weapons,Vehicles & Ceding Territory to Taliban

Aghanistan is preparing for the US withdrawal.

Afghan soldiers are already selling weapons and vehicles and ceding territory to Taliban.
The Vancouver Sun reported:

Afghan soldiers are selling their weapons and vehicles to the Taliban, sharing intelligence with them and signing covert ceasefires as they pre-pare for NATO forces to with-draw, according to a classified military report.

Despite billions of dollars spent by western allies on training and equipping Afghanistan’s security forces, they are ceding territory without a fight or even joining forces with the insurgents in some cases.

The report is based on the interrogation of thousands of captured Taliban. It makes depressing reading for coalition forces more than a decade after the start of the conflict.

According to the NATO study, Taliban fighters believe they have overcome the American troop surge, that their return to power is “inevitable” and that they can easily sub-due President Hamid Karzai’s forces once the Afghan army and police take charge of security in 2014.

It also says that the Pakistani government remains “intimately involved” with the insurgent group, despite U.S. efforts to threaten or cajole it to cut off support. Taliban prisoners claim that Pakistan’s ISI intelligence agency is “thoroughly aware of Taliban activities and the whereabouts of all senior Taliban personnel.”

In a further setback Wednesday, the Afghan Taliban said that no peace negotiation process had been agreed with the international community, “particularly the Americans.”

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    way to fight a war with one arm tied behind your back….odumb$hit just can’t see his mooslime brothers be killed….

  • Patty

    From Syria, China, Iraq, Afghanistan, Obama has been instrumental in slapping the face of his predecessor, troops, families of the fallen but even still the shame, anger and decent Obama has fallen upon this nation, every day.

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  • Granny

    This is no surprise. The Obama adminsitration has already declared the Taliban the legitimate rulers of Afghanistan by allowing them to open an “embassy” in Qatar.

  • Patty

    “I believe that the billions of dollars that are being spent on Afghanistan should be spent on the US right now,” claims peace activist Ben Kreider. “We have very high unemployment right now. We need jobs. People like me are in thousands of dollars of debt for going to college, and I think that the spending on the military industrial complex is very wasteful,” he concludes.

    DC Democratic Socialists of America (DC – DSA)

    Obama has had pressure over the wars and his reduction of our Military is for his social projects. Our military lost treasure but we never thought Obama would be so blatant and campaign for his selfish reasons. It is disturbing that his policies, mandates and dictatorship will be placed squarely on the injured, murder and troops who fought for freedom or for Obama presidency in 2012.

    Sounds unheard of but not with this president.

  • No Man

    The war will be fought in America.

    Be prepared.

  • Patty

    Nobel Peace Prize President. At what cost. And he intends to invoke his promise. No wars, economy gets better, jobless rates better all the predictions Rush has said will come true.

    This is the goal, no matter who gets hurt, what happens to our security, the 100,000 or more in the job force who has left the job force, lies and he can say he in the Peace president.

    One incident, One tragic event and I want to see how he spins this.

  • Patty

    #6 February 5, 2012 at 1:13 pm
    No Man commented:

    The war will be fought in America.

    Be prepared.

    I believe it has already started. And we are prepared.

  • nadadhimmi

    Let’s see. A bomb goes from Iran to Afghanistan to the Taliban. They sell it to Al Qaeda, destination NYC or D.C. Not to hard to figure out. But hey, Obama DESERVES to be President because his pants are so sharply creased. Such is the wisdom and judgement of “edumacated” smarmy assed, elitist, East Coast Liberals.

  • Patty

    Gun Control is coming and that will be Obama’s next pet project. It is in the works now. He will continue to destroy the Constitution and no one will do a thing. So, he thinks.

  • Patty

    A look at China…not too much off topic

    Downed U.S. Drone Helps China

    The loss of a U.S. RQ-170 stealth drone over eastern Iran has led to speculation that the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) will eventually find its way into Chinese hands. Access to the drone could allow China to use reverse engineering to incorporate key technologies into its own indigenous aerospace systems and to develop countermeasures that would make it harder for U.S. stealth UAVs and aircraft to operate near China. Iran has significant political, military, and financial incentives to provide such access, reversing the usual flow of technology from China to Iran.

    China has Passed the US as the World’s Largest Economy

    February 21, 2040 – Analysts report that China passed the US as the largest economy in the world last year. With a nominal GDP* of US$29,300 billion for year 2039, China is ahead of US with more than US$500 billion. China has tenfold their GDP over the last 35 years.

    The US was the world’s largest economy for about a century, since the British Empire suffered severely in the Second World War. China can now look for a reign on the throne for about 30-40 years before the currently fastest growing major economy, India, is likely to surpass them. India became the world’s third largest economy in year 2034 with the help of their growing population and will challenge the size of the US economy in a decade.

    Even though China has passed the US in total, the US is still by far the nation with the biggest GDP per capita with US$73,830, followed by Japan, United Kingdom and France, among the largest economies in the world. China, as the second most populous country in the world, has a GDP per capita of US$20,610, more than twice as much as India on US$8,180.

  • Patty

    Obama could have stop many things from happening but choose a worse choice. We are now one of the world’s most vulnerable. I don’t believe we can’t protect ourselves from attacks but other nations are laughing at America.

    This can’t make our military too happy.

  • Patty

    US is still by far the nation with the biggest GDP per capita with US$73,830

    This is one good thing but a re-elected Obama will see that we aren’t.

  • Patty


    How Did Christian Churches Survive 2,000 Years without Obama Mandates to Help Them?

    Robert1260 wrote: Bush had the worst jobs growth in US history and right wing talkers can not change that fact. It’s historically carved in stone. Obama has produced more jobs in 3 years during the worst economy since the 1930’s than Bush produced in a good economy (for his first 7 years in office that is…Bush’s last year was a real doozy). Obama inherited a loss of 9 million jobs, loss of 37 Trillion in American wealth and 9 Trillion in debt practically overnight. Inherited from a so called conservative president. More facts carved in stone that Republicans can’t simply brush aside by right wing liars like Ransom.- in response to New BS BLS Report Shows Obama Costs US $20 Trillion

    Dear Comrade 1260,

    Actually, Obama’s record is worse, net-on-net.

    And here’s the thing: Obama has quite a large available workforce, plus he had stimulus dollars, plus the so-called Bush tax cuts, which even Obama approved. In addition Obama had the federal government absorb liabilities in the real estate market which also freed up a lot of capital- kind of a backdoor stimulus. It should be relatively easy to have rapid job growth under these conditions.

    Only a rare kind of ideologue. like you and Obama, could have screwed up employment as bad as has been done since January 2009. But that’s what happens when you bet everything on shoving socialized medcine down our throat and ignore the economy.

    Bush, under his presidency, was at full employment for much of his term. It’s kind of hard to create jobs in globs when unemployment is already at 4.5 percent.

    I think a better way to judge would be look at how Bush responded to the economic crisis brought on by the dotcom bubble bursting and 9/11.

    While I don’t agree with everything that was done under Bush, if you are going to judge the two presidents on Keynesian plan 1- Bush’s; or Keynesian Plan 2- Obama’s, Bush does much better overall.

  • squeaky

    [“I believe that the billions of dollars that are being spent on Afghanistan should be spent on the US right now,” claims] next he’ll be telling us that if we weren’t involved in afghanistan the country would now be monetarily balanced and life would be swell. hardly as the left would suck every penny to its slush fund desguised as the war on poverty. war isn’t the only beast that has to be fed.

  • RS

    Smart Diplomacy or the Right War?

    I get Obama’s policy successes confused.

  • regularguy

    The only thing the people of Afghanistan know is power. They know we’re leaving, so now they work to curry favor with those who will fill the power vacuum. Not much more complicated than that.

    All the sacrifices of the dead and maimed of our services will have been in vain. We decided this 3 years ago with the election of Barack Obama. And, Bush failed to courageously identify the real enemy: islam. None of the wars with muslim enemies will ever end favorably until we begin to destroy islam or transform islam to a peaceful ideology.

  • saveus

    regular fuy
    either we destroy them or they destroy us

    which does obummer prefer?

    no purple hearts for jihad victims
    no trials for terrorists
    releasing the Locherbie bomber and Taliban leaders
    decimating the US armed forces
    ending the US space program

    you decide

  • squeaky

    “All the sacrifices of the dead and maimed of our services will have been in vain.” the price of a democrat victory so to speak. given what obama has said you know he has to guarantee a failure rather than being the man in the history books who was proven wrong by Bush. no price is too high for him [as others will pay for it] to protect his self view as above reproach……reproach – definition of reproach by the Free Online Dictionary …
    re·proach (r-pr ch) tr.v. re·proached, re·proach·ing, re·proach·es. 1. To express disapproval of, criticism of, or disappointment in (someone).
    failure is for lesser persons.

  • RedBeard

    But wait… wasn’t Afghanistan supposed to be the “good” war, according to the anti-Iraq war Bush-bashing leftists? But I guess that was only while Bush was in office, and the lefties have reverted to their true nature now.

  • Bobgood1

    Russia fought war there for 10 yrs. We have spent a pricely amount in lives & dollars. These tribal wars have been going on for centuries. We need to mind our own business. They don’t waant us there. Their leaders take or money and keep it for themselves.

  • Pazuzu

    It shouldn’t come as any suprise when you look at moslems through the prism of “death of a thousand cuts”. Besides, you know why it is that Afghanistan never loses a war? Because they ALWAYS surrender to whomever they think is winning. The more we get involved with them the more they’ll bleed us. I can’t believe we are fighting for people to be free who don’t want to be free, while we’re losing freedom left and right here at home.

  • Taliban is our friend……….. ask Joe Biden………………Jihadist in WH is going to get alot people killed………just sayin

  • chuck in st paul

    Iraq was a ‘winnable war’ and it turned out to be true. It won’t be Iowa in the Middle East, but it will continue on as a more secular state amongst the rest of them.

    Afgoofystan is our modern Viet Nam. We had military success but the pols are throwing it away just like before. I feel so sorry for this current crop of military folks and their families. The ONLY saving grace to this is that the civilians are not disgracing the sacrifice of these military folks like they did forty years ago.

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  • WillofLa

    Our dead son’s and daughters have been mocked by Obama and Bush in not telling Muslims to get out of our country after 9-11, the war in Iraq, and now Afghanistan. The billions of dollars wasted in Pakistan has been a slap in the face of the American tax payer. Our dead soldiers died in vain, and we are wasting billions a year in keeping European countries protected by our soldiers being present there. The government says that we must keep a military presence in all these places because it keeps us having a say so in how Europe does it’s business and the kinds of treaties it makes and with whom. If we pull out we won’t have any say so over who does business with whom and if we sell technology to some European nation we won’t have any say so over whether they would sell that technology to our enemies. At least if we are there with a military presence we have some rights, with no presence we’d have none.

    So when Ron Paul and others say we need to withdraw everyone back to America on one hand I want to because I can’t see any good coming from our being in some country who hates our guts and does business with out enemies behind our backs anyway. And it’s the governments who make treaties and business contracts and we don’t ever see any of it so we don’t ever know it’s even happening. No wonder the ordinary American thinks we need to pull back to our own borders, why not. And I to hate all the high level talks that doesn’t include the ordinary American in any decision that will affect our lives in some direct way we won’t even know where or from who it’s coming from.

    I to would like to pull back, but understand, but don’t have to like it, all the high falootin’ goings on that are to much deplomacy and not enough doing things that give America the advantage but always “compromise” I don’t like, but keeps us out of even more wars that would be going on if our troops weren’t in some of these godless countries. So I guess we stay in countries where it’s clear we don’t belong, like Bosnia, and the Middle East, and Germany who clearly has as much a modern military as ours, even though they have one man to our ten in their country where German boys don’t give a damn about being in their own military. Ours do, and we’re always the ones who end up dieing for them. I can understand why so many people like Ron Paul when it comes to our military. Except for one bad thing, and that is Paul is a Muslim appeaser, and is a truther, and doesn’t thing we have enemies in the Middle East, and probably thinks Israel is the aggressor. That’s bad for us because all that does is make us look weak in the eyes of our enemies in Europe by the Communists, and doesn’t make us look like friends to Muslims in the Middle East.

    It sucks but what do you do? You pour alot more money into our military especially in the area of subs and surface ships. You do know that missle that was fired from near the California coast last year was fired from a Chinese sub letting us know it was there and what it could have done. If we had more subs guarding our coast lines they never would have gotten that close. They do it all the time. They are constantly messing with our ships out in open sea because we are still using WWII military strategy in 2012, they don’t.

    We are still using 60’s and 70’s diplomacy when it comes to dealing with Russia and China, and the Middle East. Bush should have been forced to either tell the American people who our enemy was, reinstate the ban on Muslims coming into the U.S., seal the border with Mexico, actually Clinton should have been made to do that, and Bush to or Bush should have been empeached for refusing to Constitutionally protect the nation by orders of the Republican controlled Houses. But we have weaklings who are going to get this nation nuked just so they don’t make liberals think they are racist.

    Look liberals, it’s not racism, it’s called NATIONAL SECURITY!!!

  • debrobeaudean

    unfortunately people seem to think that Obama is on our side.. he is NOT.. Obama WON the Afghan war for his muslim brotherhood,, as he establishes the islamic Global Caliphate, which will very soon, through the UN, include the united States of Amerca, under sharia law..

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  • Duke

    Once again the Democrats cut and run, declare peace and flee the battlefield.

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