The Taliban took credit today for poisoning the food at Forward Operating Base Torkham in Afghanistan.
CNN reported:

The Taliban also claimed Monday to be behind the poisoning of food at a dining facility at Forward Operating Base Torkham, near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. It too was a retaliatory attack, the group said.

ISAF confirmed that food at the base appeared to have been contaminated over the weekend, though it was unclear if it was deliberate.

“Nobody got sick. An Afghan dining facility worker came to his leaders at the FOB and said that something had been poisoned,” Maj. David Eastburn, an ISAF spokesman, said.

“The dining facility was shut down and we brought in environmental health, who found traces of chlorine bleach in the coffee and fruit. Soldiers are now eating pre-prepared rations and no one was affected. There is a full investigation that is narrowing down who was responsible.”




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  1. I wonder if Michelle had someone inspect the food – no, that’s only for those that bring their own.

  2. maybe the food poisoned didn’t live up to the new obamarama standards and never made it to distribution. they really need to keep up….

  3. Bomb them back to the Big Bang. They’re already in the stone age.

  4. Bleach- Like we used to put in water buffaloes (water trailers) to keep the water potable?

    I guess if your a filthy illiterate pedo worshiper, anything used to clean things is on the terrible side to you.

  5. Off-Topic…

    Hillary has been given the halo…

    A new Lightworker is born. Whatever could that mean?

  6. On topic. Husband in Bagram. 30-year combat Marine says things are worse than he’s seen it anywhere in the world, including Somalia. They’re allowing Afghanis back onto base and he says everyone is on hyper alert.

    I used to be a Ron Paul gagger, but his position is starting to look good right now. What in hell are we doing with these ungrateful savages? At least a few seem to have a moral compass, like the one who told about the poison. They’ll probably behead his children now.

  7. Im sorry…but why are we in Afghanistan again? Al Qeada has been decimated, OBL is dead…so….uh….ya what a waste of wealth American lives.

  8. # 3 – agreed! – Move me into the “Turn It Into Glass” category. I’ve had enough!!

  9. you don’t have anything to fear from the taliban, didnt joe biden say something like that.

  10. the us military is to blame for all these attacks, food poisonings, attacks by uniform wearing afghans. And the afghans are still allowed on military bases. An american grandma would have a harder time getting on a military base than a muslim, just like in the airports.
    Maybe its time to hold the base commanders responsible for these attacks, they are just as much too blame for allowing the enemy onto the base. American soldiers need to start defending themselves, shoot first ask questions later.
    All these soldiers being tried for using excessive force and killing of afghans are iraqis, they are alive because they killed the enemy and didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger. no such thing as a noncombatant in the muslim countries. Being paranoid is good way to stay alive.


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