SUPER BOWL XLVI – Patriots vs. Giants in Indianapolis …Update: Giants Do It Again – Beat Patriots 21-17

Fans are filing in off the Indianapolis streets, taking their seats, and early from-the-sky estimates from the press box place the crowd at about 60/40 Giants to Patriots.
The players are trickling in on the field.
Super Bowl XLVI is scheduled for a 6:30 EST kickoff tonight.

You can watch the Super Bowl online here.
Hope you enjoy the game!

I’ll be stuffing my face at my brother’s house.

UPDATE: The Giants did it again! They came from behind and beat the Patriots 21-17 with a late touchdown in the 4th quarter.

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  • Just Da Facts

    Birther Claims That FBI Is Using Strong Arm Intimidation Tactics And Fear Mongering To Discourage Those Who Challenge Obama’s Eligibility.

  • Marmo

    So there’s some kind of sporting match today?

  • GameFan

    There are many sites streaming the game. This site has been running smooth for me

  • Mad Hatter


    Yes there is. I’m sure the Commie-Rat Teachers that teach keeping score is bad, and giving out awards to the winners hate a day like today.

  • coolidgerules

    Now that the nation is occupied with football, I wonder how many executive orders are going to pass in the next 4 hours? Seems whenever a holiday or weekend rolls around is when King Putt and his Politburo do the most damage.

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  • Susan K

    Oh, don’t worry, pResident obambi is pretending he’s macho and watching the football game. They’ll release macho pictures of him drinking beer and munching fritos any time now. He probably doesn’t even know what a quarterback is.

  • FurryGuy

    Here I thought I would never discover anyone less knowledgeable about sports than I am, and then Barry got elected.

  • Freddy

    Just watched the Giants half time report.

    Does anyone know when they will report on New England?

  • avagreen

    Apparently, the Patriots are managing this game about as well as Rick Perry managed his campaign.

  • Gloria Gilson

    I am soooooooo sorry.

    The Pats choked.

    They lost to a 9-7 team that was, gag, better.

  • Buffalobob

    Did you catch the lame apocalypse commercial by Chevy. Guess GM is not only owned by obama but obams’s pr is writing GMs commercials.

  • MustComment

    Woot Woot!! I finally won a bet! Congratulations NY Giants! What a great game…

  • American Patriot

    The worst part of the game? The complete lack of sportsmanship on the part of the NBC Staff throughout the game and by all of the Giants owners, players and coaching personnel in the interviews after the game. No one even mentioned something as gracious as the Patriots having been a worthy opponent. Nothing! It was typical. It’s all about me, baby. Me, me, me, me …..

  • Frank H

    Three comments:
    1) The Chevy commercial didn’t especially do anything for me one way or the other.
    2) The Chrysler commercial, though, starred as it was by Clint Eastwood, struck me as a thinly-veiled campaign commercial for President Urkel
    3) The over-hyped and over-produced halftime show struck me as nothing more than an infomercial for Madonna.

    Despite that fact that my team won, I thought it was a pretty good game to watch, compared with some Superbowls that were utter blowouts

  • http://GatewayPundit Cutlers bad Thumb

    Who flipped us all off on the halftime show was its name M.I.A or did they say D.O.J. ?

    That’s OK we had an all day beer summit, we could not tell the difference between Betty White and Madonna either….Oh Yeah who won the game again ?…….

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  • Sasja

    The Hutch told Rush Friday, that if the Giants were close in the 4th quarter, it belongs to the Giants. “If they are close in the 4th quarter, the Giants are gonna win.” Way to go, Hutch!

  • Economan

    The pre-game shows consisted of NBC self-promotions and a visit with that nitwit in the WH. All done with football stuff sprinkled here and there. Crappy.