Last week, U.S. Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) filed a Freedom of Information Act request for an Inspector General report on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) illicit purchase and use of a $300,000 luxury fishing boat. The request was granted, and Senator Brown spoke from the Senate floor to reveal the numerous abuses detailed in the previously unknown findings of the Inspector General.

The following are the Senator Brown‘s remarks as prepared for delivery on the Senate floor:

Here’s the transcript:

I rise today to inform you and the public of some highly disturbing information that I’ve just learned about a broken agency within our federal government – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

We all know that Washington doesn’t spend our money wisely. But sometimes it is worth highlighting examples of the corruption and waste.

Yesterday morning, I contacted the Commerce Department Inspector General to request a copy of their report on NOAA’s purchase of a $300,000 luxury boat.

It would be bad enough if they had purchased this boat with taxpayer dollars.

But they didn’t. They paid for it with money that should belong to our struggling fishermen. They paid for it out of the fines that fishermen pay into the pot when they mistakenly catch the wrong kind of fish. Those dollars are supposed to stay in fishing communities to help the fishermen.

Here’s the boat. For a government vessel, that’s pretty flashy. Take a look inside. That’s a fully-appointed bar, the latest in on-board entertainment systems, and leather furniture complete with the ice chest and tackle rack.

Furthermore, the fines that fishermen have been paying are putting fishermen out of business. The stories will break your heart.

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  1. Redistribution of wealth at its finest.
    Their dirty little secret is that the wealth is not going to the poor and struggling, it is going to the elite in our government.

  2. What is Scott trying to do, get back in good graces with conservatives who put him in office, then turned his back on them and went liberal? Sorry Scott, “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”

  3. > #2 February 20, 2012 at 1:00 pm
    > WillofLa commented:

    What is Scott trying to do, get back in good graces with conservatives…

    Agreed up to a point, but, “Come on, guy” [wee joke], at least he’s saying something about it…Let’s not always kill the messenger….

  4. Every single Republican Senator and Congressman should do
    one of these exposures of waste, fraud, or abuse in the federal bureacracy.

    That was the clear mandate given to them in 2010, to reign in
    runaway spending, and they have ignored it.

  5. Taking money from the Fishermen Fund is bad.

    Now, article says this: They paid for it out of the fines that fishermen pay into the pot when they mistakenly catch the wrong kind of fish.

    I suppose to the best of fishermen, this happen on occasion? Fact does remain. Parties are held on these boats. They are used to spy on people, also. This is good of Scott and I am sure he needs to publicity as he is up for re-election. But this story has some questions for me. It really brings to light more each day the terrible corruption in our government.

  6. #5


    Absolutely, they should and what a great thing to do every day but will help their struggling poll numbers which Obama keeps commenting on. Well, his arrogant words about the republicans.

  7. Of course, Scott is a senator in a majority of Democrats who aren’t doing much these days.

  8. Thank you Senator Brown.

  9. Federal fish cops in Seattle bought a $300,000 luxury boat to spy on whale-watching tours — but didn’t go through an appropriate bidding process, held barbecues onboard, ferried friends and family across Puget Sound to restaurants and resorts, and used the boat for what one visitor called “a pleasure cruise.” When confronted, one federal employee in Seattle misled inspectors about how the vessel was used, and one interfered with federal investigators, according to an internal investigation by the Commerce Department.


    So fees paid for this coming from fisherman fund. The fees were for catching wrong kind of fish? Then the Luxury Boat is supposed to spy on Whale watching Tours? But they decide to party hardy. Strange.

  10. OT

    Putin vows to spend 770 billion on Russian military, while Obama cuts U.S. military.

  11. Nothing to see here, this boat belongs to Clive Cussler.

  12. And yet on KOS in a discussion on NOAA and Bambi you find this little gem
    “Do we really want to return to the days when citizens were called subjects and subjected to the wills of the rulers? Whatever you believe DO NOT VOTE IN ANOTHER REPUBLICAN, we’ve been there, done that! If another Republican president from THE PARTY OF NO takes over the helm, brace yourself for a spiral spin downward to a place of no return! Oh, on your way down say BYE Democracy, HELLO Plutocracy/Oligarchy (USA owned & operated by a few rich folks).

    And yet Obama care refers to us as units.
    The Left = evil purist, useful idiots, and gullible fools.

  13. Some how I am having trouble imagining Elizabeth Warren pursuing this issue.

  14. another example of typical behavior by the socialist ruling class. keep concentrating that wealth in the hands of the few politicans.

    nothing will be done about this by people in washington. the politicans have so much of your income that there is no way they came know how the hell it is being spent. but they do know the need more of your income. we must raise taxes.

  15. If only Scott didn’t pull his punches.

  16. “We all know that Washington doesn’t spend our money wisely. They don’t spend it wisely.”

    THEY? Whose this THEY stupid? THEY is YOU you dipstick.

    Everyone that we send to Washington becomes and idiot. He talks about Washington as if he doesn’t have anything to do with what goes on there.

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