Democrat Party Is Losing Christian Voters in Droves Thanks To Barack Obama

Last week Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan lashed out at the Obama Administration for forcing religious organizations to go out into the marketplace and buy a product that violates their conscience. New Obama regulations will force Christian organizations to provide free contraceptives, sterilizations and abortion drugs to workers even though this violates Catholic Church teaching. The new rules are so strict that most Catholic institutions will not qualify for an exemption.

This week the military is telling Catholic Chaplains what they can and cannot say about the Obama Administration.

These are just the latest examples of Obama’s war on Christians.

So it really comes as no surprise that religious voters are fleeing the Democrat Party and Barack Obama.
Redstate reported, via FOX Nation:

The topline number in this Pew survey shows that the current breakdown among registered voters is 43/48 GOP/Dem, which is a seven point shift from their 39/51 results in 2008. Now that alone should worry the Democrats, seeing as Pew found that the breakdown in 2010 was 43/47, which was the year where Democrats got shellacked across the country; but the news is if anything worse when you look at the breakdown by religious affiliation. A lot of attention will be on how Jewish support for the GOP went from 20/72 to 29/65 between ’08 and today; but what may be even more important is that that GOP support among white Mainline Protestant and white Catholic voters flipped from 45/45 and 41/49 in 2008 to 51/39 & 49/42 in 2011. How this will translate into likely voters is, of course, anybody’s guess… but if you’ve been wondering why the President is suddenly talking about how neat God is, it’s probably because somebody on his staff is keeping track of Pew.

When Rick Santorum says Barack Obama is the most anti-religion president in history, he now has data to back him up.

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  • Liz


  • No Man

    If one has a well-formed conscience one will not vote for demonic (prowling America for the ruin of souls) party candidates.

  • nana

    We must vote him out in Nov 2012. B. O. is a long nightmare, he has to go.

  • Patty

    The Catholic Vote, a guide for Catholics

    According to the Catholic Bishops AND the Pope i.e. Pope Benedict XVI, there are non negotiable issues which include abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research and same sex marriage. Catholics need to ask what a candidate’s stand is, on these non negotiable issues and vote accordingly. If a Catholic votes for a candidate BECAUSE of, for example, their pro abortion stand, they might be committing a serious sin. Because of the number of deaths caused by abortion, of totally innocent humans, many Bishops have suggested that the abortion “non negotiable” trumps the other non negotiable issues. Unfortunately in most elections, there is no candidate with pro life stands on all of the non negotiable issues. War, is, by the way, NOT one of the non negotiable issues because the church feels at times, a society may feel that war is the only way of protecting their citizens (as the consensus was after the horrendous 9/11 attack).

    Is it wrong to be a “one issue voter”? We are ALL one issue voters. For example, what if a candidate told you that he or she was in favor of terrorism, would you even CARE what his or her stands on “other issues” was? Everyone answers “NO” to that.

    Well, abortion kills millions more human beings EACH YEAR than terrorism has killed in the last 50 years!

    What if you feel the liberal policies of the pro abortion candidate would cut down abortions more than the conservative policies of the pro life candidate?

    You know that is NOT true when the abortion industry has funded a candidate heavily. For example, Planned Parenthood spent 5 million dollars to win over 5 swing states for Al Gore in 2000 (and it worked to win those states although Gore lost the election). Planned Parenthood also spent 10 million dollars to help elect Barack Obama. Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortions in the USA. Do you think Planned Parenthood would fund a candidate whose policies would reduce the number of abortions?

  • Patty

    Well, abortion kills millions more human beings EACH YEAR than terrorism has killed in the last 50 years!

    Mind blowing. God help us!

  • Patty

    According to the Catholic Bishops AND the Pope i.e. Pope Benedict XVI, there are non negotiable issues which include abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research and same sex marriage.

    Now, if this is the Catholic’s belief, why would the vote for a democrat. They sound more Conservative to me.

  • Patty

    Once Obama is out of office and his imprint is substantially gone, Catholics may come back to the fold.

    There is an explosion that has been ignored. The youth, they are turning against Obama and some for the pot factor are going to Paul but that isn’t the only reason. He would never do what Obama has done and said in reference to the Catholic church.

    But Paul has other problems, indeed. The statements that the HHS has made and Obama’s threatening religious freedoms have been the throne in the side of Catholics every where.

    Obama will be asked, I predict by the Pope for an audience soon.

  • Patty

    Can someone who voted AGAINST the ban of partial birth abortion really care about the poor people?

    Partial birth abortion is a type of infanticide where a viable baby is killed WITHOUT anesthetic! Ask how the candidate whom you are considering voting for, voted when the Partial Birth Abortion Ban bill came before Congress or if not in Congress, ask what his/her stand on the Partial Birth Abortion is. (Even many Democrats voted for the ban! The ban did pass but Planned Parenthood is holding it up in court.

    I believe Obama did vote for Partial Birth and I do believe he said He Doesn’t Want His Daughters Punished with a Baby

    Now, here are some reasons why the Catholics will rethink their vote.

  • BuddyG

    God Bless America

  • bg


    Patty #8 February 4, 2012 at 6:59 pm

    yes, yes he did..


  • bg


    Newt Gingrich



    [GINGRICH: Give you just two more examples. I will sign on that day
    an executive order reinstating Ronald Reagan’s Mexico City policy. No
    U.S. money will go anywhere in the world to pay for abortion, period.

    And finally, many of you may have noticed that the Obama
    administration has declared war on the Catholic Church and
    other religious institutions. I want you to know that, on the
    very first day, I will sign an executive order repealing every
    anti-religious act of the Obama administration as of that


  • retire05

    So now Catholics are upset because a straw has finally broken the camel’s back? Gee, where have they been for the last 70 years? The Church was designed for one thing, and that was to teach the lessons passed on to us by Christ. Part of those lessons including caring for the elderly, the sick and the poor. You know, that whole charity from the heart pricipal. But the Bishops were more than useful idiots, being all too happy to hand that responsibility over to the government.

    Care for the elderly? Well, hand that over to FDR who was more than happy to give us a false sense of security with Social “Security.” The poor? Nah, the government picked up that tab, as well with LBJ’s Great Society. The sick? Well, if we can get the government to handle the sick that are poor, we won’t be having to pay for some poor smuck who comes into our Church owned hospitals and doesn’t have any money. The government will just tax all those Protestants to pay for it. And golly gee, this all fits in with our “social justice” road we have taken (don’t call it Marxism) and now we can just invest in things like stock and bonds, not people.

    But we do have to build churches, you know. So let’s build them like supermarkets, not the glorious edifaces that we were once known for that was a testament to our love of God. No, no, let’s build them with a monitary value in mind so that if we lose too many parishioners, we can just sell it to someone else who can turn it into a community center or hell, just add a minaret and turn it into a mosque.

    And hell, while we’re at it, let’s get rid of most of our traditions, like the Mass as said forever, and turn in more in to a Kumbaya ceremony. We can all shake hands and say “Peace be upon you”, even knowing that the slug we are shaking hands with beats his kids or the woman cheats on her husband with his best friend. And while we are at it, we will add deacons, you know, like the Episcopalians and get rid of that alter railing thing that is, you know, so, so Catholic. Hello, Vatican II?

    But now, after 70 years of turning their back on what Christ’s Church was designed for, the Bishops are upset. But there will be no protests, no marches, no speaking out from the pulpit telling parishioners that the time to end the socialist takeover of our faith is here; no, no, the Bishops will sent a letter. Well, that should do the trick, don’t you think? I mean, when you send a letter to your Congressman, you always get a response, right?

    Too little, too late? Perhaps. But the Church allowed this to happen. Seventy years ago.

  • Gloria Gilson

    Ted Kennedy wrote an unpublished codicil to his famous 2009 letter to the Pope,

    in which he implodes the Pope to write an amicus curia brief to St. Peter on his (Ted’s) behalf.

    Included in that codicil was a further plea for the Pope to issue writs of excommunication for any Catholic who did not subscribe to every single agenda item of the Democrat Party, most esp. health care.

    The Pope has now given his answer.

  • retire05

    bg, Gingrich had the opportunity to make Reagan’s Mexico City policy permanent when he was Speaker of the House. Where was he then? Perhaps too busy trying to find tony committees for Randy “Duke” Cunningham to serve on?

  • Gloria Gilson

    Kennedy’s letter to the Pope consisted of 11 paragraphs.

    10 of those paragraphs began with “I.”

  • Molon Labe

    I do not believe this is completely true. The Dhimmierats will attract Muslims, hate Amerikkaists, and Marxists as well as Afro-Kwazawana racists, to their particular temple of the Dear Leader.

  • retire05

    I will know the Church is serious about returning to its fundamentals when it excommicates John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi.

  • Knox

    The problem here is that the Catholic Church in America and American Catholics are not the same thing.

  • bg


    retire05 #14 February 4, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    “As to US contributions to the United Nations Fund for Population Activities,
    their continuation will be conditional on “concrete assurances” that no part
    of the US monies will be used for abortion and the Fund does not support
    abortion or coercive family planning programs”

    -US Policy Statement for the International
    Conference on Population, 1984

    Speaker Gingrich was one of nearly 150 co-sponsors of a bill in 1989
    which included provisions to fund the UN Population Fund. He never
    voted for this legislation and this never became law. This bill would not
    have overturned the Mexico City policy, and this funding would never
    have gone through. Gingrich was assured that Ronald Reagan’s “Mexico
    City Policy,” which prohibits any American tax dollars from funding or
    promoting abortions overseas, was in effect, so no funds from this bill
    would go toward supporting China’s barbaric “One Child” policy or any
    other programs that used abortion as means for “population control.”

    Gingrich has always supported the Mexico City policy, and on day one of
    his presidency, he will reinstate Ronald Reagan’s policy to assure that
    no tax dollars fund non-governmental agencies or charities that perform
    or promote abortions in foreign countries.


  • Tom Whitcomb

    No candidate as far as I know has articulated any views as to abortion, same sex marriage, or how evil the present administration is, and what their doing to this country. Catholics have a moral obligation to vote this demon out.