Obama’s #Occupy Army Plans on Disrupting and Physically Assaulting Conservative Speakers at CPAC

#Occupy goons riot in Oakland. (NY Post)

Obama’s #Occupy army threatened to disrupt and physically assault conservative speakers at the CPAC convention this week in Washington DC. Andrew Breitbart and Newt Gingrich are two conservatives who they will be targeting at the event.
Lachlan Markay at The Foundry reported:

The “Occupy DC” protest group is planning to disrupt the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference using a range of potentially illegal tactics that could even include violence against participants, Scribe has learned.

The planned disruptions at CPAC come only days after U.S. Park Police raided Occupiers’ tent cities at McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C., confiscating a number of tents, and prohibiting Occupiers from camping out there any longer.

During a Thursday meeting at McPherson Square, until Saturday the epicenter of the protests, Occupiers brainstormed tactics for shutting down or disrupting the conference, according to a source who was present at the meeting.

The protesters suggested pulling fire alarms in the hotel where the conference will take place, screaming “fire” during conference activities, “glitter-bombing” participants, cutting electrical power, and barricading entrances to the hotel, according to the source, who requested anonymity.

“Speakers will be physically assaulted, not just verbally confronted,” the source told Scribe in an email. Two Occupiers, who the source also identified as members of the New Black Panther Party, “said they would be disappointed if they didn’t get arrested and planned to ‘make it count.’”

The source quoted another protester as saying, “Mitt [Romney] has Secret Service now, but [Newt] Gingrich and [Andrew] Breitbart don’t,” seemingly suggesting that the latter two would not be as heavily guarded.

Protesters planned to conduct most of these activities on Saturday, the last day of the conference, so as not to overlap with the recently announced protests by labor groups on Thursday and Friday.

It’s not yet clear how beating conservatives is supposed to help the #occupy cause. But since when did leftists ever include logic in their decision making process?

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  • bg


    January 20, 2012

    ACU Announces Congresswoman Michele
    Bachmann, Herman Cain to Address CPAC

    [CPAC 2012 features an all-star line-up that also includes former Governors Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney, Ann Coulter, Senators Jim DeMint and Marco Rubio, former Speaker Newt Gingrich, Laura Ingraham, Congressmen Jim Jordan, Steve King, Paul Ryan and Allen West, Colonel Oliver North, former Senator Rick Santorum, Governors Bobby Jindal and Scott Walker and many more.]

    with some of the most detestable statements, not to mention false
    accusations, made by some named in that group, it ought to be fun..


  • HaHa

    Mr Hoser,

    Thats ironic, isnt it?

    Youre saying the OWS folk need to be more civil, while you are advocating for violence against them? Lame.

  • Liberty

    #4 February 7, 2012 at 12:59 pm
    #1AMERICAN commented:
    9MM does a skull some good…

    This poster is a plant from the liberal agenda. he is trying to make GP look bad with wild statements.

  • RedBeard

    Anyone paying attention will see discomforting similarities between the #Occupy scum and the infamous Brown Shirt SA. Add in the support of #Occupy by Obama and the leftist Dems, and the parallels are even more alarming.

    But the #Occupy vermin had better pay attention to history, and learn what happened to the SA when Der Leader didn’t need them any longer.

  • HaHa

    This is an unsourced story. Made up out of thin air. OWS leaders could be questioned about this article. No leader will advocate or support acts of violence against CPAC speakers.

  • http://gorightface.blogspot.com Kip

    All CPAC attendees should carry pepper spray and use it against those who violently disrupt the affair..

  • Valerie

    CPAC attendees need to make sure their video cameras have good sound capability.

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  • The Elector of Saxony

    Just hire Blackwater as security for the conference. They know how to handle terrorists.

  • bg


    Pivens Army

    hah, yet another sought after Obama mentor, go figure.. /s/


  • wdk535

    Volunteers for bodyguards?

  • Taqiyyotomist

    I hope Allie Bautch is there. With a team of SEALs. And Chuck Norris.



    Right there, in a nutshell. Like their father the Devil. KILL, STEAL, DESTROY.

    Whatever it takes, and, for Libs alone, “It’s All Good!™”

  • Gride

    Just shoot and kill one of them as they are trying to do it. that will change their attitudes.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #6 Troll #27132

    Actually, that makes GP look good.

    A 9mm is a potent deterrent of violence against oneself.

    But you wouldn’t understand that, being a Lib.

    I advocate violence against anyone who would commit violence against people, violence that is committed solely for the political views of the victims.


    Violence against violent Fascists? Is that even hard to decide?

    No, we should just curl up into a fetal ball and cry, “please, Mr. Progressive, don’t kick me in the glasses!”

    Wake up, tool of Alinsky and Soros.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Wonder how many of them will be the DC scum that just got thrown out of a job for gaming the unemployment system?

  • More Liberty

    And the FBI’s worried about Sovereign citizens

  • donh

    Give an all expense paid ticket to Kevin Hiltunen…> http://gothamist.com/attachments/nyc_arts_john/11411assahaul.jpg

  • Militant Conservative

    #6 February 7, 2012 at 1:01 pm
    Liberty commented:

    The agressor sets the rules. I come in Peace but prepared for war.

    Choice is thiers.

  • dba…vagabond trader

    Time for our side to cowboy up. How long are we going to take these threats and lies?

  • aprilnovember811

    If any bombs go off, head directly to Barry’s friend William Ayers.