The Whiner-in-Chief wasn’t too happy when his lapdog media asked him about his recent attempt to abolish freedom of religion force Catholic organizations to give away free birth control and abortion drugs to employees.

He hates to be confronted by his lapdog media.




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  1. Only when the USA Pravda media elites are lined up in front of those pits, maybe not even then, will they realize that they were truly used for the tools that they are.

  2. Can’t a guy destroy the greatest nation ever on the face of the earth in peace. Sheet man!

  3. To be fair, after four years of never being asked hard questions, this had to catch him a bit off guard. On the other hand, who would think asking whether he stands behind his own administration’s decision is such a hard question?

  4. Come on, guys: you knew from the beginning where this will all lead on; you knew from the beginning the non-vetting invulnerable status I have; you knew from The Beginning I am the blasphemer everyone was waiting for – so whatta-fuss?

    YOU knew. So get along (or else).

  5. This is why the constitution has negative liberties to protect us from overreaching government forcing and mandating anyone to buy or subsidize programs we don’t want.

  6. I guess I’m dim witted or something, but what does he mean? “Come on guys.” as in don’t ask me any embarrassing questions? Or I wouldn’t tell you even if I did support HHS? Or “Come on guys” I’ve told you about asking me questions about my beliefs before and you know the rule, I don’t back up what I say at an earlier time, I lie so what I tell you now is going to be different from what I just said five minutes ago. Or what? Am I close? If not, then straighten me out so I can get up to speed on this.

  7. Come on OweBama!

  8. #8 February 9, 2012 at 10:36 pm
    WillofLa commented:

    One member of the ruling class reminding some other members what team they’re on.

  9. Come on man!

    Nobody questions TEH ONE.

  10. Let me eat my crow in peace. Fat chance you despot.

  11. He dare not offend his worshipers, the MSM but he can turn his back to state governors and stomp off. No where to run, no where to hide.

  12. Norah has been blasting away pretty good for awhile–LOL

  13. I gather he didn’t have a plate of waffles handy so he could whine about not being able to finish them.

  14. I’m astounded. Totally floored. None of the portrayals of Obama correspond to this remarkably weak, pathetic “Come on, guys!” behavior.

    Obama the Manchurian would be all strut and style, no weakness. No teleprompter required here; we’re in control.

    Obama the Incompetent would be mumbling and bumbling like a Bush, apologizing and promising to try to do something about his utter cluster-suck.

    “Come on guys!” whined the sitzpinkler. What the hell is this? I had to grab the Sam Kinison tonight and listen to his routine on why it’s a damn good thing a man’s testicles are physically connected. “Yea guys, she won’t let me take them.” Wife’s got ‘em in a box. “Come on, guys! You know Michelle’s got them locked up. I had no choice on this one. You’ve seen her fierce almost push-ups. She can bang out like, 10 of those, and hell, have you seen her play tug-of-rope? When she gets her ass into the fight, you’re going down. Come on guys, you know what I’m facing!”

    We know that Eleanor Roosevelt pretty much ran the show his last few years. Is Michelle running the nation now too?

  15. My middle name’s Hussien damn it!

  16. “Come on, guys” you know Valerie Jarrett is running the show, let’s stop pretending.

  17. Hoisted by his own petard…

    Political Wrinkles

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