Obama Official Visits Virginia Mosque to Apologize for Koran Burning

It’s an Obama world…
This radical administration doesn’t think twice about attacking and smearing the Catholic Church in America but made a special trip to a Virginia mosque this weekend to apologize for korans that were destroyed after they were defiled by Muslim extremists in an Afghan jail.

Dr. Peter Lavoy, acting assistant secretary of the defense for Asia and Pacific security affairs, speaks to Washington-area Muslims at the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS), as Imam Mohamed Magid, Executive Director of ADAMS, center and ADAMS board member Rizwan Jaka, left, listen Feb. 24, 2012, in Sterling, Va. (AP/Carolyn Kaster)

My FOX New York reported:

A Defense Department official visited a Virginia mosque Friday to reiterate the White House’s apologies for the burning of Korans at a US military base in Afghanistan, pledging that those responsible will be held “appropriately accountable.”

Peter Lavoy, acting assistant secretary of defense for Asian and Pacific security affairs, attended services at the ADAMS Center in Sterling, Va., and told the congregation he was there to express his “sincere regret” on behalf of the Department of Defense for the incident.

On Monday, coalition forces at Bagram Air Field brought a truckload of Islamic holy books from a detention facility to an incinerator after the detainees allegedly used the texts to pass secrets and what were described as “extremist” messages to one another.

Afghans stepped in to rescue the books, though some were already burned. The incident, viewed as an affront to Muslims, sparked widespread protests, resulting in the deaths of 24 people in four days of violence. Two US troops were shot and killed by an Afghan soldier at a base in Nangarhar Province Thursday.

Lavoy said Friday that the holy books were burned “unknowingly and improperly” and that the military “neglected, out of ignorance, long-established, correct procedures for handling religious materials.”

“I know that apologies are never enough and do not erase this incident,” he said, adding, “We will hold people appropriately accountable.”

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  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Absolutely freaking pathetic…

  • P. Aaron

    Here’s another golden opportunity for street thugs to chastise a high ranking government official. BOHICA!

  • Kissmygrits

    Have you ever wondered why every single Islamic country in the world is in turmoil and killing the population? Yeah, me too.

  • Greg

    “…books were burned unknowingly and improperly….military had neglected out of ignorance, long established procedures for handling religious materials” ” We will hold people accountable”

    Those statements well describe The screwed up mess and total lack of mission in Afghanistan. How can anyone associated with anything related to the middle east be unknowing or ignorant regards the religious monstrosity that exist there. Holding people accountable??? maybe for lack of mission which should start at the top.

    This is a manufactured situation that will support the enemy pushing their purpose on the bewildered US troops. Through this summer. The PC US leadership has failed time to walk away

  • http://partizensunite.proboards.com/index.cgi MustComment

    Yet such little regard for The Bible…

  • Sally

    Burning Coptic Christian churches to the ground with live human beings in them is, of course, perfectly acceptable.

    We haven’t seen this amount of hysteria in this region since Mr Carter was President.

    Take out a few leaders who had kept their countries stable and all kinds of things happen.

  • Sam Stone

    These are the SAME mosques (Dar al-Hijrah) that brought us Anwar al-Awlaki, Major Hasan the Fort Hood terrorist and the September 11 terrorists.

    Sending an official there is treason!

    Obama is far more concerned about burned korans than the Islamic slaughter of Christians in most Islamic countries. He and his mouthpieces have had FAR more to say about this than the religous cleansing in Egypt or Sudan or Somalia!

    Obama is not an American but a terrorist sympathizer. HE is a traitor.

  • truth teller

    Is there any question where this traitor President’s loyalties reside?

    …yet we all sit by grumbling…

  • Missy8s

    The Imam standing just behind Lavoy to the left is Mohammed Magid, he REFUSED to criticize radical Islam after 9-11.

    Magid has strong ties with the Islamic Brotherhood, CAIR, Sami al Aryan, Hamas and Hezbollah and he has been the subject of numerous FBI investigations over the past ten years.

    Magid has a history of ignoring radical Islam and deflecting blame from radicals to the US government.

    He was not on the “official guest list” at the White House “Iftar dinner” but he was in attendance as file photos show…

    Why does President Pond Scum keep apologizing on my behalf to people hellbent on destroying America???

  • truth teller

    At least we know how to really p@$$ off Obama…burn a Koran!

    Maybe we should line every Main Street with burning Koran’s…

  • FedUp

    Get our people out and cut off all foreign aid to countries that aid and abet these actions against us! DO IT NOW!

  • Right Wing Conservative

    Obama will never go against his own religion and he is just as mad as those people over in Afghanistan who are raging war on our soldiers.

    All he will ever do is apologize for the evil U.S. soldiers who have desecrated his religion by burning his holy book the koran.

    Obama’s Muslim Faith

  • retire05

    Obama never apologized for the burning of hundreds of Bibles sent to Bagram AFB by a Christian group. Perhaps that is because those Bibles were printed in Arabic. Maybe that makes a difference to the Apologizer in Chief. Bibles printed in Arabic are OK to burn.

    So if we print the Qu’ran in English, can we then burn it?

  • StrangernFiction
  • Mo

    Obama is the Trinity:

    1) Traitor

    2) Marxist-Leninist

    3) Muslim.

    We’re SO boned. And Moochelle Antoinette….the biggest hypocrite in FLOTUS history by a wide margin….

    These people need to be thrown out. Impeached, exiled…no pension, no nothing, for trying to enact a plan of jihad and Cloward Piven at the same time. They truly make Carter look like a decent President, though he formerly held the title of “Biggest POS to be in the WH in modern Times”.

    How does his favorability ratings not fall to 0…what the hell is the matter with this country?

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Feel that??? nudge nudge nudge. The eveel Secular Fundamentalist are trying to piss people off. nudge nudge nudge

  • YourMaster

    if the soldiers go to trial…. they should just say theit commander in chief 0bama
    issued them the order to burn the books…
    ….so if we go to jail, he is sent to jail too.

    ….but what an embarassment we have for a president
    the arabs never apologize for anything – not even when they ceaseless barrage Israel with missiles. …their culture doesn’t deserve any respect or sympathy.

  • Voice of Reason

    It seems we (America) are always apologizing to the Muslim world for one thing or another. Obama’s first speech as POTUS was to go to Cairo and apologize for America’s arrogance.

  • Seth

    It seems to me that Obama–educated as a Muslim as a child in Indonesia, the son, step-son, grandson, and great grandson of Muslims–and according to Muslim religious law, custom, and tradition, therefore, a Muslim– has given us every possible signal, has sent up every red flare in his arsenal, and done everything but run the green flag of Islam up the flagpole at the White House, to very concretely demonstrate to us–by his words and his actions– the fact that he is a Muslim, and cares far more for his Muslim brothers and the cause of Islam than he does for the citizens of the U.S. and the United States of America, for whom his disdain is barely concealed.

  • http://www.wordaroundthenet.com Christopher Taylor

    What, exactly should the punishment be for disobeying a protocol directive on how to dispose of a book? A night in the brig? KP duty for a week? I mean seriously, this is like someone who didn’t salute the right way or had his shoes improperly tied. Yes, its disobedience of an order, but its not a serious offense.