Obama Gave Billions to Green Energy Companies with Ties to His Administration and 2008 Campaign

The RNC released this infographic today showing that billions in taxpayer dollars were were given to firms with close ties to the Obama Administration.

The Washington Post reported:

Overall, the Post found that $3.9 billion in federal grants and financing flowed to 21 companies backed by firms with connections to five Obama administration staffers and advisers.

Obama’s program to invest federal funds in start-up companies — and the failure of some of those companies — is becoming a rallying cry for opponents in the presidential race. Mitt Romney has promised to focus on Obama’s “record” as a “venture capitalist.” And in ads and speeches, conservative groups and the Republican candidates are zeroing in on the administration’s decision to extend $535 million to the now-shuttered solar firm Solyndra and billions of dollars more to clean-tech start-ups backed by the president’s political allies.

White House officials stress that staffers and advisers with venture capital ties did not make funding decisions related to these companies. But e-mails released in a congressional probe of Obama’s clean-tech program show that staff and advisers with links to venture firms informally advocated for some of those companies.

David Gold, a venture capitalist and critic of Obama’s investments in clean tech, said that even if staffers had been removed from the final decision-making, they had the kind of inside access to exert subtle influence.

“To believe those quiet conversations don’t happen in the hallways — about a project being in a certain congressman’s district or being associated with a significant presidential donor, is naive,” said Gold, who once worked at the Office of Management and Budget. “When you’re putting this kind of pressure on an organization to make decisions on very big dollars, there’s increased likelihood that political connections will influence things.”

Energy Department spokesman Damien LaVera said the companies won awards based on merit, not political connections. He said the staffers and advisory board members reviewed by the Post had no role in funding decisions, nor did they have any personal financial stake in the companies. One of those administration advisers had first been appointed to his position by the Bush administration, LaVera said…

Thousands of agency and White House e-mails released as part of the Solyndra investigation show that venture capitalists who held advisory roles with the Energy Department were given access to Obama’s top advisers.

Read the whole thing. It will make you ill.

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    IMPEACH the mooslime

  • Skandia Recluse

    Reward your friends and punish your enemies; he told us he would do this.
    The Obama administration is the most transparent administration in the history of the United States.

    The problem is, too many people can’t believe what they are seeing.

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  • NeoKong

    How much of that money will flow right back to his reelection campaign….?

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Where are the black green people in that chart? Obama is a racist!!! bahhahaaha

  • Ruebacca

    the green hussel continues.

  • dwd

    change you can believe in

    uh huh

  • Proud Right-Winger

    Of course all’s quite on the Mainsteam Media front…but then, what do you expect?

  • coolidgerules

    You would have thought that a congresscritter would have already been looking into this. You didnot have to see this a mile away, because you could smell the stench. It was rotten when these “green” start-ups started folding, but then the bundlers for his campaign are the CEO’s and what not? Any no one in the MBM decides that this is important?

  • aprilnovember811

    He’s looting the Treasury. It must be nice to be able to rob banks and get away with it.

  • aprilnovember811

    The MSM doesn’t seem to understand that it is their children and grandchildren he’s robbing.

  • George

    I’m sure Rachall Maddow will be reporting on this tonight. Hmmm…. then again, maybe not.

  • Paul in N. AL

    This would be great posters to put around the community and on cars.

  • bg


    please, note the dates..

    [“Environmental warfare is defined as the intentional modification or manipulation of the natural ecology, such as climate and weather, earth systems such as the ionosphere, magnetosphere, tectonic plate system, and/or the triggering of seismic events (earthquakes) to cause intentional physical, economic, and psycho-social, and physical destruction to an intended target geophysical or population location, as part of strategic or tactical war.”]

    scary stuff

    Obama Years Ago Helped Fund Carbon Program
    He Is Now Pushing Through Congress

    Obama, Maurice Strong, Al Gore

    [In 1997, Strong went on to accept from Tongsun Park, who was found guilty of illegally acting as an Iraqi agent, $1 million from Saddam Hussein, which was invested in Cordex Petroleum Inc., a company he owned with his son, Fred.


    It may be interesting to note that the Chicago Climate Exchange in spite of its hype, is a veritable rat’s nest of cronyism. The largest shareholder in the Exchange is Goldman Sachs. Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley is its honorary chairman, The Joyce Foundation, which funded the Exchange also funded money for John Ayers’ Chicago School Initiatives. John is the brother of William Ayers.]

    [In 2000 and 2001, while Barack Obama served as a board member for a Chicago-based charitable foundation, he helped to fund a pioneering carbon trading exchange that is likely to fill a critical role in the controversial cap-and-trade carbon reduction scheme that President Obama is now trying to push rapidly through Congress.]

    Scandal: Obama, Gore, Goldman, Joyce
    Foundation CCX partners to fleece USA

    [Know the crooks and their roles:

    George Soros, Joyce Foundation and connection to CCX.

    What is CCX, the Chicago Climate Exchange, projected to gross 10 Trillion a year is Cap-N-Tax passes. Obama played a pivotal role in the formation of the CCX. (Click here for expose)

    Barrack Hussein Obama, Board Member of the Joyce Foundation, funded the formation of the CCX. ( Valerie Jarrett is still on the board, Obama’s top adviser.) Obama sat on board and funneled money to Ayer’s brother (wild huh, just a guy in his neighborhood) and to form the CCX.

    AL Gore–Goldman Sachs– GIM: Hold on to your britches, London-based Generation Investment Management sees the Trillion and they purchased a huge stake in Chicago Climate Exchange (fifth largest shareholder.) The founder of GIM is none other than former Vice President Al Gore along with Goldman people. For example other founders are David Blood (former Goldman executive), Mark Ferguson (Goldman) and Peter Harris (Goldman) to name a few. “

    Franklin Raines, mega crooked banker and bust Fannie Mae head, uses Fannie Mae (taxpayers money) to buy the technology to measure and manage carbon. The patent was award the day after Obama and Dems won the election.

    Goldman Sachs owns ten percent of the CCX and its 10 Trillion a year potential. (CCX is 10% owned by Goldman Sachs (GS) and 10% owned by Generation Investment Management (GIM).) Gore, Goldman, and Cap and Trade – Tangled Web of Corruption]

    bits & pieces more here , and in connecting links..

    if could, i could list at least a 100 more links that you couldn’t possibly say
    didn’t thoroughly connect all the dots.. like i said from the get go, Obama
    was “groomed” for transitioning the US into the NWO.. oh wait, i believe
    “groomed” was the word Farrakhan used.. heh, frigg semantics, and btw,
    there’s an awful lot of info that has been sucked up by Obama’s black hole
    machine.. but no matter, we too will be soon enough..


  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Nice of the RNC to point this all out, but if I had to guess, I’d say nothing is going to come of it.

    The House can’t even manage to prosecute anyone in the Justice Dept for their Fast and Furious roles.

  • Me

    That is a GREAT Poster!!!

  • saveus

    two words:


  • Buffalobob

    I know that they have a special set of ethics and standards in Chicago, what will it take to indict these crooks?

  • Are you suggesting the president is dishonest lol

  • Valerie

    So, what did the US of A get for all this spending? Is there new technology, for example, an active industry? Did we get anything but a series of bankruptcies out of this?

    The reason I ask is that I just found out what it took to beat the global warmist hysteria. That was one h3ll of a lot of money spent to convince us that people affect the earth’s temperature.


    What the Heartland document show is how badly warmists have been beaten by those with a fraction of the resources they’ve enjoyed.

    “Al Gore spent $300 million advertising the global warming hoax. Greenpeace, the WWF, the Sierra Club, The Natural Resources Defense Council, NASA, NOAA, the UN and nation states have collectively poured billions into climate research, alternative energies and propaganda, supported along the way by most of the broadcast and print media.”

    “Yet they’ve been thwarted by a few honest scientists, a number of blogs and a small pile of cash from Heartland.”


    That’s billions with a “b” versus 6.5 million.

    I think I am going to mosey on over to Newt Gingrich’s blog, and make a contribution.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    …what will it take to indict these crooks?

    A different Congress. Way different, because what we have now doesn’t cut it. The GOP lifers that currently pass as “leadership” are too cozy with their positions and unwilling to upset the apple cart.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    I need to get my vision checked again — those all look like rich white men.

    Why is Obama giving billions to obvious Republican fatcats?


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  • FUlibs

    But Barry, there all White Guys?

    ….Do they have there WHITES ONLY Drinking Fountains on the White House lawn also?

  • Larry Sheldon

    All white.

  • Ariel

    Bg – #15 February 16, 2012 at 3:00 pm

    That’s some real fine posting there, pardner! Obama’s connection to the NWO is extensive and deep. He’s been groomed from the start to hand us over. Could Obama be our Judas? He seems positively Biblical, in a King Herod kind of way.

    Anyway thanks for the links on CCX.

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  • bg


    Ariel #28 February 16, 2012 at 7:05 pm

    thanks, it’s supposedly gone ‘poof’ by now, but it hasn’t, like
    AQ, they just move around undercover via a different name..

    re: #15 February 16, 2012 at 3:00 pm bg

    [The charity was the Joyce Foundation on whose board of directors Obama served and which gave nearly $1.1 million in two separate grants that were “instrumental in developing and launching the privately-owned Chicago Climate Exchange, which now calls itself “North America’s only cap and trade system for all six greenhouse gases, with global affiliates and projects worldwide.”]

    January 8, 2012

    The Chicago Climate Exchange and the
    “cap and trade” market in the US

    [There is some good news on the carbon trading front in the US
    however. Seems California is getting into the game of carbon trading.

    Businessweek: California air regulators approved the final design for
    what will become the country’s first economy-wide program to regulate
    greenhouse gas emissions.

    The Air Resources Board approved 252 pages of rules governing how
    the state will cut carbon emissions from power generators, oil refineries
    and industrial plants roughly 15 percent by 2020. The plan will now be
    reviewed by the state Office of Administrative Law.]

    they lie so much it’s positively nauseating..

    and imho, you can connect it to one another (not to mention
    Obama), samo samo players working the samo samo scams,
    we are so screwed..


  • Adi

    It will make you ill.

    Ill or sick?

    And no, I haven’t read it. Can’t bring myself to.


  • bg


    re: #30 February 16, 2012 at 9:02 pm bg

    sorry so late in posting this information..


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  • Dr. Evo Shandor

    The Left won’t listen to this. If they do, by some slim chance, they won’t believe it. And if, by an even slimmer chance, they believe it, they won’t care!

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