Israeli Leaders Criticize Obama Administration: You’re Helping Iran… You’re Making War More Likely

Another foreign policy disaster by Team Hope and Change…
Israeli officials criticized the Obama Administration today saying they are helping Iran and making war more likely.
Megyn Kelly discussed the volatile situation with former UN Ambassador John Bolton.

And, if that isn’t bad enough, there’s this… The Islamization of the Arab Spring movement has placed “enormous pressure” on Israeli defenses and progress in the peace process, Benjamin Netanyahu told American Jewish leaders.
The Jews just can’t win with Obama in charge.

Related… Obama’s Jews are telling critics to shut up again.

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  • Valerie

    Jay Carney should be ill at having to repeat this nonsense. He is burdened with a Useful Idiot-in-Chief.

  • ONooooo!

    Fear Obummer, not Iran.

  • tpartynitwit

    The Israelis need to STFU or stop demanding we prop them up with foreign aid.

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  • clint

    If you have studied the BIBLE you can see it is all about to happen as described in Revelation.

    Just wait until the situation appears hopeless in Isreal……..

  • jainphx

    Yeah Israel should shut up, yeah right. What part of they will disappear if Iran gets the bomb, don’t idiots understand. I mean don’t take my word for it, just listen to the Mulas and Amadinajhad say it out loud and often.

  • Opaobie

    #3 Media-Matters-Nitwit = Troll Alert!

  • democraps suck

    #3…complete moron lib-turd…Obama is a mooslum…mooslums hate Jews…ergo ozero hates the Jews…see how easy that was….

  • Christopher Taylor

    Any Jew that seriously supports and defends Obama at this point has got to stop and look at themselves in the mirror a while. What on earth are you waiting for to wake you up? How bad does this guy have to get, how offensive and wrong before you finally realize maybe its time to stop this life-long defense of Democrats without thinking or understanding?

  • Redwine

    Hey, Nitwit – What part of “2nd Holocaust” or “annihilation” do you not understand?
    At least you gave yourself an appropriate name.

    The tyrannical and evil regime of Islamo-Marxist traitors that rules from the WH has turned its back on us and our allies and sees eye-to-eye with the seething death-cult hordes and our mortal enemies.

  • jainphx

    According to Obama nitwits we should just sit back and watch. Can anything be worse than sitting and watching a whole race of people be threatened with extinction? And don’t let the Israeli’s fight back, oh no thats causing war. Amadinajhad should change his name to Hitler, then maybe stupid people will understand. Bebe strike while you still can, wait too long and millions will die.

  • regularguy

    With the November 2008 election of Dear Leader, our populace, thinking the wars were winding down, decided instead to draw us all to the brink of the next, worse war. It was decided the United States needed to or could afford to take foreign policy hiatus and focus on domestic policy, namely the economy. What we have now is both an economic and foreign policy disaster staring us in the face, but we’re only allowed to discuss how conservatives are depriving women of birth control that must be funded by others whether you want it or not.

    Good men will die for this evil stupidity.

  • jainphx

    keeping the straights of Hermuz open is all Israel is asking of Obama. Maybe he can do that in between bowing to the east 5 times a day.

  • avery

    “OFF SUBJECT” just came off Fox,Ron PAUL is working with Mitt Rmoney so have does it feel to be sold out.

  • proudredneck

    Boy-wonder wants to give 800 billion to his muslim brothers in Egypt to help the caliphate cause ,3# has no problem with that i suppose.

  • richwill

    Can anyone name one thing Hussein has not screwed up, besides going on vacation and playing golf?

  • Kenny Solomon

    I’ve been saying it a long time…. #HeilObama and the administration will order the US military to stop Israel from defending herself.

    Now, they’re changing the narrative of current (as in yesterday) history and facts.

    Directly related to Jim’s post is this one:

    The world: Iran warships dock in Syria.

    The #HeilObama administration: No they didn’t.

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  • Stephana

    That smart power is really smart!

  • bg