Governor Rick Perry Says He’ll Run Again “I’ll Remind People Ronald Reagan Wasn’t Successful the First Time He Ran” (Video)

At the CPAC 2012 conference today Governor Rick Perry told me that he learned a lot from his run for president this past year. He also said he would run again and reminded me, “I’ll remind people that Ronald Reagan wasn’t successful the first time he ran.”

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  • Redlite

    Or how about he history of Abe Lincoln? He failed in his various campaigns for Congress and the Senate. Before he was elected to be The President.

    Falling off of a horse does not always indicate failure. It is just a brief interruption of progress. Hope to see Perry back on the stump someday.

  • Ripped

    Reagan wasn’t a blithering idiot. I really think Perry should keep his circus act in Texas.

  • aquaviva

    Where was that guy during the campaign?

    The idea of a particular governor encouraging other states to “pressure” his own to maintain and continuously sharpen it’s competitiveness is a beautiful thought process.

  • retire05

    #2 Ripped, and we Texans hope that people like you refuse to leave their failing states in order to come to Texas for jobs, opportunity, reasonable housing costs, low ad valorum taxation, and no state income tax.

    You may consider Texas a “circus” but it is center ring among the rest of the states. So, being the brave person I know you are, list what fabulous state you live in. I am interested to see how many jobs your state has produced in the last year and compare that to Texas.

  • Fionnagh

    I hope we still have voting rights by the time he runs again.

  • retire05

    aquaviva, Perry was always there. He thought he was running for CIC, not auditioning for American Idol. He thought his record in Texas could speak for itself.

    Did he makes mistakes during the debates? Yeah, but at least he knows how many states are in our Union.

  • Ripped

    #4 February 9, 2012 at 4:36 pm
    retire05 commented:

    Looks like you’re as stupid as Rick Perry? Try to read what I posted then try replying again, you’ll note my comment was in reference to Perry not the state of Texas.

    Texas has done a very good job creating minimum wage jobs. If I ever want to be a door greeter at Wal-Mart I’ll consider moving there.


    hey perry…maybe if you weren’t a mooslime appeaser…or for education for ILLEGALS…things may have been a bit different… but NO you still had a GOVERNOR job to fall back on in case you didn’t get the nod for pres… GUESS WHAT….. get rid of the illegals and grow some balls and do what the CONSTITUTION syas to do….or you wll NEVER get the pres job unless you are a mooslime with an illegal SS# like odumb$hit….

  • AuntieMadder

    @ #2 – Fine with me if he does stay in Texas. This native of the state you call a circus thinks Perry’s done a fine job as governor.

  • Hank

    Ripped: Please keep drinking the Kool Aid. You libs can’t tell facts reality and history if it hit you in the face. Actually, I feel sorry for someone who does not have the intellectual ability to actually think and investigate before opening one’s piehole.

  • bg


    “the fix is in for Perry”

    hmmm hmmm hmmm..


  • bg


    re: #11 February 9, 2012 at 4:54 pm bg

    rotf 😆 mbo!!


  • YES!!!! I’ll vote for a real outsider! I woulda this year, but the idiots in Iowa and New Hampshire don’t want a real conservative.

  • retire05

    Ripped, nice attempt to dodge the question about what wonderful state you live in. But then, considering you are short on facts and big on mouthing off, I have to assume you are probably a resident of Michigan, Illinois, New York or some other equally broke state.

    Now, if I thought you were a smart person, I would refer you to the BLS website that would disprove your claims of “minimum wage” jobs. But I have never found parrots to be exceptional bright. And if we use your litmus test, that Perry as Governor, is not responsible for the success of Texas, then we can apply that same standard to Obama since he then, cannot be responsible for the failure of the U.S. during his time in office.

    So man up; tell us what wonderful, successful state you’re from so we can compare job creation, taxes, unemployment, you know, all those things that are important to Americans.

    Or are you just a slithering coward and will try to dodge again?

  • bg


    Crony Capitalism comes to mind..


  • bg


    come back Cain!! 😀

    brokered convention..


  • retire05

    Wow! It sure didn’t take bg long to start linking back to her old posts. Guess she thinks that makes her look intelligent because she knows how to “cut and paste” to things she said before that were ignored the first time.

    And pray tell, what is next? bg quoting Pam Geller, HuffingtonPost and DailyKos? Oh, wait, she can do that by linking back to her original uninteresting posts.

  • retire05

    #16, and tell he to bring his girl friends with him. CPAC needs the money.

  • Angela Toft

    That’s great news! I will gladly support Gov. Perry in 2016!!

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  • Molon Labe

    Maybe there’ll be enough illegals in the states for Perry to run again. If he is serious he should make a real effort like Arizona to secure the border, with or without the Federal government.

  • retire05

    #21, Melon Lobe, yeah, Arizona’s efforts are so good that the state even has it own show on Discovery Channel touting their efforts. You know, the show called Arizona Drug Wars.

    Oh, wait, my mistake, the show is actually called Texas Drug Wars and features the Texas Rangers.

  • Nancy

    All this is irrelevant in my view. The prospect of a second 4-year term for Obama is something that fills me with terror. Our country won’t be around, at least in a form recognizable as the USA, if Obama is allowed a second term.

  • mamagriz68

    #23 I’m with you. Except I am so disgusted with the business of politics after what was done to Gov. Perry. Yes, I know, he didn’t do so well in the early debates, but who has a record that matches his? Who shares the passion for this country that he has? Who is a fighter like him? None of the ones who are left, that’s for sure. Do we really want to have another president who is a “great debater” like our current one? Have we learned nothing? I just don’t understand what the GOP is trying to do or what the idiot voters in Iowa did. Remember JFK saying you should ask not what your country can do for you Iowa? Our country has become too comfortable and self-absorbed, with few willing to sacrifice anything they are getting from the bloated government.

  • if he wants to run again he better change his stance on colonization. it is going to a bigger issue as more americans wake up to how the left is using it to steal this country from the americans.

  • Ripped

    #10 February 9, 2012 at 4:51 pm
    Hank commented:

    Hank keep making uninformed comments like calling a conservative a lib, makes you look as stupid as the libs.

    Does that make you feel sorry for yourself?

  • bg


    via Stratfor February 9, 2012

    Mexico’s Presidential Election and the Cartel War

    [Guzman’s Web

    Within his home territory of rural Sinaloa state, Guzman is respected and even revered. An almost-mythical figure, he has used his fortune to buy good will and loyalty in his home turf and elsewhere. In addition to his public largesse, Guzman has bribed people for decades. Unlike Los Zetas, the Sinaloa cartel leadership tends to take a long view on corruption. It will often recruit a low-level official and then continue to pay that person as he rises through the ranks. This long-term approach is not unlike that taken by some of the more patient intelligence services, along the lines of the Soviet recruitment of the “Cambridge Five” while they were still students. Quite simply, Guzman and the Sinaloa cartel have had police and military officers, politicians, journalists and judges on their payroll for years and even decades.]

    June 21, 2009

    Flying high for the Sinaloa drug cartel

    bit more here & here..


  • bg


    re: #27 February 9, 2012 at 6:15 pm bg

    September 28, 2011

    Are Texas Politicians Allowing Drug Cartels to Create
    ‘Sanitary Zone’ One-County Deep Inside U.S.?

    [Is anyone from either the federal or Texas governments
    credible when it comes to the Texas border war zone?

    A quick perusal of articles about crime and violence along the
    U.S.-Mexico border on this website alone should lead to the
    inevitable conclusion of a resounding NO!]

    bit more here..


  • retire05

    tommy mc donnell, colonization? Where did you get that? VDare?

  • song of the south

    # 16 What is it with you and Cain?

  • Ripped

    #14 February 9, 2012 at 5:04 pm
    retire05 commented:

    I see you’re still trying to deflect your ignorance. Perry is a disgrace to Texas. Wake up!

    I know you’re not smart, you ASSume to much… Just like a liberal. Try a remedial reading class and let me know when you catch up.

  • song of the south

    #31-Texas has been doing fine for many years.We are the greatest state in the Union.Methinks you might be a bit jealous that you aren’t and never will be one of us.

  • retire05

    Ah, yes, bg, Silvester Reyes. Never mind that Reyes was a Border Patrol Chief who receieved a “no confidence” vote from his agents. Or that he is a proponent of open borders, or that he is also a DEMOCRAT.

    So you think Texas is not credible when it comes to border security? Is that why Arizona has put its state police on the border? Oh, wait, Brewer has not done that yet, still relying on underfunded county sheriff departments, unlike Texas, whose efforts are so strong the Rangers got their own Discovery Channel show.

  • retire05

    #31, Ripped, still waiting for you to give me the name of your home state. But as I predicted, you will continue to dodge answering that question.

    So,……………………just slither off to your hole and come back when you have something worthwhile to contribute.

  • retire05

    #32, song of the south, notice how none of those who want to criticize Governor Perry ever tell you what state they’re from? Must be awful to be ashamed of where you live.

  • daryl
  • song of the south

    Pretty sure Ripped is a Yankee and no one can be proud of that.

  • daryl

    bg is asking and answering her own questions again, I see. Sumpn’ just ain’t right with that gal.

  • KornKing

    Funny to see someone slamming Perry and his state with a comparison to AZ(Molon Labe), Anyone here know who Sheriff Joe endorsed????

    And Ripped, if you’re referring to the tuition bill, as a conservative, I’m sure you’re going to slam Marco Rubio as well.

    And if you are a conservative, could you please get just a LITTLE deeper than the lefty mantra “he’s an idiot”

  • daryl

    Naw, Texas ain’t fighting the illegals and the cartels…..

    Then what the hell do you blue state “conservatives” call this.

    Southwest Border Sheriffs: TEXAS DPS – new 36 ft. Patrol Gunboats

  • Ripped

    #34 February 9, 2012 at 6:28 pm
    retire05 commented:

    Retard05 I see you are living proof that Texas is full of uneducated people.

    Texas now has one of the worst education systems in the nation. The following is from an opinion piece that was actually authored by Barbara Bush last year….

    •  We rank 36th in the nation in high school graduation rates. An estimated 3.8 million Texans do not have a high school diploma.

    •  We rank 49th in verbal SAT scores, 47th in literacy and 46th in average math SAT scores.

    •  We rank 33rd in the nation on teacher salaries.

    Between December 2007 and April 2011, weekly wages in the U.S. increased by about 5 percent. In the state of Texas they increased by just 0.6% over that same time period.

    Rick Perry is a “big government” politician. When Rick Perry became the governor of Texas in 2000, the total spending by the Texas state government was approximately $49 billion. Ten years later it was approximately $90 billion. That is not exactly reducing the size of government.

    Texas has the highest percentage of workers making minimum wage out of all 50 states.

    Now shut your silly whining azz. Texas ain’t squat.

  • bg


    April 12, 2008

    who said the following

    [“Thank you and good evening. It is a great honor to be in the presence of the Imam of 16 million Muslims around the world, a global humanitarian leader, a man of peace with a pluralistic vision for people around the world, His Highness, the Aga Khan, the 49th Hereditary Imam of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims. Your Highness, on behalf of 23 million Texans, and over 600,000 thousand Muslims living in Texas, I extend our heartfelt appreciation for your 50 years of great international leadership. We are delighted to welcome you to the Lone Star State and participate in the celebration of your Golden Jubilee. I am also grateful to the many federal, state and local leaders in attendance tonight. By their presence, these special guests convey the profound respect that exists in the Western World for His Highness’ work and leadership.”]

    1) Pamela Geller
    2) retire05
    3) bg
    40 daryl aka: Gateway Mirror
    5) Rick Perry

    bit more here..


  • Ripped

    #37 February 9, 2012 at 6:40 pm
    song of the south commented:

    LMAO you should be real proud of that drooling buffoon of a Governor of yours.

    Back in 1988, Rick Perry supported Al Gore for president. In fact, Rick Perry actually served as Al Gore’s campaign chairman in the state of Texas that year.

    In 2007, 221,000 residents of Texas were making minimum wage or less. By 2010, that number had risen to 550,000.

  • bg


    my favorite straight from the horses mouth clips.. 😉


  • Ripped

    #39 February 9, 2012 at 6:59 pm
    KornKing commented:

    Marco Rubio endorsed Mitt Romney, more proof he is nothing but an establishment puppet, need I say more?

    At CPAC he told conservatives that they’ll have to support the Republican nominee for president even if it’s not exactly who they want. The man lacks principles, he can stuff it as far as I’m concerned. That is exactly what is wrong with this country and how we got where we are.

  • KornKing

    Well Ripped, your ignorance is showing, so I guess Old Dutch Proverb applies
    “never interrupt man making ass of self”

  • Ripped

    #46 February 9, 2012 at 7:23 pm
    KornKing commented:

    “And if you are a conservative, could you please get just a LITTLE deeper than the lefty mantra “he’s an idiot””

    The floor is yours carry on.

  • #29…i got colonization from my own observations. up until 1980 90% of all immigration to the united states was from europe. in the 1980’s 90% of all immigration to the united states was non-european. that is not an evolutionary change, that is a revoluntary change. this change started after the resounding defeat of the first pro-communist president of the united states, jimmy carter. after carter the left realized that they were not going to out-baby he american people fast enough to take over the country. so the left devised the strategy of bringing enough people to the country to make it a marxist country.

    it has been done and is being done to every western democracy in the world. it europe it was the middle eastern and african muslims. in the united states it has been central and south americans. the colonizations have not been orchestrated by a foreign government but by leftists within the government of the country being colonized. it is being done in others countries like australia and most times with muslims. it represents the greatest future to the freedom of the american people.

    any politican that refuses to recognize this threat does care about what is good for this country or its people. all they care about is what is good for them. the modern politican would gladly see this country go down the tubes as long as they are in power.

  • Bailey

    Mr. Hoft I have been reading your sites for many years, but have stopped visiting this election cycle because of all the people lying about Perry in the comments section. Many of these lies are what caused problems for him. I wish people would get their facts straight before commenting.

  • Ripped

    #49 February 9, 2012 at 7:56 pm
    Bailey commented:

    That’s the beauty about the 1st amendment it allows uninformed people like YOU to lie about other people telling the truth about Rick Perry and his dismal record.

    We do agree on the last part of your comment. “I wish people would get their facts straight before commenting.” The reality is Rick Perry caused his own problems, it’s his record. Other than a few people referring to him as a good Governor I haven’t seen any lies.

  • retire05

    #41, Ripped; Barbara Bush gave an interview where she bashed the educational system in her own state (her husband supports Governor Romney, btw) and said that Texas should follow the lead in education doing what her son had done in Florida. So let’s take a look at NEI most recent stats, shall we:

    8th Grade Math scores:

    National average: 283
    Florida: 240 – Texas 290

    8th Grade Reading scores:

    National average: 264
    Florida: 262 – Texas: 261

    8th Grade Science scores:

    National average: 149
    Florida: 146 – Texas 150

    Now, let’s just compare Texas to California who has a high student population where English is their second language, similar to Texas, shall we:

    8th Grade Math score/national average


    8th Grade Reading score/national average


    8th Grade Science score/national average


    Texas does better on average than Jeb Bush’s Florida, and does much better than California with a similar student body.

    That is what you get for reading anything coming from the Houston Chronicle. You might as well quote the NYSlimes.

    FYI, Rick Perry was NEVER Al Gore’s Texas campaign chair. At least not according to the Democrats who supported Al Gore, Gib Lewis and Bill Hobby.

    But then, I would imagine you get your information from the DailyPaul.

  • avagreen

    Retire05 please report to the nurse’s station for your meds.

  • retire05

    #52, avagreen, why don’t you toddle back on over to RedState where you can run your mouth (as you are wont to do) and maybe get someone to explain to you the legal defination of stalking.

  • bg


    February 9, 2012

    Perry: Newt Is Best Conservative to Beat Obama

    best interview i’ve ever heard him give..


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  • retire05

    bg, what a hypocrite you are. For months, you have linked to false accusations against Governor Perry, accusing him of everything between being a Islamist to causing world dandruff. Now you are supporting what he says?

    You have NO honor, bg. Zero, zip, zilch, nil, nada, none.

  • texas

    Awesome!! Thanks for doing this interview, Jim Hoft!! You Rock!! God bless Rick Perry, I’m proud of his accomplishments as Governor.

    Too bad he had to start out campaign with back pain and really too bad he was pegged with lies & distortions coming out of the Paul & Romney camps. He got Alinsky(ed) by Republicans, no less. SMH America never got a chance to know him.

    Oh well……the good news is he’s still my Governor!!!! LOL Texas should secede.

    🙂 😀 🙂 😀

  • avagreen

    # 53 Retire05 are you going to “tear me apart” on this forum like you once wrote? And as far as RedState, at least I am not banned! Think about it.

  • retire05

    #58, avagreen, NO ONE gets banned at RedState who subscribes to group think. “Tear you apart?” You disgrace yourself. I don’t need to add to your shame. Perhaps you should not be such a pathetic, lame, sniveling little whiner.

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Wanna try again? Here’s a few suggestions:

    1) Stop trying to coddle “Hispanics”. Illegals caught on U.S. soil that don’t have a valid fear of persecution in their home countries should be deported, period. Economic issues don’t count (read: Mexico and Central America). Don’t tell us that it would be impossible to deport them all, because we understand that it can’t be done in one sitting. We simply want our immigration laws enforced, and we’re tired of hearing excuses.

    2) Are you a bona fide conservative? If the answer is yes, then the media is the enemy. Don’t try to play nice with them or whatever, or try to curry favor with them, because they will stab you in the back.

    3) When leftists and their agents try to dump on you unfairly, don’t just sit there and take it. We conservatives are tired of seeing limp-wristed responses to leftist slander. Fight back, and hit ’em hard.


    Perry is a “west texas cracker head racist POS” and needs a one way ticket to another world with a tag on his racist toe.

  • avagreen

    Retread05 you can’t even admit that you are a harpy. Harpy, harpy, harpy. I am finished with you, sea wench! Begone!

  • Molon Labe

    Ripped you’re living proof of what happens when Yankees inter-marry. You screwed your sister and we got Retarded. Wish you damn Yankees would stay where you belong.

    Ain’t nothing north of the Mason-Dixon line but queers, drag queens, and welfare queens. Tell us about the glories of NYC, Detroit, Boston, Newark, Jersey City. Chicago and Milkwaukee little yankee.

  • reta.. er.. ire05 #14, 17, 18, 22, 29, 33, 34, 35, 53, 56, 59


    You obviously are not here to engage in rational, civilized discussion but simply to carry on with your look at me flame war against other posters. No one is here to entertain you or even pay attention to your sub-adult antics. Somehow I don’t think Governor Perry wants the support of a half witted smirking jape like you.. just sayin’

  • Molon Labe


    I don’t need to watch the TV I just watch the warning signs about traveling near El Paso or in the valley to see what a great job ole Perry is doing. And as we all know there are no drugs in Texas.

    No wonder Perry convinced so many people so quickly about his qualifications.

  • avagreen

    # 65 S. Wolf — you hit the nail on the head. TIRED05 give conservatives a bad name. That is, IF the skank really is a conservative.

  • Alleena

    Ripped, Your ignorance is appalling. I have lived in West Texas for almost thirty years. When I first moved here, Charlie Stenholm was elected to congress when he won the Democrat primary. No one was running against him. At the time, this area was one of the most conservative in the country. Over the years, people in West Texas slowly changed from the Democrat to the Republican Party. One of those people was Rick Perry who was and always has been a conservative. This still is one of the most conservative areas in the country. It is embarrassing to read your posts. You come across like a spoiled little kid yelling insults in the school yard. You only make yourself like pathetic. Keep up the good work! You make Rick Perry look terrific!

  • Perry is the ONLY conservative that was running for President. Now we are stuck with 4 jerks that are not conservative. Too many bloggers and too many so called conservatives did not want a true conservative. They will be sorry with what we end up with and it is their own fault.

  • wanumba

    WHy shouldn’t Perry be contender? Let’s see if he learns from his debate mistakes. Time will tell. People who improve themselves are better than those who lay away. Obama’s teleprompter reading is no better now than it was three years ago – he obviously doesn’t put in a nano-scond of extra effort on ANYTHING.
    Except golf.

  • Molon Labe


    Tell the truth Wild Thing. You had one dose of LSD tioo many. Perry is a conservative like Clinton is a monk.

  • Molon Labe


    Are youfeeling generous tonight? You doubled her intelligent quota.

  • wanumba

    #43 February 9, 2012 at 7:09 pm
    Ripped commented:

    In 2007, 221,000 residents of Texas were making minimum wage or less. By 2010, that number had risen to 550,000.


    So, 550,000 – 221,000 = 329,000 more minimum wage jobs in three years.

    That would be entry-level positions. The oil field employment is high-paid and international.

    It’s amazing to see how many self-imagined sophisticates think they are better than some “rubes” truck driver with a HS diploma and a CDL contractor who is pulling down $100,000 PLUS a year with all expenses paid for driving 6 months in Iraq, who holidays in Dubai…. taxfree.

    How come these “smart” intelligent” #OWS didn’t think of doing THAT instead of paying some snotty university $55,000 a year for a worthless sociology major – $200,000 in debt and no job. Hmm. Hmm. The opportunity costs of working at $100,000+ a year TAXFREE for four years instead? Mabe sociology majors have never heard of “opportunity costs.”
    Too bad, a little late now with that irrevocable debt load.

    WHo’s really the “rubes?”

  • daryl


    Texas Unemployment Rate Drops to 7.8 Percent

    Unemployment rate lowest since July 2009

  • workingclass artist

    Nice video of Gov. Perry Jim…thanks for posting it.

  • Gary

    Perry didn’t fall off the horse, he was kicked in the head by it.
    There’s no coming back from that.

  • daryl

    Hope springs eternal though #76, even for you……..

  • Gary

    Thank you there Daryl.
    Didn’t figure you for part of the “hope” crowd.
    But I guess it makes sense if you’re a Perry defender.
    He was Al Gore’s guy in Texas after all before he started calling himself conservative.

  • retire05

    #78 Gary:

    “He was Al Gore’s guy in Texas after all before he started calling himself a conservative.”

    OK, let’s assume you are right. But are you willing to prove you are right? After all, when you make a claim, the onus is on you to prove it.

    So, provide us with some links that substantiate your statement; photos of Perry and Gore together, stump speeches he made supporting Al Gore, newspaper articles relaying how Perry was campaigning for Gore. If you are right, those links are out there in the internet world.

    You, like all the others who make this claim about Perry have ABSOLUTELY nothing to back up that claim that was first made by Ron Paul, and has been continually promoted by Paul who should be explaining his own associations with radicals like Lew Rockwell and Skin-head organizations.

    But I’ll wait for you to provide proof of your claim. Let’s see how long it takes you.

  • bg


    uh-oh, the missing link demands links!! 😆


  • aprilnovember811

    I’m glad to hear this.

  • avagreen

    # 79, I’m butting in here. Listen, you old slag — start with this one:,8599,2081596,00.html

  • avagreen
  • Molon Labe


    Now that’s what I call stupid. Put on the blinders and drink the cool aid. Retarded you’re soooo smart.

  • retire05

    #82 & #83, avagreen, wassa matter? You couldn’t find any conservative sites to link to the lie that Rick Perry was Al Gore’s Texas campaign manager so you scraped the bottom of the liberal barrel going to Politico, WashingtonPost and Time? Was the problem that HuffingtonPost and DailyKos didn’t have what you wanted?

    You are the kind of person that if someone repeats a lie often enough to you, you’ll believe it. Yet, you give me article from the left, but no photos, no articles in Texas newspapers how Perry was seen campaign with, or for, Al Gore. Just more of the lie that was spun years ago by John Sharp.

    Now, knowing that you are not receptive to the truth, I am going to present it to you anyway, in the hopes that your intellectual level will rise at least by one point:

    First, from the left wing Ft. Worth Star-Telegram:

    Then from R. G. Ratcliffe, a far left wing writer for the far left wing Austin-American Stateman (and who absolutely hates Rick Perry):

    Both articles were written by hard leftist Texans who went directly to the people who were basically in charge of Al Gore’s push to secure Texas Dems against the other Dems

    Unfortunately for you, your intellect level only allows for you to name call and to research left wing sites that have nothing to do with Texas politics to propogate a lie that has been disproven, by left wingers, no less.

  • bg


    woah, retire05 just handed retire05’s ass to retire05!!

    ROTF 😆 MBO!!


  • bg


    no one had a “title” per se

    yeah, well the story goes yes & no, like Perry was always involved but
    not involved.. sort of like Obama was a Professor, but really served as
    a senior lecturer.. it’s all semantics in politics..

    [disclaimer: retire05 et al swear this site is so
    leftist it’s less reliable than their opinions.. 😆 ]


  • avagreen

    Tired, you amaze most of us here. You claim that nothing is verifiable if from “bottom of the liberal barrel going to Politico, WashingtonPost and Time…”
    So, naturally, you post article from two leftie TexAss newspapers. Was your traumatic brain injury considered an open or closed head wound? Also, yesterday you were on DDR complaining how this forum (Gateway) had become untenable for you due to “pejoratives” and “name calling.” all I have to say is: Pot. Kettle. Black.

  • retire05

    avagreen, glad to see you admit that you have been trolling over at DDR. Of course, we all knew you were. Tell me, did you ever get anyone over at RS to explain to you the legal defination of stalking?

    Yes, I provided you with left-wing TEXAS sources since that seems to be where you want to gleen your information, from left wing sources. Ironic that you would now complain about that. But then, irony seems to be your forte, while honesty is not.

    You see, I did not expect someone as poorly informed as you are to be aware of the articles that dispelled the “Gore’s campaign manager” meme, although you also seemed to be unaware of Politifact’s article which I thought would have been right up your alley since you tend to use left wing resources. But I thought that perhaps you would have shown a smidgeon of honesty and say “Hey, retire05, I was not aware of the articles but thanks for providing them. I now stand corrected.” But you don’t have the moral standards that would allow you to do that. That much has become blatantly clear.

    Now, perhaps you think comments about “tramatic brain injuries” is cute, or even tony. But it shows that you feel that a tramatic injury is something to be joked about. Your humor is as sick as your personality.

    Now, I’m sure that your fellow cretins will be rushing quickly to your aid. You are like a pack of hyenas, too cowardly to fight on your own, so you gather in groups to try to take down your adversaries. What a pathetic bunch you are. But you need to make mental note of another hyena trait; to turn on their own. And NO, the enemy of your enemy is NOT your friend.

  • avagreen

    Go back into reTIREDment, b.
    Simply because I read DDR does not make me a troll there. BTW, I thought you weren’t returning to Gateway. Tata for now. I’m headed over to RedState — too bad you aren’t allowed there. Must be lousy being you, galley wench.

  • retire05

    #90, ah, avagreen, you poor delusional mental midget. You think I am still banned from RS?

    “I heard just yesterday that it would be 50 states given a waiver for No Child Left Behind, but this article

    says it will be 45 states.”

    avagreen Thursday, February 9th at 6:14 PM EST (link)

    Too bad you are not smart enough to know the difference between being banned from a blog and chosing not to participate. I wonder how your buddies at RS, who supported Perry as you once did, would appreicate you pushing false memes about him and using Time and Politico as legitimate informational sources?

    Perhaps I will ask them at the other websites they have gone to due to Erickson’s total stab in Governor Perry’s back.

  • avagreen

    Retry05: Just words … Just speeches.

  • retire05

    avagreen, a few words of wisdom: Always judge the strength of your adversary before you declare war.

  • bg
  • avagreen

    Retrained05 please go back to DDR where you are allowed to throw mud against the wall just to see what sticks. So, go on now – slither back to your hole you bilge rat.

  • retire05

    avagreen, I understand that it upsets you because I am willing to dispute the bile you call an opinion. Too damn bad. Or that I understand the measure of one’s intellect is not their ability to name call and insult. Too damn bad. You also seem to think that ridiculing ones moniker is a sign of comedic apptitude. It’s not. It simply makes you look small and small minded.

    You posted a falsehood. I corrected you. You do not have the moral ability to admit that you were wrong. Then you came back with another falsehood, which I, again, corrected.

    Why don’t you stop while you are still behind?

  • avagreen

    Actually, ReworkedOne, I am done with you. Pwnd. From now on I will just sit back and lurk-n-laff at your lunacy.
    Ciao For Now

  • retire05

    avagreen, nah, you’re not done with me. Your limited I.Q. will not allow your ego to take a hit and just retreat. Instead, you think you can best me and will continue to try to feed your ego all the while you continue to make yourself look foolish.

    And like the lemming you are, you will continue to subscribe to false information, not having the where with all to actually research claims, or facts, for yourself.

    And how sad that you are willing to lurk in the shadows, like a thief in the night, to contribute to your self gratification. And exactly what do you think you can do with any information you gain? Use it against me? Destroy my family? Reduce my personal income? Make others dislike me? You give yourself waaaaay tooooo much credit for you truely lack the ability to harm me in any way. Instead, you now admit that you have been reduced to the level of sneak, lurker, shadow dweller. One can only feel pity for for someone who is willing to sink to such a level.

  • avagreen

    Look who’s giving oneself too much credit. I have no desire in destroying your family, making other dislike you, ruin you financially, etc. Clearly, you have some mental health issues that need to be taken care of. I could recommend somebody in Texas to help you. BTW, you are the one who has been stalking me aren’t you? I can’t believe the lengths you will go to in order to harass me! Leave me be!

  • retire05

    avagreen, let me see if I understand you correctly: you respond to an entry I posted on this thread, not the other way around, and I am stalking you? (see your post #82 where you say you are “butting in.”) You show up at another website, responding to one of my entries, and I am stalking you? I highly suggest you learn the legal defination of stalking. Are you willfully uninformed, or just plain stupid?

    You are the one who seems to have “mental health” problems. You don’t seem to understand what stalking actually is. You only have the ability to run when confronted with actual facts, not some delusional opinion that you have created in your small mind. And even when you say “I am done with you.”, you return, time after time, sating your masochistic ego, unable to stick to your own empty threats.

  • BG



    Y A W N


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