Governor Rick Perry Says He’ll Run Again “I’ll Remind People Ronald Reagan Wasn’t Successful the First Time He Ran” (Video)

At the CPAC 2012 conference today Governor Rick Perry told me that he learned a lot from his run for president this past year. He also said he would run again and reminded me, “I’ll remind people that Ronald Reagan wasn’t successful the first time he ran.”

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  • Redlite

    Or how about he history of Abe Lincoln? He failed in his various campaigns for Congress and the Senate. Before he was elected to be The President.

    Falling off of a horse does not always indicate failure. It is just a brief interruption of progress. Hope to see Perry back on the stump someday.

  • Ripped

    Reagan wasn’t a blithering idiot. I really think Perry should keep his circus act in Texas.

  • aquaviva

    Where was that guy during the campaign?

    The idea of a particular governor encouraging other states to “pressure” his own to maintain and continuously sharpen it’s competitiveness is a beautiful thought process.

  • retire05

    #2 Ripped, and we Texans hope that people like you refuse to leave their failing states in order to come to Texas for jobs, opportunity, reasonable housing costs, low ad valorum taxation, and no state income tax.

    You may consider Texas a “circus” but it is center ring among the rest of the states. So, being the brave person I know you are, list what fabulous state you live in. I am interested to see how many jobs your state has produced in the last year and compare that to Texas.

  • Fionnagh

    I hope we still have voting rights by the time he runs again.

  • retire05

    aquaviva, Perry was always there. He thought he was running for CIC, not auditioning for American Idol. He thought his record in Texas could speak for itself.

    Did he makes mistakes during the debates? Yeah, but at least he knows how many states are in our Union.

  • Ripped

    #4 February 9, 2012 at 4:36 pm
    retire05 commented:

    Looks like you’re as stupid as Rick Perry? Try to read what I posted then try replying again, you’ll note my comment was in reference to Perry not the state of Texas.

    Texas has done a very good job creating minimum wage jobs. If I ever want to be a door greeter at Wal-Mart I’ll consider moving there.


    hey perry…maybe if you weren’t a mooslime appeaser…or for education for ILLEGALS…things may have been a bit different… but NO you still had a GOVERNOR job to fall back on in case you didn’t get the nod for pres… GUESS WHAT….. get rid of the illegals and grow some balls and do what the CONSTITUTION syas to do….or you wll NEVER get the pres job unless you are a mooslime with an illegal SS# like odumb$hit….

  • AuntieMadder

    @ #2 – Fine with me if he does stay in Texas. This native of the state you call a circus thinks Perry’s done a fine job as governor.

  • Hank

    Ripped: Please keep drinking the Kool Aid. You libs can’t tell facts reality and history if it hit you in the face. Actually, I feel sorry for someone who does not have the intellectual ability to actually think and investigate before opening one’s piehole.

  • bg


    “the fix is in for Perry”

    hmmm hmmm hmmm..


  • bg


    re: #11 February 9, 2012 at 4:54 pm bg

    rotf 😆 mbo!!


  • MikeSopes

    YES!!!! I’ll vote for a real outsider! I woulda this year, but the idiots in Iowa and New Hampshire don’t want a real conservative.

  • retire05

    Ripped, nice attempt to dodge the question about what wonderful state you live in. But then, considering you are short on facts and big on mouthing off, I have to assume you are probably a resident of Michigan, Illinois, New York or some other equally broke state.

    Now, if I thought you were a smart person, I would refer you to the BLS website that would disprove your claims of “minimum wage” jobs. But I have never found parrots to be exceptional bright. And if we use your litmus test, that Perry as Governor, is not responsible for the success of Texas, then we can apply that same standard to Obama since he then, cannot be responsible for the failure of the U.S. during his time in office.

    So man up; tell us what wonderful, successful state you’re from so we can compare job creation, taxes, unemployment, you know, all those things that are important to Americans.

    Or are you just a slithering coward and will try to dodge again?

  • bg


    Crony Capitalism comes to mind..


  • bg


    come back Cain!! 😀

    brokered convention..


  • retire05

    Wow! It sure didn’t take bg long to start linking back to her old posts. Guess she thinks that makes her look intelligent because she knows how to “cut and paste” to things she said before that were ignored the first time.

    And pray tell, what is next? bg quoting Pam Geller, HuffingtonPost and DailyKos? Oh, wait, she can do that by linking back to her original uninteresting posts.

  • retire05

    #16, and tell he to bring his girl friends with him. CPAC needs the money.

  • Angela Toft

    That’s great news! I will gladly support Gov. Perry in 2016!!

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