Colorado Student Who Refused to Sing Song Praising Allah Quits School After Death Threats (Video)

A Colorado student who refused to sing a song praising Allah quit the choir this week. This morning FOX and Friends reported that James Harper quit school in Grand Junction after receiving death threats.

Harper received the death threats after the story broke this week.
The school defended its decision to sing the song to Allah.

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  • Paul in N. AL

    How much you want to bet those death threats came from the office of CAIR.

  • bobbymike

    These schools get caught, partially retract, and then move on to the next offensive act. Around the US these things are being pushed in a million small ways by left wing radicals with the intent to change America forever, we are in a war.

  • Granny

    #1 – yup.

    As far as I’m concerned, unless they are also going to present Jesus Loves Me and a Hindu song in the same program, then ALL religion needs to be left out of school. LOVE the excuse about the rhythms LOL. Play some belly dance music if you want to teach about Middle Eastern rhythms.


    threats came from mooslum dousche bag probably…deport all filthy mooslimes

  • karra

    Wow! What an incredibly divisive society we have become – it may be time for some Republican re-education camps. . . . 🙂

  • Militant Conservative

    Screw Islam and the government school system.

    Powder is dry

  • Texmom

    Horrible that this teen who stood up for what’s right is now terrified for his own life. Who is standing up for him? I believe they call this type of threat a hate crime…oh, never mind, I forgot that only applies to some.

  • donh
  • Granny

    #7 February 17, 2012 at 8:17 am
    Texmom commented:

    Horrible that this teen who stood up for what’s right is now terrified for his own life. Who is standing up for him? I believe they call this type of threat a hate crime…oh, never mind, I forgot that only applies to some.


    The kid is white, male and Christian. Not a Hate Crime. Obama’s “justice” department will be very quick to tell you so too!

  • listingstarboard

    Do you suppose that Muslims are forced to sing “Jesus Loves Me”? Christians are being persecuted for their faith. WTF up America!

  • dnb

    First, this kid and his family need our prayers. Second, the choir director and the principal need to man up and admit they made a mistake. Third, call Rosie and the view and ask them how many Christians threatened the school administrators with death over the decision to sing this song.

  • MikeA

    It’s official, between this and the government sending agents to kindergarden to inspect and confiscate the lunch of four year olds, we are no longer living in the USA. Welcome to the new Nazi Islamic States of America.

  • Dave-O

    Another victim of the “Religion of Peace”. The whole episode (and more) is coming soon to a town near you.

  • Gimme a Break, I’m a Tea Party Hobbit

    MSNBC to broadcast the story and condemn Islamist violence in 5… 4… 3…

  • olm

    This society is sick, really sick.
    The kid did the right thing and homeschool is a good option.
    The stuff going on in the government re education centers (neighborhood schools) is not the America that once was.

  • bg


    donh #8 February 17, 2012 at 8:21 am

    perfect example of do unto others.. /s/

    disclaimer: both the pastor & prophet are filed under loony tunes..


  • obfuscatenot

    Deus Vult! Time to admit we are in a Holy war and the need to defend ourselves.

  • dwd

    A non-Muslim cannot refuse to sing a song praising Allah without getting death threats, but Catholics MUST ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY purchase health insurance covering contraception.

    What country are we in?

  • wanumba

    Well, guess it’s a very serious issue after all, with huge ramifications.

  • Blue Hen

    The kid made a tactical mistake. he should have announced that he was gay and should have been holding a mexican flag as he said it. For extra credit, he could have claimed that he was suffering from a lack of a nutritious lunch. The school administrator’s head would have exploded.

  • When James Harper stated “it’s not exclusive to Muslims”, I don’t think he meant death vendettas against infidels. Because, as far as I know, that is exclusive to Muslims.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • Eden

    #20 you may be right

  • Phuck Allah

  • sing a song to allah and not one separation of church and state advocate has a word to say. will the aclu be suing the school?

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  • JAH666

    Fear is a tool in the quest for control, as this brave young man is no doubt learning. This incident is yet another sign of what is happening the world over. The hand of despotism in many different forms is closing into an iron fist around populations of most nations, including those in North America, slowly and surely. There may be no way that peoples that have known freedom can stop this. The forces that control that tightening hand are very strong. A wise and learned Rabbi told me back in the 1990’s that he believed that the forces of socialism/statism/despotism or whatever ‘philosophy’ evil people were pursuing across all the nations of the Earth had been and were continuing to grow strong and would ultimately succeed. He believed a great dark period was coming in the history of mankind. The ascendence of evil over good, he believed, was inevitable. I feel for the young man in Colorado, and for all of us. We must all be strong and see evil in our lives in all its forms for what it truly is and fight against its ascendence every moment of our lives.

  • Chris in N.Va.

    He needed to provide evidence that his viewpoint was biologically-predispositioned because of his parents’ lineage, therefore to not accommodate this predilection of worldview was a clear ignoring of his person-hood and ethnic culture.

    Follow this up by screaming, “ADA, discrimination, discrimination!”

    Then the parents send a letter to the school district informing them of an upcoming lawsuit for bazillions – no, make that GAzillions – of dollars against the choir director, principle and district itself, to be also announced at a national new media conference later that afternoon, just in time for the evening news.



  • Adi

    Wait until the “islamophobia” laws are enacted and all this bully-ism is 100% legal.

  • Gunga

    Where is the country of my fathers?

  • John

    The idea of defending the child was of course out of the question.

    Educators: Poilitally correct and morrally bankrupt

  • Susan K

    I pray for my country every day. We have to defeat this pos in the White House to save our country. Progressives and their ilk are so bold as to do this out in the open now. This is the first time in my life that I fear for our country and its citizens. I made it through Dhimmi Kahr and Bill “the cigar” Clinton. I didn’t hate either one, I just didn’t care for them. But this mooslime pos we have now…..I hate him with a passion. I can’t even stand to hear his voice or even look at him on tv (or first mooch, either). I always ask for forgiveness, because I was raised not to hate. But this pos tries my soul. Because of our pResident, this sort of thing is allowed to happen. Lord help us!

  • feduptoo

    Thank God we still have some kids that refuse to give up their values!

    This is a direct result of our immigration system, where once we used to check out people…we just let anyone in! Many have no intention of assimilating…some here for government benefits, some here to cause trouble……

    And we now have a government that in no way, will check out these people!

  • Dittogirl

    Immigration used to be strict, you had to be able to contribute to society before being accepted, and were not allowed to use any social services. A sponsor of the immigrant was responsible for everything.

    Then some bought out our politicians to allow useless, dangerous people into our country and in order to cover their as&es..they had to create laws, and hate crimes, to make sure that Americans shut up about making us into a third world country, sit back and shut up as they take over.

  • Patty

    This is something unimaginable in America. Now, the chickens are coming home to roost.

  • Ralph Gizzip

    School choir sings a song praising Allah. ACLU strangely silent.

    School choir wants to sing Christmas carols like “Oh Little Star of Bethlehem”. ACLU mobilizes nationally against them.

    What’s wrong with this picture?

  • SFC_Swede

    Wait..What?? Let me get this straight. A Public School…has a choir singing a song with Islamic lyrics praising Allah in it? I thought there was a separation of church and State? Christmas and Christian themed events have all been fervently removed from the public schools. Prayer at football games, and other assemblies banned….but someone thought that an Islamic song based “on its rhythms and other qualities” was acceptable???

    Guaranteed that if this were a Christian song…the lawsuits would have been filed before a child had a chance to decline to sing it. As for the death threats, just another glimpse into out future as we allow more and more of these backward muslims into our nation.

  • Rock

    Do you think this any of this would have happened under President Reagan, no way, but with the likes of Holder. Big Sis and the American hating imposter sitting in the Oval Office it has now become the norm. Sad part, a group of Americans I used to have tremendous respect and admiration for, are knowingly protecting him while he destroys this Nation. The filth that is now the Democratic Party has effectively infected every sector of the halls of government. Would not be surprised if the Secret Service has a detail protecting Soros.

  • Tee Dub

    Whaaah? Where’s that precious separation of church and state?

  • Rob Crawford

    What’s the name of the school? I’m interested in what songs make up their Christmas… er, “Winter Holiday” concert.

  • Rock

    Not a question of separation of church and state, but of having young adults singing a song that glorifies a pedophile.

  • bear

    The school bureaucrat stated, “..and other qualities…”. WHAT other qualities? The marxist press would climb all over an actual American who left such a gaping opening. The usual journalistic incompetence is clear, and in line with their motives.

  • Fionnagh

    #5 “…it may be time for some … re-education camps…”

    Yep. Try reading Spencer, Gabrielle, Darwish, et al. Hey, better yet, have you read the Qu’uran lately? Re-educate yourself first.

    BTW, I’m not a Republican. Not even a Christian or Jew. Most people would call me a humanist, or (gasp!) even a progressive. But when an entire race of people makes it their goal in life to wipe other groups of people from the face of the planet because those “others” don’t bow in the direction of Mecca six times a day, that gives “progressive” an entirely different – and nefarious – meaning.

    The world needs more James Harpers.

  • Fionnagh

    #29 Answer: in our hands, to defend, like young Mr. Harper is doing.

  • shane

    #8 Burning a Koran not the same as threatening to kill, or killing.
    #20, I can see that happening!

  • Rob Crawford

    Not a question of separation of church and state, but of having young adults singing a song that glorifies a pedophile.

    That explains the lefties coming to its defense.

  • Patty

    Rahman, who has sold hundreds of millions of records and is well-known in his homeland, has said the song is not intended for a worship ceremony. He told in a written statement that the song, composed for the move “Bose, the Forgotten Hero,” is about “self-healing and spirituality.”

    “It is unfortunate that the student in Colorado misinterpreted the intention of the song,” Rahman said. “I have long celebrated the commonalities of humanity and try to share and receive things in this way. While I respect his decision for opting out, this incident is an example of why we need further cultural education through music.”

    The song is written in Urdu, but one verse translates to “There is no truth except Allah” and “Allah is the only eternal and immortal.” Although the choir sang the original version, Wieland distributed translated lyrics….

    Waiting for the “moderate” Muslim spokesmen in the U.S. to denounce this murderous thuggery. Honest Ibe? Boy Reza? Man of Peace Rauf? Anyone? Anyone?

    If those who believe in different things can’t express their religious or personal beliefs and what is opposite of their beliefs without death threats, will courage and our morals be erased.

    Personally, parents of these kids with hate are causing this matter to escalate. A kid has to go through this to make a statement and I find it perplexing that no other students had his courage. America is losing its way and where are the other heroes.

  • Rob Crawford

    Rahman, who has sold hundreds of millions of records and is well-known in his homeland, has said the song is not intended for a worship ceremony.

    Then he shouldn’t have had all the praise to Allah in it.

  • Remember this line from “Precious Angel” (Bob Dylan 79)?

    “You were tellin’ them about Bhudda. You were tellin’ them about Mohammed in one breath!
    But you never mentioned one time about the man who came and died a criminal’s death!”
    That about says it all….

  • owl

    Where in the holy he** are our ELECTED Repubs hiding????????????????? Why?????????

    If I could KICK them from here to eternity, I would.

    I stayed furious with them the entire time Bush was in office for their wimpy silence. They thought that stink the DEMS stirred would not stick to them. Wrong. They got the boot in 2006. The idiots blamed Bush.

    Then I have to read the comments all over from the supposedly Repubs that mimic the DEMS about Bush. Sick. Sick. This was one of the few sites that did not promote that garbage.

    Repubs let the LIE stand that Bush created all this money problem. I read it from Repubs. Sick. At least Holt puts up the chart for any that can open their eyes and actually look at it.

    Our ELECTED side let it stand. Some even promoted it. It has become common FACT, buried in the Professional MSM Pooper Scooper archives. Our ELECTED officials let this happen to us by their pure incompetence.

    I want the entire leadership gone. GONE. Boehner step down today. GOP head, begone.

    We do not have time for any more of this crap. I could make a list of the good ones that need to stay but over half of them need to either grow a spine and a MOUTH or go away. If they don’t, Obama is going to take care of that little problem.

  • Rock

    #45 February 17, 2012 at 11:48 am
    Rob Crawford

    That explains the lefties coming to its defense.

    Pretty much. Anyway my comment was a response to Tee Dub #38 to elicit clarification of his post, but I guess he ran off to huffv puffy blowing

  • CT

    The source of the terroristic death threats must be tracked down, not to do so is to surrender to the death cult of Islam. These threats cannot be tolerated or forgotten.

  • Rory

    I’m betting it wasn’t muslims that are calling them in, just your run of the mill progressive liberal ( insert name, occupation here ) doing it.

  • Sarah

    This was, sadly, an inevitable outcome.

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  • Vicky Hernandez

    What a bunch of PC twaddle. Like Dr. McCoy once said, “The bureaucratic mentality is the only constant in the universe.” Yes, “Bones” should know.

    FYI to Jeffrey Kirtland: Some Christmas Carols also have “rhythm[s] and other qualities” that would “exhibit” musical talent not because of their “religious message…”
    Oh, holy night. The stars are brightly shining…..

  • aprilnovember811

    You stupid fools who voted for a Muslim impostor president. I’ve never been so embarrassed for this country, that we have this many stupid people.

  • Yep

    I don’t know where F&F gets their info, but I can’t find anything that
    corroborates that he quit school. Only that he quit the choir

  • Lucia826

    @Granny made a good point…then also sing a Christian song, a Gregorian chant, a Jewish call to prayer (learn the shover), a hindu and Buddhist thing, too. Then I could maybe understand it… But these same dumbass schools can’t tolerate CHRISTMAS carols…It’s time to take to the streets!
    Anyone? Anyone?

  • Andrew

    Buck Ofama! If he is a Christian, why doesn’t he stand behind this courageous gentleman? Oh that’s right – it wouldn’t sit well and might affect his reelection. I am tolerant of others religious beliefs, but this is absurd.

  • wanumba

    #47 February 17, 2012 at 11:53 am
    Rob Crawford commented:

    Rahman, who has sold hundreds of millions of records and is well-known in his homeland, has said the song is not intended for a worship ceremony.

    Then he shouldn’t have had all the praise to Allah in it.

    More … If he had Indian Hindus singing it in his “homeland,” it’d get pretty hot. This had-wringing is absolutely tame compared what happens there when Hindus and Muslims collide. The people involved are not telling the truth about this, and that includes Rahman. The name of the song he chose refers expressly to a specific Islamic ritual prayer.

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  • MohammedHatesYou

    More islam shoved down our throats. It’s time we wake up and take decisive action

  • hoopty

    I think the choir should also sing the Horst Wessel Song to demonstrate their vocal skills. Anybody who would be offended by it is just too high strung and racist.

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  • ChimpChump

    I’m sorry, I missed the last part of the video, I was busy wiping MY ASS with the koran.

    #6 Roger that.

  • ChimpChump

    #57 – I got news for you chief, it ain’t about the messenger. Whether or not Fox got the details wrong is irrelevant. The fact that this kid and others were expected to sing the obammy national anthem is the real crux here.

  • Sheihk Yer Bouti

    You will sing the song and you will like it, all praises be upon Him.

  • Yasser al-Sheed Mah Druours

    Ees true dat!

  • WillofLa

    What needs to happen is the whole choir needs to quit in a show of support for this boy, and a stand against those who made the death threats. What are they going to do kill the whole choir? And this Muslim butt kisser music director needs to be fired for causing this controversy these kids never should have been dragged into. This music teacher should be sent to White Christian American sensitivity classes. What! You mean there aren’t any White Christian American sensitivity classes?? Well I’ll be damn! What’s the matter, no one needs to know anything about what being a White Christian feels, believes, and loves about our country, is? Don’t we deserve to be represented in the schools? Don’t we? Socialist don’t want White Christian conservatives to get back in control of any part of our society again. They have worked real hard to take it away from us, and they are not going to let us have it back no matter what we try to use, i.e. the Constitution, law, reverse discremination charges, discremination charges, racist charges, the Holy Bible or anything else.

    This *isses me off so baaaad! The damn Muslims in this country need to all be deported. All these Muslims in Michigan couldn’t have all come here legally. I know Bush let alot of them in, but many more came in under some Arab’s student visa that allows him to bring in “x” number of family member’s, because the law says he needs his family for moral support or some kind of emotional needs, or what the hell ever. But fear that people have of Muslims and their anger, just like this situation where the boy is getting death threats, is what people fear. They know that Muslims will make a big noise if you mess with them. Well that sort of thing needs to be stood up against because if we don’t, Muslims will take it as a sign of weakness. And if we are to weak to stand up to them then they will take us over. This is Islamic history, it is that way now, and I don’t see them changing any time soon.

    So people are wrong in thinking that if we’re nice to them they will like us. Like Ron Paul who believes that if we respect their space and are nice to them they will leave us alone. That has never worked anywhere it’s been tried by numerous countries. And all those countries were taken over by Muslims, by bloody attack. I don’t think they would try to use force to oppose our standing up to them here in America because it might spark a civil war. And I can tell you right now that there is a more than likely chance that there are plenty of people who are more than ready to step up to fighting that war just to get rid of them and stop any that might be thinking of coming here to join up with Al Quaeda and Hamas who are already here training on private land, to kill us.

    This boy needs our absolute backing and whatever else he needs. He was the only one who had the balls to stand up to the teacher, the school, the school board, the state, and had more balls than our own representatives in Congress who won’t stand up against Islam. Like the “Ground Zero Mosque” fight. I think we may have won that fight for right now, but they will be back unless we come up with the guts to deport that damn Imman, and, boy, does he need to be deported!!

  • Retired05

    Comment deleted and user banned for impersonating a fellow commenter. This was not written by retire05.

    Gateway Pundit Administrator

  • #29 the sixties generation destroyed it.

  • Jess

    I fear that the only cure (long term) will be of a .30 caliber nature. Dipped in hog fat for extra goodness…

  • He is getting threats from the people who worship Satan and Allah because the two are the same!

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  • John Stone

    Well, it’s pretty obvious that this young man has received some correspondence from those belonging to “The religion of Peace”.
    Y’all also need to be aware that a white male CANNOT be the victim of hate crime. Those statutes only exist in order to eviscerate white people. Don’t you all know that white Christians are the only people capable of “hating” anybody? Sheesh! Buy a CLUE!!!!

  • noislamocommie

    Until Americans get in behind our immigration system and learn how it works this will continue to happen. For starters the immigration should be removed from the purview of the State Dept.

  • reg

    For starters the immigration should be removed from the purview of the State Dept.

    Please get your facts straight. ICE (U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) is a branch of DHS (Department of Homeland Security) not the U. S. Department of State.

  • Denis Keohane

    All that needs to be done to stop the school choir from singing a song with the words ‘There is no truth except Allah’ is to point out the simple fact that Arabic speaking Christians were invoking the Christian God as Allah, ‘the God’, well before Islam. ‘Allah’ derived from the Aramaic ‘Alaha’, and is not a name. Christians were speaking Aramaic/Arabic long before they spoke the English word ‘God’, and as such, a Christian can certainly say or sing ‘There is no truth except Allah’ if it is understood that by Allah is meant – God!

    Christians should be a bit careful about such nonsense as saying that Satan and Allah are the same, as that means Satan and God (or the God) are the same! The Christians of the Middle East, every bit as Christian as Westerners and more persecuted to boot, don’t get it when they hear English speaking Christians say such things.

    Student Harper, Christian, may have served better had he stated that he is singing the song about Allah, or God, the One God of Father, Son and Holy Spirit Whom Christians worship – and that would have send the school’s dhimmis into apoplexy while at the same time reinforcing the preexistence of Christianity to Islam even in the Arab world.

  • uncommonclarity

    Tommy McDonnell at #72:

    Nope. You are wrong. I am from the generation of the 60’s and I’m a die hard, God-fearing, gun-toting, Teaparty Conservative.

    It’s about GOD whether you WANT to believe it or not. As this nation slips further into secularism, the DEVIL’S ARMY of ANTICHRISTS called MUSLIMS or PROGRESSIVES will gain more and more control over us. CHRISTIANS NEED TO START BEING CHRISTIANS IN PUBLIC as well as private and become VICTORIOUS over this land. Why do you think great examples like Tebow and Lin and this boy are making WORLD NEWS? THIS IS THE ANSWER TO OUR PRAYERS. PRAISE GOD and all this will pass away!

  • uncommonclarity


    You are an idiot. Allah is a God demanding death to all who do not worship him. That sounds like SATAN to anyone’s ears.
    I don’t care WHAT LANGUAGE was spoken first. There were plenty of Gods before Allah in human history.
    JESUS is the ONLY SON OF GOD and OVERCAME DEATH for crying out loud! How can ANYONE not come to terms with that TRUTH?

  • Adi


    Not true.

    Allah comes from Hubal – the moon god, Arabic pagan moon idol who was the chief deity long before Islam was invented by Mohammed.

    Because of the chief deity status Hubal was also referred as al-ilah (the god) but the difference here is more than semantic, because while the significance of the word may be “the god”, it is a stone idol who is actually worshiped.

    And no, the God from Bible and the Arabian stone pagan idol are NOT the same.

  • Elayne

    As a middle school educator, I hate when stupid stuff like this happens. It just makes the hard-working, sane teachers look bad. Unfortunately, too many of these types of situations are occurring. The administrators should be ashamed for not protecting this child, particularly since it was the actions of its faculty that put the events in motion. How hard could it have been to figure that Christians would find this song objectionable?

  • Adi

    Just wanted to add that Allah has all the attributes of Mohammed: what Mohammed likes – Allah likes and what Mohammed dislikes so is Allah.

    In the end Allah is nothing but a rock stripped of its old religious significance and infused with Mohammed’s personality. And that is Islam.

  • Denis Keohane

    Uncommon clarity and Adi, try this:

    Greek and Roman mythology had such as Zeus and Poseidon as ‘gods’. Does the fact that these pagan mythological beings were called ‘god’ mean that any use of the word ‘god or “God’ is pagan? There are and have been Christians in the Arab Middle East who have referred to the Christian God as ‘Allah’ since before there was an Islamic faith. So do you two folks insist those Christians were worshiping a false god or Satan, because they used an Arabic word for ‘God’ or ‘the God’? You do of course both know that the English word ‘God’ does not appear in any ancient Biblical manuscript and was never spoken by Christ nor any Apostle! Is this making your heads hurt? The Christian faith did not begin with the KJV or the English language! Remember the ancient creed, and the holy ‘catholic’ Church, meaning ‘one universal’, as in ‘make disciples of all the nations’ (Matt 28:19)? Not just English speakers.

  • I am wondering if a Muslim student in the choir at Grand Junction High School felt uncomfortable singing a Christian praise song, and recused himself, if HE would receive “death threats”? I doubt it. More than likely, the ACLU would make him a cause celebre.

  • @Denis Keohane Some historical scholars indicate that the name “Allah” was formerly associated with an Arabian moon god.

  • Adi


    Your reply has the intellect and value of a 5 y.o. playing with Semantics.

    Is this making your heads hurt?

    Oh yes it does. Just thinking that I took my time to reply to you makes my brain bleed. Don’t worry, won’t happen again.

  • Denis Keohane

    Hi Lech Dharma. I’ve run across that. The premise of it reminds me of the book ‘The Two Babylons’ written by an fervent anti-Catholic, Alexander Hislop, meant to establish that Catholicism was a pagan religion based on supposed similarities to pagan religions. Decades after that book another writer penned a follow-on book, ‘Babylon, Mystery Religion’, built on the same premises. That author, though, an honest man and Christian, came to realize how nonsensical the ‘pagan origins’ theme is, and recanted the entire book:

    Try this: Greek pagan mythology presented Hercules as the son of god, Zeus, and a human woman. Therefore, the Christian understanding of a Jesus Christ Who is the Son of God and a human woman, Mary, derived from pagan religion. All the anti-Catholic writer Hislop did in his anti-Catholic fervor was create grounds upon which to question the Christian faith itself!

    Pagan Greeks called mythological Zeus – god! Does that mean Christians calling God – ‘God’ – is pagan? If some pagan Arabs did actually call a pagan moon god ‘allah’, does that make any use of ‘Allah’ pagan? If it does, than calling the Triune Godhead of Father, Son and Holy Spirit ‘God’can also be called pagan, and calling Jesus the Christ ‘the Son of God’ can also be called pagan, as Hercules was supposedly the son of god.

    Remember Paul: Acts 19:8 …reasoning and persuading them about the kingdom of God. (Also Acts 19:9,32)

    Using ‘reason’ is not anti-Christian.

  • Denis Keohane


    When Mel Gibson’s ‘Passion of Christ’ came out, with much of the dialog in Aramaic, the language of Jesus and His Apostles, there was at least one group of Christians that did not need the subtitles and it was reported in the news at the time. They were Arab Christians, including Iraqi Christians. They still said their prayers and worshiped in that Aramaic language of the Apostles. Those Arab Christians, unlike Christians here in the U.S., are undergoing real persecution. By your lack of reasoning, because they use the Arabic for God, Allah, they are pagan worshipers, and to point out otherwise is – just semantics???????

    And Adi, God does not come from the Bible. The Bible came from God. The order is important.

  • Time

    What religion is the choir director/instructor ? I can only guess….

  • WillofLa

    I had gotten a email for Mr. Kirtland yesterday and I tried to send an email to him a while ago and his email site is closed, so I couldn’t send it to him. He probably got so much “hate” mail from people who know this fine young man that Mr. Kirtland had to close his site to keep it from catching fire! So I saved it and if I run into it or I take the time to look up the school, I’ll send it to him. But what they’ve probably done is, if a email is not from someone he knows or isn’t from the proper schools office it’s deleted. I know you can filter your emails at your email provider in how you set up your email. But I just thought I would try. You never know because I have done this many times and it went through. I sent a scathing email to a small city council one time who passed a law prohibiting people from praying in resturants in town. That if anyone saw you they could call a cop and have you thrown out of the resturant. Well, after their email server caught fire and exploded they got rid of that ordinance. It was unConstitutional in prohibiting anyone from being able to practice their faith anywhere they see fit. That’s why it IS unConstitutional to remove prayer from public schools because if the teacher wants to pray and most of the kids are okay with it, they pray. But also to if any kid doesn’t or objects to it the teacher would ask them to step out into the hall while the rest of the class prays. But it’s been my experience that those kids were to embarrassed to get up and walk out side.

    Well, you know the old teacher thing that goes, “And kid who asks what they think is a stupid question is probably asking the same question that three fourths of the other students want to know to, but are to embarrassed to ask a stupid question.” The same thing as this boy getting up and walking out on singing the song. There were probably three fourths of the choir who didn’t want to sing it either, but were to embarrassed to get up and walk out, or they wished they could not sing this song that they objected to also but didn’t want to quit choir. Sometimes you have to make decisions that may cause you pain, but are always the right thing to do.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    I think Denis is tryng to hijack the thread; is “Allah” god, or is he “god” with a capital “G” or is he something else, and what about those Catholics, and using your reason isn’t anti-christian! (Um, thanks forthe tip.)

    Playing with words.

    The issue here is, whever, and however, “Allah” got his name, or what, exactly, it means, but should schoolkids in a public school be singing religious praises to him? Especially since prayer is supposedly forbidden in public schools.

    And, if a kid decides, for whatever reason, that he’s not going to worship Allah, should he receive death threats? And shouldn’t the school take some responsibility for this situation, seeing as they’re the ones who forced it on him?

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    By the way, I go to church with Syrian Christians, and they all speak of “Jesus”, not “Allah.”

    Even if Middle-Eastern Christians use the term “Allah” when referring to God sometimes, it’s pretty obvious they worship a very different deity than the Allah who inspired Mohammed’s infamous career. Certainly, the Moslems seem to think so, as given their treatement of said Christians.

    That, and $20.00, will buy you a cup of coffee at Starbucks, hold the sugar please, soy milk only, and “You say potatoe, I say Poh-tah-toe” etc., etc., etc.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Or, as the great philosopher Popeye once said, “A rose by any other name would smell”.

    And, as one greater than Mohammed once said, “By their fruits, ye shall know them.”

    The Christians’ “Allah” is not the same as the Islamic “Allah.”

  • Time

    Under NO circumstance should any school have any child sing any song praising ALLAH at any time !!!! Enough of this politically correct junk… This nation is bending so far over to pacify Muslims, Mexicans, etc yet, we as a nation under God are forced to give up our own freedoms of worship and give it to others to worship theirs. Adventurely we will have lost everything that our country was built on and the transplants will have transformed our home/country into theirs with their laws and religon. We will lose all that has made this country great from its birth. We are allowing all implants to take away our heritage and replace it with their foreign laws and foreign religons. We must stop this now… They are infiltrating our schools, our children, while they are young, so they can better control their minds..In 20-30 yrs their mission will have come full circle…Complete brain wash of the masses and our way of life, culture will be gone..

  • Contessa61

    This kid would be a hero of the left if he refused to sing a song praising God. Yes, I know that allah means god.

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  • Brenda

    This country will some day be in a civil war like none other. I am fairly liberal but not to muzlims and their crap they pull in the U.S. and other countries as well. We are going to kick their asses!
    It won’t be pretty. Piss on mo, that sick murderous pervert.

  • Steve Mann

    How unique – Refuse to praise Allah and you are threatened with Death-

    Which other faith has this attitude-?

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  • judyavelsor

    Listen this young man deserves backing. . so back him people. Get him his homeschooling. Give him a free college education. He stood up to his obstacles. I think he deserves a big reward for taking the hard road not the easy one. God Bless these kids who have learned.

  • martin j smith

    So the parent’s of the other kids who sign this praise to allah song are OK with this or, which I strongly suspect they are afraid. There are so many examples of blatant Left Wing crap and it is time for some one or organization to do more than just investigate but be more actiist in looking into these cases–The motives,those who are really behind them etc.

  • Dennis

    This song should have been discarded along with the music official who introduced it.
    Look for another song with the rhyme and rhythem you’re looking for. First they take away prayers in school, now they want to advocate Allah. Kiss off

  • William

    The next step is for Eric Holder, Attorney General under Barack Hussein Obama, to file charges against the teenaged boy.

    Which charges will they file?




    Hate Crime?

    Immigration violation?

    Breaking US Government Immigration and Culteral Diversity Laws?


    Also, The Lord of the Universe, Savior of Mankind, The One, Mister Hope and Change, Barack Hussin Obama II – Barry Soetoro, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, all of the predominently leftist, hate filled, racist Main Stream News Media, Celebrities from the Entertainment Industry, Muslims organizations, Unions, etc., must come out and give speeches against such a mean thing as a boy refusing to sing a Muslim song. They will have to condemn him for his behavior, and put fear into the hearts of anyone else who intends, or dares, to do the same.

    Finally, if and when this boy and his family are kidnapped, or tortured, harassed, their property vandalized, and even murdered, these same people will probably come out defending Muslims and their supporters, the leftist, hate filled government lovers and Main Stream Media folks the will probably demonize the boy and support the Muslims, praising the school, and demonzing anyone else who dares to refuse to pay tribute to Allah, Homosexuals and their forcing the rest of the country to condone and endores their lifestyle, including the phony “homosexual,” or “gay” marriage nonsense.

    When will we hear Obama, Holder, Hillary Clinton, the entertainment industry celebrities, et al, start declaring, “Alahu Akbhar!!!! Alahu Akbhar!!! Alahu Akbhar!!!! ?

    Has the US become a land of Dhimmies?

    Next step, watching Eric Holder and his and Obama’s cronies, berating this boy as he is indicted and tried for his “bad behavior.”

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  • Valerie

    Oh. My. Everlovin’. Lord.

    This is what La Jolla High Principal Dana Shelburne had painted out.

    Look at the picture. The Persian Club, you know, the one made up of Iranian-American kids, the -gasp- muslims? Who expressed love for what this country stands for? Them, the ones we need to teach their family overseas — THOSE KIDS are the ones that La Jolla High Principal Dana Shelburne wanted to school in foolish oppression.

    The kids won. There’s been a settlement. They can paint the benches without prior consent, so long as it isn’t obscene, libelous or slanderous, just like other students have done at that high school for decades.

    The school system admits no wrongdoing, and the article doesn’t say anything about any other discipline for La Jolla High Principal Dana Shelburne.

  • Denis Keohane

    Hello Rhinestone Suderman,

    Nope, not trying to hijack the thread, but making a point about how this could have been turned around against the dhimmi attitude if Christians understood a bit more about Christians. If that student had said he could sing praise to Allah in recognition that Christians have called God by that title since before there was an Islam and he would mean it as praise to the Triune God of Christianity – then what would the ‘appease Islam’ side have done? I believe their heads would have exploded! You wrote this:

    “Even if Middle-Eastern Christians use the term “Allah” when referring to God sometimes, it’s pretty obvious they worship a very different deity than the Allah who inspired Mohammed’s infamous career.”

    …and this:

    “The Christians’ “Allah” is not the same as the Islamic “Allah.””
    Applause! That’s exactly the point, which is why someone, as in this thread, saying Allah and Satan is the same is both ignorant and blasphemous to real genuine Middle Eastern Christians. Remember, Christianity was born in the Middle East among peoples who spoke Aramaic, as did Jesus.

    By the way, when you go to Church with Syrian Christians, are the services in Aramaic or Syriac, as they are in some Middle Eastern Christian Churches, or English???? I know Italians who will celebrate Easter in the United States, but it would be Pasqua in Italy among those speaking Italian. In Spain it would be Pascua, in French it would be Pâques, and so on.

    Maybe in a nutshell: a public school choir was to sing a song praising Allah, which the choir leader and the school no doubt believe to exclusively reference the Islamic deity. If a Christian then pointed out that, no, Allah can and has been used to refer to the Christian deity since before Islam existed – and he would sing it as praise to the God that Christians worship – would the same choir master and school have been willing to use that song – and if they wouldn’t – their blatant dhimmitude and hypocrisy would be manifest! They would be exposed and the Christian did nothing more than speak the truth and seek to praise God.

  • Militant Conservative

    And its Whitney Houston all over tv today. If it were a white person who dies, we would barely hear about it. Its just wrong. We need to go back to what made our country great. close the borders. Enforce christianity as the one true religion. Lets return to greatness.

  • Deserttrek

    10 to 1 the school would never have let a song with Jewish or Christian lyrics on the schedule. Lying politically correct garbage.

    Time to close the public mindwashng facilities.

  • AuntieMadder

    @ #111 – I’m not taking that sucker bet! No way.

    As for the Colorado student with principles he refuses to compromise, this country needs more like him. Way to be, James Harper.

  • martin j smith

    I think there are tree issues: One why is this song being pushed and by whom ? Two: Are students permitted to opt out if they choose to for their own beliefs ? 3) Are the police investigating the source of these death threats and what does the school say about them if anything?

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  • IndyMason

    Just Google “school bans song religious”. You don’t have to put in a specific religion. Schools can’t have it both ways, either religious affiliated songs are allowed in school or they are not, not just the songs that are deemed acceptable due to “how they display the choirs singing ability”. There are plenty of non religious songs that can do that.

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  • Lana

    This is a PUBLIC SCHOOL people!! Why are you not surprised?! This wouldn’t have happened in a private or parochial school, or a homeschool co-op!

    Government-run schools answer to themselves only—not to the parents! Government schools have your kids in their grip–mentally, emotionally, academically, and socially. Parents and kids with a brain who aren’t shy about speaking up and who aren’t intimidated by their sheeple peers and school staff, are ostracized, told they are “weird”, “out of touch”, —or you fill in the blank.

    There are so-so public schools, borderline ones, and outrageous ones. This poor teen is in a crappy one. Good for him that he quit and got the heck out. But then….there’s a student body still there whose minds are being muddled with. Someone needs to speaks on their behalf and stand up for what is right.

    GO private, parochial, charter, and home schools!!! Wake up people and let the public school parents and kids know that there ARE alternatives to the “feed the kids mush” high schools. (jr. hi and elementary too) In California they suck the kids brains out young with the gender neutral/same sex marriages stuff in the curriculum, and all the garbage that goes with it.

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