In December Capital One spokesman Alec Baldwin was tossed off an American Airlines flight after he refused to turn off his cell phone. He created a disturbance so loud they could hear him in the cockpit.

A flight attendant was the subject of a Twitter tirade from Alec Baldwin after the actor was booted from a plane at Los Angeles International Airport for playing a word game on his cell phone as the plane was about to depart for New York.

This weekend Alec went off on another Twitter tirade, this time against conservative Andrew Breitbart.

As NewsBusters reported, the attack did not go unanswered.
Breitbart responded,

“There’s NO REASON you should talk to me like I’m your daughter! @alecbaldwin.”

Which was in reference to Alec’s infamous outburst against his young daughter that was caught on tape.

More… Alec Baldwin must be vying for a lead role in Hating Breitbart, huh?




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  1. Alex Baldwin…. isn’t he the guy that does insurance commercials,,,no wait thats the AFLAC duck

  2. #1:

    He does Capital One commercials.

    Boy are they stupid.

  3. Boycott Hollywood. The verbal diarrhea will stop when they can’t pay for their overblown lifestyles!

    Most of the actors are overpaid, egotistical, simpletons who think they are intelligent political gurus.

  4. Baldwin being the classic example of that part of the human anatomy.

  5. let Capital One know what you think about their fraud of a spokesperson, Alec Baldwin.

    let capital one’s competitor’s know you no longer use capital one products.

  6. Takes one to know one, Alec. A^^hat.

  7. Oh yeah?? Then that could make you, Alec Baldwin, a chancre on the anus with which you have daily dis[inter]course.

  8. No no no. He’s perfect for Capital One. I spend a chunk of my time coaching the next generation to avoid Capital One like the plague with their predatory business model and high rates. All they know about him is “You are ruseress Alek Barwind, you are ruseress Alek Bardwin…” so having him as the face of CapOne is very very helpful to responsible parenting.

  9. Baldwin loves Breitbart like a daughter. :lol:

  10. Alek balwuss needs to leave there USA fukkkkk Hollywood aholes

  11. ++

    Alec Baldwin may be considered a great actor/comedian,
    but he is most assuredly a dysfunctional human being..


  12. ++

    he should run for prez, Roseanne could be his VP, oh wait..


  13. PWNED!!!!

  14. We all need to speak with our —-OFF button!! I am so tired of this over load of disrespect and Immorality

  15. He’s really just to insignificant to talk about. A festering boil has more character.

  16. Baldwin gets one point for an original metaphor, Brietbart gets three points for skewering a gas bag of flatulence.

  17. I am no fan of Alec Baldwin but the guy who called Sarah Palin “Bible Spice” can’t be all bad.

  18. A Festering Boil on Anus

    Yet another example of projection from a champagne-socialist.

  19. And he should know about anus’

  20. So how is it someone who makes pianos is worried about what Breitbart says? sarc off :-)

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