Awful. Obama Travels to Wisconsin to Throw Support Behind Leftist Hooligans on Anniversary of Anti-Walker Protests (Video)

Awful. Barack Obama is traveling to Wisconsin today to show solidarity to the leftist hooligans who stormed the State Capitol one-year ago to harass and threaten Governor Scott Walker and Republican legislators.

Yesterday protestors laid siege on the State Capitol once again.

Obama is traveling to Wisconsin to rally his supporters.

Last year we caught Obama’s Organizing for America red-handed as they orchestrated and organized the protest mobs that stormed the State Capitol. Remember they chased after Republican State Senators and made death threats against them?

Then they announced RECALL campaigns against six Republican State Senators. They needed to win four of the RECALLs, but with your help we stopped them in all but two of the RECALL campaigns.

So now they are back, with Barack Obama campaigning in Wisconsin at taxpayer expense, and the leftist mobs are trying to RECALL Republican Gov. Scott Walker, Republican Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and four more Republican State Senators.

Please, show your support for the $100,000 Money Bomb to DEFEAT the RECALL.

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  • RedBeard

    But… but… but I thought Obama was a uniter, not a divider. I must have been misinformed.

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  • Patty

    Wow, the guy is so confident in his re-election, now he is campaign for the Unions. That is just sad but it is appropriate for a Radical. Following the Rules for Radicals.

  • Patty

    Does he have any shame?

  • Patty

    Polls show this guy can beat em all. Why is that? Americans aren’t paying a D bit of attention, once again.

  • dba…vagabond trader

    You can take the community organizer out of the hood, but……

  • Missy8s

    The only words that come to mind when I ponder this “alleged” “president” are terrorism and treason, there are simply no other more accurate words to describe his actions.

  • Liz

    Impeach this circus.

  • SeniorD

    Waitaminit, He Who has Challenged the Catholic Church (and lost), He Who supported the failed Jon Corzine for New Jersey Governor (and whose company seems to have misplaced BILLIONS of investor money), He Who shoved Obamacare down the throats of every American citizen (and will likely lose in the Supreme Court) is spending taxpayer money to save Wisconsin?

    Madison Wisconsin is a Socialist Oasis surrounded by Conservative Farmers. As a new found haven for Chicago’s ‘monied crowd’, it will soon take over from Cicero, IL. We can expect UW ‘Students’, the Unions and State Government coming out in droves to follow ‘The Lightworker’ like lemings. Hopefully with the same results as his previous efforts.

  • Finncrisp

    The Demomarxist knows no bounds. This campaign is naked, unadulterated in your face Marxism.
    We have now got feds inspecting lunches of preschoolers, churches being told to bow to the state or else, healthcare directives to private industry – do it or else.

    Paid protestors being housed in tents at public expense causing millions in damage to private property.

    Coal, natural gas, and oil regulated to produce skyrocketing costs to consumers.

    Health care directives pushing premiums ever higher; the move is to compleetly collapse not just health care, but medicine as we know it. We are ending medical reseearch as a result of cost cutting to providers of supplies and services. Meanwhile, no effort to reduce any administrative cost s in Washington. Send more money, tax us to death. Control all aspects of our lives.

    If this is the future you want, apply to OWS, get a check and a tent.

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  • wanumba

    Recall: Une Nouvelle Forme de COUP D’ETAT ou Bien un GOLPE de ESTADO?

    “From the French, coup, meaning a quick strike and état meaning state, and playing on the similarity of état and the word for head, tête, the concept describes a decapitating strike aimed at the top office-holders and leadership of a sitting government in order to quickly insert a rival power structure, a targeted blow at the head of state to enable a minority to upset the status quo maintained by the majority.

    With the United States being a unity of fifty states, which under our Constitution function more like independent countries, with their own locally elected governments, a politically partisan recall orchestrated against the duly-elected governor, actively being organized in Arizona and Wisconsin, seems uncomfortably close to fulfilling every criteria of a coup d’état or as it is known in Central America, a golpe de estado.

    No guns are required; this would be how lawyers and political organizers wage battle, bloodless and cold, not the heat of hand to hand combat on the front steps of the presidency and in the hallways of parliament, in these cases, in the lobbies of the Governor’s Offices and the State Legislatures. The weapon used would be a cynical application of legal processes meant to provide relief in a tyrannical or criminally abusive situation, but in 2011 seized by a disgruntled losing party of 2010 to effectively throw out the results of general elections, and by that, the votes of the majority of the people.”

  • Sasja

    Should he get his way with our national defense none of this will matter as we will probably be reduced to dust. This new proposal of The Evil One is just….well, words fail me.

  • Ausonius

    Fellow travellers, as the red diaper baby era would say.

  • Spider

    Scott Walker has nothing to worry about. The recall was motivated by a petulant child like response to his successful campaign promises to reign in spending and control the power of public unions.

    The left doesn’t even have anybody available to run against Gov. Walker in the actual election.

    All Walker has to do is talk about his accomplishments and Wis. will happily ‘elect’ him again.

  • bg



    Syrian People are paying for Western inaction with their lives

    [When Jay Carney on the behalf of the White House stated last week that the ‘right solution is a political solution’ for Syria this demonstrates such a profound ineptness and inability to articulate and understand the evil that is Assad and his military leadership that the US has fallen to an all-time low in its reliability in defending liberty abroad.

    American diplomacy has taken a tragic turn when it is the UN’s Ban Ki Moon who is advocating the loudest for the freedom seeking people of Syria. Strategically Syria represents our greatest opportunity against the Iranian crescent of control through Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. As an ethnically and religiously diverse nation Syria stands as the Arab nation ultimately most likely to arise out of both secular fascism and Islamist fascism.

    Our inaction is being paid for with the lives of the Syrian people. The Security Council gridlock will do nothing to change the situation on the ground. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey V. Lavrov told a news conference that ‘We should first have peace,’ before we agree to the Arab League proposal. Hypocritically the Russians are best suited to bring that peace by ceasing the arming and fueling of Assad’s military. The Syrian government does not make its own weapons. The United States needs to step away from the table at the UN and stop grasping at straws for a solution and seize the opportunity to lead for there to be any hope for change within the Middle East.”]

    if you can’t support them, then at least pray for
    them, there but for the Grace of God go we..


  • bg


    re: #16 February 15, 2012 at 12:12 pm bg

    if you can’t support them, then at least pray for
    them, there but for the Grace of God go we..


  • Carin

    yes – and he has the nerve to come out to LA again to use his westside ATM machine. Arriving right at the start of rush hour with rain predicted too. Killing our drive time and we have to freakin pay for it. He will never learn.

  • wanumba

    #15 February 15, 2012 at 12:05 pm
    Spider commented:

    Scott Walker has nothing to worry about. The recall was motivated by a petulant child like response to his successful campaign promises to reign in spending and control the power of public unions.

    I refer you to my post #12. That’s what everyone thought in AZ. Senator Pearce, after winning a comfortable majority in the general election was ripped out by a Democrat-engineered recall.
    The Dems will find a suitable replacement, as they did in AZ and call it a Republican rebuke to the Republican.

    Recall has certain dynamics not found in a general election, that can be exploited … they are political weapons now, not last resort. Less than 24 hours after Pearce was torn out of office, the recall gang announced they were going after Brewer and Arpiao both who had just been re-elected COMFORTABLY.

    This is ALL about throwing out the general election results, ie the majority vote.

  • James

    obama is the worst, most corrupt president in history. Could someone explain to me how he is not 40 points behind every single GOP nominee including ron paul.


    my state will prevail in the recall…FUKK the union thugs…what pi$$es me off is walker going with odumb$hit to masterlock…stay the fukkk away from the mooslie POS

  • Chris in N.Va.

    Gives a new meaning to the old term “whistle stop” campaign — in this case, blowing the Lib/Dem/Prog dog whistles to mobilze Occupy-space Cadets and other (union) stooges.

    We always knew this Community-(Dis)Organizer-in-Chief blew….

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  • #20 bing…………….millions of dead voters bought to you by corrupt doj………..thats why odummer is so confident that he will win re-election…………polls are not to be trusted……….. their to discourged people from voting…………making it look like he’s far ahead of rest of pack………so people will stay home ………….not vote………..just sayin

  • bigL

    WRong Hyperlink- The one in the post is “Defeat Barax obama”Not support Scott Walker.
    Please put the correct one up.

  • YourMaster

    Walker will have nothing to worry about ….do you remember the times 0bama has campaigned for democrats before?

    ….do you remember Scott Brown’s win in a hugely liberal state – 0bama campaigned for the democrat there… the republican Scott brown won.

    Every single time he campaigned for a group of democrats – they all lost because of being tied with 0bama’s failed policies. *lol*

    ….which is why you generally now see… Democrats trying to avoid being seen around 0bama or say that they are too busy to see him… see if he appears to be best buddies with the democrat senator running for the seat …apparently they can be associated with his bad policies.

    so him campaigning against scott walker will harm the democrats chances even more of winning than not being there at all. the unions will not win the recall. …they lost to the republicans the 1st time around with Walker’s bill… then they tried to cheat by placing kloppenburg in power in the courts (who was obviously a shill for unions and would of been the deciding vote to overturn walker’s bill preventing it) prosser won by 7000 votes *lol* ….now they try again, and I bet they’ll get the same results.

    it’s like WTF… why won’t democrats just accept election results: they are really starting to piss voters off with the crap they keep pulling.

    …they’ve even lost dark blue states like NY-9 to republicans… a state not held by them for over 90 yrs. …so I think the dems antics are starting to aggrevate a lot of the public….

    they deserve a huge loss in 2012…. all the dems should be out of the job (not able to find work for 50 yrs… because of 0bama killing job opportunities like the keystone pipeline… and not leasing liscenses to BP to start the drilling of our own resources. …if that does happen… I bet they’ll turn on 0bama and just go off on him at every opportunity. …they should considering he’s basically jimmy carter II (our absolute worst president in history clone)

    ….only jimmy carter has reason to smile… since he can die know he no longer has that title anymore.

  • SturJen

    Uh, we really really don’t want him in Wisconsin for any reason…can you tell him to go on vacation, hit the links or something?

    He can buddy up to Scott Walker all he wants, but my shrill little voice still can be heard over his teleprompter speeches. I’m telling everyone within a 3 county area that he’s a lying sack of fertilizer.

    His attempt to make the Catholics bow down and kiss his rump has infuriated a lot more people than he thinks…..

  • BurmaShave

    This is none of your business, Obama!

    You are supposed to unite the country and represent ALL of the people, not take sides and exacerbate a partisan issues within a state, for Pete’s sake!

    You are not my president. You are disgracing the office of the Presidency, but it is clear you don’t care a bit. It is evident from your behavior that whatever mud and disgrace you bring up the Office of the Presidency and our country (not yours), the better in your thoroughly partisan mind.

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  • Earthmover

    I have to laugh about Obama visiting Masterlock Company, they are in FULL
    production because the economy is so bad, people are locking up their stuff.
    I’m sure crime has escalated, you just don’t hear about it like you would if
    Bush were still in office.

  • bg


    February 15, 2012

    The Politician Wins

    [The thought process goes like this: person violates law, politician looks the other way, violator decides to continue to violate law, politician decides law should be enforced and warns violator, violator decides to continue to break law, politician orders police to enforce law, police confront violator, violator still breaks law, police exercise force to gain compliance, violator screams bloody murder, politician investigates cops for using force.

    The politician wins. He or she got tough, but not too tough and not too hastily so as to allow the pot to simmer a while, and when things happen that don’t play well on the news, he or she gets to blame the police.

    This scenario played out so frequently in the closing months of 2011 that I fear it will do lasting damage to policing in America. As harsh as it sounds, the license of force is a necessary tool for peace. Images of officers doing what is required of them without a coherent narrative make it hard on everybody. Every confrontation is a “raid,” every arrest where force is required is a “beating,” and every tool carried into the fray is “overreaction”. Politicians use police officers like tissue paper — they have an ugly substance to remove and the thing used to remove it gets tainted and thrown away.


  • bg


    velvethammer #32 February 15, 2012 at 5:34 pm

    wrong link, i think??


  • bg


    velvethammer #32 February 15, 2012 at 5:34 pm

    found it.. 😉


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  • PMO

    Four more years , Haters!!! And the best part is that ass-clown Scooter is going to be recalled!!!