Afghan Officer Abdul Saboor Salangi Accused of Shooting 2 Americans in Back of the Head

Abdul Saboor Salangi, 25, a junior Afghan intelligence officer with ties to a Pakistani religious school, was accused of shooting two US officials in the back of the head in the Interior Ministry Building in Kabul yesterday.
There were no known witnesses to the murders.

Salangi studied at a madrassa in Pakistan recently.

KSAT reported:

Two U.S. soldiers were gunned down last week at a base in eastern Afghanistan by a man wearing an Afghan National Army uniform.

The man who shot two military officers Saturday at the interior ministry was a junior intelligence officer with ties to a Pakistani religious school, an Afghan counter-terrorism official said.

The gunman was identified as Abdul Saboor, an employee in the ministry’s intelligence department, according to the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to release the information.

“We believe it was 100% linked to the Quran burning because of the religious background of this junior officer. He spent two months in a Pakistani madrassa,” the official said.

The interior ministry confirmed that the gunman in Saturday’s shooting is believed to be one of its employees, whose “whereabouts are unknown.” Police “are making every effort to find him as soon as possible,” the ministry said.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the shooting Saturday.

Salangi spent time in Pakistan before being rehired at the Interior Ministry.
The Guardian has more on Abdul Saboor Salangi.

Abdul Saboor Salangi had been an ordinary policeman with a history of absenteeism who dropped out of the force and spent some time in Pakistan before returning to another police job with the ministry, said a security source who asked not to be named.

Police raided his home in a small village in the southern part of Salang district, where he lived with his mother, wife and two children.

“When the police first sent a delegation into his house for the investigation, they didn’t tell her why, so she thought her son had died and couldn’t stop crying,” said the Salang district governor, Abdulshakur Qudosi.

The two officers, reported to be a colonel and a major, were found dead in a room inside the interior ministry that was used only by foreigners and secured with combination locks. They had been shot in the back of the head.

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  • A citizen

    It’s time to start turning parts of Kabul in to rubble-strewn “parking lots.”

  • As usual, muhammadans behave in the most cowardly fashion, attacking the unarmed, shooting captives in the back of the head, rampaging in massive mobs, killing those who don’t adhere to their beliefs.

    All this death and destruction over a burnt book. And not only do they feel perfectly justified in what they have done, they will continue to rampage and destroy more lives over a few pages with ink on them.

    Islam is the antithesis of all that is good and civilized. Kindness, forgiveness, tolerance – all those virtues are a weakness in islam. Until we start electing leaders who are not afraid to stand up to these savages instead of grovelling to them, this type of behavior will continue.

  • ar05075

    Obowma will grant him asylum in America.

  • Patty

    Seven U.S. military trainers were wounded on Sunday when a grenade was thrown at their base in northern Afghanistan, police said, as anti-Western fury deepened over the burning of the Koran at a NATO base.

    Despite an apology from U.S. President Barack Obama, riots raged across the country for a sixth day on Sunday against the desecration of the Muslim holy book at a NATO air base at Bagram. Some protesters hoisted the white Taliban flag.

    The Afghan Interior Ministry identified one of its employees as a suspect in the fatal shooting of two U.S. officers in its headquarters a day earlier, an attack that prompted NATO to recall its staff from ministries.

    One civilian was killed, 15 more were wounded and three policemen injured in riots near the NATO base in northern Kunduz province, where the blast that wounded the Americans took place, regional police chief Samihullah Qatra told reporters.

    NATO confirmed there had been an explosion outside one of its bases in northern Afghanistan, but declined to comment on casualties.

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  • Patty

    Execution style. Never say this coming. And how they breach security?

    Quran burning in Afghanistan leads to the deaths of two U.S. soldiers and an apology from Barack Obama!

    That’s right! For those of you who are unaware of the goings on in Afghanistan due to preoccupation with what to have for dinner, the Academy Awards or maybe the NBA All-Star game here is a brief summary!

    Two U.S. soldiers were shot in cold blood and at close range by an Afghan soldier over the inadvertent burning of a Quran, after which President Obama issued an apology to Hamid Karzai. Reread that sentence if you must but the facts won’t change!

    How could the conversation between the “allies” have gone?

    “I’m so sorry Hamid that the U.S. did something that your people believe to be so heinous as to provoke one of your soldiers to kill two of ours?”

    It’s sounds like a broken record because these types of violent protests have occurred before, but in fact the desecration of ANY religious book, symbol or artifact is wrong regardless of the religion involved!

    Coptic Christians in Egypt for example should not have to live under the constant threat of death and destruction of everything that is sacred to their religion. But they do on a daily basis and the situation only gets worse!

    The response of the Afghan people is so disproportionate to the act committed in this case that it should serve as a dire warning, and not only in Afghanistan, to the level and magnitude of the fight that the United States and our allies face.

    Once again a brief review: Two U.S. soldiers were murdered by an Afghan soldier while two other military advisers were shot in the back of the head and killed over a Quran burning , and President Obama issued an apology to Hamid Karzai.

    In addition over 25 Afghans were killed and hundreds injured in violent rioting in Afghanistan and President Obama apologized.

    Just when you think that it can’t happen again, I am speechless over the actions of this President! The apologist President!

    Will Obama be vilified by the mainstream media for what he has done?

    Will what he has done in any way impact his reelection bid?

    Do those who blindly follow this President understand in any way how he makes this country less safe through most every action he takes and decision that he makes?

    Will the Presidents actions give pause to those who continue to dump millions of dollars into his campaign coffers?

    No, no, no and no!

    While once again I may be speechless,

  • Skandia Recluse

    How does one man, alone, shoot two people in the same room, without signs of a struggle?

  • Patty

    Must See Video: This is NOT an Obama-style apology to Hamid Karzai for U.S. soldiers being murdered in Afghanistan!

  • Patty

    #7 February 26, 2012 at 11:32 am
    Skandia Recluse commented:

    Breach in Security and investigations on this matter. He should not have been able to do this and someone is responsible. Heads should roll.

  • Patty

    Why is Obama in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood?

    Answers on this link

  • jorgen

    Why on earth would an accomplice, sorry, a member of the Religion of Peace do that???

  • RWGinger

    We , ALL of the Western world, need to either go BIG or go home. But if we go home we also should understand they will come after us and with the sheer numbers they have and the huge numbers they have in Europe and even here
    we are so at risk.
    But let’s keep bowing apologizing and placating them
    as that has worked so well

  • WillofLa

    Just like when a demonstrator was asked in Egypt what he thought about the change over to Islamic revolution and the ousting of Mabarrck from office, and the man exclamed, “Obama had nothing to do with this. We have taken our country from this government in the name of Allah.” These people hate Obama, for some unknown reason since he’s one of them. But I suppose if you aren’t a active member of Islam then you aren’t doing what you ought to be doing.

    We have ceased to be accomplishing anything of value in Afghanistan. It is time to leave the country and leave those people to their own demise, which would be the way they want it. Sure our military believes they can still accomplish some degree of security for those who want a secular governance. But I can tell you right now that the security people in Afghanistan are not going to be able to keep themselves safe let alone anyone else when these people start the kind of stuff they are doing now.

    Do we want to spend anymore lives and money in a country whose reputation is that armies come there to die. “Afghanistan, the graveyard of empires!”

    Obama, the apologetic President who is really not apologetic for anything he has ever done. Why should he be? He is an Alinskyite Marxist and is doing exactly what he believes he should. And as far as his bowing goes, Rules For Radicals rule says, you look at the world as it is, not as you wish it would be. You look at the situation as it is, and then you change it into what you believe it should be. His apologies to these scumbag Arabs is just part of what he believes America should stand for, apologizing to it’s enemies both past and present with the attitude that we shouldn’t have any enemies if we are the kind of country we should be.

  • Patty

    I have wonder what a truly great president would do, Oh, let’s say, REAGAN.

    WHEN you wrap your mind around that, look at what we are suffering through, today.

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  • WillofLa

    Yeah, I know I messed up that first part. The Egyptian man was asked if he believed that Obama’s speech there a couple of days before had anything to do with the revolution beginning. That Obama was the inspiration.

    I know Obama went there knowing full well that the revolution was just about to begin, and he did believe that even though he wouldn’t get credit for starting the spark to get it going, but he wanted to “appear” as if he had some part in starting the revolution. Nothing could be furtherest from the truth!

  • Patty


    Obama caught on tape arguing against giving medical attention to aborted babies.

    Yet, polls suggest he if elections held today he would win? If Americans vote for him in November, it would be my fault, they will live with their vote, oh, how they will regret it.

  • Highlander

    The religion of peace my arse. I keep waiting for people to wake up to what we’re dealing with and face the fact that these people are pure evil, but it sure doesn’t appear that’s ever going to happen. We need to clean house in Washington and replace the dolts we have running this country with people who understand this situation before it’s too late. If we don’t, it’s only a matter of time before this violence rears its ugly head here again. One of these days, there’s going to be a chemical attack, or a bio-attack, or a blinding flash in a major city, and millions of innocent people are going to die. Sometimes I think that’s what our self-loathing, limp-wristed, anti-American liberal politicians want. They obviously despise America. I think they’re secretly hoping America will be punished, so they can feel better about themselves….

    We can only hope that if one of those unthinkable catastrophe happens, that it will take out a huge chunk of these traitorous fools. They’re obviously hell-bent on setting us up for it, so they should be the first to be punished. Then, perhaps with them out of the way, the people in America with the common sense to recognize evil for what it is and DESTROY IT will be able to take action and straighten this mess out. Apologizing to it, bowing to it. or negotiating with it just isn’t getting it …

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  • donh

    What are the odds Saboor Sabatour attended the same ” Pakistani Relgious school ” as Obama? What are the odd that school has received funding of US tax dollars from Hillary Clinton ? What are the odds Republicans will wring their hands claiming they can’t do a damn thing about it ?

  • Patty

    Create Chaos. The qualities Alinsky looked for in a good organizer were:

    ego (“reaching for the highest level for which man can reach — to create, to be a ‘great creator,’ to play God”),

    curiosity (raising “questions that agitate, that break through the accepted pattern”),

    irreverence (“nothing is sacred”; the organizer “detests dogma, defies any finite definition of morality”),

    imagination (“the fuel for the force that keeps an organizer organizing”),

    a sense of humor (“the most potent weapons known to mankind are satire and ridicule”), and an

    organized personality with confidence in presenting the right reason for his actions only “as a moral rationalization after the right end has been achieved.’…

    “‘The organizer’s first job is to create the issues or problems,’ and ‘organizations must be based on many issues.’ The organizer ‘must first rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; fan the latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expression. He must search out controversy and issues, rather than avoid them, for unless there is controversy people are not concerned enough to act. . . . An organizer must stir up dissatisfaction and discontent.'”

    Obama singer, Obama morals, Catholics values are ignored, The organizer ‘must first rub raw the resentments of the people of the community;

    Question: It just seems that I personal can’t find out Why, with the knowledge we have, why are his poll numbers going up or holding and could win the election if held today.

    I can’t figure out who they are polling. I suppose people are to work a day, if things are going somewhat better for them and that will be the cry for Obama campaign, they won’t care and Vote for Obama. Or they haven’t the time FOR THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION IN THEIR LIFETIME.

  • Patty



  • Patty

    It is like, Muslim religion is a good thing.

    Catholic faith is a bad thing.

    What IN the World is going ON???

  • Swifty

    It’s way past time for an aggressive surge to kill all Taliban.

    “Compassionate” warfare does nothing to rid the battlefield of the enemy.

  • Patty

    For many in American there is much turmoil. Punished for Being Catholic, punished for being Rich.

    This is one of the most important times to truly have a President who isn’t punishing America for one reason or another.

    Even the food we eat, what restaurants serve, what Networks we watch. This administration actually put in place, spies to take out Fox. This administration is stifling our speech.

    Constitution has never been ignored more by any other president. And that is NOT a free nation.

    Yet, Muslims are killing and protesting Americans. More important to take out our freedoms than to take care of those who wish us dead.

  • Patty

    #20 February 26, 2012 at 12:16 pm
    donh commented:

    What will be the odds he is re-elected. Today he would be. Why?

  • MarkJ

    Afghanistan: The only country in the world where “bombing it into the Stone Age” would actually MODERNIZE it.

  • bobbymike

    Afghanistan is the VERY reason we have nuclear weapons.

  • Patty

    Presidential Apology Fails

    President Obama’s apology for the burning of Korans by US troops stationed in Afghanistan failed to stem riots that have already claimed numerous lives, including two US soldiers.

    “The burning was inadvertent,” Obama insisted. “Troops ignorant of the document’s demands that Muslims have a religious obligation to kill Jews, apostates, and unbelievers thought they were burning terrorist propaganda. We have been trying to reeducate our servicemen, but it is difficult to break through to people raised to believe that ‘turning the other cheek’ represents a religious ideal. They cannot conceive that a holy book might command the faithful to slay those who offend their beliefs.”

    A spokesman for the Taliban called the apology “totally inadequate. The Koran is the word of God. No one may desecrate it. The act of these unbelievers is punishable by death. We call upon all Muslims everywhere to attack, kill, or capture any American who is within their grasp in retaliation for this outrage.”

  • BuckOfama

    They should first give him a trial. After he’s convicted, they should burn him at the stake using Qurans for the fuel source.

  • Respect the Koran

    I have an idea. We allow the ranks of the unemployed to volunteer for revenge battalions. We give them the most horrific weapons ever conceived. Invade north Africa all over again. Operation torch, but against these chest beating savages instead of Nazis. We storm every city and follow their own rules from the Koran. In Koran it says men all get beheaded and women and children are sold into slavery after storming a city. Thats ok with me. Its their religion. We are supposed to love their religion.. thats all we hear.

    So lets have it. Lets all be muslims.

    Nuke the entire area and turn it into a mirror to collect solar energy afterword. Problem solved. Energy crisis over. Its always sunny in north africa haha

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    …with ties to a Pakistani religious school,…

    Hoo boy, a madrassa attendee. That’s a winner right there.

  • WillofLa

    #10 Pattie,

    Read that link. What it seems to me is just what I’ve said and that is Obama is in kahoots with the worse of these Islamic terror groups who want to do nothing but take over so that only they will be the government and in control of everyone and everything. Kinda like Obama wants to do in this country. He finds his roots in Pakistan when he goes there with his buddie in college, and those roots are based in hard core Islamic terrorism. And one other Federal Dept. that CAIR is directly connected with by Obama and Hillary’s invite is the Dept. of Homeland Security. CAIR sits on the board that determines what we do to counter Islamic terrorists right here in America! Is that anything like putting the fox in charge of the henhouse? Yep, you bet!

    Obama may be collaborating with them as far as what real American cititzen’s can do to protect themselves and that America can do to protect itself….in court, not so much on the streets from terrorist attack physically. There can be just as much attack in court, as you know, that takes our freedoms away, undermines our American way of life, provides bounderies on the border with Mexico from Muslim terrorist coming across with Mexican illegals sneaking in, and protect our national security by not allowing our enemies to sit on boards that make the decisions as to how we protect our selves from Islam, and establishing Islam as the enemy of America, and the establishment of certain things we can do in court, in the Federal legislature, and in state governments like Arizona, as well.

    Obama is against all of that by way of the fact that he is going to use whatever he believes will help him accomplish arriving at what his mentor Saul Alinsky would agree was the proper method to use to break down this nations God given right to live in a secure nation, and so that we don’t have to live in fear of a bunch of filthy Muslim terrorists breaking into my home and raping and beheading my wife and children right in front of me just before the cut my head off because Obama thinks that’s okay, and that we deserve that kind of death for our wrong doing against the Muslim people? What the hell is that?

  • WillofLa

    Listen to me Pattie. Don’t you think that by the fact that a terrorist support organization is sitting in high government positions, and that our state Dept. is being run by Muslims practically, and that Obama is KNOWN to collaborate for anti-American organizations in the Middle East who have connections right here in America that do nothing but do bad things in our government and make laws that take American rights away to be able to protect ourselves from Islamic attack, ISN’T collaboration with the enemies of America to overthrow our nation and government, and ISN’T what the Constitution identifies as TREASON??!! Isn’t that the dictionary definition of what treason is?

    So what would be the problem of prosecuting Obama right now for treason because of his and Hillary Clinton as well, working to closely with Islamist to do things that eventually would cause this nation to have to give up it’s Constitutional protections in order to be able to guarantee the security and freedom of the American people? Then what the hell are our representatives waiting for if it’s that obvious to me, why isn’t it that obvious to them?

  • WillofLa

    Do I make myself clear in the words I’m trying to use to explain an idea to you?

    I know I’m not that educated, but it seems that the collaboration with organizations like care is a bit to obvious that Obama and Hillary are doing things that are against the Constitution as far as what that document says is our right to do in order to protect our citizen’s and land from attack?

    Why would it be so obvious what Obama is up to, he’s certainly not trying to hide what he’s doing, and what those he has given so much power to, CAIR, that we are actually giving up our national security just for the sake of not making Muslims mad at us or give them the impression that we don’t want them here threatening us all?

    And since Obama is not even trying to hide what he’s up to with these organizations, wouldn’t entities like the FBI see what Obama is trying to do, now that he has taken advice from CAIR and other Muslims to prohibit the FBI from saying, referring to, or even using to hire certain training officers if they have a certain attitude about Muslims? Isn’t that treason? That by allowing, and giving official permission to do these things that those things are detrimental to America being safe and making sure America remains America?

    And no, I am not one of those people who wants to prosecute Obama for treason because I think he’s a traitor. I want the proof to be there so that we don’t get ourselves in trouble with the courts by false accusation. What Obama is definately guilty of is “sedition”. But sedition was gotten rid of after WWI probably because there were to many German’s here in America who would have been arrested just because they were German if the government kept that law, so they dumped it. But if Obama is guilty of Sedition, and what he ‘s done now is so far beyond that, wouldn’t that be treason?

  • Patty
  • Patty

    #34 February 26, 2012 at 1:52 pm
    WillofLa commented:

    Treason or Impeachment. Chickens in Washington. This is exactly why we must win the upcoming elections. Time to take our country BACK!

  • Patty

    #35 February 26, 2012 at 2:04 pm
    WillofLa commented:

    Do I make myself clear in the words I’m trying to use to explain an idea to you?

    I know I’m not that educated
    OMG, I am not trying to criticize you. When anyone says that, after reading your postings, please, if every America felt like we did, Obama would not have been elected in the first place. The uneducated are those who think Obama is the best thing this nation has seen.

  • Patty
  • Patty
  • Stuart

    All of you are making much too much of this incident. I am sure the perp’s attendance at a Pakistani Maddrass was purely a coincidence.
    It is clear to me, and to our President, by the way, that this is simply another case of workplace violence; just like Ft. Hood. If we had tough gun control laws this would never have happened.

  • spike

    Time to hang the bas-turd along with about a million of his fellow counyry men.

  • Patty

    Again, Carter was always the worst president ever but Obama is far worse and Americans are seeing that as time goes by we may never recognize America. Or at least, see that something incredibly wrong is happening. We cannot afford Obama and I knew he was so very wrong.

    We needed a Reagan in 08 and we got a very quite man. A media that never did their work with truth and integrity. This time around I fear we don’t have a Reagan but possible Americans are watching and see things like some here do, too.

    We really must be hopeful. I trust my judgement and I am trying really hard to trust America’s too this next time around. It is in the voters hands no matter what propaganda the Obama machine dishes out, remember this is one of the biggest elections in our lifetime. I hope I can count on America. Voters

  • Spike

    #42, We have another Spike posting? Because #42 is not my post

  • SeniorD

    Two words: Designated Scapegoat

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  • jony101

    the US military has become too politically correct to be an effective military force. To many perfumed generals and admirals looking for a high paying government job when they retire, they won’t back there men or protect there men and would throw there men under the bus to advance there career.
    I doubt the us military will change there rule of engagement over this, due to the fact that it would offend karzai. this isnt the first occurence and it wont be the last. It’ll happen again, a too trusting soldier is worthless in the battlefield.

  • saveus

    we need a leader not an *** kisser of our enemies

  • No Man

    It’s way past time to exterminate all the brutes that kill us because someone burned a book, or someone drew a cartoon of their murdering, rapist prophet: perdition be upon him.

  • Mama Grizzly
  • Contessa61

    Get all our troops out of Afganistan and dump a few thousand burnt korans from helicopters as we leave. They will destroy each other in riots.

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  • John Cunningham

    I say, time to level Afghan cities, any dead terrorist is buried in a tub of lard, burn Korans in pigskin, time to GO MEDIEVAL ON THEIR RAGHEAD ASSES!!

  • efosa igbinoba

    When will people get it right, coran is just a book.
    Killing people over it is madness, and terrorism.
    You do not apologize to terrorists, you simply insult the hell out of them while burning corans and killing them.
    Bush had the right idea, his only mistake was when he said : “islam is a religion of peace” and “this is not a war on islam”. I am from Nigeria, believe me, you can say what you want but the muslims are at war against non muslims, they always have been.
    The only way out is to fight them the way we fought the nazis and distroy the muslim ideology the way we destroyed the nazi ideology. Anything less will keep the war going on. Can you believe this ? the “leader of the free world ” apologizing to terrorists !
    The world is going backwards ….

  • Finncrisp

    NATO cuts and runs again. They are following our example of leading from behind. If everybody leads form behind, Moslems win. Seems to me that leading from behind isn’t leading at all…

  • RS

    Thank heavens that we are not at war with Islam or else this could have been predicted from his madrassa experience.

    Quick Democrats, place your heads back into the darkness before enlightenment occurs.

  • juandos

    Nothing says apology like a thorough carpet bombing of Kabul and Jalalabad…

  • doc

    I think American currency should be made with ink containing pork fat. Just a little something to piss off the mooselims, you know?

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