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At least four people were shot at Chardon High School in Ohio this morning.

News5 reported:

Multiple Geauga County authorities are on the scene at Chardon High School for a possible shooting at the school.

Teresa Hunt told NewsChannel5 that her daughter said that she heard shots fired at the high school. Hunt has been texting with her daughter who said students are scared.

Hunt said that her daughter told her that there are two shooters and one is still at large. She did not know if anyone was injured or killed.

Lake County Sherrif’s Department said it sent SWAT unit and truck unit to Chardon.

A command scene has been setup at a local Walmart where Bob Herp, a Chardon trauma nurse, said helicopters on the ground right now.

Nicole Nichols told NewsChannel5 that her daughter goes to Chardon Middle School. They were told classes would be canceled today, and the high school students are being moved to the middle school. She said her daughter told her there were four people shot and two gunmen are in custody.

UPDATE: The gunman is in custody. 5 students were wounded in tha attack.

UPDATE: How sad. One student was killed in the shooting. Two more are in serious condition.



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  1. The popular kids have got to stop bullying the “nerds and weirdos” in their schools. You take a young, emotionally unstable person who feels faceless and nameless, throw in a big dose of jealously and bitterness, sprinkle some revenge and top it all of with no reason to live ad you have one dangerous person on your hands.

    I am not in any way excusing this behavior, I am saying this behavior can be prevented by not being such asswipes to these unstable people.

  2. Gun free zones = victim rich environment.

    Facts are facts. Sad to be made defenseless.

  3. This is a middle school. It should be a gun-free zone as a simple matter of course.

    I’m with Bill on this one. There are a few of them in every school, for whatever reason. My older son (a senior) talks about one kid that never speaks to anyone, regardless of how often they try. I encourage him to act with kindness toward him, not because I think the kid is dangerous, but because I suspect he has to deal with something beyond his ability.

  4. I’m wishing and hoping that no one else gets hurt.

  5. live feed just stated the shooter tweeted about bringing a gun to school last night . . .no one took him seriously.

  6. #1…

    I agree with you on this, bullying goes on way to much in this country. Not only in schools, but in the workplace and even in churches too. People have this self absorbed notion about themselves that they are better than people who don’t meld into their environment and then they start picking on those whom they feel are beneath them. This goes on everywhere and this is why God stated that we are not to judge and that judgement is for him.

    God be with these kids and help the victims and their families and friends in their healing process, in Jesus name I pray Amen.

  7. All injured are Auburn students who were in the cafeteria waiting for their bus transport – as stated by Evan, a senior at Chardon who was released but is waiting for his parents who have authority to retrieve his younger brother via live feed report.

  8. M/C is right … gun free zones are always the target. I’m not advocating allowing the students to come to school armed, but I’d hazard a guess that this crap would come to an end if there was at least SOMEONE at the school who everyone knew was armed. Just that knowledge would put an end to these tantrums before they ever got started.

    While I agree that the social dynamics in our schools today are spawning these outbursts, they are the same dynamics that exist everywhere in society, and they have been with us since the beginning of time. There have always been people who feel helpless, and crave attention. The difference is that today, they believe that the fame and notoriety they will receive from taking part in an incident like this is worth the price they will pay for it. Just like terrorists, they are counting on Facebook, Twitter, and our blood-thirsty media to make heroes out of them, and I’m sure all of those organizations will willingly oblige them.

    This will end when kids know that A) they will be shot in the head by school security the moment they try something like this, and B) NOBODY will ever hear about it. Until then, expect this nonsense to continue.

  9. Local Sheriff stated at news livestream : Victims shot in three locations (4 male, 1 female), with total of five victims. A teacher chased the shooter out of the school building, the shooter then turned himself over to two bystanders off school property. Three of the shooting victims were life flighted to Metro, two others to Hillcrest hospital. Sheriff indicates all the victims were students.

  10. OT

    Best article I’ve read all month:

    Long, but worthy of your time.

  11. Hard to curtail bullying when our President and his regime utilise it daily on taxpaying Americans.

  12. This is my worse nightmare as a parent, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. God be with the people of that community.
    It could happen anywhere. Abssolutely anywhere. I think teens and guns are just a deadly potential combination and no amount of gun policy, either way, is ever going to change that.

  13. Blame the victims – that’s real smart. We live in a culture that does not value life either sitting in front of you in class or in your mothers womb. The aged are next on the list. Especially aged Catholics.

  14. Funny, I was bullied and harassed every single day at a tiny 60/40 black/white school;

    Never once did I even THINK “Hey, I should come back here and do violence to people!”

    Didn’t fight back, either! I was a nerd! A geek! Pretty much completely socially inept. Girls walked past me in the hall each day in H.S., with a sneer and a voiced, “Nerd.” Got slapped in the face from behind with a belt-and-buckle in the 9th grade by somebody who is probably dead or facing life in prison today. Every morning was dread, every afternoon was relief.

    I was also taught to love every single person with the love of Christ. Coulda been taught to fight, sure! That’s not how it worked out. But I made it through, and to forty years of age, and guess what? I still have nothing but love for the people who, in their ignorance and in their upbringing, harassed me so much in school.

    So — it’s not about the bullying. It’s about the upbringing. It’s about giving kids WAY TOO MUCH “self-esteem”, to the point where they kill their bullies, their bullies’ friends, and anyone who stands in the way of their rage — they see themselves as GODS, with the right to judge who lives and who dies. It’s about not teaching kids the truth of Christ and his Word, but instead teaching them: HEY, IT’S ALL GOOD!™

    Who did the Columbine losers target?

    That’s right: people who believed in God, or Christ, some entity more important than themselves, and with more authority than themselves.

    They had so much self-esteem (THANKS, DEMOCRAT LIBTARD SCHOOLS, FOR GIVING THEM THAT!!) that they saw themselves as having primacy over even life and death.

    Humility is so last century, anyway.

  15. #15 +1000! Well said.

  16. wtd – thanks for the links and summaries.

    I agree with Highlander about having guards, but I would also add that the mere presence of adults with cell phones could also be a huge deterrent. In this story, one adult, a teacher, chased the gunman away from a classroom.

    People in this country don’t think about then structural security risks surrounding our schools. They drop their kids off in large groups in front of buildings that may be empty but for crowds of kids.

    At the local high school, adults from a nearby district came onto the school grounds and beat a freshman nearly to death. That’s how we got a police guard.

    It’s not a matter of blaming the victims so much as recognizing the reality that being prepared for trouble can mitigate or end it.

  17. #17 February 27, 2012 at 10:33 am
    valerie commented:

    This is why you build billion dollar aircraft carriers.

    So you never need them. Obama want to get rid of

    way too many of our nukes. What do you think will


  18. For those of us who have high school aged children, this news hits home and is hard to process.

    I pray the 5 students shot, will live to see another day! God help us!

  19. Had a gun club when I was in school. No one ever turned a weapon on any classmate; even those who were bullied. I must have been about 4 years old when my dad first put a rifle in my hands. Today, he would probably be arrested. Never even bothered to lock them up.

    Alot has changed over the years. Gee. I wonder why?

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