Volt Fire Trap is WORST Product of the Year!

No surprise!!  As Audi President, Johan de Nysschen, said, “They’re a car for idiots…there are not enough idiots who will buy it.”

Idiot driving Volt

Do you want to know what happens when a Socialist buys a car company, throws out the car people, and hires a bunch of Socialists to run it?

It gets named Yahoo! Finance’s WORST PRODUCT FLOP OF 2011.

Volt…GM was originally so excited about the Volt that the company had announced in January it was speeding up its roll-out by six months. But by November the excitement had fizzled out. Larry Nitz, GM’s executive director for vehicle electrification told Reuters, “It’s naive to think that the world is going to switch tomorrow to EVs [electric vehicles].” Indeed, sales for the vehicle have been consistently low. Only 125 models were sold in July 2011. This was after GM spokeswoman Michelle Bunker was quoted as saying that the Volt was “virtually sold out” due to its popularity — a statement later shown to be misguided. Adding insult to injury, Chevy Volts are under investigation for fires involving the cars’ lithium-ion batteries. For concerned Volt owners, GM has offered free loaner cars.

But how can that be when the hardworking taxpayers pumped $250,000 into each car?

Because they’re too expensive, failed GM’s fuel economy predictions, and they catch fire!

This is a surprise to Socialist progressives who don’t understand anything about economics and product development.

Guess what?  If it catches fire it’s probably not going to sell well.

h/t Amelia

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  • Tyranny’s Bain

    This is a metaphor for socialism in general. It requires coercion, it is extremely expensive, it doesn’t work as promised, the people resist it, and eventually it goes up in flames destroying its occupants.

  • Druid

    Ironically, GM (before Obama buyout) chose not to go with these things because they were not cost effective…

  • Adi

    There are not enough idiots to buy these cars as the Obamessiah administration propped it will.

    So there is still hope. And change.

  • KornKing

    Makes me think of the (governernmt mandated) warning on electric hair dryers-“don’t use in the shower”

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    we are getting more and more like marxist russia everyday.

    i can’t wait until somebody invents a workable car. that will be a wonderful advancement for mankind.

  • Nelle

    What’s it’s carbon footprint now?

  • donh

    Ahh but the Folks Wagon worked so well for Der Fuhrer.

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    electric cars, solar panels, windmills not of which work. the united states of free enterprise used to make the best products in the world. the united states of socialism can’t make anything that works.

  • gus

    The ELECTRIC CAR doesn’t work. It should be called THE OBAMA.

  • Buffalobob

    The question to be asked is how many GPM does a Volt owner get when he/she is running down the freeway in a Richard Pryor reenactment?

  • Stu E.

    Everything the guy touches fails. Seriously. The man is DEATH.

  • gus

    Stu. It’s the perfect SH!T Stew. Pun intended. Grease those who “bundled” for you, Give a wet sloppy blow job to the ENVIRON. Nut jobs. Suck America dry. REPEAT AS NECESSARY.

    Obama is a fuk up.

  • Molon Labe

    Watch Obama make the Federal government buy 100,000 of these lossers.

  • DaMav

    The best is probably yet to come — electrocution of first responders after a crash.

    This overpriced piece of junk has got more safety risks than a pack of unfiltered cigs but the government is pushing them on us to bail out the big unions & eeko-freaks.

  • Estragon

    The GM/Chrysler takeovers were blatant misuses of the TARP funds – and the only ones which haven’t been repaid. The Volt is a throwback to Eastern European engineering, poorly conceived, poorly designed, poorly executed, and nowhere near as popular as promised.

    But please stop repeating the “$250,000 per car subsidy” meme, it is very deceptive. It assumes the 6000 or so Volts already produced are the only ones which will ever be produced. It may have to be substantially redesigned but the government and GM are too invested in the car to back off now. So eventually more will roll off, and each that does reduces the average subsidy, which was given for R&D anyway, not per model produced.

  • Tim McGuire

    I’m with VetteRacer, read the facts people, and support American manufacturing or we’ll all have minimum wage jobs or be on the dole!

  • squeaky

    from drudge…question of the thread and we know what china did for the likes of solyndra.

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  • squeaky

    [[Mayer estimates that some $3.7 trillion of mortgages would be refinanced. That’s right, this would be the Mother of All Mortgage Refinancing Plans. It would help roughly 30 million borrowers save $75 billion to $80 billion a year. As Mayer puts it: “This plan would function like a long-­lasting tax cut for these 25 or 30 million American families.”]] maybe just a what-if on someone’s part. a rabbit out of the hat for obama maybe. nothing that obama does has to last a day longer than voting day 2012. we may just have to resurect the great houdini.