Volt Fire Trap is WORST Product of the Year!

No surprise!!  As Audi President, Johan de Nysschen, said, “They’re a car for idiots…there are not enough idiots who will buy it.”

Idiot driving Volt

Do you want to know what happens when a Socialist buys a car company, throws out the car people, and hires a bunch of Socialists to run it?

It gets named Yahoo! Finance’s WORST PRODUCT FLOP OF 2011.

Volt…GM was originally so excited about the Volt that the company had announced in January it was speeding up its roll-out by six months. But by November the excitement had fizzled out. Larry Nitz, GM’s executive director for vehicle electrification told Reuters, “It’s naive to think that the world is going to switch tomorrow to EVs [electric vehicles].” Indeed, sales for the vehicle have been consistently low. Only 125 models were sold in July 2011. This was after GM spokeswoman Michelle Bunker was quoted as saying that the Volt was “virtually sold out” due to its popularity — a statement later shown to be misguided. Adding insult to injury, Chevy Volts are under investigation for fires involving the cars’ lithium-ion batteries. For concerned Volt owners, GM has offered free loaner cars.

But how can that be when the hardworking taxpayers pumped $250,000 into each car?

Because they’re too expensive, failed GM’s fuel economy predictions, and they catch fire!

This is a surprise to Socialist progressives who don’t understand anything about economics and product development.

Guess what?  If it catches fire it’s probably not going to sell well.

h/t Amelia

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  • Tyranny’s Bain

    This is a metaphor for socialism in general. It requires coercion, it is extremely expensive, it doesn’t work as promised, the people resist it, and eventually it goes up in flames destroying its occupants.

  • Druid

    Ironically, GM (before Obama buyout) chose not to go with these things because they were not cost effective…

  • Adi

    There are not enough idiots to buy these cars as the Obamessiah administration propped it will.

    So there is still hope. And change.

  • KornKing

    Makes me think of the (governernmt mandated) warning on electric hair dryers-“don’t use in the shower”

  • we are getting more and more like marxist russia everyday.

    i can’t wait until somebody invents a workable car. that will be a wonderful advancement for mankind.

  • Nelle

    What’s it’s carbon footprint now?

  • donh

    Ahh but the Folks Wagon worked so well for Der Fuhrer.

  • electric cars, solar panels, windmills not of which work. the united states of free enterprise used to make the best products in the world. the united states of socialism can’t make anything that works.

  • gus

    The ELECTRIC CAR doesn’t work. It should be called THE OBAMA.

  • Buffalobob

    The question to be asked is how many GPM does a Volt owner get when he/she is running down the freeway in a Richard Pryor reenactment?

  • Stu E.

    Everything the guy touches fails. Seriously. The man is DEATH.

  • gus

    Stu. It’s the perfect SH!T Stew. Pun intended. Grease those who “bundled” for you, Give a wet sloppy blow job to the ENVIRON. Nut jobs. Suck America dry. REPEAT AS NECESSARY.

    Obama is a fuk up.

  • Molon Labe

    Watch Obama make the Federal government buy 100,000 of these lossers.

  • DaMav

    The best is probably yet to come — electrocution of first responders after a crash.

    This overpriced piece of junk has got more safety risks than a pack of unfiltered cigs but the government is pushing them on us to bail out the big unions & eeko-freaks.

  • Estragon

    The GM/Chrysler takeovers were blatant misuses of the TARP funds – and the only ones which haven’t been repaid. The Volt is a throwback to Eastern European engineering, poorly conceived, poorly designed, poorly executed, and nowhere near as popular as promised.

    But please stop repeating the “$250,000 per car subsidy” meme, it is very deceptive. It assumes the 6000 or so Volts already produced are the only ones which will ever be produced. It may have to be substantially redesigned but the government and GM are too invested in the car to back off now. So eventually more will roll off, and each that does reduces the average subsidy, which was given for R&D anyway, not per model produced.

  • Tim McGuire

    I’m with VetteRacer, read the facts people, and support American manufacturing or we’ll all have minimum wage jobs or be on the dole!

  • squeaky

    from drudge…question of the thread and we know what china did for the likes of solyndra.

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  • squeaky

    [[Mayer estimates that some $3.7 trillion of mortgages would be refinanced. That’s right, this would be the Mother of All Mortgage Refinancing Plans. It would help roughly 30 million borrowers save $75 billion to $80 billion a year. As Mayer puts it: “This plan would function like a long-­lasting tax cut for these 25 or 30 million American families.”]] maybe just a what-if on someone’s part. a rabbit out of the hat for obama maybe. nothing that obama does has to last a day longer than voting day 2012. we may just have to resurect the great houdini.

  • dba…vagabond trader

    This fustercluck alone could be messaging gold for the Rs. But nooooo, mustn’t be mean to the marxist in chief.

  • 5kidsnadog

    What annoys me is now, along with the 8 million handicap parking spaces that remain nearly empty in most parking lots, some establishments have begun to add up front parking for recharging electric vehicles. I have not yet seen an actual car plugged in, but everyone is falling all over themselves trying to show how GREEN they are.

  • VetteRacer, this isn’t about skin color (“negro sleeping in the white house, etc.”). Your kind of rant gives Obama supporters all the ammo they need to shoot patriots.

  • Jimmer

    Ranting aside, all I know is that there are 2 Volts sitting at the dealership near my home that have been out in front for several months now. That’s not a good sign.

  • Jimmer

    Obama is half white.

  • Jay

    Vetteracer, the batteries not the coolant are catching on fire. Draining the coolant would only hasten the problem. Discharging the batteries after an accident may be the solution.

    However, if a coolant leak can cause the vehicle to catch fire while at rest that is a major design flaw. Coolant leaks happen not just through accidents but also through normal wear and tear. If a leak in the coolant system caused the fire we will see more of these in 5 or 10 years as hoses and connections wear out.

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  • Finncrisp

    Brings back memories of exploding Ford Pintos. Ahh, those were the days. This is what you get when a committee decides what everybody needs. The Central committee decided that electric cars were king, even though coal fired electricity is not. Central committee subsidized Ethanol has brought us $3.00 corn flakes in ever smaller boxes. Central committee subsidized wind power has brought us dead eagles and condors, the cost of “progress”. Last, but not least, Central committee activism has dried up the San Juaquin valley and turned 500,000 acres of rich farm land into a desert and brought 40% unemployment to that region. Ahh, the glory of central planning.

  • Syble

    I sure wish the Great ONE (read King Midis in reverse) would tell me, just how many of those expensive curly Q, Mercury filled, non disposable, Made in China, Light bulbs I have to buy, to SAVE enough Electricity to run these fire trap hunks of junk. And what Landfill, where, are we going to trash this, at what cost, when Gobmnt Motors becomes the next Solyndra? I dooooo so trust the Great Educated ONE, (with the help of AL and Micheal) to keep my environment (EPA) and health (Obummercare) safe, since my math is so fuzzy!!!!!

  • Scott M

    The car IS for idiots. However, is that picture of a car on fire a Volt? If not, why post it?

  • jhill

    FYI, the picture of the burning car is not of a Volt, it is some stock footage some troll dreamed up to support his article. The fires being reported occurred up to two weeks after the crash. No cars spontaneously lit up during an accident.
    And second, the car was in development during the Bush administration so if you want to assess blame, blame him.

  • burt

    Shuting off the battery is not a good idea. I owned a Ford Pinto. Every time you slammed on the breaks, it shut off the fuel. Of course, Ford kept this a state secret for as long as they could so that garages could charge you $300 for a new fuel pump. Never again will I buy a Ford.

  • Carlos

    I challenge the photo “Idiot Drives Volt”. It is highly unlikely that king barry knows how to drive, as he has always been shuttled about in the back seat of a limo..whadda faggot!

  • Our great leader will be forever remembered for his great comment on the Volt

    “We have nothing to fear but FIRE itself”

  • PB-in-AL

    @#31 jhill – you are correct about the fires. That said, if an impact were sufficiently severe, there is the possibility of it happening on the spot, for what that train of thought is worth.

    On the other hand, Bush didn’t have a thing to do with the development of this car. That was something GM, as a business, was exploring with the general public interest in hybrid cars. They fully intended to bring the car to market during the early R&D, but when they started looking at the numbers of actually producing, selling, and supporting them, they wanted to drop it as an unviable proposition. King O is who, with the takeover, declared that they WOULD make the Volt, and, by golly, everyone would like it! Unfortunately, King O was very wrong… again (surprise).

    FWIW, I actually like the car and the concept. I saw one at the supermarket the other day. It’s a good looking car. The series hybrid makes more sense to me than the parallel system like the Prius. For my driving habits, it would be great. I wouldn’t have to use the gas very often at all. HOWEVER, the cost is waaay out of range (new tech usually is, but still). Also, if I’m just driving around town, <40/day, and don't use the gas for quite some time, what happens to the fuel that's just sloshing around in the tank not being used? That's a recipe for clogged fuel lines, at the very least.

    It is a great concept, made real. Unfortunately, it just isn't practical yet for real life. Until there is a viable, portable, cheap way of generating electricity (catalyst fuel cells, or such), the internal combustion engine is just too handy a way to make wheels turn. That's why there are hybrid cars, because you still need to generate electricity when the batteries crap out, and there’ your gas or diesel engine.

  • FireManBob

    Scott M, that car on fire does not appear to be the car in the article. They included it to fool people into thinking it is to push this websites agenda. But they will fall back on the argument of “well, we did not claim it was and merely attached a general photo…”.

  • Callipygian1

    The picture says it all. An idiot who has never had a drivers license behind the wheel…

    Rumor has it that Obama wants them to next make a “low-cost” electric alternative to compete against the Lada… The Nada?

  • Em Jay KC

    Electric cars are flaws in two fundamental ways. One, they draw electricity from the power grid, so they’re not really green. Two, batteries are the worst storage device ever. They constantly go flat, take over 12 hours to recharge , lose their storage capacity after a while and are expensive to replace($6000 range).

    On the other hand, cars that run on hydrogen will be the true future. It’s super abundant and doesn’t cause the pollution that electric and gasoline/diesel do. The only problem right now is that they haven’t refined the hydrogen extraction technique. Once they can make it cost-effective, hydrogen fueling pumps are going to start popping up everywhere. Can’t wait, because the future looks awesome.

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  • Stuart

    Doe’s anybody remember the Simpsons episode with the giant SUV “Canyonero”, and it’s advertising jingle.
    “Good for the highway,
    Good for sports,
    Unexplained fires are a case for the courts… CANYONERO”.

    I just love this administration, they can turn parody into reality.

  • Gregory

    250,000 gas powered autos burst into flames in accidents every year. ( see the above picture of the 1970’s VW rabbit) Which seems a little more dangerous than A Volt battery case was punctured during a government crash test this past spring, causing coolant to leak, come in contact with electronics and then catch fire three weeks later. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in November simulated the effects of the crash test in three Volt batteries, and one caught fire after sitting around for a week. NHTSA then opened an official investigation into the extended-range electric car

  • jesus hindu

    I saw a rich german guy in TV,he sayed he heard that the car burned but he still want to buy it.

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