Ann Coulter Even Manages to Pi$$ Off Bill O’Reilly After Her Unhinged Tirade Against Newt (Video)

She’s lost it.
Ann Coulter continued her insane attacks against Newt Gingrich on the O’Reilly Factor. The one time conservative favorite told Bill that Mitt Romney, of Romneycare fame, is the most conservative Republican in the race for president (Huh?) Her arguments were so ridiculous that she even managed to pi$$ off Bill O’Reilly after a few minutes.

Ann, do yourself a favor and take a 9 month vacation in Ghana or Lesotho.

As Sarah Palin says, “Sometimes if your candidate loses you get your panties in a wad.”

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  • Missy8s

    Sorry Ann, I’m done with your bomb throwing and control freak issues.

  • CV1

    Ann, you’re absolutely correct.

  • bg
  • FurryGuy

    Ann, do yourself a favor and take a 9 month vacation in Ghana or Lesotho.

    Doing the horizontal mambo with yet another progressive would be cheaper than a 9 month vacation.

  • zelda

    She needs medication.

  • gus

    Jim are you a Gingrich man, now that your crush on Perry has been rebuffed????

  • FurryGuy

    Maybe it is just me, but all the supposed darlings (Coulter, Rove, Malkin) of the Right during the Bush 43 presidency are being shown as some of the most rabid supporters of the GOP Establishment Elite and their thinly veiled progressive ideas. On extended reflection it is obvious they haven’t changed their views, but people have been given a clear vision of what could be with the ideals and plans of the TEA Party.

  • tired of the b/s

    Coulter and Palin are both shrews. Just one does it East Coast style and one acts all folksy.

    Let the battle of the shrews begin.

  • tired of the b/s

    #7 FurryGuy, you mean like how the Tea Party supported Christie, and Scott Brown?

    How’s that working out for them now?

  • FurryGuy

    #6 January 23, 2012 at 8:11 pm
    gus commented:

    And if he is, what concern is it of yours? Is Mr. Hoft not allowed to have an opinion that differs from yours?

  • NC Mountain Girl

    Poor Ann. Once she gave herself airs that she is a graduate of the Ivy League Cornell Liberal Arts College while that pathetic, over the top Keith Olbermann is a graduate of Cornell Agricultural and Life Sciences College. Today Ann is picking her opinions straight off the floor of the chicken coop.

  • FurryGuy

    #9 January 23, 2012 at 8:14 pm
    tired of the b/s commented:

    As hard as you might find it to believe, I am not a supporter of the TEA Party either. The ideal was worthy, but it quickly was co-opted. I was vocal in my misgivings for such undiscerning support for both Christie and Scott Brown. One issue politics rarely ends up being a good thing.

    That I was mostly correct gives me very little comfort. I don’t hold others who vote their conscience in contempt because they don’t believe the same as I do. I most assuredly don’t call people who have a different opinion clueless or lemmings.

  • BurmaShave

    I wish O’Reilly had asked Ann if she would stay home and not vote if Gingrich receives the nomination against her wishes.

  • LaFong

    My what a Drama King.

  • Bubba

    Wow, RIP Coulter, you laughingstock. How to blow your credibility in just a couple of months. Look, idiot, it’s one thing to sound the warning alarm, and push the belief that Gingrich can’t beat Obama. But, man, she’s gone nuts with her over the top support of that greasy RINO Romney as the be all end all best thing since Reagan.

    What a tool.

  • Swifty

    >> panties in a wad

    Ann might be going commando as she goes rogue.

  • gus

    Furry, I asked Jim a question. Don’t I have the right to ask Jim a question.
    How is that YOUR business?

  • DarkRed

    How annoying and arrogant. Shut the F*** up

  • Ann has never been wrong before, I suspect she may be onto something here as well.

  • FurryGuy

    #17 January 23, 2012 at 8:51 pm
    gus commented:

    You have every right to ask a question, most assuredly, but the way you phrased it came across as more accusatory than inquisitive, very interrogative.

  • Remco Kimber

    I think Ann has received some romneycare.

  • Zim

    If things get better she can’t sell as many books

  • Dale

    Coulter is correct, NEWT is a liberal!!! He was for the nationalized healthcare unlike Romney who is for States deciding. Go easy on Coulter, she’s just pointing out the factual differences with NEWT and the true conservative Romney.

  • gary gulrud

    Unmistakeable sign of tertiary syphilis: skank overboard.

  • donh

    Sounds like the north eastern RINO herd is going to vote Obama if Newt gets it. Hey if you want Romney that bad….primary Obama.

  • Bill Johnson

    It pays to remember, Ann gets money for entertaining you – or pissing you off.

    Ignore her, and she gets poor. She’s just an entertainer…or should I reference a song instead.

    Sure, why not. ‘Just a gigalo…’

  • GOP establishment

    Hey all of you numbnut conservative right-wingers, please buy her book:

    Please order 2 copies. Please pre-order Ann’s next book.

    Please pay money to see her next speech. Check for locations.

    Just keep spending money on her (and David Frum’s work too). You dumb rednecks! :}

  • Luddite

    Anyone who thinks that Romney is “the most conservative of of the remaining candidates” is full of %^$&.

    Pro-Planned Parenthood and taxpayer funded abortion
    Liberal, gay, activist judges.

    Romney: “Look, I was an independent at the time of Reagan/Bush. I am not trying to return to Reagan/Bush.”

    Ann Coulter is so full of it.

  • ilikai

    Now she is as whacko as Glenn Beck is against Newt. At least Beck likes Santorum and not braindamaged like Ann to support Romney.

  • Tjexcite

    When Newt loses everyone would think, why did someone not warn us like they did with McCain.

    Or when Newt does win and is worse than Obama and the shot hear around the world as the second civil war begins.

  • jakevasser

    I’ve always thought that Ann Coulter would greatly benefit from a hamburger or two. Pencil thin women frighten me.


    Someone pissed in her Cheerios. This reminds me of when Palin was selected and you had all of these GOP insiders becoming unhinged….same thing

  • darcy

    In the last minute Ann Coulter reveals her overriding concern: the independents are all that matters.

    Fine. Let the independents — without moral compass nor passionate conviction — decide what’s best for the country.

    To hell with them and with Ann too.

    Put this in your pipe and smoke it, Ann: conservatives — you know, the people who actually represent our nation’s Founding principles — are on the edge of exploding with rage. And Mr. Moderate Man Romney is not a whit better than the man you so easily castigate. Truth is, we’ve been screwed by the establishment who’s given us now a choice between awful and terrible.

    So shut up your stupid mouth. You haven’t a clue. If you cannot make your case without behaving like a character out of a Virginia Wolff novel, then best to call it a day.

  • KC

    Ann Colter totally lost it so is her NJ buddy with the panties in a wad.

  • lynched1

    I haven’t made up my mind on how I feel about Newt’s recent ascendancy but I think Coulter is going to have a damn stroke if she doesn’t chill out.

  • donh

    #31 Man Coulter could be another Georgette Moosebacher into Romney because of the stealth Gay marriage gender bender agenda . Her Adams apple looks like it belongs to an Adam not an Ann…and her hands are awefully long for a woman.. she rarely shows her legs in public because of her manly size knee caps. . …..Put a dress and a long blond hair wig on Alan Colmes and it would hard to tell these 2 apart.

  • Bubba

    She crazier than a sh*thouse rat. Talk about being completely unhinged to the point of barely being coherant. Romney is the moset conservative candidate…and Gingrich is the most liberal? She’s lost it. Her mind, and her credibility.

    She’s a queen sized wet on of Romney. What the hell else can explain this bizzaro display? Did this loser forget that when she was giving Christie a reach around she proclaimed (in her typical loony shrill voice) that if Christie doesn’t run, Romney will be the nominee…AND…HE…WILL…LOSE?

    And now, all of a sudden, Romney has been delivered unto the GOP from God above?

    What a nutcase loon.

  • AnnaS

    What awful threads here these days! Accusing someone of having syphilis because they oppose Gingrich is disgusting. Newt may appeal to the “madding crowd” based on emotion, but he has negatives greater than Obama. You have said all along that it was ABO, but in the end you are willing to lose based on Newt’s attacks on the media? Newt is a loose cannon–just ask those who have been around awhile and have seen his ever surprising behaviors.

  • FurryGuy

    #33 January 23, 2012 at 10:26 pm
    darcy commented:

    In the last minute Ann Coulter reveals her overriding concern: the independents are all that matters.

    Fine. Let the independents — without moral compass nor passionate conviction — decide what’s best for the country.

    You seem to be painting with a mighty broad brush there.

    I just so happen to be someone who is an Independent, a conservative one with a strong moral compass and full of very passionate convictions. It is precisely the lack of moral compass or convictions I see in either party that made me a very long time ago recognize I belong outside.

  • Portlandus

    I recall that Arianna Huffington was (or posed as) a conservative for several years back in the late nineties. This reminds me a little of that.

  • donh

    Rember David Brock who made a name for himself leeching money and publicity in book sales from conservative markets . He was a fake conservative Soros backed neo-fascist the whole time and wound up founding Media Matters….Ann is one of his fellow agents planted here to gather intel for the fascist party and sabatoge their opposition.

  • bigkahuna

    I am sick of people saying If Newt we lose or if Mitt we lose.

    Both have positives and negatives and either one will squash Obama like a bug.

    He has no record to run on that doesnt bankrupt the country.

    He writes all the commercials against himself in his actions and speeches.

    Obama is a bumbling fool without his teleprompter and a jerkoff class dividing racist and euroweenie socialist with it.

  • AnnaS

    #39 Furry Guy

    You are exactly right. Could not agree more.

  • Bronson

    Ann is 100% correct

    Gingrich is trolling

    We need a brokered convention. Romney is a sputtering used car salesmen who looks like an aged Ken doll.

  • Ugh… this harpy needs a muzzle. She was funny when her screeds were against the Left, but she’s totally lost it on her idiotic love for Mitt. She must attack anyone who doesn’t kiss his ass as voraciously as she does. Pathetic.

  • FurryGuy

    #40 January 23, 2012 at 10:49 pm
    Portlandus commented:

    No, she was a Republican. A whole different ball of wax.

  • FurryGuy

    #44 January 23, 2012 at 10:57 pm
    Bronson commented:

    Ann is 100% correct

    Gingrich is trolling

    We need a brokered convention.

    The last part is the only thing I can agree with. The previous two I can’t.

  • Ann is right. Newt gives red meat to the audience as needed. He continues to show that he is an idea man that will let ideas come and go as need be.

    Newt is not the guy we need in office.

  • olm

    Newt is not it, but AC has lost it.
    We are down to bad and worse. And i’m not sure which is which. However, these unhinged rants from either camp are really getting on my nerves. These idiots keep this up an it won’t matter which they nominate, Obama will win.

  • Tall N Tn

    Okay, now we’ve heard what Bill Maher’s circle of friends are saying about Newt.

  • donh

    Its OVER for Romney. He thought he could step forward and claim the nomination like drawing the powerball winning lottery numbers. His buy endorsement strategy hasn’t worked. The people don’t want to hear about what taxes Mitt doesn’t pay because his income is dividends. They don’t like how Mitt rubs in his riches wagering 10 grand on a debate question. Newt is proving his greater ability to connect with the long hard sufferings of work a day conservatives , and he is now starting to roll in key endorsements and funds . The Romney game of inevitablility and expert endorsements is a bust. The only matter is will Romney use his money to stick around and wedge divisions in service to Obama, or will he pack it in after Florida and seek Biden’s job as Obama’s VP.

  • Sage

    ann is unhinged RINO loving phony, shes only “conservative” as long as she can make a buck off of it

  • Sage

    Ron Paul 2012 no mitt gingrich, no newt romney, no lil ricky santorum

  • Bronson


    What you need to consider is how sincere and wonderful Gingrich can seem to anyone when it suits his purposes.

    He uses the same way of speaking and presentation when he’s talking about Global Warming. Conservatives need to be careful not to fall into the trap of a false prophet like the Democrats did in 2008.

    We need to be VERY careful we don’t allow emotion to override our judgement. Hatred of Bush gave rise to Obama who could very well lead the Democratic Party to ruin. There are plenty of options available. The fact of the matter is when Gingrich talks like a conservative, sure, he sounds like Reagan and says the right things. When Gingrich is pandering to liberals about Global Warming he sounds sincere like Al Gore to liberals.

    Now let me be clear I am not a Romney supporter. I don’t want to him to be the nominee. The problem is I look at all 4 candidates and not one of them excites me. Ron Paul is a crazy crackpot who profited off of racism. Gingrich is like Stripe from Gremlins running around destroying sh*t that has the entire Republican establishment looking helplessly at the controls. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Gingrich was supposed to be dead. The media overplayed their hand. This is why they didn’t attack Romney. They were waiting for him to go up against Obama then he was toast. Look at him up there. Every time I look at him I see a sputtering used car salesmen completely out of touch. Romney has no depth. No passion. His campaign was terribly unprepared to handle these Bain attacks. He has been exposed as weak and inept.

    Santorum is the only true conservative left in the race. The problem with Santorum is that he looks like a High School teacher and can’t keep his cool and look presidential in a debate. So in other words without a brokered convention we’re screwed.

  • billy sol

    luv ann . . . .she’s a bomb thrower . . . .. only way to beat the libtards. If M.R. would show some fire in his belly my decision would be completed. It’s gonna be nasty, and I l relish in your face debate with the leftists . . . .. .bottom line 4 more years of ocommie;this country is toast!

  • FurryGuy

    #54 January 24, 2012 at 12:04 am
    Bronson commented:

    You have me confused with someone who supports Gingrich. I can assure you in no uncertain terms that is not me. I don’t support any of the Flawed Four, period, end of story.

    Even in this thread I was a vocal advocate of a brokered convention if you had bothered to read.

  • Bronson


    I claimed Gingrich was trolling

    You disagreed

    Pick a position and stick with it. If you believe we need a brokered convention than that means Gingrich is not sincere and trolling you. You even quoted my entire text and claimed that the brokered convention was the only thing we agreed with. You DO see the contradiction yes?

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  • [email protected]

    Coulter is as flighty as Romney. Monkey see, monkey do. A couple months ago she said mittens couldn’t win. Since then, Romney has garnered no more support than he had when she said he couldn’t win. Now she says he’ll win.

    Ann has become demonic.

    She sure sounded desperate and shrill in the BOR piece. In fact, she sounds as whacked out as Ron Paul.

  • TiminPhx

    I’ll say it again, my favorite Bomb Thrower, Ann, has turned into a nutjob suicide bomber.

    But never forget, she’s got issues.

    She, honest to god, dated Keith Olbermann for a bit.

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  • FurryGuy

    #57 January 24, 2012 at 12:50 am
    Bronson commented:

    My disagreement of your unfounded assertion that Gingrich is trolling in no way shape or form has anything to do with my willingness to see a brokered convention. The two are totally unrelated as far as I see them. Apples and oranges, dude, apples and oranges.

    To give you a direct answer I see absolutely NO contradiction whatsoever, period, end of story.

    I quoted your text so anyone else reading the exchange could have reference to what I was saying and why, nothing less, nothing more. You asserted three things: two of which I disagreed with and still do, and one I agreed with and still do as well. My position hasn’t wavered one whit if you would bother to actually read and try to understand what I am saying.

    You routinely split so many hairs over trifles and inconsequentials on a regular basis?

    Satisfied now or are you going to stamp your feet and petulantly declaim I’m wrong?

  • DJ

    We’re weeding the Women out of their “supposed” conservatism. Last cycle it was Peggy Noonan who showed her true colors.

  • Pete_Bondurant

    Hmmm, let me see, who is smarter and more on the ball- Ann Coulter or Jim Hoft. Call me crazy but I will go with Coulter.

  • Ken Mayes

    Way to go Ann! I am glad you pissed off Mr. Blowhard, Bill O’Reilly!!

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  • Fred

    Ann should give some of her energy, passion, certitude and articulateness to Romney. Ironically, her personal style is very much like Gingrich’s.

  • Jay

    There are reasons to dislike Romney, Newt, Santorum and Paul. Whomever the nominee is will have to withstand far more scrutiny than they are now and will have to do it with many more people watching.

  • RedBeard

    Holy crap! What a shrieking harpy! I used to enjoy Coulter’s sharp wit. Now she has become simply loud and annoying, and a little off balance. I don’t really care whether she’s right or wrong about Newt and Romney; I just can’t take listening to her any longer, no matter what the subject. She and Bill “The Ego” O’Reilly deserve each other.

  • Tom Doniphon

    Dede Scozzafava – GOP Establishment Gingrich supported this radical Rino a couple of years ago!

  • Greg

    Ann’s vociferous objections on national tv about how “the people” voted against her wishes is elitist, arrogant in the extreme and disrespectful. Until she apologizes to the conservative voters she derided I’ll not buy another one of her books. Ann you should know better!

  • Suprsvc01

    Ann, S.T.F.U. Your annoying, whiny, self-righteous, smarter-than-thou schtick is getting real old. Every once in a while you manage to make a good point through all of the screetching, but most of the time you just come across as insanely in love with the sound of your own voice. Take a breath occasionally and let other folks in the room catch some oxygen.

  • Tom Doniphon

    Ann is right! Watch the compilation below of GOP Establishment Gingrinch praising FDR! He will say what he thinks plays to the crowd. You all hope for debates with Obama, but Newt’s history suggests that he will try to out Obama Obama!

    Newt Loves Him Some FDR! And Rev. Al and Nancy and Dede and …!

  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    Ann defends the mainstream media while sticking up for Bill Maher. She is getting even more unhinged because she has seen Romney fade and Chubby Checker Christie refuse to run.

    She previously mocked Sarah Palin and dismissively throws around “right-wingers” and “tea partiers” in the same fashion Maher does.

    Ann’s base of book purchasers is dwindling as she defends Romney, Chubby, John King, and other mainstream media types.

  • Neil

    Why is Ann trying to destroy the GOP candidates?

    Ann once said: If Romney is the nominee, he would loose in the general election.

    Her change of heart has something to do with her love of Christy.

    My bet is that Christy has been promised the VP slot if Romney wins. Maybe Ann has been promised the WH Press Secretary slot 😉

  • GrandmaC

    The debate IMHO was horrible. Romney’s attacks are getting old. I still have not decided but I know one thing, Ann has definitely gone off the deep end. If she was trying to be entertaining it was not. I used to respect her opinions but last night it was like she was on a “rhoid rage”!

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  • Adrian

    She’s gonna have to move her weekly column from Human Events over to HuffPo pretty soon.

  • Pete

    She’s starting to sound like a mental patient. Probably because of GOProud/Eastern Establishment influences…

  • Stevedore

    I watch O’Reilly all the time and know he is a control freak. Coulter was not unhinged; she dressed him down. He lost control, that’s why he got irritated. Ann out-maneuvered him by being a crazy-ass intelligent bitch.

  • Stevedore

    I adore all the people on here who are either Obama supporters or delusional if they think Gingrich can win. I am no Coulter Fan, but she is right. Gingrich cannot and will not win.

  • Stevedore

    Petty non-intellectuals want to have an orgasm while they watch Newt debate Obama. Statistics prove that doesn’t win elections based on independent votes. So, how is Ann crazy? All she is saying is, those who’d rather have a mini-O by watching a debate are going to get a BIG O for 4 more years.
    Furthermore, I believe destructive progressives have interjected themselves into the debate because they desperately want Gingrich to go up against Obama.

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