On Sunday, Newt Gingrich told reporters that Mitt Romney would buy the election if he could. Tonight Mitt Romney responded,
“You gotta have broad shoulders. You can’t spend your time whining.”




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  1. I really hope Mitt Willard Romney doesn’t pull a Mccain in the general if he is the nominee. I really hope he knows what’s going to be thrown his way by Barry and the MSM press that protects and promotes him.

    Mccain pratically campaigned for that idiot currently in the WH in 2008.

  2. Romney will never get my vote.

  3. What ever happened to: “Anybody but Romney”?


  4. I guess Ron Paul’s rising, scare the sh..t out of you, so you will vote for that liberal scum Romney.

  5. oh I’ll vote for him but God I’ll hate having to do so

  6. Roms said Obama was a nice guy just a few days ago. Roms is not going to campaign agaisnt Obama.
    The RNC head Rence Priebus said there wouldbe no personal mention anything regarding Obama.

    So that is game set match Listen toMSNBC. They talk glowingly of romney. You can’t believe your ears.
    But once the Nom is in and the convention is over , you won’t and romney won’t even know who he is, it will be so savage. A fin man like Justice Alito was raked over the coals to the extent that his wfe cried at the whole scene.
    But Obama a nice guy, right ? and the RNC will do nothing in the campaign to win. right?
    This is all kabuki. the GOp are marionnettes on a stage.This thing in Iowa only serves the donks.

  7. “oh I’ll vote for him but God I’ll hate having to do so”
    Aggie 95,

    So you are willing to repeat the error of 2008? Vote for Liberal John McCain?

  8. You will have no other choice if you want the Republicans to win. You’ll have to vote for Ron Paul… the only conservative candidate who wants to follow the Constitution.

  9. If you posters on this thread really love this country, you’ll vote for Spongebob or Mickey Mouse for president if he is the republican nominee. I’m not kidding. “Keep your eyes on the prize” – we have to defeat Obama and the liberal-socialist-redistributionist machine. Everything else is meaningless.

  10. You will have no other choice if you want the Republicans to win. You’ll have to vote for Ron Paul… the only conservative candidate who wants to follow the Constitution… and the only one who can beat the illegal alien POTUS. Military people want Ron Paul, so please, respect your troops.

  11. What ever happened to: “Anybody but Romney”?

    I have a variant of that – No Romney, Period.

  12. Has anyone actually gone after mittens? I mean, when push comes to shove, I think he’s going to fold like a house of cards.

    I hope Newt goes thermonuclear against him!

  13. Newt is no better than Romney. You’re stuk with Ron Paul, the only decent, loyal and honnest candidate… the only conservative in that bunch of liberal kooks.

  14. I wonder who Romney has in store for his running mate. He doesn’t associate with any real conservatives.

  15. Al Queda states that they will name all sheep CRAIG in honor of this sheeple who bleats all the time.

  16. You know the anitpersperiant that’s strong enough for a man but pH balanced for a woman?

    It gave CRAIG third degree burns.

    Anyone who thinks StormFront candidate Ron Paul is a good candidate must be as brave as a Frenchmen and as smart as a Newfie. But Craig is from Montgomery County. He therefore combines these with a strong criminal streak.

  17. #12

    I’m with you. I like a candidate who won’t change his position due to a change in the direction of the wind.

  18. Newt has proven time and again that when the going gets tough, he goes off into a dark wet corner and cries. You don’t lose 50% of your support because a TV commercial contains big meany negative massages. You LOSE because there is enough substantial truth to commericals to effectively change voter minds.

  19. #11


    Why do you always sound like a zombie on crack?

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