Romney Levels #Occupy Goon – “America’s Right and You’re Wrong” (Video)

Mitt Romney leveled an #Occupy goon yesterday at a campaign stop in South Carolina. The former governor told the young socialist he might be happier in Cuba or Communist China.

Nice work, Mitt.

The Washington Post reported:

The Romney campaign is proudly circulating this video of Mitt Romney dressing down an Occupy Wall Street protester with this line: “America’s right, and you’re wrong.”

“GREAT VIDEO,” Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom Tweeted just now. And for all I know, this sort of confrontation will help Romney among South Carolina Republicans and prevent Newt from pulling off a major upset. It probably makes for really good optics among some swing voters, too:

Let me tell you something. America is a great nation, because we’re a united nation. And those who are trying to divide the nation, as you’re trying to do here, and as our president is doing, are hurting this country seriously. The right course for America is not to try to divide America, and try and divid us between one and another. it’s to come together as a nation.

And if you’ve got a better model — if you think China’s better, or Russia’s better, or Cuba’s better, or North Korea’s better — I’m glad to hear all about it.

But you know what? America’s right, and you’re wrong.

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  • Patty

    “And for all I know, this sort of confrontation will help Romney among South Carolina Republicans and prevent Newt from pulling off a major upset. It probably makes for really good optics among some swing voters, too:”
    I don’t think anyone really cares about some confrontation with idiots. They more than likely won’t vote anyway.

    Swing voters in S.C. aren’t stupid, doubt if they believe Gingrich or Santorum aren’t in favor of Capitalism.
    Americans know that Romney was born rich and he has invested his money in hopes of a big return on his money. That is a know fact. But I look at this incident as nothing more than heckler who hasn’t yet figured out how American Capitalism has made this country.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Romney’s message to even this heckler is solid.

    And he’s right. The Leftist Marxists are trying to take over via Occupy and through government.

    Good answer from Romney. Everyone aspires to be wealthy. Especially the party/movement bosses of the Left. The Totalitarians are the worst on that.

    Wealth like Romney has comes from smarts, work, and a good family going back at least several generations.

  • More Liberty

    Good comment via Rombama. He is right, America is great – at least the American people and our entrepreneurs. The American government is what’s wrong with out country. It takes the fruits of labor from one individual and gives it to another via taxes or subsides. It also puts our children’s children in debt.

  • Mama Grizzly

    The Left wants to TAKE that wealth and squander it on their appetites. They don’t want to work for it, and if they DO work, they think they’re entitled as well. Don’t work = entitled. Work = entitled.

    The Obamasissts will hammer and hammer Romney’s success like it’s a bad thing. Meanwhile they make things as bad for Americans as they can in the hopes of snaring them to their side. Remember, more than 50% of Americans have IQs 100 or less. Shooting fish in a barrel . . .

    I hope Romney will change the dire straits we’re in before we become like the Italian cruise ship.

  • squeaky

    someone commented about the focus of taking rather than teaching. taking a man’s fish rather than teaching a man to fish.

  • #3: I hope Romney will change the dire straits we’re in before we become like the Italian cruise ship.

    Assuming Romney can win against Obama. I’m not convinced he can. His debates have been weak as of late. But one thing is for sure, another 4 years of O and we will be sunk. Do doubt about it.

  • Oops… correction. I meant #4 Mama Grizzly.

  • Patty

    It would have been better has Romney attacked Obama on 11 Solyndra failures or on his 5 Trillion dollar spending for What.

    Or possible lost of jobs in the XL pipeline. But that would be too much for this immature and uneducated on current events, to wrap his mind around.

    Government is holding back this nations productivity not Capitalism.

  • Rock

    Telling, if you catch the very ending the heckler actually seemed willing to try and say that the Countries named by Romney where better. Just your typical Democrap Commie in action. Just understand when you talk with a Democrap, your talking with a sworn enemy of the America you where raised in, they want nothing less than the full destruction of our way of government.

  • More Liberty

    Looks like many of you people are actually considering voting for Obama-lite. Are you “conservatives” actually thinking that Mitt Rombama is any different than Obama?

    This website for one railed against Obamacare, as they should, but Rombama instituted the same thing in his state.

    Romney will definitely raise the Debt limit if he becomes President, and most of the “conservatives” will support him with the exception of a few like Rand Paul and a couple other actual conservatives. Oh and the Dems will go right back to voting against it like they did under Bush.

    Rombama is not the solution, he’s the problem (staust quo) just as Obama is the problem. Have fun defending his dumb statist big government actions you faux “conservatives.”

  • RedBeard

    Ok, More Liberty, give us “faux conservatives” your plan.

    And yes, although I’m not a Romney booster because I consider him too liberal, I think he is far better than Obama. Far, FAR better. I think that because I have ears, eyes, and a brain that are all connected and operational.

  • Pragmatic


  • Fionnagh

    Here’s my problem with Romney – he is rarely specific. He speaks in platitudes. Says all the right, feel-good, things. But in what way would he accomplish uniting America, or in what way would he create jobs, or in what way would he fill-in-your-own-question…Newt’s command of facts and figures is astonishing. As Newt stated in last night’s debate, he’ll let Obama use a teleprompter, while Newt will simply reply upon knowledge. It’s Romney’s seeming lack of knowledge that bothers me. Is he just another teleprompter kind of guy?

  • More Liberty

    @ Redbeard,

    These establishment politicians keep getting elected because people are funneled into the partisan hackery choice. If you had any principles, you’d vote using principles. I’m not going to vote for Rombama because that’d be like voting for Obama.

    Go ahead and vote for Rombama – applaud him when he raises the debt ceiling, which he will, and when he acts just like his record shows – an “effing” liberal. He has an open and fairly honest distaste for the Tea-Party, as do most establishment Republicans. Our debt will increase, and our rights will continue to be eroded. He even admitted that he would have voted for the NDAA, a law which gives the executive power the ability to detain US citizens indefinitely on US soil. He would vote against your 5th Amendment rights to due process. Yeah…good luck with Rombama.

  • ThinkAbout

    For all we know this could have been staged to help Mitt come out on top. We already know that the Left want Mitt, Obama wants Mitt and yet no one has come and hit Mitt with anything. The left defend him against who…. the REAL GOP…… Just think about it. Today ANYTING can be staged.

    Remember a while back ago someone has Mitt for some change and all he had were $100 bills… another STAGED moment that time by the left…

    I cant say for sure but sure sounds like it

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  • Ed Wallis

    So, Romney is a rich guy. OK. So, Romney defends the free market insofar as how he got rich. OK. THAT STILL DOESN’T MAKE HIM A CONSERVATIVE, much less anyone defending Conservatism.

    SOROS is also a rich guy who games our system. I only wish Gingrich would make such a connection.

  • bg


    way to say Mitt!!


  • Mama Grizzly

    Mr. Ed for President!!!

  • RedBeard

    Wow. Now, according to More Liberty, not only am I a “faux conservative” but I have no principles. [insert rolling eyes here]

    I’m with Gus. I would prefer a far more conservative nominee, but we may not have that luxury in November. Real life is often less than perfect, and we need to deal with it. If Romney is the nominee, I will vote for him emphatically, because the goal (focus on this) is getting rid of Obama.

    Saying that Romney is the same as Obama is one of three possible things, a dishonest statement, an ignorant statement, or just venting via hyperbole. Romney is far too liberal to suit me, but compared to Obama… well, forget that, because there IS no comparison between Romney and our current Quisling-in-Chief.

    Romney loves his country, while Obama has nothing but distain for 235 years of our history. Romney has loads of managerial experience in both public and private sectors, while Obama, before becoming president, had zero experience running anything more complex than a community organizer’s bullhorn.

  • Amino

    I like the end of the article you linked to:

    “I’m not defending heckling. But I did think we’d gotten past the point where a major party presidential candidate would respond to this kind of thing with the functional equivalent of “go back to Russia.” I guess not.”

  • bg


    Gus #18 January 20, 2012 at 2:34 pm

    one of those names just doesn’t belong there..


  • bg


    Romney is more of a Republican than
    some in the leadership.. /truth sarc/


  • A Pox on Both Your Houses

    #Occupy and Romney are both wrong. As an independent working class American, I have no use for #Occupy or for Romney, but why is it considered socialist class warfare when someone tries to tell working class people they are getting screwed?

    Of course Romney thinks he’s right and #Occupy is wrong (at least he got the latter part right, they are wrong on so many of the things they believe, say, and do). It’s in his best interest for working class Americans to be quiet and just go to work like the obedient serfs they are…while Romney and his ilk laugh all the way to the bank.