Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Tells MLK Congregation: Feds Should Bail Out Failed States, Cities and Counties “For a Mere $900 BILLION”

Remember: Democrats never change. They always want your money.

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. told a Chicago congregation yesterday in Chicago, “The feds should bail out failed states, cities and counties for a mere $900 billion” with your money!
Sounds like a great plan, huh?

Rebel Pundit was there.

Rebel Pundit has more on the far left attendees at the political event.

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  • Patty

    Jackson Jr Faces New Allegations in Blagojevich Corruption Case

    And corrupt too. It never seems to end. Maybe Obama can take the non emergency fund of 1.2 trillion and give to Jesse. Or cover it up some way.

    Obama has spent 5 trillion dollars already what is a mere 900 billion here or there. Obama has wasted that much in 11 different Solyndras.

  • Eric Givler

    They are going to need the $40,000 a year because when rampant inflation hits again, they will need it to buy a loaf of bread. How are they going to survive the other 364 days of the year?

  • Carbon Pootprint

    anyone against this ideaR must be racist of course.

  • LilyBart

    Yes! And then the Government should bail ME out. It should pay off my home loan and my car loan – then pay off my credit card debt (too many shoes purchases!) so that I can start with a ‘clean slate’ too.

    And then they should ‘hire’ me directly. Not to actually work – but just to get a pay check of of course (why should I WORK forheavensake!).

  • alsj

    Where are the oversize shoes and the red bulbous nose?

  • paddy

    $900 billion is not enough for anything other than the downpayment.

  • bg


    why does it feel more & more like we are paying the Jizya to
    an Islamist infiltrated Government to maintain our heads??


  • xiphos

    #5……….. Daddy is wearing them right now.

  • Also wants the government to hire all the unemployed

  • Molon Labe

    I think the government should bail out my brother’s three exs, pay off his gambling debts, and pay for my mansion in the Adriatic. All this for a mere 10 million. Peanuts, what’s that to the greedy rich and the US taxpayer.

  • The links don’t work!

  • Gandalf

    Sure – just take it out of Obummer’s stash. Unreal.

  • bg
  • dunce

    Socialism works until you run out of other peoples money. Several states have run out of money in their state and now want taxation without representaion. People in North Dakota can not vote in california elections but will be paying for all the illegal aliens burden in that state, the schools, the health care, the police, and the prison system but people outside the state will receive none of the services. The prudent will be financing the profligate.

  • Just following in daddy foot-steps here……….while daddy is shaking down businesses……….Jr is shaking down American taxpayers………just sayin

  • bg


    re: Levois #11 January 17, 2012 at 8:17 pm

    GP = Rebel Pundit links = Not Found


  • No Man

    Obama needs to get Congress to add to the debt ceiling $2 trillion.

    The USA will be in worse shape than Greece.

    Invest in gold, guns and whiskey.

  • bg


    Levois #11 January 17, 2012 at 8:17 pm

    here you/we go.. 😉


  • Voice of Reason

    The first stimulus bailed out the states if you haven’t been paying attention. I live in beautiful California. We have both a sales tax and income tax in, but also have Prop 13 (thank goodness), which the Dems detest. But now Brown wants to increase the sales tax and jack up the state income tax on high income earners. As you probably know, the income tax caps out at 9.3% for those making $100k+. FAIR estimates the state spends $20B/yr on illegals. That’s where the money goes, plus handouts to millions of other freeloaders. The Dems have gerrymandered the new redistricting commission so that they will end up with a supermajority, which will mean higher taxes and of course exemptions for unions and illegals. Bottom line: CA is screwed

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  • shibumi

    I’m actually pretty surprised that the Mayor of Detroit hasn’t asked Herr Obama for a citywide bailout.

  • Pink Lady


  • midusdew

    Jr. shove it!

    Just another attempt to rip off Americans.

    I say you look back to where the states went into the red. Then you seize all the banks accounts and property of the legislators in charge then up to now as a down payment of the debt. Then you start deporting the illegals and end the welfare….

  • Duke C

    Jesse must be talking about New Mogadishu [formerly Detroit]. They have mismanaged that city and now expect a Federal bailout?, ie: tax payer money. I hope John Boehner has the cajones to stand with the TEA Party and BOLDLY say “No, the credit card is maxed out.” IF he does not, their must be new leadership in the house who will say that.

  • myohmy

    Spread the wealth among corrupt career politicians of failed states?

  • L.E. Liesner

    Another fool elected to run this country. Are there still doubts that liberalism is a mental disease?

  • Ipso Facto

    Thus utterly inept moron is simply off the reservation. He has nothing but one asinine idea after the other.

    Of course he wants the Federal government to bail out CA, IL, NY and all the other liberal utopias. They squandered all of their money on public unions like the NEA and SEIU, and now they can’t even come close to paying their pension obligations.

    This is why we need a Republican Senate and House in 2012 to keep even a RINO President from even considering bailing out these failed states. After all, it isn’t as though we didin’t see this coming for decades. Bailing out these irresponsible and corrupt states would be the penultimate in redistribution of wealth.


    Another ghetto piece of trash that has no clue in life….Jessie Jr…tell your people to get off their a$$es…..stop doing drugs and gang banging….and maybe get a job instead ofexpecting handouts….hopefully the IL courts will find you guilty like blagovich and put your sorry a$$ in jail

  • pink tie Republican

    Hell, Ben Bernanke has printed three times that amount to bail out his bankster buddies on Wall

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    The sense of entitlement is strong in this one.

  • lynched1

    Isn’t that cat supposed to be headed to jail?

  • joscefi


    Because everybody knows that all the Titanic really needed was a bigger deck chair budget….

  • A mere 900 billion. Odd how those who want to pilfer the federal Treasury always minimize the amount they want to steal.

  • bigL

    Get out of their way–Calif is first in line as it only needs about $27.5 billion.
    (and if you haven;t filed yr tax return yet be sure to claim the unearned income tax credit and collect
    $5750 even tho you might not have pd in a dime or even diez pesos)

  • Girlyman

    The fruit don’t fall far from the tree, do it? I can’t understand why these people are even given the time of day.

  • David Kramer

    “The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury.” George Washington

    The looting is going full steam ahead.

  • Voice of Reason

    Bail out failed states? That’s those liberal Democrat states of course that are on their way toward a train wreck. Liberalism gone unchecked will devour itself, and we will be collateral damage from their idiotic ideology.

  • Sorry To Live in Illinois

    JJJ is just one of the many reasons Chicago needs to break away from the good people of Illinois. The District of Chicago sounds pretty good.

  • Buffalobob

    The fine Jessie Jr. may just be pushing a plan so outrageous that if and when he is charged for his misdeeds he can plead insanity.

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  • squeaky

    whole lot of self interest there. illinois is sinking as we speak…and in the same kettle of fish department i know there’s pros and cons on earned income tax credits..from the very same illinois – [State officials said it would eventually translate to an average of about $100 a year per family. Currently about 900,000 families meet income guidelines in Illinois, but some advocates estimated 1 million will qualify this year.] obama’s tax thing he was pushing meant $1,000 per year for the typical family….these guys are throwing chump change that can’t possibly keep up with the hike in cost of everything else. one hand gives while the other hand takes.

  • Blackbird

    Without $900 billion the states would go bankrupt in about 8 months. With $900 billion the states will go bankrupt in about 4 months due to the fact that liberals always spend roughly twice the money they are handed to spend. They are the only people on earth that can go broke faster the more money you give them.

  • baseballguy

    #42 – You are exactly correct. The personal income tax was raised 65% on the claim that it would raise $850 million needed to cover debt. About 3 weeks after it passed, on a Friday news dump, 1.7 billion in new spending was announced. And crickets were heard in the media.

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  • Greg

    Pigford worked so well in giving ag money to 300% of the black ag workers that it naturally gets expanded from a billion to a trillion

  • Infuriated

    So it’s settled then? His parents are cousins right?

  • The nut don’t fall too far the tree.

  • How come we are even listening to these igorant negroes. They are only 12% of the US. I mean what make them know everything that right for America, all of a sudden. You put a IQ meter on their forehead, the needle won’t move.

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