Oklahoma Murder & Beheading Looks Like Work of Mexican Cartels

In October 20 year-old Carina Saunders was tortured, murdered and dismembered. Her body was left in a grocery store parking lot.

Carina Saunders watched as her killer tortured, murdered and dismembered other victims.
Gather.com reported:

There has been a development in the case of Carina Saunders and the twist in the story is so horrific that Oklahoma City will remember this story for years to come. Carina was a 20-year-old woman who was kidnapped with the goal of entering her in a human trafficking circle. However, the kidnapper, 33-year-old Jimmy Lee Massey, did whatever he could to scare her into doing what he pleased, including killing people in front of her.

According to NY Daily News, Massey “kidnapped a 20-year-old woman and forced her to watch others torture and kill another woman so that she would cooperate with a human trafficking ring.” Oklahoma police cannot find a connection between Saunders and the victim she had to see die, but both the victim and Saunders knew Massey. The victim’s name is not being released at this time. “Evidence in our investigation has led us to believe that she had been expected to provide certain things to this trafficking group and that she had not been performing to their satisfaction,” a detective said in a statement.

Carina Saunders was found beheaded on October 13 behind a grocery store. There is no indication that she has been involved in criminal activity. In fact, she is just a victim of an evil man’s crimes and desperation to get her involved in human trafficking. “She had relationships within these loosely associated people, and I think that she was a victim of opportunity,” the police have shared.

Massey has been arrested in connection with Saunders’ murder and formal charges are pending. He has “provided details of Saunders’ torture, killing and dismemberment and disposal of the body,” according to NY Daily News. Although he is admitting to the killings, he is still an evil face in the local Oklahoma community.

Officials now believe Saunders’ murder and beheading is linked to the Mexican cartels.
KRGV reported:

Three beheadings in two different states and they happened here in the United States, not Mexico.

Former DEA supervisor Phil Jordan says all three beheadings have cartel written all over them. They happened in Arizona and Oklahoma in the past year.

A murder mystery is now unraveling on a stretch of North Reservation Road in Tucson, Ariz. County workers found a headless man lying on the side of the road Jan. 6. The man’s hands and feet were reportedly missing, too.

“It would lead me to believe the message wanted to be sent. This is one of the ways they do it in Mexico, Colombia and other places,” says Jordan.

Jordan says the cartels are getting bolder in carrying out their beheadings across the border. He says we only used to see these crimes in Mexico.

“They don’t have any borders,” says Jordan.

More than 600 miles from the border, a 19-year-old human trafficking victim was found beheaded in Oklahoma. Carina Saunders was stuffed into a bag and left in a grocery store parking lot.

“People know if they get on the wrong side of the fence, they’ll be dealt with,” says Jordan.

The police chief in the area says two men running the trafficking ring killed Saunders to send a message to the other victims. Jordan says the cartels’ calling card is all over this case. Trafficking and smuggling are their top moneymakers. Revenge is the price of doing business.

“Definitely a cartel hit,” says Jordan.

Investigators in Chandler, Ariz., say cartel operatives came from Mexico to kill 38-year-old Martin Alejandro Cota Monroy. His beheaded body was found in his apartment.

“One is too many; two is too many. Three should send an alarm,” says Jordan.

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  • Sam Stone

    Welcome to America New Americans, what can we do for you?

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  • pink tie Republican

    Don’t worry, Barry has our back on this. Right?

  • TiminPhx

    Celebrate Diversity! No Borders!

  • Joe Bean
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  • Militant Conservative

    Anyone still against conceal carry needs to read this.

    COP’s fill out reports, rarely do they stop a crime like

    This. YOU are the first responder, quit relying on

    the civility of others in an uncivil world.

    Powder is dry

  • Mama Grizzly

    MC is right.

    The ONLY way to stop this stuff.

    The cartels and the gangs here are only going to get worse.

    I think they should be dealt with without hesitation.

    They are as bad or worse than the jihadists.

  • olm

    #5 wow, sounds like we might have a problem here……/
    Wonder where that body is.
    Add jihadists to this mess.
    Where is Homeland Security?
    Oh yeah, they are looking for violent tea partiers.

  • paul52

    Don’t know where else to post this….. Gateway Pundit’s favorite Wisconsin liberal fata$$, Hallis Mailen, got his face and all his chins on the front page of the Green-Bay Press Gazette this a.m. Thankfully, we can’t see his feet, but his piehole is W-I-D-E open. The Gov. Walker recall count has begun.

  • J. Knight

    All the concealed carry permits in the World will have no effect on this type thing. Girls are being kidnapped all over this country, or in the alternative, are turned into drug addicts and used as sex slaves to fuel these cartels. That’s why we have government. The fact that our government doesn’t work right still doesn’t negate the reason to have one. Why the Republicans aren’t all over this is beyond me.

  • Search Tri Border Area

    Hezbollah in Tri Border Area teaching the Cartels.

  • Finncrisp

    Open borders pose no threat to law abiding citizens. Lack of accountability in the immigration mess is not a drain on our economy. We can’t possibly deport someone who has estabilshed a life in America, even if everything that was done is illegal, It wouldn’t be fair. After all these people are doing jobs that Americans won’t do.

    If this is one of the jobs Americans won’t do, then we can rejoice on the one hand and despair on the other. The “Unknown Marxist” in the White House defends status quo with respect to immigration.

  • valerie

    They’ve been getting their guns from the US government. That should be at least some indicator that they are finding some official hospitality, here.

  • Mama Grizzly

    “Hezbollah in Tri Border Area teaching the Cartels.”

    Yes, more true than people would like to believe. The high-tech operations in the mountains of Arizona are big training grounds.

    Iran has set up camps in Latin America.

    Obama KEEPS the borders open to assist.

    This is the reality.

    Conceal carry CAN go a long way in preventing this if young women have training and don’t hesitate when the moment comes.

  • RL

    > #11 January 18, 2012 at 11:23 am
    > J. Knight[mare] commented:

    > All the concealed carry permits in the World will have no effect on this type thing.

    Thanks for the insight. I’m sure we all agree that no one could possibly defend his/herself given the means to do so, and therefore we should ALL disarm and remain victims. Brilliant.

  • valerie

    Paul 52

    Ok, so I copied the name you listed, and did a google search.


    I seem to recall that there may have been a issue with vetting the signatures.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Is there going to be “backlash”?

    Please tell me there will be.

    I mean, we keep being told about musloids dreading possible, mythical future “backlash” every time a musloid murders people here, and it NEVER HAPPENS.

    How about this time? Can we get some backlash?

    Nope. America is a nation of lazy cowards.

    Come on in, Mexican murderous pieces of dog s*%t. Come on in. Kill us at will.

    We quite obviously don’t care any more.


  • Redwine

    Search (#12) & Mama Grizzly (#15) – You hit the right button.
    Blaming the Mexican cartel sounds like an excuse. Hezbollah is more like the truth – and they have influence over the Mexican cartels. OKC has been crawling with islamists for decades. (Any wonder the Sharia ban proposal got knocked down.)

  • Marsh626

    A sign of what’s to come.

    99% of people have absolutely no idea that there’s a no kidding war going on on our Sourthern border that’s just as bad as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And a lot of it is concentrated literally on the edge of our border. If you don’t think that’s going to spill into our country then you’re a complete idiot.

    Right now the drug cartels have had a “don’t kill gringos” policy because they don’t want to wake us up to what’s going on. But eventually that policy will end as they create a stronger infrastructure in our country. Time to crack down on them now with an iron fist, including with the military, before it gets to the point where we can’t control it anymore.

    Our borders need to be secured as if we were bordering a hostile enemy nation, immigration from these countries needs to be treated as if they were immigrating from a nation that’s at war with us and that wishes to destroy us from within, and the sea of illegal immigrants they operate within here in America needs to be expelled from our nation.