#Occupy Protester Strangles Parents – Stuffs Their Bodies in the Back of the PT Cruiser

His parents thought he was spending too much time at the #occupy protests – So he strangled them.

(Bay Citizen)

The hits keep on coming for the #Occupy criminal movement.
The Obama-endorsed radicals have put together quite a record of accomplishment:

9 deaths, 5 found dead in tents, One found dead after 2 days
2 murders
Tens of millions of dollars in damages, layoffs, vandalism, law breaking
– Multiple Rapes
– Thousands of arrests
Public masturbation
Child molestation and baby abuse

Now this…
An #occupy radical strangled his parents and stuffed them in the back of the family’s PT Crusier.
SFGate reported, via FOX Nation:

Friends and relatives said Susan Poff and Robert Kamin of Oakland were the perfect pair to adopt a foster child.

They had dedicated their careers to helping others escape poverty, she as a physician assistant in a city-run clinic in the Tenderloin and he as a clinical psychologist for inmates in the San Francisco County Jail system.

But now, less than a decade after they adopted, their 15-year-old son stands accused of strangling both Poff, 50, and Kamin, 55, then hiding their bodies in the back of the family’s PT Cruiser…

Co-workers said Poff and Kamin were having some arguments with their son, some of it having to do with him spending too much time in the Occupy Oakland encampment, but nothing that sounded beyond the scope of typical teenage rebelliousness.

Yup. They’re exactly like the tea party.

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  • an observer

    Is anybody REALLY surprised at the senseless violence at both the movement and individual levels?

    Read “Lord of the Flies.”

    When morality becomes totally “relative,” when situational ethics devolves to “if it feels good, do it” then absolutes such as “Thou shall not murder” becomes “murder in service to the movement is no sin.”

    And then killing your opponent (or anyone standing in the movement’s way) turns a human being into something disposable – at best “collateral damage,” at worst “speed bumps on the way to victory.”

    Did you ever wonder how and why 8 million Nazis (out of a population to 79 million Germans) were able to stomach loading people into cattle cars, knowing that they would be gassed and their bodies incinerated?

    Read “Lord of the Flies.” That’s who these occupier folks are.

    That’s who the unions are.

    That’s who Obama is.

    The movement’s goal is to overthrow America. A pair of parents who object to their kid being part of it, is an obstacle – a speed bump.

    I bet that this kid is considered a hero among the occupiers.

  • an observer

    Example: “PROVIDENCE, RI, January 30, 2012, (LifeSiteNews.com) – Demonstrators from the Occupy Wall Street movement threw condoms on Catholic schoolgirls, refused to allow a Catholic priest to give a closing prayer, and shouted down a pro-life speaker at a Rhode Island right to life rally on Thursday, according to its organizer. The event marked the third time protesters associated with the movement have disrupted a pro-life meeting in a week.”

    [lifesitenews via http://americanglob.com/2012/01/30/occupy-providence-throws-condoms-at-catholic-school-girls/

    Throwing condom’s at schoolgirls? Do you think there is ANYONE in the occupy movement that will denounce what is essentially an act of emotional terrorism against CHILDREN?

    “Lord of the Flies.”

  • ogee

    And OWS are supposed to be demonstrating for fairness and against the rich while his mum was a doctor? Not only that but she treated the downtroddin? What an ungrateful SOB. Anyone would want a cushy life like he had growing up. Idle hands tempt the devil.
    And poster #34-right on! I am no fan of biblical posts but yours was right on.
    OWS people will be the first to go to the fema camps. Watch.

    Then again maybe Newton Leroy McPherson ‘Gingigibberish” got him all anxious with all that anger going around. He does have a tendency to rub the nerves raw. He and the occupiers have a lot in common. They both have big news saying they draw LARGE CROWDS, when it’s really just lonely stranglers stragglers in attendance and many cancellations oocur of the gatherings due to non interest due to no real base. 😆

    I know Dr Paul is not inciting riots and being all angry. He’s home with his life long loving wife and grown kids busy living the moral life. 😀

  • MrGoodWench

    gus commented:

    This sounds like the same type of MOVEMENT that made Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn HOMICIDAL MANIACS.
    Didn’t they say something like — kill your parents to bring the revolution home ?
    This killer did exactly what Ayers-Dohrn have always told the kids to do.
    We might see more such killings in the coming days

  • ogee

    For those that care about Dr Paul, the Republican fiscal conservative congressman:

    They have another cookbook out. MMMMMM. Carol Paul has been sending out a cookbook to constituents and donors for many years during the Holidays.
    She is just the sweetest woman, and Ron is truly the only candidate challenging the status quo who can restore America. Instead of just voting for a plastic man check out the real deal.

    Ron Paul 2012. Learn about him on youtube…you can go back decades long and see his unparalleled insight and foresights into the financial and human condition in this country and his consistency and leadership confirmed on tape. We need Dr. Paul. This will be the most important vote you make in your lifetime, select the best qualified and do not let the media decide for you.

    The new gold standard of family cookbooks.
    The secret ingredient is Liberty
    MMM MMM good. MMM MMM DR Paul a president for all the people not just some. He is the only one NOT OWNED by wall street, lobbiest’s and big Rockefeller Bankers. MMMM.

  • ogee

    @ # 44
    Yes and all the more reason to vote Dr Paul who will close the Dept of Ed since they are polluting our kids and turning them into murders.

  • Voice of Reason

    Nancy Pelosi warned us how she saw protests like these in SF back in the 70’s, the language being used, the rhetoric was frightening, the violence that took place. Wait a minute, she was talking about the Tea Party.

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  • wanumba

    #11 January 30, 2012 at 6:11 pm
    Sasja commented:
    I know a family whose male children from great grandfather (he is the first in the linage anyone remembers) to great grandson, and who have this violent streak, especially when they drink. They are of German ancestry; not that I’m saying it has anything to do with it, who knows? Since the female offspring do not exhibit any violent tendencies, I have often wondered if it is a genetic thing, or just behavioral by what they witnessed from their fathers.

    WHen it comes to alcohol, genetic is key. Some people literally do not have the physical ability to process it properly. It is linked to inability to process sugars. Native American tribal people have been found to lack ability to break down sugars/alcohol.

    THat was finally discovered as the root of their tendancy to out of control alcoholism and high rates of diabetes. SO, some peoples are prone to this and some not.
    Those with this problem should ot drink any alcohol ever and strictly control all sugar consumption.

  • wanumba

    #34 January 30, 2012 at 8:33 pm
    Dave-O commented:
    As the deceased’s co-workers are quoted as saying – this is just “typical teenage rebelliousness” – nothing to worry about. All kids do these types of things


    That’s what I was referring to up there. The mindset that we should expect gross acting out amongst “teenagers” is “normal” and that #OWS was some genuine type of so-called “teenage rebellion” when it’s organized radicalism designed to break down soiciety via cloward-piven system overload.

    Just by that reporting Left spin, it’s obvious there were major problems in the house. To deny the truth will not facilitate justice for the murdered.

    The WSJ had a weekend propaganda piece by a Berkley Prof arguing the big meme of “teenage rebellion” and that “teen brains are different.” It was a big lead in to promote AMERICORPS – evidently appealing to hapless LEfties to have Obama provide discipline to their un-raised child/adults.

    THat’s a major reason I was so mad when I read the “teen rebel” line. ALso that WSJ is not what it used to be… now pushing that sort of blatent political narrative.

  • Holder’s AK-47s kill Mexicans

    Errrm, sorry. They let a 15 year old attend a Marxist/Anarchist mob gathering, without supervision or explaining the nature of the criminal element. Then, the kid commits a horrible criminal act. These were bad parents. They were committing child neglect.

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  • B

    All social psychology is transformational marxism. The parents are victims of their practicing own ideology. The bible says the last days will be as in the days of Noah, i.e. disobedient children who can’t communicate with God.

  • Sasja

    I return to this thread this morning and see that An Observer mis-understood my post @ #20 last night. Oh, well. Did give me a good laugh.

  • Bob_B

    Oh I’m sure this wasn’t an “Occupy” Occupier. He was an “occupy” occupier. When needed, his number is counted. But when he acts out, he is “fringe”, and not one of the “real” group.

    One wonders why the movement hasn’t started labeling these elements as “radical and unhinged infiltrators sent by Tea Party extremists and the Koch Bros, et.al.”. I’m sure the MSM would be happy to play along…

  • JoeJack

    The Occupy movement is about the riots that they are all hoping for. There is really no end game beyond the destruction that comes with mob frenzy. Most of them can’t explain a purpose for the ‘movement’.

  • Jmonkey

    WANUMBA—- this kid was adopted at age 5 and could have possible had issues growing up until the age of 5. ( f.a syndrome, maybe he viewed things little children should not (maybe murder) and it had an impact on him) do not blame it on his adoptive parents. It is not normal for any child to kill, strangle put in the back of a car….. His parents. There is physiological issues!!!

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  • Jen

    Occupy is 99% of the population so that includes everyone, even this idiot.

  • http://777denny.wordpress.com/ 777denny

    Barack Obama said that the reason why he ran for president was FOR the Communist Occupiers. They are a greedy bunch, whose only goal is Communism and the silencing of all opposition. Voting for RINO Romney and his Mormonism baggage will surely re-elect Obama and take America to Hell. Please DROP OUT Mr. santorum and endorse Newt Gingrich for president before its too late or THANKS FOR NOTHING!!! Go Newt!!!