Obama’s Former Commie Green Czar Van Jones Warns of Turbulent Year With #Occupy Criminal Movement

The #occupy criminal movement cost taxpayers millions of dollars in 2011.

Van Jones plans to use Martin Luther King Jr. holiday to promote the #Occupy criminal movement. Jones warned of a turbulent year ahead with the #Occupy criminal movement.
Via US News and World Report:

President Obama’s surrogates, not giving up hope that the themes of the “occupy movement” will help his reelection and push Congress to back Democratic jobs ideas, are looking to the birthday and federally-sanctioned holiday of what Obama activist Van Jones calls the “original Occupier,” Martin Luther King Jr., to spark action on the streets of America.

Jones, part of a group called “Rebuild the Dream,”- which sees itself as a liberal version of the Tea Party movement- said the gatherings will kick off what he sees as a “turbulent, exciting” year, led by civil rights leaders pushing a new agenda of social justice.

“What are you doing this weekend for MLK Day? It’s our only national holiday about social justice, yet too often, MLK Day feels like a Hallmark Card. This year, let’s do it differently,” he tells backers in an e-mail. “Rebuild the Dream members are hosting MLK Day Movement Meet-ups across the country to celebrate Dr. King — the original Occupier — and link the Civil Rights Movement with today’s struggle for an economy that works for all.”

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  • Sam Stone

    Turbulence WITHIN the fleabagger bowel movement or will they spread their violence and shenanigans to the outside again. (once it warms up again in the north)

  • vityas

    Warns. Threatens. What’s the difference?

  • an observer

    Either way, it is a signal for the rest of us to get ready.

  • Rose

    Van Jones is the man who builds organizations to raise a ruckus over the jailing of man who shoot down police in cold blood. He’s been trying to get this revolution moving for decades.

    With Odrama Queen at the helm to prevent his activities from being interfered with… this is NOT a man to dismiss lightly, as “just another radical”. This man more personifies Odrama Queen’s Political Goals than Odrama Queen does, himself.

    And as much so in Revolution as he is in “Green Energy”, as well.

    If any of you made notes in early Fall 2010 about the coverage that Glenn Beck made in one week of broadcasts on this man, dig them out. Everything Glenn said about him has been proven to be accurate.



  • Hmmm, I lived through the Martin Luther King Jr days and I don’t remember ever seeing any photos of King or anyone in his group defecating on a police car. I also can’t remember rat and lice infested crime filled encampments. Must just be my memory………..

  • HadEnough

    Van Jones is one scary MF….he has all the money that Soros can throw at him and he will wave money in peoples faces to get out there and protest…….I fear for Tampa when the RNC convention takes place….the city will be torn apart by these clowns and Van Jones will be at the head with Soros pulling all the strings and Odumbo will be on speed dial………

  • Multitude

    With this threat of domestic terrorism, has a warrant been put out for Van Jones arrest, or does the White House merely intend to use a drone?

    Is DHS updating their profiling manual to expand it from grandmas, tea party members, young children, etc.?

  • Gimme a Break, I’m a Tea Party Hobbit

    MLK Day will be just the warm up for these losers. Expect Comrade Jones and the Occupy (bowel) Movement to go into full outrage mode and riot when the election results are announced on November 6 or 7.

  • martha

    Should we expect to see flash mobs in 7-11’s and Dunkin Donuts around the country next Monday?

  • Karinee

    We need to let the police do their job. First tent that goes up the police take over. Van Jones
    is a communist trying to start a revolution with the backing of Soros and the white house.

    Prepare it will be a violent year.

  • Missy8s

    Let me be completely clear about this, Insurrection Act of 1807 and The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 expressly forbid the formation of “private armies” on US soil.

    The #OccuKlan IS a “private army” that has sworn to destroy America so they can “rebuild it as they see fit”.

    President Downgrade, the majority leader of the senate and former speaker of the house have publicly endorsed them, lending them aid and comfort.

    By all definitions under the constitution; lending material support and or aid and comfort to any military force identified as an enemy of the United States is treason.

    Swearing allegiance or fealty to an enemy force by any American citizen and taking up arms against the United States are punishable by death.

    The #OccuKlan deprives people of their liberties with threats, intimidation coercion and physical violence, this is not a peaceful movement, it is a terrorist movement.

    ter·ror·ism [ter-uh-riz-uhm] noun

    1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

    2. the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.

    3. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

    The president and his cohorts have sworn allegiance and fealty to a private standing army conducting terrorist activities on American soil.

    There is only one proper legal course of action, the president must be charged with treason and sedition.

  • Tom in CA

    Oh boy, they are gonna tear up Oakland! Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bigL

    Virtually no one know this guy Van Jones or all this radical talk. He is not covered by ABC news and Diane Sawyer, or Stephan. All these threats are “under-the-radar”.
    Ask your friends, most won’t know. It is never in the Times, or any major paper and people want to know, when I bring these issues up, if they are “internet fantasy” stories.

    We are buffaloed. the Press and the GOP and the Donks and Obama want to tear down the country and rip it to shreds. On this morning’s news Romney was saying how the attacks of the GOP (!) were failing. He is the GOP.I don’t know what he means.
    All of his attacks on obama are so timid and most are just what he’d (Romney) do if in office.

    As far as MLK Jr. Igrew up during this time. He was always dignified and all his supporter and marchers were dressed well and most had thin black neckties, and white shirts.

  • if van jones was for social justice he’d dump socialism and promote capitalism. but that wouldn’t create a government with dictatorial power which is the goal of all marxists.

  • Larkin

    I’m pretty sure that I never sent a greeting card on MLK day.

    Although, if Hallmark made a card saying Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a CONSERVATIVE, I might consider it.

  • mamagriz68

    And again I wonder, why are Republicans (especially the establishment) so hellbent on sending Romney out to do battle with these people? A “1%” guy is the best we can come up with against Obama and the class warfare?

  • Scott M

    Van Jones, in his own words, believes that everyone’s live should be able to be crumpled up like a ball of paper, tossed into a bowl with everyone else’s, and that you should be able to draw out any other life and it still be a pretty good life. In other words, Van Jones implicitly believes that a janitor’s life, with all of the extensive training and schooling it requires to become a janitor, should have a life roughly equivalent to that of a brain surgeon or a bridge engineer.


  • Ipso Facto

    The only people that want equality of all outcomes are the deficient, inept and lazy people, who, because they had a poor work ethic and little value for education, are now left unable to compete with everyone else in the free market.

    These people want what everyone else has without doing what everyone else has done to get it.

    They are now trying to overwhelm our democratic system to obtain what they want because they can’t otherwise obtain it in the free market. For many decades now they have cultivated sympathy and manipulated good-hearted Americans into accepting them and their illegal brethren to the point where this motley conglomeration of parasites has coagulated into a critical mass in order to vote our money into their pockets in the districts they control – like California.

    If you have sympathy for them – you are naive. If you think they “deserve” more – give it to them out of your OWN pocket. If you don’t think these people are working to subvert our American way of life – you need to wake up. If you can’t see how they have already decimated California, and how they want to do the exact same thing to the entire USA – you are blind!

  • HadEnough

    @Ipso Facto…….that is exactly what welfare and the DemoRats brought into this country and now we are all paying for it……..feed a lazy bum a cookie and he’ll mug you for the bag…….

  • BuddyG

    Dangerous AND Obnoxious

  • Multitude

    Ipso/18: You make a really good point here; in post-Marxist studies, one of the crises of the theory is that its been historically shown to only “attract the unattractive,” to become popular only with the parasites of the system and not the producers. As many a Marxist idealist has been known to proclaim, “If it weren’t for all the stupid people, Marxism would work great!” (as would just about any political system).

    You didn’t touch on the other dynamic in the progressive model: the Vanguard. This is a distinctly separate ideology and psychological construction. These narcissistically deranged individuals construct themselves as above, separate and apart from the stupid masses, predestined to lead them from their sloth and ignorance. Consider the First Vanguard couple, complete with quotes like “When Barack becomes Leader, he will force you to change your ways, to get out of your slothful comfort zones, your stupidity and ignorance” to the imperial actions like dictating school meal menus have no “junk food” (while the vanguard chows it down to sustain her big boned frame), and demanding Americans stop being lazy and work harder (while vacationing two thirds the year, throwing nonstop parties, golfing on the job, and jet-setting the globe on other peoples seized dime).

    The Vanguard mentality is remarkable and of great interest in post-Marxist studies as it’s consistently the site where fascism grows in fertile soil.

  • Multitude

    Incidentally, am I the only one to notice:


    Curious coincidence? 😉

  • Mama Grizzly

    As a former leftist, I can tell you that the Left adores sit-ins, protests, violence. It’s a kind of emotional thing. They are a totally mixed-up bunch. But they think “change” for the sake toward communism of it is fine. They don’t have answers really, and I think they know it deep down, but they want power and control. They want to be in charge. Many of them have HUGE chips on their shoulders, others are just wanting a better place where people are “nice.” The former take giant advantage of the latter–and they know it. The Left has it’s lion’s share of narcissists and anti-social types, and those who want to take freedom away and shackle people with their vision. It’s not unlike Hitler and Stalin, and my belief is that they would go to any length they can to install themselves as “leaders” — totalitarian dictators.

    On the other hand, we have candidates who actually represent Americans who hold to our Constitution and way of life:


  • Ipso Facto

    #19 HadEnough

    You got it!

    At first, all of the “social justice” seemed harmless. I mean, who was going to complain about poor people getting a hand-up in life? Now, it’s crystal clear that these people we have reached out to and given affirmative action, set-aside programs and all manner of “benefits”, in large measure, have nothing but ill will towards us. We eve went so far as to take opportunities away from people of accomplishment and gave them to the parasites.

    This is the perfect manifestation of Dr. Stephen Karpman’s Drama triangle, where victims, inevitably turn around and persecute those who rescue them.

    The hard working people of America need to open their eyes and realize that Obama, who has nothing but resentment for hard-working people of accomplishment, is the crowning achievement of the parasites who are not satisfied with mere increased “opportunities”. Even with all the hand outs and the benefits, those people will NEVER be satisfied. They now want to redistribute (steal via taxation) money from those who earned it and give it to those who did not – and the free market system be damned.

    We all now need to realize that their quest for “equality” was a rouse. What they wanted was superiority and the power over us that would come from increasing their numbers. These parasites are dangerously close to cobbling together a 51% electoral majority in order to re-elect Obama. They may in fact already have it. We will see in the elections of 2012.

    No longer is talk sufficient. We need to really wake up now ourselves and ACT to subvert this plague on America. We need to stick it to these people (liberals) BIGTIME now by not hiring them, not patronizing them, and discriminating against them in every way possible short of violating the law. When it comes time to lowering headcount – get rid of them first. When it comes to Board appointments – leave them out. When you vote – vote against everything they want. When you accept proposals – put theirs in the trash.

    These people who have been bleeding America to the point of near bankruptcy have nothing but contempt for us and the free market system. They want nothing but to subjugate us to their will through increasing their numbers (and by giving amnesty to illegals). They have accomplished a great deal of their objectives already in California. If that’s what you want America to become. Ignore everything I am saying here.

  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    When you look at the aims of the Van Jones assembly, how different is it than what is on Obama’s priority list? Answer: there is no difference.

  • Ipso Facto

    #21 Multitude

    You are absolutely correct. Thank you for that.

    I totally agree that they believe their Vanguard are completely above the law because they have such moral superiority that they can’t be bothered by the practicality of obeying mere human laws. It’s a trait of Communism, Marxism and other totalitarian subsystems that while the Vanguard are out there whipping up the mere mortals, they are living on a distinctly higher plane.

    One of the great fallacies of these systems that people too often overlook is that while they tout equality and class eradication, they maintain the lifestyle of the ruling class at any expense. Thus, dissension is not allowed.

  • ant

    #7, if they looked at Van Jones for ‘terroristic threats’ they’d have to arrest Obama and his inner circle too. The time is a’comin’ folks. And the cancer of ‘progressive’ runs deep.

    MLK day, like a Hallmark card? Does he mean the one the NAACP got their panties all in a twist about because it said ‘black holes’?

  • squeaky

    “At first, all of the “social justice” seemed harmless. I mean, who was going to complain about poor people getting a hand-up in life?” as long as people judge the value of their lives by what they don’t have as opposed to what they do have. material things being the carrot on the string to destruction.

  • cal rifkin

    Thanks to Beck, the people got a heads up on that Van Jones mofo…need more jail cells for the Occupy bozos.

  • Insufficiently Sensitive

    Van Jones may well be hooked up with the lavishly-funded SEIU, which is already preparing for this long hot (and uncivil) summer.

    In December, SEIU in Washington ran an ad for an organizer, salary up to $65K, whose ‘Leadership Development’ duties included civil disobedience, such as occupying state buildings and banks, and peaceful resistance. Under ‘Member Mobilization’, to plan and execute strategic direct action field plans including banner drops, bank takeovers, and capitol occupations with membership, other local unions, and coalition partners.

    Last time we saw such ‘direct action’ ads, we had imported mobs (hosted by Seattle’s lefty council and mayor) out looting and breaking glass and battling the WTO and the police – and anyone else who wished for a normal working day in downtown Seattle.

    When this summer’s glassbreaking commences, don’t for a minute believe that these are spontaneous events. Your local government workers union dues to SEIU, paid by your taxpayer dollars, will be fanning the flames.

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  • ohio

    The nazis didn’t get to power by promising to kill the Jews. They used the disaster of the Wiemar Republic to get people out in the street calling for fairness for all and punishment for the greedy rich.

    Workers of all lands, unite — to smash the rule of English capitalism! You young upward-striving nations of the earth, combine to annihilate the old English dragon who blocks the treasures of the earth and withholds from you the riches of the world.

    -Robert Ley, German Labor Front leader. (Hitler’s Trumpka)

  • MAJ Mike

    Spent some time at the shooting range, yesterday. Reconfirmed the EOTech’s zero on the AR15. Very sweet at 100 yards. Will go back tomorrow with the HK91 and confirm its EOTech sight zero at 100 yards. Anticipate some very good shooting Zen.

    To all of the Neo-barbarians: “Let’s dance, bitches!!!”

  • bitterclinger

    The funny thing about this is in Other Countries in past years, it’s been the actual “downtrodden, hungry and poor” that have protested against the “wealthy”. In this country it’s “trust fund babies” and union goons. Notice how few actual “welfare moms and her 8 poor/starving babies”, if any, are in the crowd.

  • WillofLa

    Yeah, Van Jones wants to go back to the good ‘ol days of when every city where Martin Luther King spoke, would burn and riots would tear the once quiet and peaceful city up when the Negros would go berzerk thinking what King had meant in his speeches that Blacks should just take back what they believed was rightfully theirs. My question is, what the hell ever belonged to Negros that didn’t belong to a White person first? Ever heard of a Black neighborhood, built by Black contractor’s, for Blacks who would be buying those houses? Nope. It was always White contractor’s who had Blacks working for them, who were building neighborhoods for White people who would be buying those houses.

    Van Jones who is a Communist and shouldn’t be believed about anything, is talking about King Day being a Hallmark Card holiday, but he can’t fault White people for that unless you want to consider that it was White liberals who made the holiday that way it is. Even a liberal understands that most people don’t want to see the kinds of crimes committed by Occupier’s every year Blacks celebrate MLK day. He doesn’t understand that most White people don’t want to see riots and burnings and killings like there were during the Civil Rights (Black Rights) marches every year during MLK Day celebrations. But would rather hold speeches, and pass more rights laws for Blacks that no one else can have, and people like Michelle Obama thinks that steriotyping her as the atypical Black woman is wrong? No Michelle, it’s right because you are the atypical Black woman who comes into big money, ever watch the “Real Housewives Of New Jersey” on TV where you see all these rich Black women who didn’t learn anything by becoming rich that the sophistication that should come along with the money doesn’t take with Blacks. It just doesn’t because of the genetic’s. They just can’t be removed from the ghetto.

    You can take the Black woman out of the ghetto, but you can’t ever take the ghetto out of the Black woman(or any other Black for that matter).

    Want to know the truth about why White people don’t like seeing Blacks moving into their neighborhood? It’s because Blacks don’t understand that once out of the poverty and the ghetto, if that’s how you got out in order to be able to buy a house in a White neighborhood, the Black has to understand how to leave the ghetto behind. But they never do. Only those who have worked for it can understand what it takes to be able to appreciate being able to move into a White, or a better neighborhood. But those who don’t earn the right to make the move brings the ghetto with them and just take up where they left off when they lived in the ghetto. Soon after Blacks move into a White neighborhood the once safe, secure, and peaceful neighborhood with good schools, small businesses, and hospitals turns into just another Black ghetto like the one they left.

    And the reason why Whites hate to see Blacks moving into their neighborhood is because the Blacks bring their ghetto attitude with them, instead of understanding that once you move into a better neighborhood you have to adopt a better attitude about how you live. If you don’t do that then you don’t deserve to make the move. You have to be fed up living like a Negro and want to get out of it. But if the government just gives Blacks a house in a White neighborhood, Blacks don’t learn anything and they just act like they are still in the ghetto. Soon they are living in another ghetto of their making.

  • WillofLa

    I don’t understand why these cities who still have Occupier’s in them causing trouble don’t run them out of town for causing trouble. Doesn’t that make sense? If you have a criminal element in your town that constantly causes trouble breaking laws and creating a nusiance, wouldn’t you tell your chief of police to run those people out of town? That makes sense to me. Then what the hell are they waiting for more murder’s, drug use, drug busts, rapes, destruction of more private property, or just exactly what it is they are waiting for?

    Van Jones wants MLK to be like the Occupier’s protests, what my question is what would Blacks be protesting exactly? Not enough of what are Blacks not getting? What? They get more, and have gotten more than any other race of people, that’s exactly why Reagan was trying to reverse all of that and make Blacks get out and get a damn job like everyone else. He was trying to reverse “quota’s”, and was trying to reverse “affirmative action” laws. But the liberal moderate Republican’s and Democrats just couldn’t come up with the guts it took to do that, so it didn’t get done. So now we’re still stuck with it, a totally unconstitutional law that favor’s one race over all other’s. Sound unconstitutional? It is. All laws that favor one race, Blacks, over all others, that give preference to one race over all others, that make special deals to buy houses for one race and no other’s is unconstitutional. All those laws need to be repealed.

    I believe that Socialism, Marxism, and Communism needs to be banned from the United States. I think it ought to go back to like it was before WWII in the treatment of Communists where if you were found to be a Communist you were arrested for Sedition or conspiracy to commit Sedition, or being a Communist would get your citizenship revoked and deported to Russia or China. And I would go a step further and I wouldn’t let them take their money with them or anything of value. Personal property excluded like jewels or solid gold. But investments, cash, or savings, forget it. You don’t get to go to a Communist country and be able to live like a tycoon while there. At least for a short while until the government took it all away from you. Then they would get to see what they had planned for us if they had been allowed to stay and pursue their “fundemental” change of our nation into a Socialist nation with a Communist government.

  • WillofLa

    See, # 11 Missy8s gets it. I hadn’t thought about that but he’s right about the President and the leadership in both Houses also support the efforts of this “standing army”. And also to #11 Missy8s, there’s one more thing that authenticates what you are saying and that is the Democrat Party has also announced their support of the whole “movement”. So doesn’t that make the Party leaders also guilty of treason? And possibly the entire Party needs to loose their charter for being complicit in commiting a treasonous act of supporting and funding a standing army that is bent on bringing down the country by their own admittance?

    Then what would you do in a situation like that? We’re talking some serious crap here people! We’re talking some serious crap that can and should be leveled against Obama and Pelosi and Reid and many others inside our government. We need to get to someone in our military who can help us and use them to arrest the President and all the others. I’m not talking about overthrowing our government myself, I’m talking about saving our government so it can be run according to our Constitution. I’m talking about removing those who are actively engaged in the current overthrow of our government and the “deconstruction” of our way of life.

  • The occupy movement is dead in the water. Why talk of it?

  • WillofLa

    Right after 9-11 an Arab was leaving the country in disgust. A news reporter asked him what was the trouble and this is what he replied. He had been harrassed after the attack for being an Arab and a Muslim. He was taking his whole family, quit his job, and was going back to Saudia Arabia where he came from. The responce that he gave the reporter after some explination was, ” You hear about America being the land of the brave and free. But I believe that needs to be changed to “America, land of American’s!.” And you know that more I thought about it the more I believe we do need to change our motto’s, and that should be one of them, “America, Land of American’s!!”

  • Rose

    Comments on Michelle being angry over her reputation for being angry , this one for Van Jones and Revolution, and other headlines – this one doesn’t have too many comments – Do people not take Van Jones very seriously?

    Or are they just setting themselves and bracing for what’s coming – and not flinching til we see the whites of their eyes?!

    We know Van hopes to NOT be taken seriously.

  • Nancy

    *Rebuild* the dream??!! These people are rebuilding nothing. They have destroyed more dreams in the last three years than can ever be repaired.

    That’s what Marxists do. The only dreams they are building are their own.

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