Gingrich Supporters Release Anti-Romney Flick On His Tenure With Bain Capital (Trailer)

Newt Gingrich supporters bought rights to a a short movie critical of Mitt Romney’s tenure as Head of Bain Capital.

King of the Bain – When Mitt Romney Came to Town
The trailer was released yesterday:

ABC News reported:

Supporters of Newt Gingrich have bought the rights to a new short movie that is very critical of Mitt Romney’s tenure as head of Bain Capital.

Romney’s business career made him a very wealthy man, but has come under some criticism because Bain bought some companies and put them out of business.

The movie, called “King of Bain, When Mitt Romney Came to Town,” has not been distributed, but has been viewed by ABC News. It was made by former Romney supporters and intersperses interviews with some workers who blame Romney’s company for losing their jobs with ominous music. At one point it focuses on K.B. Toys, which made money for Bain even as it closed stores.

The movie and Romney’s record at Bain were the subject of questioning at the ABC News and Yahoo News sponsored debate in New Hampshire Saturday night, when George Stephanopoulos asked Gingrich to talk about it.

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  • Dale

    Perhaps we should ask Newt about his support of the individual mandate for nationalized healthcare (same as Obama) his support for Cap and Trade and sitting on the couch in that ad with Nancy Pelosi. Perhaps Newt should really explain cheating on 2 of his wives. Wow, the guy has a lot of baggage. Newt, why exactly did you earn all those consulting fees from Freddie Mac and how is that working out for Americans today????

  • RedBeard

    Well, there he goes again. I wish Gingrich would focus on actual national issues, rather than doing awful stuff like this. Newt might as well be on Obama’s payroll, giving the Obama campaign this sort of help against Romney, should he become our nominee.

    If Newt continues with this nasty campaigning against a fellow Republican, I predict his poll numbers will fall even farther. Like Romney or not, this sort of thing does not help in the long run.

    Newt, give us reasons to vote for you. This crapola isn’t doing that.

  • retire05

    In 1993, Bail Capital became co-ower of Worldwide Grinding Systems, a steel plant, in Kansas City, Missouri. Bain’s initial investment was $8 million. It was renamed GS Technologies.

    In less than a decade, the company that Bain promised to set right was bankrupt and out of business. And hundreds of Worldwide career employes were out of a job. But that was not the worst part of it; those employees lost a good share of their [unprotected] retirement funds.

    But here is the money quote from the Reuter’s article:

    “What’s more, a federal government insurance agency [funded by taxpayer dollars] had to pony up $44 million to bail out the company’s underfunded pension plan. Nevertheless, Bain profited on the deal, receiving $12 million on its $8 million initial investment and at least $4.5 million in consulting fees.

    And while Romney supporters will tell you that he was no longer with Bain at the time of GS Technology’s closing, he was still receiving dividends from the company building his estimated wealth of between $190 to $250 million. Yes, Romney profitied from the demise of the company and the loss of hundreds of jobs that affected Kansas City, Missouri.

  • a former dem

    I’m sure the demonrats must be estatic with Newt.

  • Dawud Adib

    Gingrich is getting desperate

  • retire05

    Dale and RedBeard, are you aware that the Romney campaign has created entire websites to bash both Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich? So what does Newt have to lose?

    Yeah, we are told that voters don’t like negative campaign ads, but the fact remains, they work. And while they may not held Gingrich, they will serve to create doubt about Mittens in the mind of voters who are worried about the jobs market and unemployment.

    Someone has to go after Romney, and it is clear the LSM is not going to, so who would you suggest does?

  • retire05

    Obummer claims he is creating jobs. Romney claims he created jobs.

    Where’s the beef?

  • retire05

    Obama’s campaign motto: Change We Can Believe In

    Romney’s campaign motto: No Change With Mitt

  • JB

    “I wish Gingrich would focus on actual national issues, rather than doing awful stuff like this. Newt might as well be on Obama’s payroll, giving the Obama campaign this sort of help against Romney, should he become our nominee. ”

    Do you seriously believe that Obama wouldn’t go after Mitt for this if Newt hadn’t brought it up?

    The only difference is, by then it would be too late to properly vet Mitt and pick another candidate if he is found unelectable.

    It’s a terrible idea to give Mitt a pass during the primary. Because the MSM and the Obama campaign certainly won’t. They’re setting him up to knock him down the second he wraps up the nomination.


    Bain is a tempest in a teapot. All Mitt has to respond is, yes, people did lose their jobs because they were working for companies that were poorly run and going bankrupt, but look at how many people’s jobs we saved by buying the company going under and the jobs since that have been created by turning the companies around. Now, let’s talk about Obama’s pals at bankrupt Solyndra getting millions of taxpayer dollars just before the company declares bankrupcy.

  • bg


    strictly speaking “POLITICAL ADS”..

    i’m favoring Gingrich, but these sort of attacks truly bother me, as they
    should be balanced via noting all of his successes as well.. ergo, i can
    only hope & pray they don’t hurt him, because i don’t believe they help
    him.. *sigh*


  • cal rifkin

    That’s not going to hurt Romney in the pubs’ contest. Maybe the dims will use it if Romney’s the nominee, but Newt’s boys have a real bad strategery here.


    Also, Republicans like me are going to be ticked off about this movie taking down the possible nominee. I think this will eventually backfire. You should have stayed positive towards your fellow candidates Newt. You now look like an Obama-style whiner.

  • twolaneflash

    Sarah? Tea Party? Anyone? Bueller?

  • retire05

    #13, if this is going to take Romney down, do you think the Democrats, and David Axelrod, are above using this in the general election? is already using Bain against Romney. And George Soros has very, VERY deep pockets.

    You want Newt to stay positive while Mittens devotes an entire web site to taking hits on Newt?

    Guess we know who you support.

  • Patty

    I don’t like unfair attacks but we had an opportunity to attack Obama on his record and his associates long ago. What happen there? Media love affair. No research by voters, that was apparent. Media love affair and Obama was off limits? Really, racist if you attacked him.

    We see what happen by not getting the truth out there. If this ad is bad, why is it others have pounced on Gingrich. I am not for anyone of these candidates, yet.

    But one thing for sure is, do these people in this ad have it right or wrong. Is it worth checking out and if not true will Romney rebut.

    We need to realize one thing, this is for the President of the United States, we truly need to get very familiar with each candidates record.

    And one thing is for sure, these guys are all millionaires. They all live in an elitist world. Trust me if one does get in the White House, remember the promises and if you become less than happy that is who you voted for but remember everyone of these candidates must be researched, thoroughly.

  • bg


    imo, and i’m not saying no wrong was done, heck, look what Michelle &
    Barack did, but it sort of reminds me of the same thing they did to Bush
    via ENRON (more here)..


  • bg


    i’m not blaming Gingrich directly, i hope he
    speaks out about it & clarifies his stance..

    who knows, are they really Gingrich
    “supporters” who put this ad out??


  • Big Al

    Gingrich is a petty little a**hole with a mean streak, but, I hope the libs try this line of attack. All Romney has to do is say – go talk to the dealers who were sacked and the bondholders who were absolutely screwed in order to give GM to the unions. End of story.

  • Jacks

    Romney owes Newt a thank you. Using this false irrational class warfare attack now will provide inoculation. The defenses and counter attacks will saturate the public space in the weeks ahead, ensuring it will already be in the voting calculus well before the fall election.