George Soros was interviewed at Davos this week. The Hungarian-American philanthropist admitted he’s one of Lenin’s useful idiots and said there was no difference between Romney and Obama.
Breitbart TV reported:

Soros also warned the debt crisis could destroy the European Union.




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  1. Soros is many things, none admirable, but useful idiot, I think not. More like one of the elite politburo.

  2. If, as he admits, “I’m a traitor to my class,” then he is also a traitor to our Constitution.

  3. Gee, another inaccurate headline by Jim Hoft. To those visiting the site, watch the video for yourselves instead of relying on Hoft’s misleading summary.

    Not much difference between Romney and Obama? Hmmmm, whom shall I believe? George Soros or my own ears and eyes? I choose my ears and eyes. Hoft on the otherhand chooses Soros.

  4. Yes a traitor to his class…..a kapo who helped the nazis identify jews in hiding and foil their escape plans. Figures he likes a quisling republican like Romney. Make money selling out your own people.

  5. ++

    uh-oh, seriously..

    Soros is speaking as if Romney is the nominee..


  6. Hey donh or should I say “duh?” Where did Soros say he likes Romney? Plese point it out because I missed that in the video.

  7. OBAMA ELIGIBILITY HEARING TO BE BROADCAST LIVE ‘Complicit media ignoring all calls for honest reporting on the issue’

  8. Speaking of useful idiots. Watch the Georgia court live starting at 9 AM hearing on the Commander In Useful Idiots eligibility to be POTUS here.

  9. George Soros, a philanthropist? He cannot spell it.

  10. ++

    Sam Stone #10 January 26, 2012 at 7:56 am

    got it, thanks..


  11. Other than the fact that Romneys pro life, pro marriage, pro legal immigration, would appoint conservative judges, says Roe v Wade was wrongly decided, would abolish obamacare, is pro jobs and pro business and pro energy and against global warming.

  12. Romney also doesn’t hate the military or Israel.

  13. I finally agree with Soros on something. There is really no difference between Obama and Romney AKA…Rombama. Both of these statists are for big government. Why don’t you “conservatives” see that.

    If any of you “conservatives” actually believe that Rombama is going to lower the debt, or even stop its increase you are sadly mistaken and deep down you know it. Just like when Bush was in the White House, the Republicans will ask to increase the debt limit and the Dems will vote against it.

  14. anothe waste of time and tax payers dollars for the GA hearing…nothing will come of it at all…

  15. he is a traitor to free people.

  16. #3, soros admitted to betraying his “class.” He also admitted to being a “useful tool” to lenin, which is an admission of his support for lenin’s “classless” society, that being a betrayal of our founding documents and ideals, which were based upon equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome.

    Come on, commie-boy, you can’t be THAT dumb…….oh wait, of course you can!

    BTW, don’t bother me with these softballs……the fence is only a few feet away.

  17. thanks george for that one. that just took a LOT of votes away from obama and rommeny!

  18. #15 January 26, 2012 at 8:23 am
    More Liberty commented:


  19. Maybe it’s just another piece of b*llsh*t disinformation intended to make American vote for someone he thinks can’t beat Obama; i.e., Gingrich.

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