Breaking: Tennessee Leftist Arrested For Making Death Threats Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio – Over Obama Investigation

Last week Arizona officials went to Google to find out who created the website “Targeting Cops” that displays death threats against Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

His threat reads in part: I plan to kill Arpaio first. He will be filled with a thousand bullet holes before the year is out. I promise you this. He won’t f**k with Obama. He will be buried 10 feet under and his whole family will be murdered along with him.

The website said things like he’s going to fill Arpaio, his wife and kids, and his deputies with 100 bullets. Google has since taken the website down. The man was targeting Arpaio because of the Obama investigation.
AZ Family reported:

Detectives with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office served search warrants on Google Wednesday in an effort to find out who created a website displaying death threats against Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The website in question is blog titled “Targeting Cops” and it lauded cop killers, calling them “heroes.”

Last week, there was a photo of Deputy William Coleman, who was killed in the line of duty earlier this month, with “Officer Down, LOL” (laugh out loud) emblazoned across it. While calling the deputy a “Gestapo pig,” the author or authors of the blog praised Drew Maras, the man who shot and killed him, as a “hero.”

The site later had a photo of Arpaio with the words “Wanted: Dead or Alive” with the “dead” underlined and the “alive” crossed out. According to MCSO, the blog also said, “You’re next Joe, watch your back, [expletive deleted].”

Hat Tip Mara

Officials today announced that they arrested a Knoxville, Tennessee man in an internet death threat against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Adam Eugene Cox, 33, was arrested by officers in Knoxville Friday.

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  • aprilnovember811

    Did Zero put him up to this?

  • Adi

    Another one who was encouraged to be a “soldier” for the greater good, is bringing a “gun to the fight”.

  • Gus

    HOPE and CHANGE.

  • jainphx

    But, but the tea party, the tea party is dangerous, why they actually clean up after themselves, and love this country. I mean who ever heard of shiite like that.

  • wanumba

    The Democrats are organzing a recall/smear campaign and opposition candidate (covering all bases) to make good on their press conference boast they were getting rid of Arpaio and Brewer.
    Justice Department and Homeland Security did their partisan hackery part by theatrically yanking federal credentials to survey jail inmates for immigration violations.

    Boycotts, recalls, racism smears, lawsuits… Obama ADministration has been very busy undermining in Arizona.

  • FurryGuy

    #5 January 27, 2012 at 4:31 pm
    wanumba commented:

    Boycotts, recalls, racism smears, lawsuits… Obama ADministration has been very busy undermining in Arizona.

    The efforts to investiture sole power in the Chief Executive are nation-wide, in every state, but any pockets of resistance such as AZ are given special treatment.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    This guy would get one of the “good” positions in the upcoming Gulag regime.

    Seriously, though: how would you recruit for a future, as yet unnamed S.S.?

    Tell you what I’d do, if I had the resources of the current regime. I’d definitely monitor web traffic. The most psychotic, violent, anti-right-wing venom would be flagged, and their writers interviewed later, with questions like “Is there anything you wouldn’t do to a rightwing teabagger, if you could get away with it? Anything at all?”

    I’d also “imprison” those who had actually committed violence against righties, putting them up in a nice hotel for a few years, biding their time until their “services” and their “skill sets” could be used in a more public fashion.

    If it were me, the Leftists who nearly killed Allie Bautsch and Joe Brown in NOLA a couple of years ago, breaking their bones and hospitalizing them because of their political beliefs and associations, these would be found and caught and trained and paid well to do this heinous thing repeatedly in the NEXT four years of the administration.

    Someone’s got to man this new Domestic Military of Obama’s. And it’s got to be the folks who would not hesitate to do anything at all, no matter how heinous. You know, the really hard-on-getting lefties when they think of what they would do to Sarah Palin — you know, for the good of us all, and for the children, and for the Earth…. and for their hard-ons for grisly violence.

    It’s not like this new Domestic Army is putting ads on MTV and in our blog banners.

    Recruiting must take place in another avenue.

    (That was all semi-sarcasm…but just a tiny bit. The left is INSANE. Like “See how many Jews we can kill with only one rifle bullet” INSANE. Like Gestapo INSANE. Like S.S. INSANE. Anyone who cannot see it is willfully blind.)

    They would do, if given the chance, every single damn thing that the worst of the Nazis, Soviets, and Chi-Coms ever did — and then, when they did all those things, they would INVENT NEW EVILS TO DO. Something in the New Testament about all the types of evildoers that would willfully do their wickedness in the last days, another type is “Inventors of Evil”. Like, “Hmm, all that’s been done, documented, filmed, talked about. I need to break the envelope here. I need to take it to the NEXT LEVEL.”

    That’s who these people are. Violent and sick and twisted by nature. (Spiritual nature.)


    For anyone paying close attention, the beginning of the END for the Kenyan Occupation of 1600, will soon be upon us.

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  • Ghost

    when an arrest is made there follows a mug shot… right?

  • kato

    Liberalism is a mental disorder, but some liberals are more disordered than others.


    This is the type of individual that needs to be dropped into Egypt with a sign around his neck that says I hate mooslimes and the mooslime brotherhood….that should be a pay per view event

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #8 YES WE CON!

    Yes, you can keep dreaming. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

    Also, for those paying even closer attention: the United States Government (and cronies) are completely WITHOUT RULE OF LAW right now. They are above the law. If you hadn’t noticed.

  • Bitter Clinger

    @YESWECON: There is a brief update to yesterday’s hearing in GA. Can be seen in its entirety on One of the plaintiff’s attorney’s did a two minute interview outlining what he thought the next steps would be. The judge will probably render his decision early next week. If GA keeps Obama off of the its primary ballot, other states will follow. There are currently objections in numerous states including: TN, IL, NH, and of course AZ.
    The issue at hand is Article II Section I: Natural Born Citizen requirement for office of US president. Obama, by virtue of having been sired by a Kenyan, does NOT meet that criteria.

  • House him in tent city, feed him green baloney, and give him some pink boxers!

  • The perp is probably (mark all that apply) :

    1. Son of a prominent Tennessee Democrat
    2. Son of a Leftist college professor
    3. Son of a prominent Obama bundler or ACORN or similar organization big wig
    4. Obama drone brainwashed by the Alinsky indoctrination
    5. Member of the “Occupy” movement
    6. All of the above

  • Gus

    Socratard: Obama is toast. You’re a tard.

  • jimg

    You are delusional if you think Obama isn’t getting reelected.

    Anybody who thinks they can predict the results of a presidential election 10 months out has no room to be calling anybody else delusional.

  • squeaky
  • Bitter Clinger

    I too believe Obama will be reelcted. ACORN/SEIU/Union Thuggery. The dems three largest contituencies: The Dead/Illegal Aliens/Convicted Felons. The elite media, also known as the state controlled media or as I call them the KNEE PAD media. All adds up to the destruction of the country courtesy of the professional LEFT.

  • Bitter Clinger

    @Squeaky: Looks like he’s fresh out of the cess poll of the Occupods. Typical Obama voter.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #16 Socrates

    …I’m drawing a blank.

    Presumably in reference to my “without rule of law” sentiments.

    Yes. Yes you are. Put it this way — everything the Left said Bush did, for eight years, that was supposedly “illegal”, and which actually wasn’t — Obama has done all these things and more.

    One could write a book (indeed, many have already been written), a very weighty book, listing all of the actual (not imagined, in the case of the Left during Bush’s administration) illegal, unconstitutional, and even treasonous things this administration has done.

    We could start with the intentional collapse and theft of millions of dollars from Fannie and Freddie by Obama, F. Raines, C. Dodd, B. Frank and others Democrats, to intentionally cause a financial crisis just before a presidential election. This was done. And, this will likely never be investigated, since we are without rule of law.

    You all said “Bush went to war ILLEGALLY!” despite getting full judicial and congressional approval, from both houses, from both parties.

    Obama entered us into wars in Egypt (siding with the murderous Muslim Brotherhood) and in Libya (also siding with Al Qaida, as usual), with ABSOLUTELY NO CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL. But that’s no problem to a Lib.

    Because libs are “…drawing a blank.”

  • Molon Labe


    Somehow I doubt you’re giving odds on Obama. I’d bet that a dead badger could beat Obama and I’d still give you a point.

    The desperation of the Marxists is obvious. I can’t wait to see the exploding heads in November.

  • Molon Labe



    Very nice put down of the troll. Very nice indeed.

  • KKKommies are freaks

    Typical pot smoking hippie religion of peaceniks.

  • donh

    Remember the boast of Cris Rock about Obama’s second term…..”He’s gonna do some gangsta sh!t!” …They must be real confidant Obama has a lock on re-election to be going gangsta a year early.

  • Patty

    Well, possibly Ayers or Occupiers. Who knows. Death threats upon anyone is horrible. Every day cops are threatened. The Sheriff is a person who is enforcing the law. You break the law you get locked up. If the radicals are upset tough.

    I know personally what a death threat can do to the family. And truthfully, I can worry about it and I won’t worry about it. Some live with threats every day but for the Sheriff, I pray that justice in served and the appropriate parties are locked up.

  • Patty


    I can’t worry about and I refuse to worry about it.


  • Patty


    Obama says HE WILL WIN, how many does he want it, REAL BADLY.

    Newt Gingrich 2007: Increase the State Department by 50% (2007 SHOCKER)

  • Gregor

    Did Adam Eugene Cox run for Congress in 2002? Same guy?

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Molon Labe

    Hate to say it, but I agree with “Socky” on that one.

    As you said, their desperation is obvious. And it is growing.

    In fact, three things would surprise me at this point:

    1. A debate between Obama and the contender actually takes place.
    2. A second debate takes place.
    3. An actual election takes place.

    The inevitable recount after the fraud will, thanks to Soros and his Secretaries of State Project, also be laced with fraud. The recount will have “companion” riots in each Democrat stronghold city, and they will BOTH last until inauguration day (if Obama’s Chicago Machine prevails), and far past inauguration day if not.

    Never count out a good old manufactured national crisis to keep these people in power indefinitely. Or two. Or three.

    Pessimist? Nah — realism just seems to be pessimism these days, with these folks in power.

    From 2000, they got better and better with the fraud and the post-election legal wranglings — every election they grew more adept at gaming the whole thing. They won last time. Damn near nothing has been done to stop their “ACORN” rebrandings from continuing the mission, and continuing to grow more efficient with the fraud.

    Therefore, I can only assume that the “Margin of Fraud” — that is, the percent of the vote by which the contender to win — this year is higher than it has ever been. Probably another five percent higher.

    I cannot envision this freight train stopping — it’s been gaining momentum and is still screaming right along.

  • Patty

    As Sheriff Arpaio’s Investigation of Obama’s Citizenship Nears Completion–Holder Sues

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  • Bluebay

    Heads up guys!!! Palin just threw a scud into the cannibal gop establishement.

  • Ripped

    Anybody who wants to kill someone else over politics isn’t left or right, they’re nuts.

  • Candy

    Jim, excuse me…

    Did you ever do a post re: 30 Pounds of Cocaine Found At United Nations?

    Wasn’t Obama fundraising in Harlem a week and a half ago?

  • Raptor

    I see how this works:

    Jared Loughner = Nut

    Adam Eugene Cox = Leftist

  • Raptor

    I see how this works:

    Jared Loughner is a Nut

    Adam Eugene Cox is a Leftist

  • Raptor, they are both Leftist nuts.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Actually, Raptor, a casual perusal of Jared Loughner’s writings and favorite movies and books would lead a sensible person to believe that he was a Leftist, too.

    Zeitgeist, an anti-Jew, anti-banker leftist agitprop movie, was one of his faves.

    He hated and wanted to kill Gabrielle Giffords because she wasn’t leftist enough.

    Giffords was, at the time of her shooting, hated by many on the Left for the same reasons many on the Left also hated Democrat Joe Lieberman. Because he wasn’t LEFTY ENOUGH.

    Usually, though, when a Lefty does something nutzo, the Television watchers around me all say that “Oh, well, he was just a nut. No politics.”, and when someone their television celebrities told them is a righty — despite all evidence to the contrary — they immediately decry the “insane violence inherent in the Right Wing”.

    Just like the MSM does. In the first hours after a shooting of a political figure, the MSM goes into full “He was a Righty” mode — when new information comes out that the shooter was a full-on registered Democrat, or a practicing Muslim, well, then, they switch gears to the old, tired “Well, he was just a lone nut with no connection whatsoever to any known ideology on the face of the earth, or, indeed, in the known universe.”

    Like they did with the Kentucky census worker who hanged himself, and tried to frame the Right.

    Like they (sucessfully) did with Lee Harvey Oswald, the far-Left card-carrying, Soviet-citizenship-having, Soviet-wife-having LEFTY.

    Like they did with the quite-obviously-Lefty Joseph Stack after he flew a plane into a Texas IRS building, who ended his “manifesto” with quotes from the REAL Communist manifesto (something TEA partiers just LOVE quoting /sarc).

    But the twenty or so Muslim plots foiled in the USA in the past three weeks?

    “MOTIVE UNCLEAR.” is the headline and the lede, and the final paragraph.

    Par for the course.

  • Rob Crawford

    Jared Loughner is a Nut

    Adam Eugene Cox is a Leftist

    Loughner’s motives were rooted in his delusions. This guy’s motives appear to be rooted in Democrat talking points.

    See the difference?

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Look. If a Registered Democrat with an Obama Logo™ t-shirt were videotaped repeatedly stabbing someone with a shank, whilst screaming “F’ING REPUBLICAN SWINE! I HATE REPUBLICANS! I WILL K1LL THEM ALL, STARTING WITH YOU, RIGHT WING TEABAGGER!!”

    The MSM, and our resident trolls, would all say “Just a lone nut — MOTIVE UNCLEAR.”

    If they even covered it at all.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Soviet propaganda organ, PRAVDA, during the height of the Soviet control of their media, was like, in Roleplaying Game Lingo, a LEVEL 5 MANIPULATOR.

    Our MSM is past level 10 at this point. And our people are even more ripe for deception than the people of the Soviet Union were. We go out and buy the instruments of our brainwashing, and, when we see that our neighbor has more TVs, or bigger ones, we go out and buy more and bigger ones!

    “Boy I can’t wait until I can just PLUG THE VIEW OR THE DAILY SHOW INTO MY V.R. HEAD-JACK!” — typical TV-devotee. Have some more crack.

  • Vincent Vane

    Where are the pictures of this punk?

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  • angryflower

    Is his cat still alive?

  • Interesting

    I am certain that the person in the Whitehouse next year will not be Obama. He is gone.. he and his supporters just haven’t seen it yet.
    And there are those who are delusional as well – holding to a false hope the American people are dumb enough to re-elect him, as evidenced by some of the above posts.
    There is not a hope of it.. there will be change AWAY FROM Obama this time.

  • ogee

    @#1 January 27, 2012 at 4:13 pm
    aprilnovember811 commented:
    Did Zero put him up to this?


  • ogee

    He’s lucky he got caught and put into protective custody because Sheriff Joe would have filled him full of holes and not the other way around. Don’t mess with sheriff Joe.

  • WillofLa

    That’s right you bunch of idiot leftist Nazi’s, keep it up. Keep up all this trouble making. You may be scaring some of those who aren’t from my generation and are older people than the average age of the common Occupier, but you aren’t scaring anyone in my generation or our women. As a matter of fact our women may be more dangerous than us men. They don’t take any crap off of us and we’re alot badder than you bunch of brain dead degenerates. We don’t scare like Obama and his Communist minon’s marching up and down Wall Street with their Communist Party USA pins on, their Socialist Party USA pins on, and their Nazi Party pins, all their signs, and all their leaders standing on boxes saying things that are chanted back to them to a bunch of people who don’t know if they are supposed to chant back what the person on the bull horn is saying, or if that person is just talking to us. They don’t care to know, they are supposed to be showing us how unified they are, when in reality you all sound like you are mind numb robots who can’t think, only repeat back what is said like some kind of stupid parrot.

    This nut case is typical of most liberals. Oh, yeah, you liberals might have jobs, and pay a car note and have rent, but that is just like your homosexual friends, you can’t account for mental illness just because you can accomplish mundain tasks. It’s not that you are just like us that you can hold a job during the week, and on the weekend you are somewhere protesting against capitalism. Like I said, there’s no accounting for mental illness just because you can do something everyone else is doing. Even dumb animals will follow the leader, and they can’t even hold up a sign that says, “All Republican’s are racist”. The fact that you don’t hold to traditional American values unlike the one’s Obama keeps making reference to, he has no idea what they are let alone believe any of them, came from generations of faith in the one true God, the God of Israel. I just had to throw that in there to make you Jew hater’s mad.

    This guy who put out this blog to have the Sheriff killed, or he was going to do it himself, can’t claim that he was just exercising his freedom of speech. No, you aren’t going to get away with using our Constitution as something to hide behind like all liberals do whenever they are claiming “artistic license”, or that they are “entertainer’s” and were just entertaining people when they said that member’s of the Tea Parties are “tea baggers”. We don’t like to be called names that have to do with the perversions you people allowed to be set loose into main stream society when you claimed “gays” had rights. Our not being able to escape prosecution if we were to say the kinds of things you people have said about us, is proof that this is a police state of your making that will back fire on you, not be used on us like you hope. That goes along with your illegal Mexican aliens you have let into my country. Gov. Brewer told Obama about what she thought about that the other day on the tarmack when he thought he was going to get the upper hand on her. You see what I mean about our women? They don’t take any crap off anyone not even the President, especially when he’s not a citizen who was forced upon us by his Communist friends who rigged the election.

    So take your sick friends and lock them up before we do it for you, because when we do, they won’t be getting out like you have turned our jails into places with revolving doors for criminals who needed to take their turn in the gas chamber a long time ago. That’s what this guy needs.

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  • dwilliams


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