Obama’s Peace Partners, the Taliban, Attack Bagram Air Base on New Year’s Eve

“Look, the Taliban, per se, is not our enemy.”
– VP Joe Biden
December 2011

Two weeks ago the White House told us that the Taliban was not our enemy.

Iran Press TV reported that nine missiles were launched in the attack on Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan. There were initial reports of several casualties.

UPDATE: Press TV has more on the attack:

The U.S. Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan came under 2 missile attacks on Saturday, as the American soldiers were celebrating the New Year’s Eve.

Taliban militants have claimed responsibility for the attacks, saying they have fired 9 long-range missiles on the strategic base, killing dozens of soldiers.

Afghan officials have confirmed the attacks, but ruled out any fatalities.

The latest attacks come as the Obama administration is trying to reach some kind of a cease-fire agreement with the Taliban. Press TV

One goal of renewed talks with the militants would be to identify cease-fire zones that could be used as a steppingstone toward a full peace agreement.

The Obama administration hopes to restore momentum in the spring to U.S. talks with the Taliban terrorists that fell apart in December because of objections from Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

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  • Remco Kimber

    muslims performing their holy acts of worship.

    OK, muslims, we’re learning more and more about you and your phony “religion” every day.

    Our task of course is teaching lessons on islam to our up to now stupid politicians,

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Isn’t PressTV an Iranian propaganda organ?

    48-hour rule.

  • jhump

    Time to test out the new MOAB.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Then again, AP and Reuters and AFP are also Iranian propaganda organs, so….


  • Texas_Treeroach

    If Obama wants to gather around the Gaggle Table with these murderers this Spring, he will need to stand on something other than his round rubber heals.

    Remember you own words, Obiwan: Never bring a knife to a gun fight.

    It didn’t take long for failed foreign policies to turn this region into another gun fight.
    Or are we now not allowed to shoot back?

  • pink tie Republican

    Obama’s goal is to return control of Iraq and Afghanistan to those that now control Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Syria and Iran. If you can’t see that you are either brain dead or a liberal.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Then again, if a blogger in Afghanistan posted this report, with a first-hand account, I’d be more likely to believe it over PressTV, AP, Reuters, WaPo, AFP, or any other Mainstream Propaganda outfit today.

    Because that’s where we are. Walter Duranty on mega-steroids, from nearly all Mass Media outlets.

    Tom Clancy couldn’t have even thought of this 15 years back, in his writing prime.

    Do we have troops at Bagram right now?

    Three years ago I commented here that Obama would never “Bring Home The Troops!” as the fake anti-war movement screeched incessantly during the eight years of GWB’s administration. The SCOAMF wants them all dead, and will do every single thing he and his Ayers-like commie friends can do to make it so.

    The intentional execution of Seal Team Six comes to mind. Dead men tell no tales about killing men who aren’t OBL to distract attention from officially-released obviously-fake birth certificates.

  • Multitude

    “With friends like these…”

    Too bad they don’t teach Common Sense at Harvard or any of the other puppy mill pedigree farms. If you don’t willfully teach these elite dullards, they never learn it on their own.

  • zooomzooom

    “Look, the Taliban, per se, is not our enemy.”
    – VP Joe Biden
    December 2011

    Ok, that said……………..

    define aid and comfort.

  • ….huh? what? Taliban is not the enemy of the US? Then why the hell are we over there? Taliban IS in league with al-Quida. Doesn’t anyone in government remember why we sent our troops over there? Taliban was making nicey, nice to bin Laden!! Remember!!

    Obama + Biden = Jackwagon haven!!

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  • RL

    > #6 January 1, 2012 at 5:14 pm
    > pink tie Republican commented:

    > Obama’s goal is to return control of Iraq and Afghanistan to those that now control Tunisia,
    > Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Syria and Iran. If you can’t see that you are either brain dead
    > or a liberal.

    Er, no offense, but is there a significant difference?


    Turn the crap country into a nuclear kitty litter box

  • Sasja

    Since the base has been attacked before, the latest, I believe was in September, I would say it is a good bet an attack did take place. My gut tells me the Taleeban (not our enemy, per se/sarc), will increase the attacks. I bet Prez Zero is thrilled. Everything is going as planned. Let’s not leave Billiary out. She deserves alot of the credit as well.

  • How does Tapper stay so calm in the face of such B.S.? He’s being way too nice to Carney. This is a problem – the main stream press seems to always be pulling their punches and risk being kicked out of the press poll if they don’t. Their job is to hold accountable and give the administration a hard time. When is someone going to stand up and say “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore”?

  • bigL

    Thanks to the crummy GOP, who are doing nothing except throwing their collective skirts up-over-their-heads…What an embarassment. At least with the Donks, we know what we get.With the GOP we get-“lets have lunch” and “let’s go to the golf course”
    Permanet Loser Party!
    (and lets nom “Mr Twenty-nine percent”. No one mentions he spent $200 million o his own mony last time for 29%.)

  • John Fembup

    The Taliban think they’re winning. So do the Afghans.

    And why shouldn’t they?

    The President of the United States has surrendered to them.

  • Kermit the Frog

    I’ll jump out and Blame Bush for this one (as I did back then…) – After the Taliban refused to turn over OBL all Bush did use as little military force as needed to push the Taliban off the throne – what Bush have have done, dramatically and with faux reluctance, is recognize the Taliban as the government of Afghan people, recognize their act of war against the US in supporting OBL, and demanded nothing less than unconditional surrender and occupation of Afghanistan – easier than it sounds as the muslims are practiced in unconditional surrender.

    Unfortunately the Compassionate Conservative failed to realize that the afghan people had already chosen their government, the Taliban. Failure to recognize our enemy and blaming their chosen party in power is what led us to where we are today.

    BUT, that has all been said before, we did not wage war against Nazis, it was Germany, not against shinto warlords, but against Japan. blah, blah, blah.

    Not that I back Obama, he’s worse than any other President, eveh, but Bush made the situation near impossible to get an absolute victory.

  • saveus

    maybe kermit it’s the afgans who made things impossible, not GWB

  • bigL

    We still haven’t found out about who ordered the Seal Team in that rickety old supply crate of a copter.I’d like to see a trial on that and see how far up the line it goes. I bet far too.

    Also does anyone in the Fed read history of the ME? The strong Horse wins, everytime. The muslims only appreciate and respect strength and violence. All this appeasing and cowering is bull. Not a one of the ‘Arab Spring’ countries dared to riot when REagan or GWB or even GHWB were in power.

  • Tom Whitcomb

    I wonder if Mr Obama sent congratulations for the attack, after all they are our good friends, right uncle JOE!!!!

  • Molon Labe

    I beg to differ, the people of Afghanistan never choose the Taliban, it wa imposed on them by force of arms, and the Taliban’s writ never covered Afghanistan just as today the opposition is centered in the same Taliban strongholds.

    If a mistake was made its been the US policy of fighting wars as if it were a baseball game. Germany and Japan were reduced to ashes and the people pleaded for peace because the alternative to peace was too horrible to consider. This is war. The US has forgotten how to wage war.

  • Kermit the Frog

    saveus commented: “maybe kermit it’s the afgans who made things impossible, not GWB”

    Molon Labe commented: “the people of Afghanistan never choose the Taliban,…”

    Something to be discussed over drinks in a more civilized age.

    Molon Labe: “This is war. The US has forgotten how to wage war.”

    My point exactly. GWB tried what he believed to be the higher path. I did not think it would succeed, but wished ’em luck anyway, mostly because I was but one voice and could do nothing better than hope he was right…. does not appear to be that way, and he was succeeded by one who cannot make it right.

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  • bigL

    Taliban tortured the zoo animals. Remember the one-eyed old lion? That they shot and tortured. And the abuse of the women and children? These brave men…
    All I can say is “Buddda-Budda-Budda”, they shouldall meet allah as soon as possible for crimes agaisnt humanity and the poor animals…

  • Patty

    Hillary is a shoe in for the VP if she wants it. Biden is yesterday’s news.

    But it won’t matter if Americans open their ears and vote for a new and better idea. A better president than the one we have now.

    G O P = Get Obama Packing

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    The US has forgotten how to wage war.

    The military knows exactly how to wage war.

    It’s the civilian leadership that lacks the political courage to allow the military do what is necessary to achieve the desired result.

  • Patty

    First duty of any president is to gain the trust of the people in his own country. Obama has not done that.

    Second is to gain trust of our allies and they will become more hopeful and listen with real convictions.

    But because one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing or saying, it is a bust.

  • Patty

    #27 January 1, 2012 at 8:46 pm
    Blacque Jacques Shellacque commented:

    High 5!

  • Mama Grizzly

    Two ideas come to mind:

    1.) http://www.verumserum.com/?p=33746


    2.) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2080716/Afghan-child-bride-Sahar-Gul-15-mutilated-refusing-prostitution-rescued-toilet-prison.html

    Our people and what they do vs. the Taliban types and what they do.

    Obama wants to be Dictator of America, and if he can’t be, he will take it as far down as he can while he has time. He KNOWS what he’s doing. He’s not doing it because he’s stupid. He has an agenda.

  • Patty

    George Bush has laid the blame for the prolonged war in Afghanistan on NATO allies who didn’t pull their weight on the battlefield.

    The ex-president blasted critics who claim his administration took its ‘eye off the ball’ and allowed the conflict to escalate during the invasion of Iraq.

    In an interview with CNN, Mr Bush said he assumed allied forces would take up the slack while US troops were busy toppling Saddam Hussein and coping with the ensuing insurgency.

    ‘What happened in Afghanistan was that our NATO allies, some of them, turned out not to be willing to fight,’ he said.

    ‘Therefore, our assumption that we had ample troops – US and NATO troops – turned out to be not a true assumption. So we adjusted,’ he added.

    Mr Bush did not specifically name any countries from NATO, which includes 28 nations in Europe and North America.

    After America, the UK, Canada and France have had the most casualties among the 785 non-US troops killed since October 2001 when the former president launched the invasion of Afghanistan in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

    Mr Bush made his remarks in his latest interview promoting his memoir, ‘Decision Points,’ which was released a week ago.

    He said he ‘felt terrible’ that weapons of mass destruction were never found in Iraq, but he still said he thought the war was justified.

    ‘If Saddam Hussein was in power today, the world would be a lot worse off. I believe that a free Iraq will be transformative in the Middle East,’ he added.

    He insisted he is not trying to shape his legacy with his book. ‘I’m trying to provide data points for future historians,’ he explained.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1330072/George-Bush-blames-allied-forces-prolonged-war-Afghanistan.html#ixzz1iGYMHXn1

  • Tom Doniphon

    Taliban is not the enemy, per se. NETANYAHU is the enemy! West Bank settlements and all!

  • Patty

    I don’t blame President Bush for a thing. I believe he will go down in History as one of the best.

    One, not the best. I won’t brag like Obama does.

  • Patty

    For those who believe the fault for the lack of Middle East peace belongs solely to Israel, the crackup of Israel’s diplomatic relations with both Turkey and Egypt has a simple explanation: Benjamin Netanyahu​. According to this argument, the prickly prime minister’s unwillingness to apologize to the Turks or to make concessions to the Palestinians is widely blamed by both left-wingers in his own country as well as the mainstream media in the West for the collapse of the Jewish state’s alliance with Turkey as well as the disintegration of the decades-long peace with Egypt.

    This is completely false. The narrative fits in nicely with the notion anything that happens to Israel is somehow its own fault, but it denies agency to Muslims who have their own reasons for rejecting the legitimacy of the Jewish state. Those who seek to pin the responsibility for Israel’s diplomatic woes on Netanyahu are ignoring the fact events in Turkey and Egypt have everything to do with the politics and culture of those nations and virtually nothing to do with Israel’s decisions in the past three years.


    Read more @ link

  • #6 bing…………..you hit the mark…………..Obama is card-carrying Muslim brotherhood member himself if truth be told…………he doesn’t care about Americans safely……just sayin

  • Patty

    French defense minister backs Taliban talks


  • the democrats wanted to lose this war from the day it started. they only voted for it because they thought they could use it like they did the viet nam war. they don’t care about what is good for the country, all they care about is what is good for the party.

  • Patty

    The lack of strategy had been complimented by something more alarming – lack of clear goal. The lack of clear goal, behind a big decision, always leads to a failure. To pour 10 million tons of bombs, to sacrifice nearly 58 000 American lives 3 in addition to more than a million Vietnamese lives, 4 just because America will lose its “face in the world,” 5 was something bordering with insanity.

    It is easy for past decisions and former politicians to be criticized. Every generation judges its predecessors from the hillock of its position, but strangely enough every generation repeats one or another old mistake. The war in Vietnam started without a clear answer of “why” it was necessary and finished with a clear question “how” America lost “her face in the world.”

    In this short essay I will try to reconstruct the Vietnam War on the poor basis of a few historical interpretations and through a limited number of primary sources. There are two questions that I will try to answer: What caused the Vietnam War, and why did it turn out a failure for the United States ?


    More @ link


    Victory is something that everyone wants and there are always some similarities in Wars.

    Maybe we shouldn’t have gone but the surge was working. And to leave and have the Taliban or Brotherhood take over would be a defeat of sort. We don’t want that, to many sacrifices were made we don’t want to look back and compare this war to Vietnam. It is wrong to compare these two wars. But you can’t help yourself because this President has never had force and never wanted Bush to win. And there is where politics get in the way of the Military leaders. Yet, the military leaders in Vietnam were the failures in my opinion.

  • Patty

    Obama will exchange the first and most dangerous prisoner at Gitmo for Peace with Taliban.

    Or what, this is dangerous and this is Obama new way to end wars. I do believe that is his very intentions. Or is it? Strange strategy and he thinks that the Taliban will just stop their fighting for more territory and make patty cake all day long.

  • Georga Collins

    Here’s the bad news; we cannot win this war. Bush knew we couldn’t win this war on terror because it’s a culture. There was a war fought against Muslims in Spain that lasted for 770 years. I believe we can only hold them at bay. It’s going to get worse, obviously, because radical Islam is a growing problem in the middle east making slaves of the less radical there, the way Mohammed grew his first group of followers, with force. Our country is split. The government has grown to a tangled mass. We have allowed it, demanded it, and now we are reaping the rewards of collapse unless we do something…..but what? Don’t allow a politician buy you with promises. Be more independent in thought, research and work. It’s gonna get rough, so you’d better wise up.

  • Tom Doniphon


    Patty, It is sarcasm!

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  • Little Orenthal

    This regime makes me wonder if I’ve been in some kind of coma from illness starting sometime in 2008, and this is just a dream.

    I swear nothing these idiots do make any sense at all. The Taliban aren’t our enemies? mmmkay. Kinda like in 1945 Patton says, ‘The Nazis aren’t our enemies, we love eachother!’

    … and the sleeping world nods and pretends everythings ok. Something is very wrong here folks. This country has fallen to group-think where no matter how absurd the statement, it’ll be met with ‘well that sounds reasonable!’

    Really? Sometimes I feel like i’m the only one who cares, or knows whats happening, until I read blogs. If you bring this stuff up to co-workers or anybody, they’ll look at YOU like somethings wrong. ‘of course we love the taliban!’ .. we’ve only been at war with them for 10 years. Not to mention, Osama Bin Ladin was the official defense minister of Afghanistan before the 9/11 attacks. Thats not a widely known tidbit, but tis true

  • Molon Labe


    Our military no longer has the leadership to say to civilians “this will not work and you are risking my men unnecessarily and ultimately in a futile effort.” One man I adore is Col Wets when during his court martial was asked if he would repea his actions with a terrorist responded “I’d carry gasoline tanks through hell if it would save my men.” He did this knowing what the consequences of a court martial could be, and even having beaten it he knew his career was over. We lack such leaders. We need men like Singlab who protested Carter’s crazy policies in Korea knowing the consequences. We don’t need lap dogs who will work with our politicians in destroying the military.

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Our military no longer has the leadership to say to civilians “this will not work and you are risking my men unnecessarily and ultimately in a futile effort.”

    My suspicion is that the military brass is saying such things, just not in such stark terms. Also, the White House is where the strategic decisions are largely made, and if there’s any dissent or objections among the command personnel, one would figure that Obie and his staff would keep a lid on it. Heaven knows we’re not going to hear any of the commanders directly complain about a risky strategy.

  • Counter Punch

    America is owned and sold by Jews. Anyone who can not see this is blind and stupid. FACT.

  • Molon Labe


    And you comment nails it exactly. The military are careerists who won’t rock the boat. Its as if a 2nd command of the Titantic they see the iceberg and warn the commander who orders full speed ahead, they can either disobey or not. They know the consequences and just ramp up the speed.

    In the past we did have commanders who fought the president opennly. The admirals in the fifties fought Truman in the “Admirals Revolt.” MacArthur did it. Even Pershing did it. The officers who wouldn’t fight the ROE are no better than the German officers who were part of the German extermination units.

    The problem today although officers are told they do not have to obey unconstitutional orders there isn’t a single class specifying what these orders are or might be. The military teaching the areas on when and how to mutiny isn’t going to happen.

    In the meantime we see the military being destroyed. The military was stretched by this war, against a bunch of rag tag cretins. What happens if we face a real opponent, one who has the means to fight like the PRC or an alliance of nasty states? Obama and the dhimmies are looking at making the military into one like Canada’s.

  • squeaky

    “Here’s the bad news; we cannot win this war. Bush knew we couldn’t win this war on terror because it’s a culture..” i don’t know but, i think weak feckless leaderdship doesn’t help the cause – feck·less [ fékləss ]
    ineffective: unable or unwilling to do anything useful
    unlikely to be successful: lacking the thought or organization necessary to succeed
    jimmy let the genie out of the bottle and it’s been downhill since. respect isn’t given easily and often has to be earned.

  • squeaky

    how much does weak leadership invite an attack? not everyone works off the same dictionary
    and what we promote as peace is often interpeted as weakness. the world’s a much smaller place and we can’t ignore it. you involve yourself in world politics and you get criticized but if you ignore it you get criticized. the guys who criticize us for involvement are the same guys who criticize us for not. like the guy who’s beating up a little ole’ lady who yells at you to mind your own business. any excuse in a storm.

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  • TO COMMENT # 1 :



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