Breaking: Obama Said He Supported Higher Gas Prices – Now He KILLS KEYSTONE

Barack Obama: Killing Jobs – Playing Golf
With gas prices at record highs – The Obama State Department today announced that they WILL NOT approve the Keystone Pipeline from Canada.

The Keystone Pipeline project was expected to create tens of thousands of high paying jobs in the oil industry. The project itself would create 20,000 construction jobs.

But it was just a big pipe dream.

(Bob McCarty)

Barack Obama refused to approve the project in 2011 despite the fact that gas prices hit a record high last year under his failed leadership.

The New York Post reported:

The US State Department is expected to announce that it will not approve the controversial Keystone XL pipeline project, FOX News Channel reported, citing an industry source.

Sources told Politico the announcement will be made Wednesday afternoon by the State Department, which has the final say in the pipeline’s approval because it crosses international borders.

The pipeline, which would run from Canada to Texas, was a major sticking point in the debate in Congress last month over the extension of the payroll tax holiday. The ultimate agreement on the extension included a provision forcing the Obama administration to make a quicker decision on whether to approve the pipeline.

The administration had until Feb. 21 to make its decision.

This decision comes one day after the Saudi regime announced they would keep oil prices above $100 per barrel.

But, remember… This was all part of Obama’s plan.
He told us that he supported high gas prices if they are gradually hiked.

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  • valerie

    There are people in this country who think that the pipeline itself, and the processing of the oil products, will necessarily cause insurmountable amounts of pollution. It would be very useful to know how much pollution is caused by properly operated pipelines.

    Meanwhile, for the real reason this project isn’t being approved, follow the money.

  • RL

    Lack of fundamental brainpower and/or forethought is necessarily skyrocketing.

    Excess of imbecilic evil is also necessarily skyrocketing.

  • Finncrisp

    The “Unknown Marxist” is at it again. Killing jobs and playing golf. The man is beyond embarassing. Had enough of this crap yet?

  • Militant Conservative


    Destroying the economy is his goal all along.

  • nano

    Gulf Oil stopping of permitting that is still now only proceeding at a snails pace,mountain top mining,fracing junk science and now this.

    A clear pattern of actions.

  • Sam Stone

    Obama does not want people put back to work, it will ruin his plan to destroy America and its economy!

  • Sam Stone

    Seeing as how at present, there are over 40,000 miles of pipeline crisscrossing the country, how unsafe could it possible be? Unless of course some leftist environazi shoots a hole in it?

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    it very important to keep us dependent on middle eastern oil.

  • Maria

    The Democratic Party constantly talks about being energy independent, that we need to stop being independent of foreign oil. We have our neighbors on the North that would be providing a service to us that will bring down gas prices and bring jobs to America that our dear dumbo in chief has refused. Maybe next year it might be to late but I hope the Canadians leave the door open for the US to change its mind. It will happen with this President but if next year we have a new President, I hope we will be able to negotiate the pipeline.

  • Yrral Dleifsarb

    What makes me ill, here in Libtardistan, is that many of the mind-washed are so proud of having voted for Zero. They are immune to the reality of his effort to reduce this country.

  • http://biggovernment gee!

    FoodStamp-president doesn’t want jobs for americans…………doesn’t want energy …………….he wants us to keep buying oil from Islamic countries……………and money-man Soros Brazilian oil company run by unions and string master himself Leo Gerald …………….just sayin here

  • workingclass artist

    Rick Perry: Americans should be ‘unhinged’ by decision to reject Keystone pipe path

    Republican presidential candidate and Texas Gov. Rick Perry said it’s no surprise, but it doesn’t make the decision any better.

    “It doesn’t surprise me but it’s again — the president’s focused more on the next election than on the next generation.

    “Getting this country independent of foreign sources of crude from countries that are not our friends is really problematic. So this Canadian oil, there’s a possibility we could lose it to China with that decision so I hope Americans will really become unhinged with that decision because it is a really bad decision for our country, for energy independence and sends a horrible message at a time that were headed to $4 and $5 oil or excuse me $4 or $5 gasoline, to have a neighbor who’s willing to sell us crude that is available.”

    Read more:

  • MustComment

    Regardless, Canada WILL sell the oil. If not to us, to who? Who else – China. Obama will run this year on how the economy is finally turning around, all the while team Obama is doing everything possible to continue to derail and destroy America. Should we all be learning how to speak Chinese? I think yes.

  • Major Kong

    Hope all you union rank and file members remember this in November. Then again, you’ll vote as your told.

  • FurryGuy

    Amazing that Barry is now willing to cheese off some unions. What part of his base hasn’t he thrown under the bus in recent months? Is he left with just the OWS anarchists, ACORN, and SEIU?

  • Van Halen

    The Obamas really hate us all.

  • Multitude

    Quit blaming Obama. Blame your stupid neighbors who voted for this Leninist thug against all the warnings. Shun and shame them. Mock them. 52% of the American people who voted are to blame for the pain you suffer when you fill up at the pump, when you see your paycheck diminishing to taxes and inflation.

    Don’t try running off and blaming Bush; we blame Obama voters.

  • Vero

    Democrats hates children as they want them to freeze. I thought they did all things “for the children”

    Guess not

  • FurryGuy

    If crude is going be at $100 a barrel, I’d rather give that money to a friendly neighbor that hasn’t yet made it official government policy to subvert and destroy us. I have yet to see the Canadian Parliament use oil money to fund religious institutions that preach America is to be forcibly converted as the Wahabist Saudis do.

  • Retro

    obama is a LIAR. Remember that Muslims believe it is alright
    to lie in order to further their agenda and Islam. He is no more
    a Christian than Lucifer. In fact obama has a prearranged date
    with the devil. Don’t believe a word out of his lying mouth.He is only
    saying these things because he wants to be reelected. Just
    remember all the lies he told during the 2008 campaign.