“60 Minutes” Grills Eric Cantor on Why He’s Republican in Sunday Night Hit Piece (Video) …Update: Washington Monthly Continues to Misrepresent Reagan

“60 Minutes” grilled Majority Leader Eric Cantor on why he is Republican.
“You’ve taken a lot of criticism from American Jews for being a Republican… They’re very critical of you.”

Maybe because democratic policies are bankrupting the country?… Maybe because 50% of Democrats oppose Israel.

How dare he stray off the plantation.

Lesley Stahl profiles House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. In this wide-ranging interview, Cantor describes his childhood in Virginia, his identity as a Jewish Republican, and his current reputation as a legislative “Dr. No.” Despite mounting public frustration with partisan bickering in Congress, Cantor says he is willing to “cooperate” with Democrats, but not “compromise” his principles…

President Obama has made Eric Cantor the face of what he sees as Republican inflexibility. Cantor has fought the president’s policies at every turn, including using his authority as majority leader to prevent a vote on the president’s jobs bill.

[Obama: I’d like Mr Cantor to come down here to Dallas and explain what exactly in this jobs bill does he not believe in?]

Cantor would say what he doesn’t believe in is spending government money to create jobs, but the president’s keying on him has taken its toll. He’s been picketed and heckled.

He has fallen in the polls and so has his party…

… Given his upbringing and his marriage, Cantor says he’s nothing like the intractable obstructionist the Democrats say he is.

Cantor: Nobody gets everything they want. And so–

Stahl: That’s just exactly your image: that you want only what you want

He’s worried about the Republican’s hardline image and also his own which is why he invited us home to see the other side of Eric Cantor.

Cantor: So we’re countin’ on you to help us get the reality out to address that.

…As the only Jewish Republican in Congress, he says if ever there was anyone who knows how to go along to get along it’s Eric Cantor: a guy who grew up in the heavily Christian South.

Cantor: I’m sure there were times at which I was very aware of not being like others.

At home in Richmond, Virginia, he kept kosher and studied Hebrew; but at his elite private school, as one of only a handful of Jewish students, he just tried to blend in.

Stahl: But you know, your idol, as I’ve read anyway, was Ronald Reagan. And he compromised.

Cantor: He never compromised his principles.

Stahl: Well, he raised taxes and it was one of his principles not to raise taxes.

Cantor: Well, he– he also cut taxes.

Stahl: But he did compromise–

Cantor: Well I —

[Press Secretary: That just isn’t true. And I don’t want to let that stand.]

And at that point, Cantor’s press secretary interrupted, yelling from off camera that what I was saying wasn’t true.

Stahl, was not being honest. When Ronald Reagan took office, the top individual tax rate was 70 percent and by 1986 it was down to only 28 percent. All Americans received at least a 30 percent tax rate cut. Democrats like to play with the numbers to pretend that Reagans tax increases equalled his tax cuts. Of course, this is absurd.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Steve Benen at the Washington Monthly continued to misrepresent Reagan’s record on tax cuts. It’s just soooo difficult for liberals to understand that tax cuts work. Sad.

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  • Freddy

    How far from the truth does a biased media propagandist need to get before they are called liars to their faces? Looks like at least one person working for Cantor has had enough of the lies.

    While it is difficult for the politician to call out a liar without getting personal, it would seem that Cantor’s assistant was perfectly placed to take on the propagandist. There is a lesson in this for many members of congress.

  • kid blue

    What does Cantor expect, he went on a Democratic Network with a Democratic reporter. I think we need to start labeling the media as such. Ie 60 Democratic Minutes, Leslie Stahl Democrat, CBSD (CBS Democrat). If the media chooses to be partisan then let them proudly wear the label

  • Robert

    She and her ilk wouldn’t dare press a Democrat like that, if they had Obama wouldn’t have been elected.

    Their support for Obama this year will be worth over a $Billion to his campaign.

    Maybe they should ask Harry Reid what principle causes him to refuse to even propose a budget.

  • silent_rage

    I actually had to google Lesley Stahl. I didn’t know who she was. Or even if she was a woman.

  • Lesley Stahl is horrible and she is just like 90% of the rest of the media. LOWLIFES!
    Your right she DID lie as well.

    I would love to have asked Lesley Stahl up close and personal….so Lesley tell me ONE time you and the rest of your vile media ever grill Obama. NEVER not even once. No vetting, no grilling nothing but worship of the worst President has ever had in the history of the USA.

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  • We need to learn to stop trying to get the left to understand us, and see out point of view, they have no desire to so so. Cantor did himself a disservice going on here… by doing so he gave her her platform to demonize the terrible republicans without a rebuttal. She interviews him., them adds her bias all around it.

    We need to learn to just be who we are, and do the job that has been given us, and hope that they learn by our example, but dont do into their den and expect a fair shake.

  • Shaun

    If that was you, Brad, well done!
    SGG VA-7

  • Molon Labe

    Jews are disappointed in Cantor? Didn’t they support Obama? Some people never learn.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    What does Cantor expect, he went on a Democratic Network with a Democratic reporter.

    All the more reason for any conservative candidate for office, or any candidate for office that considers themselves a conservative, to prepare in advance in the event they expect to find themselves in a similar situation, to fight back with both barrels blazing if necessary, so as not to let the so-called “journalist” make them look like fools.

  • Island Girl

    Eric is good looking.


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  • Mablanco

    That was a hit piece. She has never interviewed a Democrat in such an aggressive matter.

  • rcl

    60 Minutes is what it is. The problem here is Cantor is a typical Republican wimp. He’s never held a job outside Washington. He’s an intern who went directly into office. A total incompetent, uninformed tool of the Party.

    Like the rest of the GOP leaders he’s useless in a crisis. He has no philosophic principles so he can’t think on his feet. What real conservative would be so helpless defending Ronald Reagan.

    The GOP is a collection of pathetic chumps.

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  • Zim

    Is it just ego that makes republicans go on these shows? Just say no. Does Obama go on Sean Hannity’s show? Mark Levin’s show? Of course not. Wish the republicans would just tell them to stick it


    Cantor is ibviously a brave soul, willing to buck the typical Jewish position and think for himself and hold to his beliefs. Funny how so many of these GOP wives don’t agree with their conservative husbands like Mrs. Bush and Mrs. McCain too. Eric is obviously a real man and the GOP is tired of wipsock politicians like weeping Boehner and want a real man as Speaker like Nancy Pelosi is. Pelosi always got her way, but the lamestream liberal media never treated her like she had leuprosy. If Cantor was speaking we would be standing up to the Democrats instead of backing down and caving at every turn.

  • Marsh626

    I reject the notion that the government should help immigrants.

    If you aren’t capable of fending for yourself and you need government handouts to get by, then you shouldn’t have been allowed to immigrate here.

    My ancestors who immigrated here didn’t expect help from the government. All they expected was the government to respect the basic human rights layed out in the U.S. Constitution and to protect this nation and its interests from foreign threats.

    They also changed their names to sound more American, learned English before they came here, refused to speak their native language around their neigbors, flew an American flag in front of their home, served in the military and taught their kids to be 100% loyal to this nation.

    The chutzpah of recent immigrants to this country demanding government handouts and for us to adopt their culture is simply outrageous.

  • saveus

    Congrats to Cantor for standing up to the attacks and standing up to obummer.

  • wanumba

    It’s so easy. Look her in the eye and state, “I’m a Republican because Democrats owned and promoted slavery of black Africans.”

    Add anything after that … “… and as a Jew, we have a historical sympathy and empathy with peoples in slavery.”

    Hullo, .”..hullo Ms. Stahl … but doesn’t the Left teach that if our Founding Fathers owned slaves that discredits everything they say on the grounds of hypocrisy?So… If anyone affiliates with the Democrats, doesn’t that mean they are complicit in approving slavery and civil rights disenfranchisement of citizens?”

    and of course, “… as a Jew, we have a historical sympathy and empathy with peoples held down in second-class status.”

    Then the “come and get me” stare.

    The sound will have been turned off by then, but any Repub who goes to a filmed interview better be running his or her own concurrent video for protection/verification purposes. The MSM keeps these things as their property, so make sure Repubs have their own video. No excuses now for not being pro-active on self-defense.

  • Karen

    I agree with the above posters about going on the show in the first place…but I really do not like Eric Kantor anymore. If you can’t convince your wife that abortion is murder, and you can’t convince your wife that marriage is what marriage is – then how in the world can you convince others. Conservative he is not. Going on this show was a way for him to “highlight” who he is – a hip dad that listens to rap – lol. These politicians are all narcissists. I have always been a political junkie. No more – because there is less and less difference between any of them. Once they get into office they are “dear friends and colleagues.” They are of one tribe.

  • Andy

    “Stahl, was not being honest.” it states in the article. Really? It is a fact that Reagan raised taxes 11 TIMES during his 8 years in office. In addition he eliminated several tax cuts which, in truth, are tax increases. One notable tax increase by Reagan that I recall quite clearly was the 1986 tax reform act elimination of the deduction of automobile sales tax. I recall it so well because 1985 was the first year I bought a new car and Reagan screwed me on my tax return. The 1986 tax reform act also lowered the top tax rate from 50% to 28% (helping the rich) while the bottom rate was raised from 11% to 15% (screwing the middle class & poor).

    I actually like Reagan and think he is our greatest modern President. But lest’s stop the lies and spin from the Cantor publicity machine.

  • Reen from Maine

    The interview with Eric Cantor on 60 minutes only proved to me that Mr. Cantor is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I’m not very good with math, but even I know that 10 to 1 is an unfair ratio.

    Lesley Stahl, you are very good at your job. At least someone is.

  • Multitude

    We hadn’t watched 60 minutes since the 90s and decided to switch over as the KC-Denver game had finished and there was nothing really of interest elsewhere. We won’t watch it again.

    It’s not that I’m a fan of Cantor, but I could not stop being utterly shocked at how myopically framed and delusionally lost Stahl was. She’s not extremely biased; she’s a Believer of the Faith, immersed in the cult and actually angered that someone can’t see the UFO mothership that’s in communication with the cult leader.

    It’s sick. We often hear of how cult members go radically overboard as the differential reality around them tightens its circles. In fact one of their own, Janet Reno, used this excuse before Congress in attempting to explain why none of the Branch Davidian cult members left even when the FBI immersed them in teargas, shot the place up and set their building on fire. It’s like sheep huddling in a burning barn rather than race individually out an open door, unfortunately believing that staying with each other is the only path to safety.

    Stahl’s questioning was cultish, confused, delusional and consistently framed from the “how can you question/oppose Dear Leader? why do you hate the people so much?”

    I’d suggest if Lesley were capable of rational, objective thought, she would realize that her questions were legitimately directed toward Dear Leader and the Democrats, not the Congressional leader who carries the people’s most recent mandate. Given the massive demand by the American people in the 2010 ass-kicking and ugly beating Dear Leader got, the only rational source we have to measure “who is obstructing who” are the most recent election.

    Sure, if you want to use easily manipulated polls, you can too, and you’d find that the people wanted government reduced and reformed and the fat-cat elites thrown out in 2008, only to realize Obama was making it worse and sent another message in 2010. The middle and independents wants to clean house, reduce spending, and stop us from collapsing into tyranny.

    Mental note to us all: The first thing we have to clean up is this dismal cult. We need an objective “fourth estate” newsmedia but this one has failed us through its utter corruption and alignment with a totalitarian progressive power. I’d suggest that Sarbanes-Oxley at least made it profoundly punitive for CEOs and CFOs to lie or misrepresent news communications about their company. We may have to do the same for journalists who lie or materially misrepresent.

  • KOW

    Republicans need to go on those type of shows and just lay into the interviewer, not answer a question or answer questions with questions.

    When they talk about his elite school, ask them if they ask Obama about his elite school?

    Ask them if they ask Obama about his poll numbers? They fawn over Obama and any Democrat.

    Just go on them for a laugh. Mock them and laugh at the the whole time and tell them how irrelevant they are.

  • Voice of Reason

    Republicans are now Obstructionists for opposing Obama according to the Democrat party and the liberal media.

  • greenfairie

    I saw this last night and you’d think Lesley Stahl was auditioning to be the 2012 Obama Girl.

  • J

    Generally it’s been my experience that those who are engaged in the effort to rewrite the history Reagan’s presidency, which began in earnest roughly 7 years ago, are those who are too young to actually have remembered Reagan as president during their lifetime. They simply didn’t experience the truth, and now seek to discredit him with creative number crunching. It is really sad.


    ” It’s just soooo difficult for liberals to understand that tax cuts work.”

    But it’s not difficult for them to lie about everything to make the repubs look bad….and the repubs have no balls to speak up….lies like these just make it easier for feeble minded socialists to continue voting for the demo-craps

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  • Georga Mae Collins

    I saw the interview….Stahl is NOT an objective journalist. She suffers from blind liberalism. I hadn’t watched 60 minutes since one of their hatchet journalists did an appauling, insulting interview with Pres. Bush….and that was a few years ago. But their lefties love their crap. So much for intelligence.

  • a former dem

    Why the hell do repubs and conservatives even bother going these lefty shows, and heck I’m a former lefty, even I know SeeBS is a lefty show! They aren’t even a honest lefty show, these people are just representatives of the undemocratic party!

  • No such thing as Free Press…………..they are bought and payed for……………censored and controlled……………republicans should be aware when they agree to appear on these shows………they are entering hostel territry…………..just sayin

  • a former dem

    my advise to repubs and conservatives, either don’t go on these lefty BS shows, and if you do go, stop acting like cowardly cocktail repubs and confront these fools head on! these “reporters” are just bullies and cowards!

    Gov Perry shows in this clip how its done:


  • Georga Mae Collins

    Didn’t Reagan raise taxes in compromise with the Dems in exchange for something he never got from them? Dems have been in control of congress for far too long. Newt Gingrich brought them to majority and balanced the budget for the first time in a long time…..it hasn’t been done since. Of course Eric Cantor is seen as obstructing! Thanks God someone’s “obstructing” this lunatic group in the WH.

  • JustTheFactsPlease

    For a family of four, the “average income tax rate under Reagan in 1983 was 11.06 percent. Under Clinton in 1992, it was 9.18 percent. And under Obama in 2010, it was 4.68 percent.” During Reagan’s time, income tax revenue ranged from 7.8 to 9.4 percent of GDP. Last year, it was 6.2 percent and is not projected to climb back to 9 percent until 2016. In fact, in 2009, Americans paid their lowest taxes in 60 years.

  • Todd

    Benen never says Reagan tax increases were greater than his tax cuts. All he says is Reagan raised taxes several times which is a fact.

  • squeaky

    you could also ask those associated with the coal mining industry why they voted for obama
    and then there’s the insurance industry…voting against their own interests

  • Richard Kennedy

    During 60 minute interview w L. Stahls, last evening, Cantor responded to the “10-1″(Tax cuts/Revenue increases ratio) question
    with a fallacious answer; “Tu Quoque”:

    Tu Quoque is a very common fallacy in which one attempts to defend oneself or another from criticism by turning the critique back against the accuser. This is a classic Red Herring since whether the accuser is guilty of the same, or a similar, wrong is irrelevant to the truth of the original charge. However, as a diversionary tactic, Tu Quoque can be very effective, since the accuser is put on the defensive, and frequently feels compelled to defend against the accusation.
    I wonder why Stahls didn’t “call him” on it?

  • @37 Todd — Silly Todd, Jim isn’t interested in your “facts.” He’ll stick to the Book of Reagan, thank you very much.

  • Rob W.

    #36-Some fool actually thinks Americans don’t pay enough taxes. Well, feel free to write them as big a check as you want. When you’re broke from doing this and they’re still hounding you for money maybe then your sorry a$$ will get the picture!

  • The Reaction

    Stahl did the same thing after Boehner became Speaker last year. it’s kind of funny how in death, Reagan has morphed from evil far-right warmonger who hated homosexuals, blacks and poor people into The Great Compromiser in the liberal narrative, based on the fact that he raised some non-income taxes. i guess it’s the fact that they hated his actual ideology but they feel they can’t criticize him like they used to, so instead they co-opt him for their own purposes. sort of like how William F. Buckley is presented as the paragon of Republican moderation when in reality “National Review” attacked Eisenhower from the right after its founding. i’m sure if Romney becomes President we’ll have plenty of “Bush was a benign moderate” revisionism shortly

  • The problem with Eric Cantor is that he is another mushy gutless GOP moderate who doesn’t know how to articulate conservatism because he insists in operating under PC rules.
    What he should’ve done to Stahl was pose the question, “Just because I’m born a Jew means I’m automatically I’m supposed to be a Democrat? Where is the freedom in that? This is still America, right? But, of course he wouldn’t go there because he’s a poll driven good for nothing GOPer just like equally useless John Boehner.

  • Sheila

    Cantor is a repuke, not a conservative. He has lots of personal ambition and very flexible principles, as evinced by his voting record. He’s not a favorite of the few genuine conservatives voted in last election.

    He’ll preen and strut his purported credentials on television, but he’s just as much a part of the problem as Boehner and Mitchell. He’d be hand-in-glove with someone of Romney’s calibre and we’d continue our slow march right on a left-going ship.

    This crowing over right-liberals is getting out of hand here. Reality check, please.

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  • bg




  • Ipso Facto

    When she asked him about taxes, he should have said that we have a PROGRESSIVE income tax system in the US already where the more people make, the greater PERCENTAGE they pay – and this is a socialistic aspect of our government.

    He should have then asked her exactly how much she thought each income bracket should have their taxes raised. And then as a follow-up, he should hve asked her if she paid the amount on the table last year or the amount she thought her bracket should be incresed by.

    The republicans have no idea of what MESSAGING means and it’s a damn shame!

    The Democrats have messaging down pat. We have a LONG way to go!

  • Marc

    Uh, Jim, you may want to check your facts. The top marginal tax rate was 50% in 1986. It didn’t get down to 28% until 1988. http://ntu.org/tax-basics/history-of-federal-individual-1.html

  • JackLandis

    It’s amazing to me how all of you rubes continue to drink the Kool-Aid. Jim Jones has nothing on these circus clowns that brainwash all of you. But what should we expect? Sheep have never been capable of thinking for themselves, have they? Baaaaahh!!! Baaaahhh!!!

    I’m just gonna sit back and wait for the madness to ensue, knowing full well that all of you are multi-millionaires and your precious tax dollars are going to feed those dirty lowlife minorities.

    Let me hear it, kids…

  • ComradeAnon

    The debate was whether Reagan raised taxes. He did. That’s a fact. Here they are:
    Legislation, Billions of Dollars raised by the increase.
    Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act, 57.3
    Highway Revenue Act of 1982, 4.9
    Social Security Amendments of 1983, 24.6
    Railroad Retirement Revenue Act of 1983, 1.2
    Deficit Reduction Act of 1984, 25.4
    Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985, 2.9
    Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986, 2.4
    Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986, 0.6
    Continuing Resolution for 1987, 2.8
    Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987, 8.6
    Continuing Resolution for 1988, 2.0
    Total cumulative tax increase, 132.7

    Although he cut taxes when he could, he raised them when he had to. Oh, and he added $2 Trillion to the national debt in his eight years as President. And Obama was born in Hawaii, Newt has had AT LEAST 2 affairs, Romney instituted state regulated mandatory healthcare for almost every resident of Massachusetts aka RomneyCare. Just a few more FACTS.

  • CRA

    I have not seen anyone claim that Reagan’s various tax increases added up to more than his cuts. I have seen many people note, correctly, that Reagan raised taxes of various kinds. Hoft is the one playing with numbers, until he finds quotes that actually fit his description. In looking for them, he’d see mostly or entirely quotes that fit mine, i.e. ones that fail to claim that Reagan increased taxes in the aggregate.

    Further, Republicans are not, in their day-to-day deliberations about whether to raise some taxes and lower others, directly concerned with aggregate taxation. Their position is that no individual tax may rise (payroll taxes excepted, apparently), not even if two other taxes are lowered such that the overall tax burden decreases. This is the essence of Norquist’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge: no new taxes. That’s one way to lessen the aggregate burden. Another way is the Reagan approach, the real-world one he implemented.

  • Egan

    This is not a matter of debate. it is simply fact that Reagan raised taxes 12 times during his 8 years as President. Nowhere in this piece does Hoft prove otherwise. Why is it soooooo hard for partisan hacks like Hoft to accept simple facts?

    Perhaps I’m missing something here, but when a President signs 12 bills that increase taxes, that is raising taxes.

  • circusfifthfloor

    Now I know where all the knuckledragging trolls come from at HuffPo. Enjoy that good ol koolaid kids…..CFF

  • JackLandis

    I wonder if all these right-wing nutjobs are aware of the fact that Reagan attended and was very interested in joining the Communist Party in Hollywood (check “Dutch”, by Edmund Morris), but they didn’t want to allow him to join because they thought he was a “flake”. These are the same people that won’t let go of the belief that George W. Bush was born in Texas ( he was actually born in Connecticut). I watched the entire Stahl interview, and yes, she’s a bleeding lib, but, pull thine head from thy rumpus, and accept reality. When Cantor’s press secretary interrupted the conversation, and Cantor just sat there like a deer in the headlights, you have to stop and take a deep breath and realize that being a lemming eventually leads you off the cliff…

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  • gwhh

    why to go press secerty-give it back to them mainstream media liberal!!

    And at that point, Cantor’s press secretary interrupted, yelling from off camera that what I was saying wasn’t true.

  • joeyjojo72

    The obvious, easily confirmed fact is that Reagan raised taxes on multiple occasions. And its also a fact that he compromised with Democrats in Congress when it was politically necessary. Why is this so controversial?

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  • Johnie

    HA! Reagan “won” the cold war by proving to the commies that he wanted to be just like them only with a slicker Hollywood propaganda machine.

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