Obama Tells ABC “Laziness” Is Trait He Most Deplores in Himself… Then He Jets Off to Hawaii Vacation

President Barack Obama told ABC that “laziness” is the trait he most deplores in himself.
ABC reported:

What’s the trait you most deplore in yourself, and the trait you most deplore in others?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Laziness. Nothing frustrates me more than when people aren’t doing their jobs. The thing actually that I most dislike is cruelty. I can’t stand cruel people. And if I see people doing something mean to somebody else, just to make themselves feel important it really gets me mad. But, with myself, since I tend not to be a mean person, you know, if I get lazy, then I get mad at myself.

Then he jetted off to Hawaii for his $4 million Christmas vacation.


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  • USMC Thomas

    AssHat is talking to the mirror.

  • Patty

    Thanks, Mr. Hoft for posting this and Warmest Wishes for you and all your family.

    God’s Blessings.

  • Patty

    I am very upset with Congress but we need to get over it if we want to get closer to a win in 2012.

    I believe that Congress did this so Obama could get on with his vacation. Yes, that is silly but he seems to get things the way he wants them. Talking at a podium, scolding day after day, spending in every bill, that is a very cushy job indeed.

    Meetings with Progressives
    Scold some more
    Campaign at Podium

    Wow, he didn’t lie, sign some more money for Projects to fail, oh, sleep, eat and more play.

  • donh

    That is the odd thing about having a typical white grandmother…Obama can denigrate himself to the most brutal old racial stereotype about blacks being shiftless and lazy and its all BEAUTIFUL !

  • Patty

    If it wasn’t for his arrogance he wouldn’t have a personality at all.

  • AmishDude

    “But, with myself, since I tend not to be a mean person, you know, if I get lazy, then I get mad at myself.”

    Oh. My. God.

  • Militant Conservative

    Obama synonym for evil. Satan looks good in

    a black suit eh? The dark angel.

  • AmishDude

    What kind of person says, “since I tend not to be a mean person”? I guess some negative traits are just beyond him.

  • http://GatewayPundit Cutlers bad Thumb

    Merry Holidays everyone, and thanks for the 4 million dollar vacation on your dime. well it’s off to Hawaii now, If you feel the need to contact me try my cell phone the number is 666.

    Merry holidays
    B.H Obama, Moochie, the Kids & Bo.
    Aloha ha ha ha ha ha

  • donh

    He’s just lowering a chum bucket down the chimney loaded with race bait for whitey to bite on over christmas dinner. Its all he knows.

  • Rose

    What characteristic I deplore most in Odrama Queen is his powermongering micromanagerial Malignant Narcissism. That he epitomizes Vanity and Envy doesn’t help him, either.

    But, his Harvest is exponentially multiplied and hastening speedily to him to overtake and overwhelm him unexpectedly, voraciously, and thoroughly – in a uniquely ironic manner most befitting the Seed in Kind from which it sprang.

  • Rose

    #8 December 23, 2011 at 8:49 pm


    OR maybe it is really only just BEHIND him, and if he turns around, he’ll find it was there all along.


  • BS-meter

    He is, beyond a doubt, the most skilled bullsh!t artist ever to tread the earth. (gag!)


  • RB

    HE’S an expert on cruelty???? Give me a freakin’ break. Remember what this non-cruel President said on the Leno show back in 2009? He noted that his own bowling aptitude “was like the Special Olympics or something.”

    What a pig.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    . . . as he shuffles off to Hawaii.
    So you can’t stand cruelty or cruel people?

    Tell that to the relatives of Donald Young of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.
    I’m sure they’d like to hear from you this Christmas, don’t you think?!?

    Just so you know, no one has forgotten about his murder, and they never will.
    Everyone remembers all that needs to be remembered about you, the DC Metro Police, and the Biden Boys when it comes to the big bloody cover-up.

    Merry Xmas, Barry.
    Enjoy what’s left of your miserable Presidency.

  • Patty

    Allen West: Obama’s Arrogance Is Like A “Third World Dictator”


    Video @ link

  • Patty

    Obama’s Arrogance Starting to Get Noticed

    October 14, 2010 this article was written. Now, just think over a year now we are subjected to even more.

    I cannot imagine going through another 4 years of this. Have there been 2 term presidents who are filled with such arrogant behavior and who were a success. Doubtful.

    Please read article


  • Ella

    #15, it’s not just Donald Young. It’s also Nate Spencer and Larry Bland. Three murders within 40 days. All three were members of Jeremiah Wright’s Down Low Club.

  • Patty


    BREAKING: Perry disqualified from Va. primary ballot

    Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry failed to submit enough valid signatures to qualify for the Virginia primary ballot, state GOP officials said Friday evening.

    Perry’s campaign told state election officials it had submitted 11,911 signatures, but a Virginia Republican familiar with the situation said that the Texas governor did not submit the required 10,000.

    Earlier Friday, the Republican Party of Virginia certified former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and Rep. Ron Paul (Tex.) to appear in the March ballot.

    Four candidates — Romney, Perry, Paul and former House speaker Newt Gingrich — turned in thousands of signatures by the deadline. State party officials are spending the day certifying the signataries.

    They have not examined Gingrich’s signatures yet, but expected to do so by late Friday night.

    Candidates had until 5 p.m. to collect 10,000 signatures from across the state, including 400 from each congressional district.

    Republican presidential candidates Michele Bachmann, Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum did not submit signatures, according to state GOP officials


    sorry, was told I post too many OT’s but just couldn’t help myself on this one

  • DaveinPhoenix

    Oh these terrible cruel Republicans trying to provide (gasp!) …jobs and cheaper energy to Americans with that evil pipeline thing. Much rather that they stay our sub-subservient Democrat welfare/unemployed electorate. Wonder how many times we’ll hear the words “cruel” and “Republican” in the same sentence between now and November….