Michelle Obama Insisted on $4 Million Trip to Hawaii When Barack Wanted Local Vacation

In the White House Weekly Address President Obama and the First Lady urged Americans to give back.

Meanwhile, they’ll be in Hawaii on another $4 million vacation.

After blowing $10 million on vacations this year, Michelle Obama insisted the First Family take another $4 million trip to Hawaii. Michelle flew out early.
The Daily Mail reported:

Michelle Obama insisted on a pricey holiday to Hawaii when her husband would have rather gone to a presidential retreat, according to reports.

She allegedly wanted the taxpayer-funded $4million trip when Barack Obama sought instead to make the short trip to Camp David in Maryland.

Political sources told the National Enquirer that the 47-year-old’s spending is rocketing and she even went on a shopping spree before the Hawaii trip.

‘The President’s advisers have told him that Michelle’s spending has spiralled “completely out of control”,’ one source told the National Enquirer.

‘Barack read his wife the riot act, but his words fell on deaf ears. Michelle said there was “no way” she was going to disappoint her daughters.’

Then again, this should surprise no one. Michelle Obama told us her top priority is Michelle Obama.

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  • Wheeze

    AND again we are surprised? Greed is greed and it is alive and well on the left…

  • Nice screen shot of Mooch. LOL

  • Coasta

    LOL! They both look so…..

  • L.E. Liesner

    Michelle Obama can see the handwriting on the wall and is going to get every last cent out of the taxpayers while she can. This is a one term presidency and the sooner it’s over the better off the country will be.

  • Robert

    Her top priority is herself. She said so.

  • pksawyer

    Pigs at the trough.

  • daryl

    What’s with the humougous rasberry hanging out of her mouth? Her Christmas present to America?

  • bear

    I vividly remember the screaming outrage voiced by the anti-American lefties over the spending habits of Nancy Reagan and Laura Bush. They couldn’t buy sweat socks without lefty cries of “imperialist,” and “elitist.”

    All the first caboose is doing is “stickin’ it ta da man.” “Da man” is anyone who actually WORKS for a living. The scum-in-chief is livin’ large on my dime. The obamas are a complete disgrace!

  • ohio

    “Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets”.
    Robert DeNiro, Taxi Driver

  • bg


    like i always say.. when it comes to Barry, it’s always
    someone else’s fault until he can take credit whether
    it’s due or not..

    he’s president of the dog at my homework org inc..

    but she does give new meaning to behind
    every grate man there’s a grate woman..


  • Callipygian1

    Well, her vacation is costing the middle class families 400,000 “pizza nights” @ $10/pizza.

  • BurmaShave

    The 1% of the 1%.

  • bg


    “My Administration Is The Only Thing Between You And The Pitchforks”

    the Obama’s, the new American Gothic..


  • Shawn

    Stop complaining America just get out there and work and do your fair share so we can enjoy our much deserved vacation in Hawaii.

  • Seth

    Why the hell don’t Moochelle and old Tuxedo Barry “give back” some of the cost to the taxpayers of the high livin’ they have just been sucking up–like the” Klumps” at an all you can eat–since they occupied the White House?

    You know, things like Wagyu beef steaks flown in at $125 per pound, wine served at their more than 200 White House dinners, events, entertainments, relaxations, and concerts that are routinely over $100 per bottle, King Putt’s hundred or so golf outings, Air Force One at $185,000 per hour, and these grifters (and sometimes their posse as well) repeated vacations to Hawaii, Martha’s Vinyard, to Marbella in Spain, to Africa, etc. etc.

    I notice they somehow never make it to Haiti or to Calcutta to check out the situation there, or to the slums of Mexico City, or similar less upscale, and “fun” places.

  • Jayne on Left Coast

    Is that one of the “well toned arms” we keep hearing about. It looks like a thigh, not one of hers though.

  • succotash

    Mele Kalikimaka,peasants!!!!

  • Multitude

    Leave my Michelle alone! The poor girl is so lonely, with Mr. “I’m going putting with my boyfr…er… golf buddy” leaving her untouched since the kids got conceived. It’s natural to understand she needs a villa large enough for quiet rendezvous with her favorite secret service detail and even a few days head start to get things heated up.

    It’s not her fault if she’s too much woman for you teabaggers.

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  • Bunni

    Those freakin grifters! Why don’t they make it a real Merry Christmas FOR US by staying away for ever! It will be the happiest NEW YEAR in 2012 when they are kicked to the gutter where they belong!

    Merry Christmas to you and your readers, Jim.

  • iamsaved

    The Obama’s make the Clintons look like pikers when it comes to enjoying the “perks” of the White House on the taxpayer’s dime.

    This “George Jefferson movin’ on up” mentality is the epitome of arrogance and a total disregard for the taxpayer’s dollars they are supposed to be good stewards of. What a shame their daughters can’t go on another taxpayer funded vacation. How many families take even one good vacation a year let alone dozens?

    It’s too bad journalism died during the last election. Maybe a concerned media would shame them into taking a more modest vacation and a lot less frequently. Instead, we’ve inherited a Goebellsesque propaganda machine that would make authoritarian governments proud.

    Their travels not only inconvenience the secret service but there is a contingent of staffers and military personnel that must travel with them depriving them of a nice Christmas with their families. It it was necessary, so be it, but it’s not. The Obama’s have choices and usually those choices involve spending as much of the taxpayer’s money as they can. Now we know why they are so keen on the redistribution of wealth mantra.

  • Druid

    I find it quite credible that Mooo-chelle demanded the Hawaii trip.

    Barrack spent a few years of his life there, as have I, and one thing I will say about the state – it’s a great place to live, but I would not want to visit. (all the really cool things to do are day long activities… and they are hit or miss)

    Michelle is the one fired up to get there – must be a game show trash thing, only one thing better than A New Car!!!, it is, A Trip To Hawaii!!!

    Why don’t they just go to the Virgin Islands…

  • StrangernFiction

    Mooch can’t believe Americans would be dumb enough to reelect this reject, so she’s going full grifter. Problem is, Americans may well be just that dumb. Hell, Republicans aren’t smart enough to avoid a candidate who can’t campaign against Obama’s signature socialist acheivement.

  • iconoclast

    I listened to Michelle speak on some lefty LA radio station during the election. In the interview, she agreed with the sentiment “it is our turn now”, meaning that it was the Black’s turn to have power. And, now that she has power, we can see what she wanted to do with it–abuse it. Just as she did in Chicago.

  • StrangernFiction

    “Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets”.
    Robert DeNiro, Taxi Driver

    The scum would include DeNiro.

  • Druid

    What is that in her lap? Looks like a whole ham standing on end…

    ZOMG – just took a close look, after a casual glance I thought that the pic froze her with her tongue out… those are her lips… turn the pic sideways and it looks like a wagon drivers view of the old gray mares back end…

  • Patty

    What an embarrassing picture.

    Calculate all their vacations and it must be in the Millions.


    ‘The President’s advisers have told him that Michelle’s spending has spiralled “completely out of control”,’ one source told the National Enquirer.

    ‘Barack read his wife the riot act, but his words fell on deaf ears. Michelle said there was “no way” she was going to disappoint her daughters.’

    Some say they have taken less vacations then Bush. But the money they are spending has to be more than any other president. Undoubtedly they are have fun and living the high life, yet in this time it is another real embarrassment.

    Michelle snaps the whip and Obama comes running. Cliche but she does wear the pants in that family.

    Her girls aren’t doing without in any respect of the word.

  • tc

    read his wife the riot act??? How does that sound in his house? “uhhhhh, yes, dear, what ever you wish dear….”

  • jhump

    Shared sacrifice!!!

    Just words.

  • Ahhhh, bull. Obama wanted it, and he’s looking for a fall guy to blame now that he sees people are outraged. Except now he looks wasteful and pathetic.


    Fat a$$ chewbacha always gets her way…

  • Patty

    Are these the same advisers who work with Soros, SEIU, Acorn, Ayers, Wright.

    Or are they the advisers to Dodd and Frank.

    Seems to me with all the Czars and Axelrod, Holder, I just can’t hear Obama scolding Michelle too as he has scolded Congress and American people with his awful Obama care.

    Really, all the spending 15 trillion in debt. He alone has spend 4 trillion. He seems to be on this more than the lives that were lost from Fast and Furious. And the Solyndra, why doesn’t he blame his Target shopping wife. Really, so unbelievable these two phonies.

  • Patty

    Sticking her tongue out to America.

  • Ever seen a Beluga whale in a pink dress, I have now ! Stymie is a lucky guy to have hooked that one on the first cast, I hear he is a good fisherman, a real master-baiter. But only when Reggie is around……Sorry Mooch……..

  • bg


    !! Happy Christmas & Merry New Year !!


  • truth teller

    I bet Muslims worldwide are conflicted…they hate pork, yet their queen (Mich) is a pig. What to do? What to do?

  • Patty


    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family, too.

  • Patty

    and now you will see the two of them back their hour of community service to the poor and needy in Soup Kitchen.

  • Practical Jane

    What a load. Mr. Thrifty didn’t want to go…right!

  • Sandy

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hear’s to a better year for us common folks and a Republican President in 12.

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  • Teddy

    never understood why people get lip enhancements

  • sfadasdfsd

    that smug baboon-cow hybrid should stop licking its disgusting lips in public

  • Economan

    Where are the cries of “greed” on these idiots? How about the greed of the OWS fools wanting other people’s money? It’s called coveting and stealing.

    “…Michelle said there was “no way” she was going to disappoint her daughters.’”

    Right. We must not disappoint the kiddies by spending millions of tax-payer’s money so they can have “fun”.
    Many who work their ass off will never get to see Hawaii.

  • OxyCon

    Are they high?
    Obama looks like he is stoned off his gourd.

  • Buffalobob

    Is little Barrty sitting on a phone directory in that picture?

  • apb

    I wonder if ANY moron journalists are finally ‘getting it.’

  • Dana Garcia

    What a crock. I don’t believe this story for a minute. They BOTH wanted a beach vacation in Hawaii, but Barak is trying to portray himself as the frugal President, concerned about $40 and pizzas for the working stiffs.

    Does anyone really think he argued hard for spending Christmas in Camp David? Please.

  • DomesticGoddess

    She was not elected, so why does she get to spend our money to go early on vacay? She and her grifters should be waiting for Hussein to finish campaigning and then all go together. This is unfathonable.

  • Barry S

    “Barack read his wife the riot act”.

    Sure he did. Hah.

  • bigL

    I thought there wre great white Sharks tha swim around Kailua Kona. Are they off-duty? Or because there is “white” in the name, they have ta be careful?
    Anyway, not suggesting a meal…

  • SierraBear

    Classless, clueless bigger niche! Think of the old Hee Haw routine with Archie Campbell for the answer to this one…

  • Greg

    It’s normal and natural for Democrats to take money belonging to someone else and foolishly spend it to satisfy their greedy desires.

  • John Fembup

    The President of the United States – the most powerful man in the world – cannot decide where his family goes on a vacation?

    And we elected this . . . child . . . to negotiate with Putin and Imadinnerjacket and Chavez the Norks and the Chinese?

    We’re in much more serious doo doo that we thought, folks.

  • xiphos

    # 27 ……….. Those be pancackes that that aren’t done sucking on the syrup jar provided by the taxpayers.

  • middleagedhousewife
  • bg


    #56 December 24, 2011 at 2:34 pm


    Merry Christmas


  • Gort

    In my galaxy creatures who look like this have been smoking and ingesting forbidden substances. It is a sign of extreme immaturity and recklessness. Normally such individuals are the least intelligent members of their community. These creatures look like the pups abandoned in our pounds.

  • SM-AZ

    Last week we had the shots of Mooch’s backside, this week her big ugly puss. Tough call which is worse to look at. Sideways maybe would be better pic to look at? Wonder how many cameras she’s broken?

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  • Bobman

    On top of all his other glorious personality attributes it is now clear that Obama is also PW’ed.

  • DomesticGoddess

    Their expressions reek of “don’t you wish.” They do look high.

  • Turning the Page

    Yea, right.

    This is simply cover for the SCOAMF.

    They are both frauds. You see, taxpayer money is free, after all. That is why all of their disciples believe the same. Take from someone, give to me with zero consequences.

    Right after their fake shopping sprees at target, best buy and a pet shop.

    They are pathetic.

  • JJ Peaco

    Hey you big ass !@$ we could have fed 400,000 hungry children with that money at 10 dollars a meal. So much for your sacrifice, but then again your used to treating the poor like crap, no we didn’t forget about your patient dumping, maybe after we put your husband and Holder in prison we can go after you for that. Then we need to get to the bottom of the Vince Foster murder, right Hillary !

  • B

    Come on, The National Enquirer? Sure, these two are marxists who relate to one another dialectically. But marxist propaganda has no problem creating the undermining-of-authority-wife -image to a nearly collapsed God and family America ready and willing to model their contrived behavior. This is Goebels territory, as much as there may be truth to the story.

  • kato

    Let’s all sing:

    “Movin’ on up, to the East Side,
    To that deluxe apartment in the sky…”

    Except George Jefferson earned his. These two grifters are expensive Section VIII parasites.

  • Rose

    No way on this green earth they spent only $10 million on vacations this year, before THIS one. No way THIS one is merely $5 million.

    Just in Flight expenses alone!

    Wait til they get to Hell and meet the Rich Man who gave no crumbs to Lazarus the poor man at his gate.

  • apodoca

    Typical ghetto I-gotta-get-mine mentality. No surprise there.

  • gus

    Most of those who support Obama are supported by us.

  • Questionman

    I knew I would find all those hate filled tea baggers hovering like chicken hawks on this page. Totally pathetic they trash their president like they do. How Un-American and Unpatriotic can you get. Hopefully when Obama takes the election next year you will all go back to your respective communist nations.

    Remind me again how you people aren’t racist…..wait, you cant. It’s out of the bag, you are racist, bigoted Un-American haters.

    President Obama was born in Hawaii. While his mother died not all that long ago, he still has family in Hawaii.

    Have you NEVER traveled home to be with your family on Christmas?

    Should Malia and Sasha be forced not to see their cousins for at least four years because their father is the President of the United States? Or should they be forced to decide whether to spend Christmas with their father OR (not both) their aunts, uncles and cousins?

    What ever you may thing of President Obama’s policies (and I disagree with several), being President of the United States is an incredibly stressful job. Just as anybody else in this country (heck, in the world) needs a vacation sometimes to re-charge their batteries, getting elected President doesn’t change that. Studies have shown that people that can get away for a while come back to their jobs refreshed and actually do their jobs better when they come back.

    The big difference, of course, is that the vast majority of people don’t have to take their job with them on vacation. The President of the United States does.

    EVERY president travels by special accommodation, whether by special presidential train, or military aircraft, or Air Force One, for security reasons. The current President of the United States can’t just go buy coach tickets on Jet Blue for his family, the staff he needs to take with him for daily briefings, and himself. Let’s not forget that, even though the “cold war” is over, the President still always travels with a “football” (the briefcase with nuclear codes in it). You really want that tucked under the seat in front on a commercial flight?

    When any President travels for a personal vacation (even though he has to take his job with him), he pays for all personal expenses out of his own pocket. No, he doesn’t have to pay for the jet fuel to fly Air Force One. That’s not a personal expense. (See above paragraph.)

    Excuses for an ignorant, bigoted, illiterate. You are a disgrace to this country.

  • squeaky

    “again how you people aren’t racist…..wait, you cant. It’s out of the bag, you are racist, bigoted Un-American haters.” so overplayed to the point of making it insignificant. what’s out of the bag is that one group doesn’t hold the monopoly on bad behavior. the secrets from behind closed doors.

  • squeaky

    [[Advocates of LIHEAP had hoped Congress would fund the program at its 2010 level of $5.1 billion; it was funded at $4.7 billion for 2011, an amount that several governors urged Congress to maintain for this year. President Obama’s budget proposal would have cut LIHEAP funding by nearly 50 percent to $2.6 billion, so the congressional figure came down somewhere in the middle. ]] and a happy new year….fa-la-la and all. i’m sure msm will be focusing on this as being a concressional issue [rep controlled] come election time and having a memory lapse to the “rest of the story” as paul harvey would say…..

  • squeaky

    [[The president urged Congress to pass a full twelve month extension of the payroll tax after the Christmas break, saying it was vital for a struggling middle class to keep an extra $1,000 per year.]] i saw this earlier and there was a post yesterday or so……but in light of the 4 million dollar soiree.

  • John

    See, he really is just like Abe Lincoln.

  • Obamas regulation destroy jobs

    #72 move to IRAN..you affirmative action parasite–they are the cruelest, evil couple that ever walked the face of the earth with their $150 plate dinners to support partial abortions,so get lost you hypocrite! She takes 27 personal aides with her everywhere she goes..and he is one ugly guy! You need to get YOUR facts straight and read about her days of Princeton and the WOODS foundation where she USED the black poor race to her benefit..its them that are using the American public to build up their FAT CAT wallets in their off shore accounts..your another Mayor Barry supporter..in fact move to Russia!

  • davod

    “After blowing $10 million on vacations this year, Michelle Obama insisted the First Family take another $4 million trip to Hawaii. Michelle flew out early.”

    Rubbish. Isn’t it obvious this is leaked to take the heat off Obama.

  • davod

    “Should Malia and Sasha be forced not to see their cousins for at least four years because their father is the President of the United States? Or should they be forced to decide whether to spend Christmas with their father OR (not both) their aunts, uncles and cousins?”

    Obama’s mother was from the mainland and his father was from Kenya. What aunts, uncles and cousins are they visiting?”

  • Disgusted American

    Geez, I never thought I could be this completely disgusted in the White House Occupants. America needs the worst future possible for being stupid enough to vote these disgusting tenth-class americans into office.

    After so many decent to outstanding occupants of the oval office, this is the lowest point in my life!!!

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  • ShatziSlattery

    I vividly remember leftists shrieking over Nancy Reagan’s expensive new dishes for the White House. Now that a Leftist has spent easily FIFTY TIMES that amount on HERSELF, (clothes, trips, food, jewelry) they are silent. These two are trashy. They tell us to stick it and deal with the unemployment and taxes as they run off on one vacation after another. This IS, after all, the same b**$% who rolled her eyes in disgust at the Veteran’s Day flag memorial. Moochelle, you’ve earned that nickname!

  • Clarissa

    I can”t even afford a family vacation at the shore. The money we work hard for goes to health care, college and many other house hold expenses. It makes me sad to know that the Obama’s live a life of luxury at the tax payers expense. Don’t they have any regard for the American people and the struggles we have to encounter on a daily basis?

  • Lisa

    She is disgusting. She is classless, selfish and self absorbed and I hope she truly enjoyed her part in spending us further into the OBAMA INDUCED POVERTY of proportions we’ve never known and would NOT have suffered under Bush. Once she’s out of the WH, I will NEVER FORGET WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY AND NEITHER WILL GOD! There is no forgiveness for their glutenous behavior.