Leftists Freak Out After FOX Exposes Lib Bias in New Muppet Movie (Video)

The liberal media is having fits today after FOX Business Network exposed the liberal bias and class warfare in the new Muppet movie.
Here’s the segment from FBN:

Via the Hollywood Reporter:

Eric Bolling of Follow the Money set the stage on Friday when he hosted a 7-minute segment that argued that The Muppets film – featuring bad-guy oilman Tex Richman — promotes a left-wing agenda.

“We’re teaching our kids class warfare. Where are we, Communist China?” Bolling said.

That line – along with the rest of the conversation – irked Media Matters, the progressive watchdog group and No. 1 enemy of Fox News Channel and sister channel FBN. So that night it slapped its logo on a video of the segment and sent it around the Internet, and by Monday it had gone viral. (Video below).

“Liberal Hollywood depicting a successful businessman as evil – that’s not new,” Bolling said while introducing his first guest, Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center, a conservative watchdog organization.

“It’s amazing how far the left will go just to stop – to manipulate your kids,” Gainor said, “to convince them – to give them the anti-corporate message.”

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  • More Liberty

    To the right of the screen Gateway Pundit is advertising for the re-election of former liberal turd Alan Greyson. WTF?

  • Stuart

    Tex Richman reminds me of a propaganda piece that was published years ago by the American Nazi Party.
    It was a comic book featuring “Bernie Pilebaum”. Bernie spent his time cheating poor Aryans- all blond an blue eyed, of course- out of their homes and hard earned savings, all the while seducing their innocent, beautiful daughters and wives. It was a nasty, hate filled, little piece of trash worthy of its authors.
    It seems like the producers of the Muppet’s Movie have taken a lesson from the ANP, if not explicitly, at least implicitly. Anti capitalism and anti semitism are very familiar bedfellows.
    I wonder how the late Jim Hensen would have thought about his creation being used for class warfare purposes.

  • Dittogirl

    Someone should be teaching our children what life would be like without oil and big businesses…,all of their toys, video games, tv’s, ipods and cell phones would be gone..all of their heating and cooling, cars, trucks and food would be gone…

    Maybe someone should make a movie about that!

  • Idoits

    Leftists need to move out of this country and go somewhere like China… A new revolution is coming and you can see it all over the place

  • donh

    See what happens if you accuse Bert & Ernie of breaking down gay inhibitions to unsuspecting 2 year olds with their cookie crumbs in pajamas skit…>> http://youtu.be/YpozspIMH9E

  • Charkbait

    Come on. You really think Disney, of all corporations, is putting out movies with
    an “anti-capitalist, liberal bias”?

    The movie is about saving their historic theater from being levelled by a tycoon.
    That’s it…they want to save their theatre from being destroyed. No environmental
    message….not anti capitalist message. It’s a cliche movie scenario at this point:
    Save the Mom & Pop business from the powerful bad guy who wants to take it over.

    Eric Bolling can’t find anything better to do that look for communist messages in
    Muppet movies?

  • Charkbait

    Anyone who looks at Ernie & Bert and sees “gay couple” rather than “room mates with zero sexuality of any kind displayed” should take a look at his own psyche, rather than that of Jim Henson.

    I watched Sesame Street every day in the early 70’s, and the question of why they lived
    together never entered my 4 year old mind. You know why. Because they’re PUPPETS!
    They were the cartoon equivalent of the “Odd Couple”.

  • WillofLa

    Yeah, we know that the Communist are teaching our kids to be good little robots like the Communists need them to be. Who the hell do you think the Occupier’s are? I’ll bet my boots that everyone of them were raised on Sesame Street, the original TV brain washer. I never would let my daughter watch it when she was little because I knew what it was with all it’s anti-war passifism, anti-stand up for your rights, and don’t question authority, and the government is your friend. And don’t give me any crap about, “Well, I don’t know what programs you were watching because I never saw any of what you are talking about, and I thought it was nice.” Yep, there you are, there’s that word….NICE…! Sesame Street taught kids to be nice and play nice, and be nice to grouches, and accept creature things that are different than you, and wasn’t it strange that the people in the programs were Negros and Mexican’s who were living in a poor big city neightborhood. Where do you think Sesame Street was? In White suburbia? Not hardly! The program was teaching our children to feel sorry for the plight of the poor and we were supposed to be “nice” to them and help them in any way they needed, and accept them as “people” to, because they were just like you and me. Well, that’s crap because I would never live like they do, because I’m free to make myself better than that. What were we suppose to get out of the program that these people were trapped in the ghetto and we were to just accept the fact that they couldn’t help themselves? Whose fault was that? Big Bird’s?

    I was laughing at what was going on in the video to listen to what was going on in the Fox interview with some dim wit from some ivy league college. She’s stupid to and I’ll bet you a million bucks she grew up on Sesame Street to. She was saying the same gargage as the Occupier’s, big business is attacking the minds of our children to, just as much as this muppet movie was teaching them class warfare. Well, I’ll tell you what, I have been able to eat at McDonald’s for money I made off of finding coke bottles on the street that I took to a Circle K and cashed in back in the day, and was able to buy enough food to keep me alive for another day until I could get work. This ladies’ problem is, she hasn’t missed enough meals to know the lessons of what poverty is supposed to teach you, DON’T GO BACK TO BEING POOR ANYMORE!!

  • Charkbait

    And I think Jim is confusing “Freakout” with “Facepalm”.

  • forest

    Quite a bit of kids stuff is blatantly leftist. Try the “Witch’s Ghost” Scooby Doo movie or any episode of “Go Diego Go” (I call it “Go Ernesto Go”).

    “Kipper the Dog” is pretty good though.

    Leftist will take every opportunity to get their meathooks into kids. Bunch of creeps.

  • Charkbait

    WillofLA….You forgot about Sesame Street showing tolerance to the insidious Counting Vampire population. Never mind the letting giant yellow pigeons roam the streets, along with their imaginary wooly mammoth friends.

    …and what about the “Hi-ho, Kermit the Frog here” news report segments? When he reported on the Pied Piper and Rumplestilkin, his liberal bias was just blatant!

    Monsters eating cookies? Bungling Super Grover?? Cant’ you see….they are thinly veiled allegories for Lenin and Stalin!!!


  • donh

    See what happens if you accuse Bert & Ernie of breaking down gay inhibitions to unsuspecting 2 year olds with their cookie crumbs in pajamas skit

    Yes you just saw what happened.

    It didn’t take even 4 minutes to get a bombastic reply post #7 who is a scarred for life homosupremic nannystater because >>>> ” I watched Sesame Street every day in the early 70′s “

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “It’s amazing how far the left will go just to stop – to manipulate your kids,” Gainor said, “to convince them – to give them the anti-corporate message.”

    It’s so much easier to hook them before they develop analytical skills…

  • bg


    oh hockey sticks.. 😛


  • Charkbaits


  • Charkbaits

    Nothing “bombastic” about my posts. I was trying not to laugh while typing them.

    Though, when I read “a scarred for life homosupremic nannystater”, I didn’t do as
    well. THAT made me laugh of loud.

    The question is, could YOU keep a straight face while typing that in?

  • http://ladyliberty1885.wordpress.com Ladyliberty1885

    The Obama’s showed this film to the military families participating in the Thanksgiving gathering there didn’t they?
    That figured.

    This is why I screen all movies my kids see before they see them.

  • bg


    Charkbait #7 December 6, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    my kids watched it, their kids watched it, then i started noticing a
    change re: indoctrination re: “progressive thinking” being acted out by muppet puppets.. yes, today’s Sesame Street is not the same as it used to be, it’s more politics than anything else, and i am afraid for future generations (ie: my great grandson) simply because only one side is being presented when NONE should be involved at all, why do progressives hate children??

    i don’t know what subliminal messages are being sent out
    today, but at least we are aware they are being sent.. :-(


  • Charkbaits

    That’s all off topic. Disney grossed $45 million dollars in the first five days
    this film was out. There’s some real anti-capitalist stuff right there.

    I bet they won’t see a huge resurgence in the sales of muppets toys either,
    and I would be completely shocked if I got a large Coke at McDonalds and
    there were muppets on the side of the cup….

    Oh…and they’re already casting voice actors for The Muppets video game.

  • Conservative to the Core

    Sesame Street just began airing in Afghanistan

    ​​”Earlier, there was a TV series for Afghan youth, a very Western-type of a program,” the teacher tells Radio Free Afghanistan, “and it exposed kids to negative things. Now they [the West] want to influence the minds of our children.”